it's christmas but it's not white in this town

the signs as christmas songs
  • aries: santa claus is coming to town // jackson 5
  • taurus: baby, it's cold outside // bing crosby & doris day
  • gemini: it's beginning to look a lot like christmas // johnny mathis
  • cancer: let it snow! // dean martin
  • leo: last christmas // wham!
  • virgo: have yourself a merry little christmas // judy garland
  • libra: all i want for christmas is you // mariah carey
  • scorpio: the christmas song // nat king cole
  • sagittarius: jingle bell rock // bobby helms
  • capricorn: santa baby // eartha kitt
  • aquarius: winter wonderland // richard himber
  • pisces: white christmas // bing crosby
Merry Christmas, Mr Gaskarth (one shot)

AU: 16 year old Alex Gaskarth is going to have a white Christmas. My little Christmas present to all of you ;))))
(The first fic I’ve ever completed sorry if its bad)

My parents and I had never gotten along, so it wasn’t surprising when I found myself kicked out of the house on Christmas Eve. Everyone was either out of town or drunk, so I headed over to my friend Alex’s house. Its not like I’ve never spent time there, his parents were practically in love with me, so they welcomed me with open arms.
His mother opened the door, “Oh my god, Y/N! What are you doing out so late?!” I explained what happened and she told me Alex was upstairs in his room.
I walked upstairs to find him sitting cross-legged with his best friend, Jack, drinking beer and playing video games. I sat down next to him. “What’s up” he asked. “Got kicked out of the house again.” We sat, drinking and playing video games for hours. Soon Jack went home and it was just me and Alex.
I looked over and saw his deep brown eyes steadily focused on the TV. His light brown hair was a mess and his bangs were stuck to his forehead. I looked over at the clock, noting it was 2am, his parents were sound asleep. I’m not a whore (still a virgin) but Alex looked gorgeous and I wanted him. Badly.
I paused our current game of Mario Cart. He looked at me, slightly annoyed. I stared into his eyes and scoffed, “whip it out.” He looked at me, almost terrified, but then smirked, “Make me hard and I will.” I paused and then crawled over to him. Steadying myself on his lap, I pressed my lips against his. I pushed my tongue into his mouth as I grabbed his hands leading them up my shirt, allowing him to grasp my breasts. He let out a soft moan as I buckled my hips onto his. I pulled back, staring into his lust filled eyes, impressed with myself. “I think we had a deal, Gaskarth” I smirked, gesturing to the noticeable bulge in his pants. He laughed, and stood undoing his pants and then pulling them down with his boxers, revealing his hard member.
I grinned, getting on my knees so I could stroke him. He tilted his head back, letting out a soft hum. I continued to stroke him, and pressed my lips to the tip of his cock. I kissed his head, and then opened my mouth to take him in. I took him deeper and deeper, holding onto the base of his cock. He grabbed a hold of my hair, groaning my name. I hummed around him, receiving a loud moan of approval from him. He pushed me off of him. “My turn” he breathed.
He connected his lips to mine, pushing me onto the ground. He moved his hands up to my hips, and slowly removed my jeans and panties. My breath hitched as his thumb rubbed up against my clit. He smiled, running two fingers down my slit. He kissed me hard, pushing his fingers inside me. I moaned as he quickened the pace.
I grabbed his shirt, yanking it over his head, and then pulled him on top of me. He pressed his mouth against my skin, moaning my name into the flesh. He pulled off me and stared into my eyes. “Y/N…H-have you ever..” “No…have you?” He shook his head. I smiled and he pulled my shirt over my head, reconnecting our lips. He lifted me up, undoing my bra and walked me to his bed. I climbed onto the bed and crawled across it, sitting on a pillow. I watched him walk to his dresser, searching for a condom. “Uhh… I wasn’t really prepared for this” he blushed. He reached into a drawer and grinned as he found one. He unwrapped it, unrolling it down his shaft.
He walked over to the bed, grabbing my face and pushing his lips against mine. He sat in front of me, pushing my knees apart, pulling my legs to his hips. He kissed my lips as he slowly pushed into me. I held my breath, letting out a small whimper of pain. He stayed perfectly still until I nodded my head, allowing him to go on. He continued to push into me, each thrust getting harder and faster. The pain soon turned to pleasure, as I found my hands balled up in the sheets and my head tilted back.
He continued pounding into me until I felt that familiar ball form inside my stomach and groaned as I came in ecstasy. He thrusted a few more times and then came too, collapsing on top of me. I looked out the window beside his bed, seeing the bright lights of houses and the light flurries beginning to fall from the sky. “Merry Christmas” he whispered into my neck.

the signs as popular christmas songs
  • Aries: santa tell me
  • Taurus: all i want for christmas is you
  • Gemini: christmas (baby please come home)
  • Cancer: last christmas
  • Leo: baby, it's cold outside
  • Virgo: merry christmas everyone
  • Libra: jingle bell rock
  • Scorpio: little drumer boy
  • Sagittarius: santa claus is coming to town
  • Capricorn: rocking around the christmas tree
  • Aquarius: do they know it's christmas
  • Pisces: white christmas
The signs as Christmas songs
  • Aries: Jingle Bells
  • Taurus: Winter Wonderland
  • Gemini: Baby it's Cold Outside
  • Cancer: Joy to the World
  • Leo: All I Want For Christmas is You
  • Virgo: Little Drummer Boy
  • Libra: White Christmas
  • Scorpio: Santa Baby
  • Sagittarius: Jingle Bell Rock
  • Capricorn: Santa Claus is Comin' To Town
  • Aquarius: Last Christmas
  • Pisces: 12 Days of Christmas