it's canon! you can't tell me otherwise

thatisnofish  asked:

hhhh Noah Fence but i literally cried over your art with tony telling peter to be safe binding?????????? my lil trans boy heart exploded i can't believe one of the most iconic comic book characters is canonically trans it's confirmed and true and real no one can tell me otherwise and your art is so clean and cute im shook

oh my gosh thank you!! tbh all i want to do with my art is to make other trans guys happy??? im so glad you liked the post!

also…. *shameless self-promo* if you want other trans superheroes, i got ‘em.

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“Skaters’ hearts are as fragile as glass…

Concept: Jimin always complains about how childish Seokjin is, not because it bothers him, but because it’s the most effective way to keep the admirers at bay.

Oh Seokjin-hyung? Yeah, he’s beautiful, I’ll grant you that. But he’s such a big baby all the time. So much work. Really high maintenance. It’s better to appreciate him from afar. I’ll take care of him, it’s fine. It’s my fate. No, no, he’s my responsibility. *long suffering sigh* Now I have to take him out for lunch. Bye.

A scientific view on Polaris:

“The brightest star in Earth’s night sky, Polaris has been a key navigator for sailors for hundreds, if not thousands, of years. This is because regardless of how Earth moves, rotates, or orbits the sun, even if that movement is anomalous, the celestial object remains constant to the viewer in the Northern hemisphere, unlike any other star”

Lizzie isn’t just Red’s home, or even his way home. She is his constant: when his world is turned upside down and he can’t see through the white noise, she remains a steady reassurance in the centre of his view - and with him wherever he goes.

Even when he can’t see the sky for the smoke in his eyes.

doorman357  asked:

Doesn't Undertale have a non-biary character (the main character, Dora the Murderer) and a gay couple (the dinokatu and the fish taco) (if you can't tell I haven't played it yet [I bought it, but I got distracted with work, school, and other games])?

The player character is meant to be ambiguous, but never said to be canonically “non-binary” if I’m not mistaken. Someone else can point me to the tweet or evidence from the creator that says otherwise, but it’s really not supposed to matter, because that’s not the point of the game. Tumblr can pretend its headcanons are law, but even still, all the supposed identity politics nonsense is tertiary to the actual gameplay and storyline. Even the gay fish and lizard relationship isn’t treated as some sort of super serious social commentary.

Point is, you shouldn’t listen to tumblr about this shit because they are prone to hyperfocusing on these things and fetishizing them. The press is only a few steps behind and there’s already a few instances of idiots trying to claim that this is some sort of ultra progressive beacon slap in the face to gamers who need to wake up and smell the 2015. 

In reality, gamers hate ham-fisted and awkward writing the prioritizes agendas and identity politics over gameplay and storytelling, and Undertale does not do that; gameplay and story are actually mixed together in really fascinating ways. Also, tumblr has been corrupting and attempting to co-op the whole LGBT thing, and we’re all just sick of them declaring that all characters are non-binary trans lesbians all the damned time.