it's chinese not japanese but it looks like her

r-stern replied to your post “Lol, it’s funny because I’m a Southern European as well and people…”

That reminds me of this young mixed girl (Afro-american+Chinese) who got bashed for participating in a singing contest in China. Did you heard of it?

Yes, I remember reading it on the news a few years back. Her name is Lou Jing, and this is her with her mother. People said really awful things questioning her right to identify as Chinese after she shot to prominence because she made it to the finals.

In a country like China where 92% of the population is supposed to be Han Chinese (as I have mentioned many times it must be noted this is to an extent obscuring the ancient assimilation of non-Han), being mixed whichever way does bring its experience of Otherness. After all, like being Japanese/Chinese has all sorts of historical baggage attached to it, as in the case of somebody I knew with a Chinese father + Japanese mother. However colour matters- it is undeniable that people like Lou Jing are plainly not seen the same way this English+Chinese dude I know who people frequently said was “handsome because he’s mixed”. 

It’s plainly obvious when people mistake my sister and I for being mixed: I recognise very well that in that context, their “you don’t look Chinese” was meant to be a compliment because they referenced my wavy hair and double eyelids, or her very light skin and prominent nose. Or they just outright asked if we were Eurasian. It’s annoying to have people disbelieve your authenticity and there are indeed insidious implications about the way specific features are always sourced to belonging only to whiteness and Europeans. BUT it would be disingenuous to suggest the way we were perceived to be “non-Chinese” was as loaded with all the negative connotations the way Lou Jing was perceived to be non-Chinese because of her African-American heritage. Despite having a Chinese mother and being born and raised there + speaking fluent Mandarin. On a more general note…people just really fixate on skin colour a lot, which is why my cousin, who married a dark-skinned Indian man, frequently gets all sorts of questions about why her son looks darker than her.

Antiblackness as it exists today in China or amongst Chinese ppl in general, imo is an intersection of the ancient prejudice against dark skin based on class + absorbing white supremacist ideas + perceiving the African continent as a whole as a “backwards” and “uncivilised” place. The third point especially needs to be understood with the context of Chinese imperialism and eons-old notions of civilisational superiority embedded in our culture. It really shouldn’t just be brushed off as due to “lack of exposure” or “cultural differences” or “xenophobia towards foreigners” because again, there’s a difference between being white/chinese and black/chinese.

My mom on EXO's ages
  • Me: *shows a picture of Kris* Guess his age.
  • Her: hm.... 19
  • Me: no he is 23
  • Her: o
  • Me: *shows Kai* and him?
  • Her: 20
  • Me: That was actually pretty good but he is about to turn 20(then i explained korean age to her and she was like o...kay)
  • Me: What about Baekhyun?
  • Her: He looks young... I'd say 18.
  • Me: mom we are the same age
  • Her: o he has a baby face- you have a baby face
  • Me: okay what about Chen?
  • Her: 17
  • Me: mom he is that same age as me...
  • Her: baby
  • Me: ...
  • Her: face
  • Me: and Tao?
  • Her: 20
  • Me: how?
  • Her: I'm just that good
  • Me: Xiumin?
  • Her: 23 definitely 23
  • Me: wtf mom are you looking this shit up?
  • Her: I can barely tell if they are chinese or Japanese-
  • Me: korean
  • Her: whatever they are asian
  • Me: okay... what about Lay Suho and Kyungsoo?
  • Her: 20 20 and 20
  • Me: wrong wrong and yes
  • Her: is there a reason for this?
  • Me: yes its going on tumblr now what about Chanyeol?
  • Her: 18
  • Her: oh another baby face he looks like baby
  • Me: i swear mom.. What about Luhan?
  • Her: 17 is he baby too?
  • Me: no mom he is 23 second oldest
  • Her: he looks like baby
  • Me: everyone says that now what about Sehun
  • Her: he is the youngest right?
  • Me: yes he is that was actually a great guess
  • Her: it wasnt a guess he has no forehead wrinkles..
  • Me: ....
  • Her: and he looks cute and innocent
  • Me: age mom
  • Her: 18
  • Me: wow that was great you actually guess.. sort of right
  • Her: he looks like the little shit that pisses off the other members
  • Me: that because he is a little shit that pisses off the other members