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Devil Princess

Draco x female reader 

Warning : SMUT SMUT

guys this is my first ever smut, so sorry if i mucked up or its abit rocky, im up for A LOT OF requests bc I rarely get any so if u have ideas, don’t be shy. if you see a mistake, tell me and im more than happy to correct it. 

Just a breif understanding: you and draco are in a relationship, and you two have been a thing for a while now. Its christmas break, and he went back to Malfoy Manor to see his parents and you stayed at Hogwarts, as ur parents lived abroad, and then something unexpected happens… 

(H) - your house, Slytherin, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw or Gryffindor

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Once again, Taehyung won’t make it home for Christmas.

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word count: 3.9k
genre: angst/fluff [i know, i’m in shock too]

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Inventory service worker here. I couldn’t not submit this because it was just so amusing when it happened.

My crew was working in a grocery store, sometime after Halloween but before Christmas. This of course means copious amounts of Christmas candy has made its way from stockroom to sales floor, and we try to put as many people as possible in that aisle to get it done because it’s seriously SO MUCH.  I had a section that was single candies at the top (boxes of single mint flavoured candy bars, Russell Stover bits and bobs, the works) but had larger “laying” bags of candy on the bottom shelves. I was kneeling on the floor for the last shelf in my section and I noticed a bunch of items shoved in the back of the shelf, behind the candy, so I started pulling it out.

I had found someone’s “theft section” - the place where they hide the proof of their petty crimes. In this particular section? Three empty boxes of 5 Hour Energy, an empty box from some type of lube, and two empty boxes of Trojan Condoms. I had to excuse myself from the sales floor.

A little less conversation, more action needed Pt 1

A/N this is a continuation of a lesson in frustration. Once again requested by some of my great followers. Hope you like it guys. Definately gets nasty from the get go so 18 plus 

Alec and Magnus stood arms wrapped around each other, just simply looking into each other’s eyes. The embarrassing incident that had only happened just moments ago temporarily forgotten.

Alec bent his head to place his lips to Magnus’s and was rewarded with a heated kiss back. He moved his hands from his hips to move inside the robe’s opening, groaning as he felt Magnus’ warm skin under them. Alec felt the warlock press closer to his body, his fingers digging into the material of his jacket and shirt underneath. Magnus started working the clothing loose to get to Alec’ bare body and once he found it, worked his  hands down to slide his fingers under the waistband of his jeans. Alec felt himself starting to lengthen and unconsciously gave a small thrust forward trying to find that delicious friction. He felt Magnus moan against his lips and then give a gasp as Alec moved his hands further around and squeezed the top of his firm butt cheeks. Alec felt himself being forced back against the wall next to the door with a hard thud, Magnus jamming himself into him, his own arousal pushing into the front of his jeans.

From somewhere in the distance, they could hear voices calling their names. Just as Magnus was about to start undoing the button on his jeans, through the haze of his lust filled mind he heard Jace call his name and felt a knock coming from the door next to them. Damn! They’d completely forgotten the other out in the hall way! He grabbed Magnus’ hands as they just started undoing his zipper.

“Hey, Babe, we forgot something. Mum and the others are still out in the hallway. We have to stop. Now” his breathing was deep and panting and Magnus looked to be in the same agony he was. Magnus sighed and gave him a pained look before leaning his head on his chest, feeling Alec’s rapid breathing.

“can’t we just send them home?”

“’no, I don’t think so. Come on, get some clothes on and we will try to calm down enough to open the door before Jace kicks it in. I love you, you know, so much” he put a finger under Magnus’ chin and gently tilted his face to his, kissing him softly. At least it was soft on his part but Magnus wanted more. Alec felt a laugh behind their joined lips and took his face in his hands and eased him back.

“for someone who has had more experience at this than anyone, you sure are out of control” he said softly, looking into Magnus’ pained face.

“Its all you Alexander. I’ve never known love like this before. It’s a new thing for me too. I have to admit it scares me to think how powerless I am around you, you have completely under your control. I love you too, my beautiful boy. Come on, we’d better let the others in. Are you ok enough to do that?” he looked down between them and saw that there was still a sizable bulge in Alec’ jeans. He smiled and then grabbing his shirt pulled it out of the waistband so it hung loosely over his jeans.

“there, much better” He stepped away and with a click of blue flame the robe was replaced with a dress shirt and black pants. He was still flushed though, they both were.

Out in the hall way, Jace, Clary, Izzy and Maryse were pacing up and down. Jace had his ear to the door, his hearing rune activated.

“what are they saying? Are they arguing or anything?” Clary asked. A slow smile curved jace’s lips and his eyebrows shot up to his hair line.

“Yeah we could be out here a while” he said.

“why? Are they getting into it that badly?” Clary said.

“Oh they’re getting into it alright, just not the way you think”

Maryse made a surprised noise and had stopped walking.

“This is probably my fault for walking in and interrupting them yesterday. I had forgotten what it was like to be young and in love” she told them.

“young? Magnus is what, 400 years old? That’s not young.” Jace reminded her.

“Magnus is immortal, it doesn’t count, and he doesn’t look 400 years old either” Izzy said. “have you two forgotten what you were like when you got back together after finding out that you weren’t brother and sister? I thought we would have to get you surgically separated”

Clary blushed, but managed to give Jace a quick smile before she looked to the floor.

Jace as usual just took the statement on the chin and kept going.

“That was different we were making up for lost time.” He grumbled.

“What do you think Magnus is doing? The poor guy has been in a sexual drought for over 100 years, how would you feel if it was you and you finally score yourself a 6 foot 3 hulking young Shadowhunter? I’d climb that man like a tree”

“Isabelle Lightwood! I don’t want to hear something like that again thank you” Maryse said, frowning at her.

Jace leaned with his back against the door but he looked uncomfortable doing it. Every now and then he  winced like someone was poking him with a sharp object.

“what’s wrong? Why are you making those faces?” Clary asked him, then realisation dawned on her face. “Oh, oh my, well, if you can hear them then deactivate your rune”

“Its not the hearing rune it’s the parabatai one. He’s doing it again, lighting it up like a God damn Christmas tree. Agh! I’ve had it, how long are they gonna make us wait? I’m starving” He turned back to the door and started knocking hard.

“Alec! Come on man, keep it in your pants so we can come in will ya? I’m starving” he yelled at the door. He stared at the door and when nothing happened after a minute or two, he tried it again.

“Alec! Magnus! Zip it up guys, come on”

Another minute passed and Jace was just about to try again when they heard the door open. Even though they were both trying to look casual, like nothing had been going on, it was painfully obvious from the way both of them looked thatsomething had been going on. Alec’ face was flushed, colour high on his cheeks, his eyes were bright and shiny as well as his shirt being untucked. He never wore an untucked shirt. Magnus had swapped his robe for a loose fitting shirt and close fitting black pants and boots. He too had colour to his tanned skin and the biggest tell was the appearance of his demon mark eyes, glowing  smouldering amber. Alec noticed and after pointing to his own eyes, Magnus glamoured them away. Jace entered first.

“So, bro, scratch that itch that’s been worrying you all day?” he said to Alec as he passed him, with a suggestive wink. Alec gave him a sour look.

“Why is my sex life so open to discussion all the time? It can’t be that interesting” He grumbled.

“Man, thanks to our parabatai bond I get a front seat. You make it hard to ignore. Haven’t you reached saturation point yet?”

Alec looked down at his feet then back up to Jace, a smile on his face.

“I don’t think that’s ever going to happen, sorry  man” he said, sheepishly.

“Argh! Something to look forward to!” he walked off towards the living room.

Magnus noticed his grin and gave him a questioning look but he just shook his head.

“tell you later” Alec said.

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Imagine an AU before the infection where the family has a dog, how do you think the family would act with the dog? What if when it gets sick? What happens when it defends its family from danger?

Uninfected!Dog AU


-The dog is given to Lucas and Zoe as a Christmas present when they’re 11 and 14

-It was a huge surprise and Lucas had a creeping suspicion after Jack and Marguerite make them promise to care for it, walk it and love it

-The dog is a Louisiana Catahoula leopard cause JACK LOVES LOUISIANA

-Zoe is so happy!!! She loves the dog so much!!!

-Lucas is appreciative of the gesture but isn’t that big of a fan

-He gets to name the dog (much to Zoe’s displeasure) and he names it Courage 

-He names it after Courage the Cowardly Dog

-Lucas starts to warm up to Courage and the dog actually helps him gain more friends

-Courage is a rescue dog and that makes the family love him even more

-Courage isn’t a puppy and is around 3-years-old when the Bakers adopt him

-There a like, 6 dog beds lying around the house and garden.

1. The kitchen

2. Marguerite and Jack’s room

3. Lucas’ room

4. Zoe’s trailer

5. Jack’s office

6. The Livingroom

-Courage is so fluffy and cuddly

-Everyone loves to hug him

-All the Bakers get worried when Courage becomes ill

-It’s lucky he has a great immune system!

-Courage does not deal with others bullshit when it comes to the Bakers

-Lucas was walking him once and some of his bullies decided to pick a fight

-Courage growled so loudly and lunged at the bullies and they ran away screaming

-Lucas found it hilarious and awesome

Merry Little Christmas

Word Count: 1231

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Warnings: None. Just fluff. 

A/N: Written for @supernatural-jackles Colors of Fall Challenge. My prompt was First Snowfall. Also written for @winchester-writes SPN Christmas Song Challenge. My song was Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas and my object was Snowflake. Also written for Kari’s quickie challenge which I forgot to tag or even mention cuz I’m the worst.

This can be read as a sequel to Trust but you can probably also read it on its own. It’s set in the same universe though. 

Thanks to @sis-tafics for the aesthetic that just coincidentally happened to match up with this. I love love love love it! 

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iv. Velvet Suit.

This idea came to my mind thanks to Born’s After Dark Sessions where he wore that beautiful Gucci suit (i think it was from Gucci, but correct me if I’m wrong, I’ve seen that velvet suit in a lot of fashion shows) I’ve always been a fan of Tom Ford’s suits, and really coudln’t help myself once the thought of riding Harry’s tight while wearing a suit like that came to my mind.

So, please bear with me! I’m far from being a good writer and this is the first piece of smut I’ve ever write.

If you want a second part of this, let me know!

It happened a while ago. You remember entering with him to the Gucci Store in London. It was nice to have a client who knew exactly what he wanted and take risks here and there. That’s was fashion is about, after all. As his personal assistant, you had to attend his errands with him 24/7, as long as he wanted you, of course. You couldn’t mind — seeing him getting so excited while inspecting a piece of clothing, touching its fabric, admiring its print… It was like seeing a child on Christmas. A very tall, clumsy and cheeky child. The way his face lighted up when he found something he liked, the way he bit his lips in concentration already planning where and when he’ll wear that specific outfit was already making you lose your mind.

Falling in love with your boss was probably the worst way of going. You couldn’t believe how silly you were, pinning for someone who was like the sun. It angered you, seeing him so freely enjoying himself… but could you blame him? Just having the chance to watching him so excited, with his dimples already popping, his eyes bright and his movements so tranquil… you could to that forever. So you pushed aside your tiredness, trying hard to keep concentrated. It was your work, after all.

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Christmas with the RFA.

//Personally my family doesn’t celebrate christmas anymore but it’s still one of my favorite times of the year!! It’s always cozy and everyone’s so happy ♡(。-ω-)

V is not added because this got too long. But I swear i’ll make a separate post for him sometime later!

Minifics. Very long post, read under the cut. Didnt reread for mistakes, sorry if there is any!

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Nalu is my OTP, but people say that if given the choice Lucy would pick either Leo or Gray and Natsu would pick Lisanna. A lot of them say it's because their bond isn't as close and cause Natsu doesn't care about Lucy and/or treats her badly. What are your thoughts? (No spoilers past chapter 353 (p.s. I did read the Christmas special though))

Ex-fucking-cuse me?!?!

Look, Natsu and Lucy’s bond is probably the strongest in Fairy Tail. They’ve been through so much and they’ve been there for each other at every turn. As for Lisanna, I do not hate NaLi or Lisanna, but I don’t think it’s happening since they’re drifting apart and by the time Lisanna came back, Natsu had already become close friends with another girl.

And for Loke and Gray, I do ship LoLu ‘cause it’s adorable, but that probably won’t happen since some people believe that it would be wrong for them to end up together. Not like they’re bad together, they’re actually pretty good together, but Celestial Wizards and their Spirits aren’t allowed to have that sort of relationship. Alas, I still ship it.

And for Gray … well, let’s say that problem’s been taken care of.

If people cannot see this beautiful blossom of a relationship, then I pity them with all my heart. In the beginning, yes, Gruvia was probably only there for comic relief, but ever since the Tenroujima arc, we have seen incredible progression. Juvia wholeheartedly loves Gray; it’s not a shallow love or based off fantasy. She does see him for who he is and her feelings are not exactly unrequited. Gray is slowly growing them for her, too. I can feel it, and so can the rest of the fandom. They’re amazing together, compatible in a team effort, Gray’s said himself. So basically, Graylu is not happening either.

Back to NaLu. In the beginning, yes, NaLu felt just like a friendship, but ever since he caught her from falling to her doom in the Phantom arc, I have felt the connection. She said that she had heard his voice, but the amount of complete trust and faith she had as she flung herself out that window amazed me and Natsu did not fail her and did catch her and that was the moment I shipped it. Now, people say their bond isn’t that strong …

Now, everyone else was there too, but Lucy was the only one who noticed that he was bone tired and she was the one who caught him.

There was this too. Lucy knows how important this scarf is to Natsu; it’s the only thing he has of Igneel. So remember when it was flying away? Lucy was the only one who attempted to catch it. Nearly fell off the ship to get it, too. And when she returns it, Natsu’s delighted. This proves that she’s close to Natsu as she knows what’s important to him.

And this is one of my favorite moments. He actually puts out the effort to thank her and comfort her, because whether or not this is a present or future person, she’s still Lucy. And forehead touching in Japan is known for being very close and personal on a deep level. And now, remember when she died? Remember how furious Natsu looked, ready to kill? That’s not the look you have for just a friend. And then he came back and broke down crying over her body, proving how dear she is to him. Speaking of favorite moments:

This is the one of my best faves. She immediately feels some kind of feeling that touches her heart and makes her want to cry and who’s the first person she runs to? Natsu. Oh, but he’s the only one there. Puh-lease. She could have not run to Natsu but she did. This is because he’s a very important person in her heart. Actually, the most important person in her heart. Of all the people in Fairy Tail – Erza, Gray, Happy, Gray, even Levy, etc. – Natsu is the person she shares the strongest bond with. And that part when she says that she won’t run and leave him all alone because everything’s more fun and better when they’re together? OTP moment. She cares for him, she protects him, she holds him dear, and he’s her best friend. She loves Natsu. No doubt about it.

And as for this ‘he treats her badly’ shit:

This was the part where she was feeling incredibly down and negative about herself since she lost and didn’t gain the team any points. And who was the one to come along and cheer her up? 


Natsu does not treat her badly. He protects her, comforts her, recognizes her, considers her someone very special, dear and important to him. He gets angry whenever she’s hurt and always tries to strike down whoever’s caused her that pain. He’s always there for her, just like the time when she learned her father had died. He gave her space, and remember how he and Happy hissed at those girls who were rattling their mouths off? Lucy is special to him. He does not treat her badly. In fact, he sees Lucy as someone incredible. The way he said that she was amazing out in the match even though she failed in the end? My heart. :’)

Also, that part where Lucy wakes up in the Golden Grasslands and whose voice causes her to turn in shock? Natsu’s. And when she sees him, you can see the tears of joy sparkling in her eyes. The joy to see Natsu, to see her guild, the guild that Natsu brought her to. As for the Tartaros Arc, please read it. There are many NaLu hints.

In short, Natsu and Lucy are soulmates. NaLu is real, people.

A Very Bucky Christmas (Part 5/7)

Summary: Snow, Christmas trees, lights - standard things people see around Christmas time. But when you and a few the Avengers are stuck at a safe house during the Christmas season, you get bummed that you can’t have a standard Christmas. Bucky takes it upon himself to get you back into the holiday spirit. Well, he tries his best, anyway.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Word Count: ~1600

Warnings: Language, (not-so) unrequited love, Christmas fluff

A/N: Whenever I use something from my life/my experiences in my stories, I always feel like I have to explain its credibility or something haha. The smoke detectors in my dorm will SERIOUSLY go off if you leave the door open after showering, so that’s where that comes from. It’s incredibly annoying. Only two days left, will the surprise actually happen? Will Nat get her fifty bucks? I hope you enjoy this part! <3

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“Alright, Dean. I told the pizza place to put Sam’s salad in its own bag so it didn’t even come near your pizza but I think–” You stopped short when you reached the entry to the library.

“Happy birthday,” Dean said with a grin. You had no words as you looked across the place, at how your boys had transformed it as best they could with streamers, a small pile of brightly wrapped gifts on the table, even a cake.

“What happened to the Christmas decorations I had up?” you asked, taking a few steps forward.

“Y/N, I don’t even know what Christmas is,” Cas replied, head tilted slightly. Sam rolled his eyes with a smile from behind him.

“The plan was to make it more about Y/N’s birthday instead of Christmas, Cas. You don’t have to act like you’ve never heard of it,” he said. 

He walked to greet you, taking the food from your hands and placing it on the table behind him. Dean made quick work of getting pizza onto plates, pushing Sam’s salad to the side. 

“I had no idea you were doing all this,” you said quietly, afraid your voice may break if you spoke in more than a whisper. Sam’s smile was radiant as he ran his hand down your arm, encircling your wrist with his thumb and forefinger the way he did, like he was your own personal watch. 

“You told me you’d never had a birthday that felt like it was just your day,” he said, matching your tone. “This is your day. I want to celebrate you.”

You covered your face with your free hand and leaned into his chest, laughing into him and feeling a new warmth, right there in the dead of December.

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Imagine Your Birthday Being on Christmas and Sam Making Sure That You’re Celebrated and Not Overshadowed by the Holiday - Requested

More imagines!

HC: The differences between my Draco and Scorpius (in bed) 

Draco - 

  • Gay. Gayer then Gay. Boy saw a vagina once and told himself never again. 
  • Didn’t have his first kiss until 4th year, and then only reason that happened was because Pansy thought it was romantic. It wasn’t
  • not sexually active until after the war. 
  • His first time was with a dark haired boy in france. They were both drunk and Draco wanted to feel something, a freedom of some kind, it was messy and sloppy, but the boy certainly knew how to use his mouth. 
  • he topped until he and blaise met up for a weekend and he mentioned wanted to try bottoming. 
  • blaise offered and it as life changing in the way that he knew that he liked it better then anything else. 
  • He gets super turned on when someone is kissing his neck, there is a stretch of skin that gets him to melt and demand his partner to take off there pants at that moment. 
  • The Toppy-est Bottom ever. 
  • He is not afraid to demand, tell his partner how he wants it, egg them on. 
  • He enjoys being worshiped he would not mind laying back and just lettin his partner do all the work
  • and harry does that, like he will kiss and touch every inch of Draco’s skin and it will drive him wild
  • Draco is not very loud
  • its a lot of intake of breaths and little gasps and a few moans here and there, but he was always taught that sex is something fairly private therefor he is worried about being to loud 
  • he’s not very kinky, like he has a few fantasies, but nothing he has acted on. 
  • Draco is a cuddler, as much as he tries to deny it, and he does, it always seems to find his way back into his partners arms, or his head on their chest. 


  • Don’t even try defining his sexuality. but if you had to put a label on it, Pansexual is the closest thing. 
  • Except he doesn’t let emotions get involved, so he treats gender like its a hair color, - all the colors are nice, but its really how you dress it up. 
  • He had his first kiss in 3rd year with Rose Weasley in Hogsmead, it was a quick peck that only happened because of some mistletoe outside of the Weasley Wizard Weases - Hogsmead branch. Ron saw - he was pissed. 
  • His first time was with a 6th year student when he was in fourth year, he and Al had been taking bets on how many people they could snog before Christmas, and it went a little farther then that for Score, he was the first one to loose his virginity. 
  • His first time with a man was in 5th year with Albus, they had been fighting, neither particularly enjoying the game of quidditch had picked up boxing and fighting as a good way to not only stay in shape but get their agression out. Wrestling on the floor caused some… body reactions, which lead to awkward laughing then to snogging then to shagging. 
  • Scorp bottomed from the start, Al was naturally more dominant in bed and he also came to the realization that if he wanted to fuck something he could find a girl, but if he wanted to get fucked it had to be a bloke.  
  • Biggest turn on is some one playing with his hair, he will literally melt, and Albus likes to abuse this knowledge, not to get laid but to get Scorpius to agree to what ever he says. 
  • Score likes it rough, he likes biting and hickeys and sometimes blood. He gets off on being bruised, and while he enjoys it on his skin he can’t stand it if he bruises or hurts his partner, except for Al, who likes it just as rough
  • Scorp is quiet with women, grunts and hard breathing, but he moans and cries and screams with men. 
  • He is very kinky, wants to try all sorts of things, although he often gets in over his head, he has no issue giving up control. 
  • Is cuddler, he loves to admit it to, he loves hugging and clinging to anything and anyone, post sex, pre sex, just hanging out, he is always touching some one. 
Christmas #11: Everyone Is Complaining About How Warm It’s Going To Be For Christmas Except Me

Story length: Super long

It’s been almost a year since I picked Samantha up from the airport. She looked like shit, which I told her, which is about when she hit me in the shoulder as hard as she could.

“Missed you too, sis,” I mumbled, rubbing my arm as we rode the moving elevator out and toward the parking lot.

“Did you talk to Brandon’s family? I was going to, but I didn’t have time,” she said. She didn’t look at me when she talked and she was wearing those enormous sunglasses that covered half her face.

“I talked to his mom.” I said. “Super briefly. She’s happy you’re coming. She mentioned how close you and Brandon were.”

Samantha groaned. “Great. Just great. I can’t believe I’m back here.”

“Well,” I said as we stepped off the moving sidewalk and headed toward baggage claim, past all the holiday travelers with their grim looks and TSA agents staring about looking for bombs and terrorists, “I hope you brought your coat. It’s going to be snowing like a motherfucker.”

Samantha stopped and dropped her carry on bag. She took off her sunglasses and her eyes looked huge and terrified.

“What? It’s going to snow?”

“No,” I laughed, “just fucking with you. You should have seen your face. You looked like –”

I couldn’t finish my sentence before she punched me as hard as she could in my other shoulder and stormed off to the luggage retrieval.

Driving home, I couldn’t get over how weird it felt to be seeing her again. She was all balled up in the passenger seat, watching the familiar landscape drift by its nondescript fashion against the metal grey sky and concrete grey roads.

“It’s so monotone here. I forgot that sometimes. It’s weird how when you live somewhere so different the place you came from just remains the way it was. Everything is still the same here,” she murmured in a tone that was a mixture of awe and disgust. “Except that Brandon’s dead now. Just like Julie. Just like we’ll die too.”

“Everybody dies.”

“You want to die like that? You want him to be the last thing you ever see?”

I didn’t say anything. I didn’t look at her. The radio was playing “Rocking Around the Christmas Tree” but it was the Leann Rhymes version and it sounded like garbage.

“He’s not real,” I finally said and she started laughing. I spoke over her. “He’s made up! It’s just a story. It didn’t happen, Sam. Remember what the doctors said? It didn’t happen.”

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Days 8 + 9: 12 Days of CP! Christmas

Prompt list here

A/N: Just little drabbles today, to get me up to date.

Watching a classic movie with hot cocoa

The movie was just starting as Bitty walked into the lounge, carrying the last two cups of cocoa for him and Jack. The boys had all offered to help him bring the drinks out, but no one was surprised when he declined. Everyone knew that Bitty’s great joy was providing for people, and he loved to hand them all their cocoa individually.

“Yes, The Santa Clause,” Holster said from the floor where he and Ransom were sharing a blanket. “This is the best Christmas movie ever.”

“That’s a lie,” Ransom shot back, “Everyone knows it’s Elf.”

“Wrong again,” Nursey said from the couch, squished between Dex and Chowder. “It’s clearly The Grinch.”

“I prefer Love, Actually,” Jack said, taking his drink from Bitty and sipping carefully. As soon as Bitty sat down, his back leaning against the couch, Jack wrapped his arm around his shoulders.

There was a collective groan from the boys, but Bitty just grinned and leant up to plant a quick kiss on Jack’s smiling lips. He tasted like chocolate.

Singing carols

“Oh Lord, Holster is singing Mariah Carey again,” Bitty said as he closed his bedroom door. Jack looked up from where he lay on Bitty’s bed, admiring Bitty’s softly tousled hair and sleep-wrinkled pyjama bottoms. He looked good enough to eat. Or kiss.

“Come back to bed, I’ll make the pain go away,” Jack said, lifting the covers with a smile.

Bitty came over quickly, sliding under the covers and nestling himself right up against Jack’s naked front, his head tucked under Jack’s chin. “He’s a good singer, really,” he said into Jack’s collarbone, “But it’s only 7am and honestly there’s just no reason to be belting it out so loud.”

Above them came the sounds of heavy footsteps, and the muffled tenor of Holster’s festive wailing. Shortly after there was another sound, a very clear, ‘Fuck OFF, bro!”

Jack chuckled and wrapped his arms tightly around Bitty, felt Bitty sigh against his skin. The Haus was waking up, and in a few hours it would be Haus Christmas Lunch. But they had some time.

So Jack sang softly into Bitty’s hair. “All I want for Christmas is yooouuuu.”

Ons Light Novel 4 Epilogue

Title: Seraph of the End

Disclaimer: This is a fan-made translation from Chinese translations! Please go easy and enlighten us on any mistakes or deviations from the original light novel. All credit goes to the original author and illustrators. - Hyaka and Kuro Shion


It’s been 12 days since then.


Guren was sitting at the dining table of his condominium, looking sleepy and supporting his head with his arm.

It was extremely noisy in the house.

Sayuri and Shigure were making food in the kitchen.

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Are there any good books about the Romans that you would suggest?

Oh gosh, I have not read all that much on Ancient Rome in book format recently. I have read a fair number of books on Ancient Rome over the years, but none of the ones that come to mind stand out for recommendation. For example, many years ago, I acquired a book titled The Revolutions of Ancient Rome from my high school library because they were removing it from circulation, but… it’s… pretty… meh??? I still have it by my bedside, mainly as a sleep aid.

I received The Ruin of the Roman Empire for Christmas a while back, and enjoyed it generally, but honestly I am not well read enough to say whether I agree or not with its conclusions. Frankly, there is so much out there on the decline and fall that it was purely random which book was chosen for me as a gift (this one just happened to be on the shelves at the bookstore since it had been published recently). I would suggest not bothering with Gibbon on this subject, since there’s been so much new scholarship and archaeology between his time and no, but what do I know? I haven’t read him beyond synopses.

So… after that long aside on what I can’t recommend, let me try answering your question:

Two authors I’ll recommend, despite me not having read any of their work, are Mary Beard and Tom Holland. They are the “big names” among current authors who bring ancient Roman history to a lay audience. My recommendation is basically just passing along everything I’ve heard about them from other history fans. That said, I have heard them both speak on history podcasts, either as panelists or interview subjects, and they are both absolutely charming and interesting. They have a lot of work to their names, so there’s quite a lot to pick from.

This may not be what you’re looking for, but I one book I can really strongly recommend is A History of Western Philosophy by Bertrand Russell, or more specifically Part I (of III) which discusses the philosophy of the Ancients (Greeks and Romans, but mostly Greeks).

Can I recommend to you podcasts instead of books? I don’t have a lot of time for sitting down and reading in my life, but I absolutely devour podcasts because I can listen to them while doing tedious adult chores:

  • The History of Ancient Rome (finished at 476 AD) - the creator of this podcast is currently writing a book on the decline of the Republic (stopping before Julius Caesar comes into the picture since his life & times are already quite sufficiently covered by other books)
  • The History of Byzantium (picked up the torch from THoR and is current in early 9th century)
  • History of the Ancient World (originally was about lots of different civilizations, mostly in the Fertile Crescent or nearby, but now they are currently doing a series on the descendants of Cleopatra among the Romans).

Sorry if this isn’t terribly helpful! Perhaps my followers will reblog this and add their recommendations…

Some good things from this past week:

• I saw Mars when it was visible just below / beside the moon

• I finished reading another book
• my aunt sanitized and brought me organic soil for my plants

• I made vegan black bean “burgers”
• my Nonna let me raid her garden and pick all of the herbs she doesn’t use, so I made a few more herbal spell bundles then left the rest to dry

• my friend Sarah texted me about going to my favourite crystal shop soon
• we’re also going to get tea and do some christmas shopping next weekend

• I’ve practiced yoga every single day
• I made a jar of herbal tea using the (now dried) sage and peppermint
• I finished another journal / notebook and decorated the cover of my ‘new’ one
• plus some of my succulents are still producing babies