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Miraculous Ladybug, Episode 1 Quick Review

I’ve been following the progress of Miraculous Ladybug since 2012 when studio Zagtoon released this tantalizing, amazingly gorgeous, beautifully awesome trailer (I still wish I knew the title of the song they used!) My excitement shot tenfold and I waited in anticipation of its arrival. Many years - and changes - later, the damn thing finally aired…or will air next month over here in ‘Murica. I cheated and caught the Korean airing of the first episode because I’m impatient (Three. Years.) I’m a bit hesitant to give out an opinion since it’s in another language and thus potentially subject to dubbing differences and terminology once it airs here. I suppose I have a slight advantage due to my Korean heritage; at the least the language is not a cultural shock factor for me (though I am not fluent in it and had to rely on subtitles.) Basically, my opinion is subject to change.

SPOILERS from this point on.

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Dragon Age: Inquisition - Gameplay Trailer Breakdown 
An in-depth analysis on the latest gameplay trailer by Bioware, giving you context of the world of Dragon Age.

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