it's called trust

Dean is allowed to refuse to do things Sam’s way.

Dean is allowed to disagree with Sam.

Dean is allowed to be angry when Sam abandons or betrays him.

Dean is allowed to keep his feelings to himself.

Dean is allowed to have feelings regardless of whether they are what Sam thinks they should be.

Dean is allowed to call out even a loved one for hurting him or betraying him, especially if they keep doing it.

Dean is allowed to be afraid or nervous that they will do it again.

Humans are allowed to do all of these things, and as a person, so is Dean. None of these make Dean controlling, abusive, or cruel. Framing it as such what an abuser does to keep their victim in line. It’s a method certain people use to manipulate someone else into silence or compliance. Dean falls for it because of years and years of formative, psychological abuse, but that doesn’t make it even remotely true or right or even acceptable.


It was good knowing you Junpei


Best Singing Compilation - Miyano Mamoru: Vocal King (~GENERATING!~ Edition). ♡

I have this idea for an AU okay just hear me out

So like

  • Laurent is a white collar criminal and Damen is the detective who’s been chasing after him for years (with the help of Nikandros of course)
  • Auguste is alive but he got caught when Laurent was young and Damen helped which is partly why he has been charged with catching Laurent
  • Auguste also taught Laurent everything and they have a good relationship with secrets obviously
  • Laurent has never been convicted so he and Damen sort of dance around each other when they meet (which is beginning to happen more and more often)
  • Lamen happens
  • During the act they say stuff like “I finally caught you” blah blah blah and then Laurent feels himself getting too close so he drops a bomb on Damen
  • “Want to know why you’ve never caught me?” “Why” “We have an informant”
  • It’s Kastor
  • Laurent doesn’t tell him that part.
  • Laurent goes to leave
  • Something about how Laurent gets to do whatever he wants
  • “Because I’m a criminal? You’re funny. You think I can do whatever I want”
  • He means his Uncle, the ringleader, who he and Auguste have to answer to
  • So Laurent leaves and he and Damen don’t see each other for a while until one night…
  • Laurent shows up at Damen’s with a bruised Nicaise who clearly is not 100% certain about being there
  • And Damen’s like “WTF did you kidnap a child??”
  • And Laurent’s like “Damen you have to help me. Prove to me that you’re as honorable and everyone thinks you are. Please.”
  • Damen’s like “Laurent has never said please in his life this must be serious
  • So Laurent agrees to help Damen take down his Uncle
  • Then they do and they adopt Nicasue and they are a happy family
  • Also Auguste gets out and is like “WTF you’re with a cop?? The cop who CAUGHT ME???” Then he meets Damen and he’s like “Yeah this makes sense also why didn’t you tell be about Uncle I would have killed him myself”
  • Cue brother bonding and hoverall happiness

The colour scheme from the previous page returns for another page of Josuke and Okuyasu being good role models to a small child. It’s been a while since I drew either of them! I’d like to say that this page is in celebration of the news about the Part 4 anime, but this is just good (i.e. only slightly belated) timing. 

A few people asked for comics about Little Jolyne’s stand, which is obviously non-canonical, but then so is the whole premise of these comics, so I loved rolling with this idea. :3

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Wait, about the origin of Sans and Papyrus... I tought that Gasper was their dad, so they come from somewhere unless their dad also come from "somewhere else"

(undertale spoilers)

There is no evidence in canon that Gaster is their father. It is a popular fanon idea, likely derived from the fact that W. D. Gaster seems to reference the fonts Wingdings and Aster. Furthermore, the sprite for Sans’ infamous skull weapon is called gasterblaster. This weapon and the blueprints in Sans’ lab seem to hint at Sans knowing Gaster. However, there is no solid evidence that states what their relationship may have been.

» read more: regarding rumors
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I fuckin hate grown ass teens and adults who make “prank” videos that consist of fucking around with total strangers. For example, throwing pie in their face, grabbing their asses, saying slurs, etc… It’s not funny at all. It’s beyond childish and despicable. It completely ruins a random persons day. Let somebody do rude shit like that to me for a “funny” video they gonna get they ass beat to a pulp.

okay so me and @kfloser are not convinced atm I’m holding out hope till we get an official announcement from the bbc cos tbh I don’t trust the mirror and their dark lies it just doesn’t seem right to be announcing such news like this with no actual sources from the bbc or ctm production team

this fandom smh.

first, people assume that some of us hate alec just because we said alec could’ve done more to prove magnus’ words that he isn’t valentine, he should’ve follow his gut, he had his doubt yet let inquisitors herondale executed ‘valentine’ when it was unsanctioned by the clave. at this point he failed magnus. not to mention the whole asking for dna test things.

now they assume that people hate on jace just because they say, of course the clave gives the institute to straight boy who is the inquisitor’s grandson, not to gay man who has downworlder boyfriend. it’s just another example that this institution is full of bigot and really corrupt.

none of these are hate. but suit yourself, i guess.


they’re still babies and their dad wants them to play with the big kids

(based on a real story)

“Isn’t going stag to Winter Screw a thing?” Dex asks. “Like in high school prom or whatever.”

“But it’s not high school prom,” Nursey says. “You can’t screw if you’re going stag. Or I mean technically you can, but that’s called mas—”

“Nursey, you disgust—”

“Alright, enough,” Bitty interjects. “There’s nothing wrong with going by yourself.”

“But it’s never been done before,” Holster wails from the computer screen. In the other Skype window, Ransom also looks somewhat distressed. “Bitty, we may have graduated, but we will find you a date. Even if our mortal bodies are not at Samwell, the power of Google spreadsheets transcend physical limitations.”  

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