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Rose Lalonde becoming a duelist of the Ootori Academy.

TT: The idea seems to be that you draw power directly from neurosis, and particularly from neurosis associated with members of your immediate family.

TG: so should we break out the champagne now or

TT: Wait, there’s more – based on a cursory examination of the participants involved it has become clear to me that sibling relationships are of particular use – even more particularly, sibling relationships with incestuous overtones.

TG: woah

TT: This tournament was, on one or more levels, designed for me.

TG: fuck dude you are going to be sports champion of magical incest school

TT: I am going to win all of the duels.  All of them.

TG: they are going to straight up run out of duels for you to win

TG: i can see the big purple douchebag you mentioned all slapping the shit out of you jack nicholson style

TG: askin how you got so good at bullshit anime duels

TG: finally you come out with it

TG: ‘shes my hot mom’

TG: ‘shes my hot sister’

TG: ‘shes my hot mom and my hot sister’

TG: only then does he realize how fucked he is

TG: he should never have taken that first bite of the lalonde incest sandwich

TT: Did I mention you apparently get bonus points for lesbianism?

TG: you are literally going to rule the school

TT: The chairman will drive away in his fancy car, gutshot but not knowing it.  A dead man driving.  He will collapse on the steering wheel, overcome by the sheer bewildering fuckedness of my interpersonal relationships.  A single tear of awe will trickle down one cheek.  I will turn to my new anime girlfriend.  I will say:

TG: forget it anime girlfriend

TG: its fuckin chinatown

The “Asian accent” tells the story of Chinese-American assimilation in a nutshell. Our parents have the accent that white Americans perceive as the most foreign out of all the possible alternatives, so our choice is to have no accent at all. The accent of our parents is the accent of the grimy streets of Chinatown with its mahjong parlors and fried food stalls and counterfeit jewelry, so we work to wipe away all traces of that world from our speech so we can settle comfortably into our roles as respectable middle-class doctors, lawyers, engineers, hundreds of miles from Chinatown.

No wonder we react so viscerally to the “ching-chong, ching-chong” schoolyard taunt. To attack our language, our ability to sound “normal,” is to attack our ability to be normal. It’s to attack everything we’ve worked for.

And make no mistake about it โ€” to sound like a “normal” American is to wield privilege.

Squall and Rinoa dance.

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can u eat chinese food?? i love it but sometimes the food texture fucks w me nd i hate it when it does that bc it's like my stomach nd taste buds are rejoicin but my damn brain nopes the fuck out like wtf

i get v specific cravings evry once n a while, nd chinese food is one of em that comes up frsr. my college is rite by chinatown so its nice. i dnt actully hav many issues w txture of foods, like ther r def some i cnt handl (like steak fat kms) bt my issues w food mostly lie n my inability to feel hungr nd food becoming generally unappetizing

if im cravin smthn i cn eat it, albeit a small amnt. bt if i dnt hav a specific want, food is jst gross. if i Hav to eat nd my stomach hasnt askd fr n e thng for a while i cn do bland bland bland things, like a rice cake or dry plain cheerios. usually i jst omit th meal n sub beer fr calories yike

Chinatown , San Francisco // Now this Chinatown is the most true to its name Chinatown I have ever been to. Having lived in both China and Hong Kong, this place is incredibly authentic. The little bakeries lining the streets serve the same soft and fluffy buns and cakes, and (from what I heard) amazing dumplings reminiscent of those in the more highly rated restaurants of Hong Kong, which is a level that shoots high above the clouds. It was so vibrant, and so colourful; red and gold lanterns swung from between the buildings, and fluorescent sign posts advertising their own respective restaurants and shops and specialities, from ‘Sichuan style pork’ to 'finest ginseng in San Francisco’, flashed brilliantly in bright whites, yellows, reds- all various colours. The energy and hustle of the little shops reminded me so vividly of Hong Kong; it’s a very business like ordeal - you are in and out; there’s no time for small talk like “So how long have you had this place?”, it’s “Hi I would like two pork buns please to go, thank you.” The tinkling of change from one hand to another. The shouts of the employees (usually family members, I’ve noticed) calling for replenishes. The cracking of plastic bags with two perfectly round white pockets of deliciousness sitting happily at the bottom. “Thank you!” A amiable nod and smile from the employee. “Next!” And you are done within the space of two minutes. Incredible. I love it so much. It practically is a home away from home for those from Hong Kong or China. I highly recommend Chinatown to anyone in San Francisco, and for those of you who inhabit this city, well, I’m extremely jealous.


Roman Polanski’s 1974 classic Chinatown is many things. It is a murder mystery. A family melodrama. It’s a film noir, a neo noir, a sunshine noir. But also: Chinatown is a Greek tragedy. In Greek tragedies, the protagonists are accomplices in their own downfall. They can’t escape their tragic fate, no matter what they try. The outcome is certain from the start.

The same goes for Chinatown. Its ending feels strangely familiar, almost like a déjà vu. That is no coincidence. All elements of the tragic ending were carefully set up. Screenwriter Robert Towne and director Polanski filled their film to the brim with premonitions of its own ending.

day 3 of sasuhina month was crossover and as ive mentioned before i really love crossovers!!! but i had a busy day today and even after a 5-hour nap i’m still tired ahaha thats why im late yet again and i only have this 10-minute doodle to show…………………………… but it’s better than nothing!!!

it’s a sasuhina x egoshipping crossover ^______^

Congratulations! You are now registered for the 2016 Chicago Chinatown 5K & Youth Run.

It’s on July 9th. I’m going to be running three miles in Chinatown in mid-July. I love Chinatown but its streets in the area where we’ll be running are not what I’d call a smooth, level surface. And it might be melting because it’s Chicago in July.

On the other hand, there’s like six places to get bubble tea within thirty feet of the finish line.