it's closer to 600 now but whatever

You’ve floored me.

Over 500 followers in such a short amount of time.

Y'know, when little Scootaleu first joined the Tumblrverse, it was solely to satiate the sick desire of my FiMFiction followers to make poor Scoots suffer even more than in Make a Wish. I hesitantly agreed, if only to make them shut up. I came here with no artistic skill, no friends in this community, and a tablet from 1998.

Now a little over a month later, here I am with more than 500 of you goobers watching my every move. I should be proud… But more than anything, I’m thankful. Some of the best friends I’ve made have been in the short time I’ve joined Tumblr, and all of them have been a huge help to me both in getting started and in keeping going.

Post-Crusade (dtcx97): Your shameless promotion of Scootaleukemia was what got this blog its first 100 followers by the second time I logged in. I can’t thank you enough for getting me started off on the right foot.

Pregnant Scootaloo (SamRose): You and I both know I write a novel about this “thank you” stuff, but I also know you don’t like lengthy writing like mine so I’ll keep this brief as possible. You’re far and away the best friend I’ve made here. Your blog was the final inspiration to start mine, and the little crossover you wrote was just phenomenal. But the most important thing I’ve learned from you is what it means to have motivation. The very first thing you said to me was, “You’re the reason I’m going to make so many people cry.” If that wasn’t a challenge, nothing is. That necessity to not only match, but improve upon my work with each update, that twisted motivation to fill as many sponges with the tears of my followers as possible, it came from you. Thanks, bro. You’re freakin’ awesome.

Gamer Scootaloo (Matt): I just realized how much I wrote for Sam and really don’t wanna make this a rampart of text, so I’ll keep this short. You’ve got to be the most enthusiastic person I know, seriously. Whenever I’m tired or bored, and really don’t feel like working on anything, your perpetual supply of capital letters compels me to get up and do something with my time. Also you draw great pronz.

Corrupted Discipline (Dezzy): Just keep being you, Dezzy. It makes the world a better place.

I know I’m not including a lot of people, but that doesn’t mean I don’t love all you guys. Everyone involved in The Coop, the other people in our chat, and of course, my adorable puppy. Every single one of you has made a huge difference in this blog and my life, and I’m privileged to know each of you.

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Arbitrary hug is arbitrary.

Glad you all like seeing Scootaloo suffer so much this blog as much as I like making it. We’re just gettin’ started guys, get ready for fun.