it's civil rights

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Depression is not special.
Anxiety is not being shy or cute.
Self harming is not beautiful.
Suicide is not poetic or caused by love.
Eating disorders aren’t sexy or glamourous.
Schizophrenia is not being high or drunk.
Mental illnesses aren’t a joke.
Mental illnesses aren’t something white girls pretend to have for attention.
Depression isn’t a Lana Del Rey song. Anxiety isn’t not wanting to do your presentation. Self harm isn’t accidentally bruising your arm on the corner of the desk. Suicide isn’t standing at a bridge in the rain. Eating disorders aren’t forgetting to eat breakfast cause you were rushing. Schizophrenia isn’t nightmares.
You do not choose to have a mental illness nor do you want it.
Mental illnesses are chemical imbalances in your brain caused by environment, genes, or neurotransmitters.
Recovery isn’t your boyfriend or girlfriend kissing your scars, or suddenly going out with your friends. Recovery isn’t dancing in the rain with a smile on your face nor is it throwing away your blades and everything becomes perfect. Recovery isn’t going to see your therapist every day or taking pills everyday.
Recovery isn’t easy.

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like….. i guess i dont care abt polyamory as long as everyone involved is genuinely fine with it but the way people crusade for it as if its a pressing civil rights issue makes me want to hate it

  • Steve: I see you've assembled your own team
  • Tony: And you have your own off brand Avengers
  • Steve: so let's finish what we came here to do
  • Tony: oh Capsicle I won this war before it even started--Vision the weapons!
  • (Vision reveals two giant monitors hooked to a karaoke machine)
  • Scott: I know I'm new to this and all but I don't remember super battles traditionally being fought through song
  • Natasha: wait no I thought--shit I should've assumed from the moment Tony Stark said 'fight for order' what did I think was going to--
  • Rhodes: I swear to God, Tony the first time I have to West Side Story rumble

A brief summary of the British government since the EU Referendum:

  • What I say: I am on team Cap!
  • What I mean: well right the fuck now I am actually on team 'please tag me, @ me or message me when the trailer finally fucking drops, PLEASE!!'

The marriage referendum is this Friday. 

I’m voting yes. Why? Because love is the most human of traits and everyone deserves the right to love. It’s as simple as that.

Last week I noticed a lot of the ‘No’ posters had disappeared around my area, but the last few days they’ve come back with a vengeance. I just … I can’t comprehend someone, nay, an entire group of people set up solely for the purpose of denying two people who love each the right to marry. To deny a family the right to constitutional protection just because both parents are the same sex.

I’ve heard from a few people I know who are voting no and wanted to know why. All they are doing is hiding behind the same bs veils as the no campaign about surrogacy and the “traditional family” (and one or two brought religion into it), one couldn’t give me a real reason for why they were voting no, simply the “just leave things as they are” line. It’s really annoying because none of these so-called reasons are actual issues, they’re just excuses being used to cover up the fact they’re actually homophobic and they don’t want to admit it.

But this is the thing, right? A few of my friends who happen to be gay, have been telling us about shit they’ve to put up with, strangers abusing them on the street for being with their partners, stuff like that. I just … I can’t comprehend that kind of hatred towards another human simply because of who they love. 

A yes vote won’t change things over night, but I’d like to think, that if ever have kids and they so happen to gay, that they can grow up in a world where they won’t be harassed by complete strangers. That they won’t have to worry about walking down the street holding their boyfriend/girlfriend’s hand and being screamed at, or fear physical violence just for who they love.

A yes vote won’t make the prejudice and harassment my friends have to put up with disappear overnight. But it will ensure that kids growing up today will see same sex couples as the norm, an extension to what we know as “the traditional family unit”. It won’t be an issue in a few years time - at least I hope not. It’s the 21st century and we still have to fight for all humans to be treated equally and it fucking saddens me to no end.

And that’s why I’m voting yes. For my friends. For my family. For the kids I don’t have yet. For the sake of all humans being treated as humans.

Make Grá the Law 2015.