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Tentacle Boyfriend

I got a lot of requests for a tentacle story, which is one I’ve be wanting to do! Thank you anons! Keep requesting!

   Your cousin came for a visit and gave you a strange potted plant as a gift. She claimed it was a small succulent but you had never seen anything like it before. It came out like thick leaves that formed tightly together into a long cone, going from green to a soft pink color. Your cousin simply told you to keep it watered and sometimes give it sugar water.

   You did so, watering it when the soil got dry and once a week you would use the sugar water on it. You weren’t sure how well you could keep it alive, you had never been a plant person. You had tried keeping herbs gardens and even house plants, but that always ended in tragedy. You had even tried planting wildflower seeds and as it did was result in a bald patch in your yard.

   You were intent on keeping this little plant alive. You did everything the old ladies at the garden shop told you to do, you even talked and sang to the little plant. You kept it on a clear spot on your windowsill and even switched out the pot for it when you were worried it was getting too small.

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Hunters are daring scouts and stealthy killers, expert with knives and precision weapons.

When you go for a walk in New York
I hope you’re tripping on the last stumbles
of the acid you took at 3 pm.
I hope you’re with good friends, kicking
a soccer ball around the corner just to find  
the blue notes and yellow lights of the city
calling you into its depths.

You lose so much in small moments.
We walk down the East River to watch
the city lights on the waves.
I’m still hearing voices drifting from
around street bends, and
You light up a joint and let me
smoke it from your hand.
My pearl pink lipstick smears
on your fingertips. I think that the color
looks pretty when it touches your cheeks
every time you look at me.

We get lost down Avenue D and 6th, and I
hear a small girl, soprano, gospel music at nine at night  
with the blue and red notes of police
down the corner, I hear her
siren wail into the night as we walk home.
“We’re in the bad part of town,” you say,
but the soundtrack of the gospel gloom
keeps the pace as we walk
from the church where the angel
sings to be brought home to heaven.

What a strange night if we’re calling a 7-11 beautiful.
I don’t remember when you lost your shirt
or when my heel broke
but we can’t stop staring at the neon lights
of the sign above our dizzied heads.
You say we’re close, but our trip still isn’t over.
We have two blocks until home,
Four hours until the come down,
And miles to go before we sleep.

I went for a walk where I’ve never been and
found myself where I always was.
I have found that this, too, is

Inspiring Confidence (Part II)

Peter Parker x Reader

This hilarity was originally posted by @tomhstories so go like/reblog this from them, please.

So I wrote something for this, because as soon as I saw these all I could think of was Peter, and how he would totally do something like this, but immediately regret it and panic.

I suggest you read Part I first, this will be much funnier if you do.

Summary: “Did you – did you actually just send me nudes?” Looking at yourself in the mirror as you spoke, at the white of your teeth as lips stretched tight across them and eyes crinkled as you smiled…’

Words: 1.2k
Awkward adorable Peter thinking he has text game, but is really just a dork. Mentions of nudity/intimacy.

(I really cannot believe that I wrote this. I’m so sorry.)

A contented sigh pushed past moistened lips as hot water pounded away at tense shoulders, muscle fibers tangled with all of the hours spent finishing up that paper you’d ended up putting off until late the next evening; laptop and scholarly words pushed aside for toffee curls, fluttering eyelashes, and words that were much more recreational.

There had been more giggling and clanging teeth than there normally was; lips too busy stretched across each other in smiles to even bother avoiding clumsiness.

A rosy blush had stained his face, his sculpted cheeks and sandy freckles a soft, flowery purple in the hazy blue lighting for most of the night. Petal pink color following the two of you back to your room as you’d quickly forgotten about black, white, blue, and jazz and moved on to mixing your colors and making music of your own kind.

He’d left in the early hours of the morning, a colored shadow escaping out of the window and into the purpling sky. You hadn’t heard from him since; it wasn’t often that Spider-Man truly got a night off.

Through the harsh pattering sound of droplets hitting the plastic of the shower curtain, you heard the tell-tale ping of your phone, accompanying vibration rattling against the marbled surface of the sink. The fact that it was 3 A.M. on a Sunday leaving you with no doubt: it was Peter.

But then it was almost always Peter.

Rinsing the last of the conditioner from your hair, humid air full of flowers and rain, you cut the water off and grabbed for your towel just in time for Peter’s ringtone to echo off the tiles in the steamed bathroom; drying off pruned hands and wrapping fluffed fabric around yourself before grabbing at the phone that was bouncing across the slicked surface of the counter; a lazy smile on your face.

“Peter, Isn’t it a little lat-” in a repeat of the night before, his nervous voice was cutting you off, vibrating, not unlike the way your phone had been seconds earlier.

“Look, I’m sorry, I didn’t think you would mind and that was a terrible idea,” chuckles uneasy, deep and bubbling past lips, “and, um, I - I’m not really sure exactly what I was thinking or – actually, again, I do, that’s a lie – ohmygod, um – I was impatient and now I just feel like it was gross, and - ”

“Peter?” You interrupted, deciding on words rather than the laughter that was begging to release as you connected the dots.

“Hmm?” Squeak of a sound from a tight, nervous throat.

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the zircons go to earth and live with peridot and lapis in the barn
  • Blue, gesturing towards a TV with a yellow hammer thrown into the screen, and the screen is broken and painted pink: this is my "meep morp". it's called "Diamond Conspiracy" and it's a visual representation of my theory about Yellow Diamond shattering Pink Diamond. it also doubles as a visual representation of my anxiety
  • Yellow: Blue do you take constructive criticism on your meep morps?
  • Blue: yes
  • Yellow: it looks like shit
  • Blue: that's not constructive criticism

stenbrhoe  asked:

oof,,, 50s/60s reddie as teenagers and richie is a greaser but hes actually a softie and like eddie is this cleancut kid and richie invites him to a party,,, please make it gay

Umm haha I hate myself because I love this so much?? It’s so much longer than I expected it to be too, I just kept thinking of more and more ideas - I hope that’s okay!! Also a special thanks to my favourite, @losvers-clubb for helping me out with ideas!!

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Inheritance | Pt.4

Pairing: Yoongi x reader
hybrid!au, fluff (is it even there? who knows), smut (later later),
none?? a surprising lack of tears in this one
We get to know a bit more about dear sweet Yoongi in this next sad installment. What a time to be alive. I forgot to mention when I first posted this that this is for those anons that requested a hybrid!Yoongi !!! Here you go babies 💖

After your grandmother passed she left everything to you. Her house, her fortune, and apparently… her cat? The grumpy male hybrid you encounter at her house is anything but the tame housecat you’d expected to find. Fulfilling your grandmother’s last request to look after him becomes a lot harder when he seems to be avoiding you, and your dissatisfied relatives start stirring up trouble.

Originally posted by nevermindmyg

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Kinktober #1: Aphrodisiacs | Sleepy Sex [NSFW below cut]

“Ship’s log, stardate 2291. Second Officer Kageyama reporting from the planet Cary… Caryo-fill—filla—”

“Just call it the Pink Planet.”

“Shut up, dumbass, I’ve got to use its name—”

“You can’t even pronounce its name, give me that—”

“Hinata, STOP—”

The ship’s log plays from Kageyama’s personal recording device. The audio is tinny and underwhelming, but it seems almost too loud in the otherwise silent med bay. A scuffle seems to be occurring over the recording, before the talking resumes.

“Ship’s log, stardate 2291. Second Second Officer, once removed, Hinata reporting—”

He seems to be running. Distantly heard: “You are not an officer!”  

“Everything on this planet is pink, looks the same, and Kageyama got us lost because he—”

Hinata’s voice cuts off into a wheeze, presumably due to being tackled by Kageyama. The sounds of Kageyama swearing loudly while Hinata screeches carry on for a few more seconds, before the whole thing cuts off entirely.

Captain Oikawa and First Officer Iwaizumi look, with a certain mix of exasperation and dull amusement, first down at the PDR, then at each other, and then, finally, at the other two occupants of the med bay.

Second Officer Kageyama and Second Second Officer (once removed) Hinata, do not meet their eyes. The two of them stand there, stark naked, hands clasped in front of their bodies to preserve whatever slight shred of modesty they may have remaining. Oikawa doesn’t see the point.

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Random useful(?) stuff I've learned

-if ur stabbed with something barbed, u usually cant just pull it out- u have to push it through

-foxglove can cause heart failure, but its also has an ingredient that can prevent heart failure

-u can kill someone if u hit their nose at the right angle

-blackberries turn red if u leave em in the sun

-potatoes turn green and poisonous if u leave em in the sun

-venoms are injected, poisons are ingested- they’re not interchangeable

- there are some animals that exist that are essentially immortal and do not age

- rabbits can scream

- dolphins get high for fun

- if u die of a heart problem, its cardiac. If u die of an air problem, its pulmonary. If its both then its cardiopulmonary

- snakes with puffy cheeks r usually venomous because thats where the venom glands r

- but also smooth-headed snakes can b venomous so just be respectful anyways

- bees can sense the kind of electric synapses that ur brain uses 2 make ur body move

- u can survive any kind of toxin in the world if u can stay alive until it wears off but usually tissue damage or paralysis of the heart an lungs gets u first

- u can literally go into a withdrawal after a breakup bcause ur not getting the level of dopamine u used to get when they were around. U can actually get sick until ur body chemistry balances out again

- I can’t remember the name but there’s a thing that looks like a manatee except it has a dolphin tail and it starts with a D I think it’s a duogong

- Also it looks a little like a bunyip which I think was an Australian mythological creature

- theres actually a creature called a hydra and it’s immortal bcause it can turn itself into a baby and then grow up again. Also it can reproduce asexually when it wants to

- don’t play dead with a black bear bcause it will probably eat u anyways

- if an animal is attacking u and it has small eyes, aim 4 its nose cause its senses have evolved compensate for lack of vision and it’s probably super sensitive there. Like bears, sharks, etc

- if ur with a group in the woods put the strongest person farthest back cause mountain lions go for the slowest and weakest at the back of the herd and either they won’t bother with a strong looking person or that person has the best chance of surviving anyways

- u can’t swallow your own tongue because it’s attached to ur mouth. It can only impair breathing if ur on ure back so if ur buddy is on the ground seizing just roll em on their side and cushion their head, don’t stick shit in their mouth.

-also sometimes people make noises when they seize but its OK their brain is just testin things out same as the rest of their body don’t get freaked

- pink is the only pastel called ‘pink’ instead of 'pale red’ wtf is up with that wheres my Bink Grink and Yink

{PART 1} Unexpected // Im Jaebum and Kim Yugyeom

Originally posted by wangkongseven

Pairing: Jaebum x Reader x Yugyeom

Genre: Smut-ish, Three-way kiss

Summary; Jaebum and Yugyeom convince you to play the dreaded ‘Truth of Dare’ game with them. But things go from 0-100 real quick when Jaebum gets his turn.

Authors Note: Not relating to the story in any way, but our beautiful leader Im Jaebum is currently in hospital with a herniated disk in his back and I really hope he will recover soon and get better because I literally love that man with all my heart <3 Enjoy the scenario!

Read {PART 2} here! (smut)

If there was one game that you hated more than anything in the entire world; it was truth or dare. Pointless questions and overly sexual dares that made you feel embarrassed and cringy beyond belief. You always tried to avoid getting into such situations, especially when there was alcohol involved. Which is why you were questioning how you got yourself into your current predicament.

Saturday nights were usually uneventful and typically involved you sitting at home and catching up on TV dramas. But tonight was different as your 2 friends Jaebum and Yugyeom showed up at your door unexpectedly with take-out and beer. Not that it was unlike them to make an appearance, but the fact that they showed up out of the blue caught you unaware as you answered the door in your pyjama shorts causing them both to tease you to hell and back.

After you quickly went and changed into your sweatpants and hoping they didn’t notice that fact you were braless underneath your oversized t-shirt, you rejoined them in your living room as they made themselves at home, spread out on the couch and getting ready to pick a movie on Netflix to put on in the background.

“Hey pyjama shorts” Jaebum teased as you walked back in. You glared at him, swiping for his head playfully with your hand but not actually hitting him as you slumped into the chair to the left of the sofa in front of the T.V. Yugyeom looked at you, pouting a little before speaking up.

“Do we smell? Why you all the way over there?” Jaebum looked at him out of the corner of his eye before looking over to you with the same sappy expression as Yugyeom. You laughed, looking at the small space between them thinking how it might be slightly awkward for you to slip in, especially since you didn’t even bother to put your bra on.

“There’s just more room for me over here, you know I love you both, dorks.” You said in a sing song voice as you grabbed a slice of pizza and opened up a can of beer before scrolling through Netflix, deciding with the boys on what to watch.

A few hours had passed. The pizza had long since been devoured and none of you were paying attention to the TV at all as you talked about random topics. It was safe to say that the three of you were pretty tipsy at this point, your face glowing a pretty shade of pink as it always did when you consumed alcohol.

“Alright, I have an amazing idea!” Jaebum exclaimed as he got up and went to your kitchen. You and Yugyeom both looked at each other with confused but amused faces, wondering what this so called ‘amazing idea’ was. You both giggled in your drunken splendour, before Jaebum returned with a bemused look on his face with an empty glass bottle in his hand and began clearing the coffee table before placing it on its side in the middle. “You can’t be serious…” you groaned inwardly, as you know what was coming next.

“Let’s have some fun. We can play truth or dare; whaddya say Gyeomie?” Jaebum winked at him, making you flinch slightly. Yugyeom giggled as he nodded his head and sat up, crossing his legs like an eager schoolboy. You rolled your eyes at their childish antics.

“Seriously? Are we 14? I’m not playing this stupid game. You two can play, I’m heading to bed. Make sure you don’t make too much noise.” you scoffed, getting up to retire to your bedroom, before Yugyeom caught your arm and pulled you back slightly.

“Oh come on (Y/N), don’t be like that! Play with us~” he whined into your face, pouting as cutely as he possibly could; in turn making you laugh. As much as you wanted to resist playing this dumb game, you couldn’t help but think Yugyeom was adorable when he whined like a child in an attempt to pull at your heartstrings.

“Yeah, what’s the deal? This game is always fun as long as you don’t have anything to hide. You don’t have anything to hide, right (Y/N)?” Jaebum chuckled darkly from the other side of the sofa, his eyes never leaving the contact of skin between you and Yugyeom. You glared into Jaebum’s face. If looks could kill, you would have been tried for murder right then and there. You sighed, giving in to their game and walked around to the other side of the small coffee table before sitting down on the ground. Jaebum smirked as he and Yugyeom positioned themselves at an even angle around the table, all three of your entities forming a sort of triangle.

“Ladies first~” Jaebum cooed at you. You smirked at him coyly, “Oh don’t even bother with that, we all know you’re not a gentleman” you teased, making him look at you in shock. “I can be a gentleman if I want to, you know. You just haven’t been granted the pleasure of seeing that side of me, yet.” He said darkly, making you scoff before putting your hand on the bottle and spinning it gently.

Round and round it went, before it landed on Yugyeom.

“Okay Gyeomie, truth or dare?” you sighed.

“Hmmm…truth” he giggled nervously.

“Umm…what’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever eaten?” you asked, to which Jaebum and Yugyeom whined in response.

“That’s the dumbest question ever…come on (Y/N) you can do better than that. There seriously isn’t anything you wanna know about Yugyeom? That’s the only thing you wanna know?” Jaebum complained into your face before swigging the last of his beer. You knew what he was getting at and you weren’t going to give into him.

“If you don’t like my questions, you can both play together and I can go to bed~ it’s as simple as that” you said very matter-of-factly. Yugyeom giggled before answering you. “Well, I guess the weirdest thing I’ve ever eaten was some dish in Thailand when we went there with BamBam, but I can’t remember what it was. It was nice, but it had a really weird aftertaste…” he said honestly, surprising both you and Jaebum that he took the question as seriously as he did. You all smiled at each other, before Yugyeom then flicked the bottle around, taking his turn. You were silently begging for it not to land on you, sighing a breath of relief when it landed on Jaebum instead. He didn’t even wait for Yugyeom to ask him ‘truth or dare’ before he opened his mouth and shouted “Dare!” making you laugh nervously. It’s not that you didn’t like Jaebum, you loved him to the moon and back, but there was always a slight tension between you both. You could never quite put your finger on as to why, but things always seemed to get heavy between you both where talking was concerned. The way he would look at you intensely, not breaking eye contact. It made you feel uneasy.

Yugyeom thought to himself for a few seconds. “I dare you to ask (Y/N) any type of question you like” he beamed at you both, making you open your mouth in shock. “What?! That’s not how the game works, come on you can’t be serious…” you whined, about to get up and leave.

“Ah ah ah, not so fast, I have to complete my dare. Then you can leave, ok?” Jaebum reached over and gripped his hand on your shoulder, making you slump back down on the floor. You exhaled sharply, rolling your eyes impatiently as you waited for him to come up with a question.

“Okay, I have a question. Have you ever thought about kissing either of us before?” he asked, slightly slurring his words from his alcohol intake. You burst out laughing in disbelief at how forward he was. “Liquid courage…” you convinced yourself.

“Well, no. But of course I’m thinking about it now. You tell someone not to think about pink elephants and then their gonna think about pink elephants. Can I go to bed now?”

“Wait, so thinking about kissing us makes you think about pink elephants…what?” Yugyeom asked, confused; causing you and Jaebum to howl with laughter at his drunken question.

“Hold up, so in your head, who do you think is the better kisser?” Jaebum leaned closer to you, his eyes practically burning into your soul. You squinted at him, giving him evils at his pestering. “Why do you wanna know so badly? And why do you care who I think is the better kisser?” you asked, seriously.

“Yugyeom fancies himself as a better kisser than me, and I totally disagree.” Jaebum said bluntly, looking to Yugyeom who was smiling like an idiot at you. You looked between them both, finally catching on as the penny dropped.

“Oh no. No, no, no, no. No way. Uh uh. Not happening. Goodnight boys.” You blurted out. Jaebum put his hands on you again, holding you in place as he moved closer to you. You tried to wriggle away from him, giggling as you did so but he was just too strong against you.

“Don’t you wanna know who the better kisser is? Come on (Y/N)…don’t you wanna kiss me?” he asked humourlessly, his face inching closer to yours making you burn crimson from his close proximity.  “Jaebum…” you whispered. Half of you wanted to push him away, but the other half was burning to kiss him. You didn’t know why, so instead you began to blame your intoxication.

Jaebum pressed his lips to yours, slowly at first. You held your breath as he began moving his body closer, making you feel hotter by the second. He placed his hand on your neck, pulling you in closer to him as you closed your eyes and just submitted to the kiss. He traced his tongue along your lips, demanding entrance, to which you gave him as he moved his soft muscle inside your mouth, massaging you tongue with his. His kisses were rough, but somewhat gentle at the same time. You gasped for air in between kisses, making him smirk against your mouth as he opened his eyes slightly to observe your slightly aroused expression. He broke the kiss and pulled you up gently as he shimmied back to the sofa, motioning for Yugyeom to sit on the other side of you. Yugyeom swallowed hard, watching the both of you as he felt himself becoming more aroused by the second.

“Give some attention to poor Yugyeom, I think he’s feeling lonely…” Jaebum purred into you ear before littering the soft skin of your neck with gentle kisses, every so often nibbling with his teeth that made your hair stand on end. You turned your head towards Yugyeom who was licking his lips in anticipation, as he met you halfway and began kissing you. Unlike Jaebum’s kisses, Yugyeom’s were soft and timid, with a notion of neediness as he pushed his mouth into yours. You sucked on his lip, making him moan slightly as he let you inside, your tongues intertwining . Jaebum looked up with envious eyes at the sight of you both, before taking his hand and pulling your head towards him before crashing his lips against yours once again. This time he easily dominated the kiss, while Yugyeom began nibbling gently on your ear. Both of them moved their bodies against you, the feeling of both their attentions on you making you pant and mewl softly; much to their delight. Yugyeom whined, obviously feeling left out as you opened your eyes and looked to him with a cute, sad expression on his face. Jaebum chuckled before leaning over, pulling Yugyeoms head closer to his.

“You’re not getting any attention?” he said, his voice just a fraction above as whisper as he began roughly kissing the younger boy, grabbing a fistful of his hair, making him moan in response. You stared at the sight before you as you felt your panties become wet. You pinched your legs together upon noticing the obvious tent in Yugyeoms pants. Jaebum had a little more self control, as his were completely normal. You huffed, hating him for being so unaffected, making them both look at you out of the corner of your eyes.

You took Jaebums hand suddenly before pressing it against your breast through your shirt. You saw his eyes widen as he realised then that you didn’t have a bra on. You smirked at his response as he broke the kiss with Yugyeom immediately, giving you his full and undivided attention as he kneaded and massaged your breasts through the thin fabric and began kissing you once again. Yugyeom, noticing also, snaked his hand underneath your shirt, your skin burning at the contact as he ghosted over your hardened nipple with his finger, making you gasp. Jaebum and Yugyeom smirked at each other.

“Such a naughty girl, not wearing a bra when two boys come to her house…” Jaebum purred into your ear, his voice deep and soft like silk, making you moan in response.

Yugyeom pulled at your shirt, obviously wanting it off to grant him more access.

“Bedroom…” you replied softly, noticing their positive reactions as they both sprang up like spring daises to their feet, taking you with them, as all three of you stumbled towards the hallway

“I hope you’re ready for this” Yugyeom breathed against the nape of your neck, as Jaebum pulled you behind him, leading you both to your bedroom for what was proving to be a long and interesting night ahead of you all.
At gathering on ‘politics of love,’ Sanders warns Trump could start a war
Sen. Bernie Sanders speaks at the Sister Giant conference on Feb. 2. (Photo: Garance Franke-Ruta/Yahoo News)

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, speaking at a conference on the “Politics of Love” Thursday evening, said he feared that President Trump would plunge the nation into war.

“This is one of the things that scares me most: For a demagogue to succeed, they need to cultivate hatred. Now the hatred may be against immigrants — we’re all supposed to hate immigrants, and maybe it’s other minorities, African-Americans, Latinos,” Sanders said. 

“But also I worry that the hatred will spill over to foreign affairs, and that we are maybe entering into a situation where a Trump needs a war — and war and war — to rally public support.”

Sanders spoke before a rapturous audience at the second Sister Giant conference, hosted by bestselling spirituality author Marianne Williamson, author of “A Return to Love” and “The Age of Miracles.” The conference was part of a movement Williamson has dubbed the Great Resistance of 2017. Attendees were overwhelmingly female — fans and followers of Williamson, who is among the leading figures in the New Spirituality movement in America.

The gathering, billed as “Creating a Politics of Love,” illustrates how normally inward-looking communities, especially of women who had expected Hillary Clinton to win even if they were not all-in on her candidacy, have been galvanized into action by the polarizing 2016 election outcome.

While the Women’s March on Washington and its sister marches around the country struck a chord with the crafting lifestyle community — so much so that the marches wound up being visually defined by their pink hand-knitted and crocheted “pussy hats” — Sister Giant is seeking to mobilize what Williamson calls the “higher consciousness community” to resist Trump’s agenda and reach out to Americans who hold political views different from their own.

…“I know that some of your friends say, ‘Wow, this sucks,’” added Sanders. He acknowledged that some people are reacting to the moment by wanting to turn off the news, stop reading the papers “and kind of sink slowly into despair.”

“And to those people who say this, I say, as loudly as I can — not only for your lives, but for the lives of future generations — despair is not an option.”

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In this Heat [M]

Originally posted by itslikevelvet

Featuring:  One [Jung Jaewon]

Genre: Fluff & Smut

Word count: 2,281

Request:  Anonymous said: Jaewon + smut: we’ve been close friends for several years. One hot summer day we’re at a fair/carnival/out on the town. I’m eating a popsicle and he can’t stop staring at my full lips. He cuts the day short to take me to his place and he gets really close. Light kissing leads to heavy petting and from there it’s gets serious.[Feel free to change it up but thank you you for all your hard work and great writing]

anonymous said: Can i have jaewon scenario request : the morning after a fluffy smut. 

A/N: This has a similar theme to my other scenario You & I so feel free to read you & I as an epilogue to this scenario, I guess you can say this is the prelude to you & I.

  An attempt to squeeze 2 request into 1 one-shot idk if it’s working

Jaewon wasn’t sure just what had gotten into him but he couldn’t keep his focus and his eyes in front of him. Maybe it was this severe heat wave that was messing with his head or maybe it was that v-neck dress you had on, or the way you looked so damn cute whenever you looked up at him…
“Jaewon! Let’s get on that ride!” you snapped him out of his thoughts before they could give way to the perverse thoughts secretly lingering in the back of his mind, that even he wasn’t aware of; as you tugged on his hand and pointed at the ferris wheel.
You hadn’t given him the time to respond, as you excitedly took the lead and kept on going on; about how nice the view from the peak height was going to be.
“Hurry Jaewon! The line isn’t that long, hurry before people beat us to the line and then we’ll have more time to get on all the rides and maybe even get to go around a second time.” you enthusiastically told Jaewon your plan.
He let out that all too familiar chuckle, “I think we’ll have plenty of time to go around a second time if you want, I don’t think many people are willing to be out in this heat wave.”
“It’s rush hour so people are just now making their way over, it’s gonna get packed in about an hour. Besides this heat wave isn’t as bad as the news makes out to be, we’ll live!”

“I guess this isn’t something a slushy or ice cream can’t fix.”

“I slushy actually sounds really good right now. So slushy now or after the ride?”

“Slushy now, meanwhile we wait in line.” he suggested.

You kept your place in line while you waited for Jaewon to come with your ice cold beverages, luckily it wasn’t a long wait; soon enough you were on the ferris wheel taking pictures together and of the view.
After that you both went running around trying to get on as many rides possible before the lines would get packed, which included the flying swings, bumper cars, even as reluctant as Jaewon was he eventually agreed to join you on the merry-go-round.
“Oh come on Jaewon, cheer up. Have some fun.” you encouraged as he stood next to your horse as he had refused to get on one of his own.
“This isn’t my image.” he rebutted.
“What image?”
He feigned hurt as he placed a hand over his heart and sighed, “Do you always have to come for me?”
“I wasn’t, it was a genuine question.” you batted your eyelashes, it was always a habit of yours to push Jaewon’s buttons.
The ride came to an end and you guys continued walking around looking for what to do. You quickly stopped in your tracks when you came across a dart throwing game, and you couldn’t get your eyes off of one of the prizes; a huge white fluffy plush teddy bear with a pink bow tie around its neck.
“You know it’s a scam right?” you heard Jaewon whisper in your ear from behind you.
“Jaewon~” you called out to him as you turned and he already knew what you were up to, yet pretended he didn’t have a clue.
“What do you suppose a friend could do for their friend after they miss their birthday party… not just friends, best friends. And said best friend didn’t show up to their best friend’s birthday party?” you said as you attempted to give him your best puppy eye look.

“ I told you something came up and didn’t I agree to come out in this heat wave and go on the merry-go-round with you already?
…. fine just don’t look at me like that.” he protested. The longer you looked at him that way, the more he could feel you pulling at his heartstrings little by little.

He tried his luck at this so called scam dart game, he wasn’t all that bad, 7 out of the 10 shots.

Jaewon went to collect his prize, upon receiving it he held it out to you, “Well it isn’t the grand prize but it’s something.”
You were gleaming with happiness as you took it from his hands “Thank you Jaewon! It’s perfect, I don’t think I could have carried that huge teddy bear any ways but this one is the perfect size.” You held the medium sized replica of the huge plush bear close in your arms and squeezed it. “Aw, it’s so soft~.”

You guys continue walking around looking for things to do, at this point the heat was really starting to get to you; you attempted to fan yourself with your hands to no avail.

“Maybe we should call it a day?” Jaewon spoke up noticing you were struggling to keep cool.

“ Trying to get rid of me already?” you said playfully.

“You caught me .”

You gasped at his answer.
“I’m kidding, calm down.”

“The heat getting to you already?”

“I’m not the one who nearly got heat stroke last year and needed an IV drip.”

“Touchè, you’re getting better with your comebacks. That was kind of a low blow.” you admitted.

“It was a joke, my bad. I’ll make it up to you, I’ll buy you ice cream on the way home and we can watch a movie at my place, your pick.”

“Throw in some popcorn and some snacks and you’ve got yourself a deal.”


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[02] Run

Originally posted by stayingmintyfresh


Part One // Part Two // Part Three // Part Four // Part Five

A/N: This story is inspired by ‘I Need You’ and 'Run’ This story will contain fluff, smut, drinking, drugs, and angst. No, this story will not be exactly like the MV’s but I have used some scenes.




“Um, I am getting evicted.. I have a week to move out..” The thought of asking the man who gave you everything for a place to stay made your sick to you stomach. The walls felt like they were closing in on you and a loud sob erupted from your lips without warning.

“Well dear, its time you finally came to my place and met my roommates. I’ll send you the address. I love you, see you soon.” And with that the line went dead and in a matter of minutes you received a message.

Hobi: 3523 Midrow Ave. Just let yourself in, my room is the second door on the right on the third floor. Be safe, we can go back to your place tomorrow and start packing.  

Third floor? He lives on the nice part of town in a three story house? How many roommates did he have? Why did he never tell me any of this? The subject you once studied so diligently turned out to be a lot more complicated then you anticipated. 


Part Two

You pulled up to a beautiful modern like townhouse that was set at the end of the street, a good distance away from the townhouses that surrounded it. The house’s driveway held six cars including your own, and your mind wondered if there was any in the garage. You looked up in awe as your duffle bag dangled from your arm; the beautiful light gray steps that led to a dark oak door, you admired the way the top floor looked like it was made completely out of floor to roof windows, accompanied by a beautiful black gated balcony. The modern home was made of dark wood panels and smooth white cement, the black window frames seemed to tie the entire townhouse together.

Hoseok, why have I never been to your place? You thought as you finally made your way to the front door ahead, turning the knob and walking inside. As if the front of the house wasn’t enough to take in, the inside was even more beautiful. Gorgeous black couches and two black recliners beautifully complemented the white walls, and dark wood coffee table. Different forms of artwork hung around the house of all kinds of different styles, the living room wasn’t exactly tidy but it was not messy either. 

The house seemed quiet, granted it was around midnight so you assumed everyone was sleeping. You walked two flights of wooden steps finally reaching the third floor, second door to your right.

The door made little to no sound as you slipped inside the room and dropped your bag onto the floor, you quietly unzipped it to retrieve your light pink pajama shorts along with your black knitted sweater. At this point you didn’t care if Hoseok woke up and saw your bare back as you changed, not that you really cared at all.. it was Hoseok for crying out loud. You crawled under the covers next to Hoseok’s half naked body allowing a few tears to fall onto the bed sheets.

“Do you want me to put on some sweats or something y/n?“ He mumbled lazily, fluttering his eyes open to meet yours. “No, no, its alright. I’ve seen you naked before Hobi, I just need you right now.” Not even a second after the words slipped from your mouth Hoseok grabbed your waist and pulled you close, pressing his lips firmly to your forehead.

“I’m here, I’m here, its okay. You can let it out, you can cry, you can vent. I’m so sorry all of this is happening and everything seems to be going wrong but I’m here for you. You can stay here as long as you like. You can share a room with me, or we can clean out the study and have you sleep in there? Either way is fine with me. I’m right here for you.” His words were no longer laced in sleep nor where his words jumbled together, he was fully awake at this point, stroking your hair like he always did.

“I just want to sleep Hobi, I’m just thankful I have you.”

“Good y/n-ah. We have a big day tomorrow, get some sleep beautiful.” And with that he kissed your head one last time and you fell asleep to the soft rhythm of his heartbeat.


“RISE AND SHINE PRINCESS! TIME FOR YOU TO MEET SOME PEOPLE!!” Before your eyes could even adjust properly Hoseok had picked you up and thrown you over his shoulder. When sleep had finally left your body, you become fully aware that your idiot best friend was carrying you over his shoulder and down the stairs.

“Hobi put me down before I fucking end you! I swear to god Jung Hoseok if you do not put me down this instant I will cut your dick off and feed it to you. I will crush you like the bug you are!” You screamed. “I will shove my foot so far up your a-” You were cut off when Hoseok finally set you down and you were met with five pairs of eyes starring at you.

“Hoseok tell your friend to watch her language!” A tall boy with light brown hair commanded with wide eyes causing your cheeks to turn a light pink from embarrassment. His hair fell in front of his face in a perfectly messy manner, his lips were slightly plump and his face was flawless.. all of their faces were flawless in fact. “Oh. I-I’m sorry.” The corner of the boys lips curved up into a smile as he made his way to you and extended his hand in greeting.

“Hi, I’m Seokjin. You can call me Jin if you’d like. You must be Y/n, we’ve heard a lot about you.” You rose an eyebrow and looked back at Hoseok who was wearing one of his infectious smiles.

“All good things I hope.”

“Of course,” He replied sitting back down at the kitchen table with the other five. “Also y/n there is food on the stove, please help yourself.” You bowed your head in thanks and made your way over to the stove grabbing a bacon strip from the pan, nibbling on it as you stood next to Hoseok like a lost puppy too scared to leave its owner earning a little chuckle from him.

Your eyes scanned over the stunning characters sitting in front of you as they did the same to you, looking you up and down almost as though they had never seen a girl before. A tall boy with slicked back pink hair met your eyes and gave you a nod before speaking. “Hello Y/n, welcome to our home. I’m Namjoon, feel free to call me Rap Monster.” His smile was complimented with two deep dimples that almost made you want to go up and ask permission to touch them. Almost.

Before any one of them could speak, an adorable boy with green streaks in his hair made his way towards you giving you the most fascinating box smile you’d ever seen in your life. “Hey, I’m Taehyung. We are friends now, you are family and you can call me whatever you want.” He slung his arm around you and rested his head against yours almost like you’d known each other for years, his presence was something so comforting that you smiled back letting a small giggle fall from your lips.

Your eyes fell on a dark haired boy, with a body of a god. Well at least of a God you would surely worship. It was hidden poorly in a white t shirt that allowed his collarbones to peek out in an oh so beautiful way and it wasn’t until you reached his face that you noticed how complex he was. His astonishing face structure gave him the look of a model but the adorable bunny smile he was giving you gave him the look of the most innocent of creatures. “I'm Jungkook, welcome.” His voice was slightly shy and that made you only want to go up and hug him.

“Hi, I’m Jimin.” A boy with orange hair and plump lips smiled. He was noticeably smaller then the others and equally beautiful. His hair was oddly fascinating, nearly resembling a Disney Prince’s; it fell effortlessly above both eyes with a almost precise middle parting. He had the smile of the sweetest angel in the world but the lips that would tempt even the devil himself, just like Jungkook his collarbones peeked out from underneath his flowy white tee. He was temptation in the simplest of terms, but at the same time he was just as complex as Jungkook; his smile so big that his eyes squinted and his cheeks were practically begging to be squeezed.

“Hi everyone, its nice to meet all of you." 

"Well, there is one more of us but he is usually asleep all day. He is sort of an ass but in the best way I suppose.” Taehyung hummed, the famous grin never leaving his lips.

“Y/n, what all are you planning on packing? Everything you can or essentials?” You nibbled on piece of toast meeting Hoseok’s curious eyes. “Probably all my clothes, my makeup, brush, toothbrush, some blankets pillows, I could bring my-” Hoseok cut me off with a chaste kiss on the forehead. “So the essentials?”

“Fuck you Jung Hoseok.” His amused chuckle was reply enough as you hugged him tight and excused yourself from the kitchen to change. You were standing in the middle of Hoseok’s room wearing your favorite pair of black ripped jeans and matching black push up bra, when he slipped in and walked over to his closet.

“Hey Hoseok, thanks again for letting me stay here.” You smiled, slipping on a black shirt then fell loosely around your shoulders allowing you to join the collarbone club.

“No need to thank me Y/n.”


Taehyung unloaded the last box and happily carried it to Hoseok’s room, causing you to smile in admiration. He is like a child in an adults body. You thought to yourself on your way up the stairs to your now shared bedroom. You thanked Taehyung for his help and waited until he left the room to finally begin speaking. “Hoseok. I really feel bad for making you share your room so what I was thinking was, we can keep my TV in here and we can move my mac, keyboard and art supplies in the study so that while I’m working I wont be bothering you or being up your as 24/7. I also noticed a few empty shelves in the study and I could easily put some of my cl-” Hoseok grabbed your hand in his, rubbing his thumb absentmindedly along yours which in fact was his way of telling you to stop talking.

“I don’t mind sharing a room with you Y/n, my bed is your bed and my closet and drawers are yours as well, as for your music and art supplies I do think it will be fine to move it into the study.. but don’t think for a second its because you will be bothering me. I’ve seen you in your zone and I would only disturb that. Yoongi is the same with his music so I’m used to that,” Yoongi? Was that the mystery roommate you still haven’t met yet? “So, you go and unpack your clothes and set your makeup and shit in the cabinet of my bathroom and I’ll move your supplies to the study. I’ll call Joon to come and hook up the TV."  With that Hobi disappeared out of the room and you began hanging up a few articles of clothes.

"Hey Y/n, I’m just here to hook up the TV." Namjoon’s dimples greeted you once again, his chocolate brown eyes almost asking you if it was okay that he was doing such a thing. You gave him permission with your smile and continued the task at hand.

"I’m surprised he doesn’t have a TV in here already." You stated with a soft chuckle as you made your way to the dresser to put away your unmentionables.

"We don’t normally watch TV honestly, we usually go out.” Go out? Like to bars and stuff? My sunshine boy goes out and parties? Since when?

“Go out?” Your words were coated in curiosity and shock, making Namjoon stand up straight and look at you with an unreadable expression until the right side of his mouth curved into a very (sexy) smirk.

“Come out with us tonight Y/n, it’ll be fun.” Before you could open your mouth to answer Hoseok came jogging into the room. “I just asked Y/n if she wanted to come out with us tonight.” You looked over at Hoseok trying to read his expression to search for any sign of what your answer should be, as if he could feel your confusion he met your eyes.

“Do you trust me?” He asked, his tone serious but hopeful at the same time.    

“Of course. I trust you with my life.” And it was true, you did trust him with your life. Hoseok never lied to you, or let you down and never gave you a reason to not trust him, you would even give up your life in an instant for him and you know he would do the same in a heartbeat. When it came to Hoseok you had no doubt in your mind that he would make sure you were safe, you trusted him with anything and everything.

“Then I’d love it if you came out with us Y/n. I promise nothing bad will happen.” Why would something happen? Why is he being so weird? You gave him a stern nod and little did you know with that one nod, you had just sold your soul. Sold your soul to a brand new lifestyle.


You tucked your black shirt into your jeans nicely and looked at yourself in the mirror, you were dressed in head to toe black but it looked good on you, your collarbones were still noticeable but you didn’t mind. You grabbed your favorite ribbon like choker and secured it safely around your neck, and grabbing one of Hoseok’s cardigans to complete your attire. “You look beautiful.” You spun around to find Hoseok in nice fitting jeans, and white shirt and his favorite army green bomber jacket with black sleeves. His hair was slightly parted in the middle which is something you hadn’t quiet seen before, his thin black choker fell loosely around his neck and you couldn’t help but gawk over your best friend. “Oh shut up Hobi, look at you! You look so damn good. THATS MY BEST FRIEND, THATS MY BEST FRIEND!” You shouted jumping onto his back and kissing his cheek; he laughed at your childlike gesture and carried you on his back all the way down the stairs.

“Yoongi, Taehyung and Jimin are still getting ready.” Jungkook stated once yall reached the living room. Oh so the mysterious Yoongi is coming with us.

You took a seat on the nearest recliner and made conversation with Jin, Jungkook, and Namjoon a waiting the others; we spoke of hobbies and dreams only making you more fascinated with the model like boys. Namjoon aka Rap Monster really wants to pursue a rapping carrier and by the stuff he showed me it was only a matter of time, Jin wants to sing but feels his voice isn’t anything special which is a huge load of bullshit you might add, his voice was amazing. Jungkook wanted to sing and dance and he mentioned he really found an interest in being a tattoo artist, his drawing skills were great as was his singing. You then gave them a quick rundown on all that has happened in the last 24 hours and how you played piano, sing a bit and draw, you were about to open your mouth to sing something when Namjoon stood up clapping.

“Oh thank you guys for blessing us with your presence. But where is Grandpa Yoongs?” This kid only speaks in sarcasm and I love it! You chuckled softly standing up as well and turning towards the stairs along with everyone else. Jimin opened his mouth to answer Joon when a boy with mint colored came down the steps. “I’m here, I’m here calm the fuck down,”

You couldn’t hear any of the other boys as you looked Yoongi up and down admiring his choice of style and thanking the heavens for the creation they had made. His skin was slightly pale but noticeably smooth that even a porcelain doll would have been jealous, only hoping and praying that their skin would even come close to his perfect skin. His mint hair that fell right above his eyes complimented his pale skin and slight rosy cheeks, not to mention his eyelashes were something you only wished you could achieve. You looked at him as though you had never seen beauty before then. His top lip jutted outwards to make an odd pout like face but oh dear how perfect his lips were, they were well past thin but nowhere near as plump as Jimin’s lips; Yoongi’s lips seemed to be a euphoric kind of temptation while Jimin’s were the sinful kind. His entire face had to have been created by the strongest of gods, you scanned his face for any flaws this god could have possibly given him but to no surprise there was none to point out. Your eyes trailed down to his cream colored Rolling Stones shirt and black leather bomber jacket, his dark denim jeans rolled up at the ankles, his sense of style causing an even bigger lump in your throat.

 "I hope we are getting burgers and fries first because I’m starving.“ his next words snapping you out of whatever trance you were under. What the fuck was that y/n!? Take a deep breathe and have fun tonight. You nodded in agreement and headed for the door following behind Hoseok.

Jin, Namjoon, Jungkook, and Jimin piled into Jin’s black truck causing Yoongi and Taehyung to jump into the bed. Taehyung reached his hand out to you to help you in and you took it, raising your leg up and over the tailgate and taking your seat diagonal from Yoongi. Hoseok hopped in after you giving you a reassuring smile that everything was going to be okay, because never in your twenty four years of life had you ever ridden in the bed of a truck.

"So Y/n, I know you said you played piano and sang but have you ever written anything?” Taehyung asked causing a slight ting of pink shoot through your cheeks, lucky enough it was dark out and the only light that lit your face was the passing street lights.

“Well I-”

“V, she has written so many songs and she hates them throws them away and I have to fish them out of the trash and beg her to put it in a folder or something. So she has at least a dozen crumbled up songs shoved in her art portfolio." V? Was that Taehyung’s nickname or something? You gave Hoseok a death glare as you hit him in the shoulder with great force.

"Fuck you Jung Hoseok.” earning a chuckle from all three of them, including Yoongi. You met his eyes as the street light lit his face up for enough time to see the cutest gummy smile you had ever seen. “I’m Y/n.” You smiled in a desperate attempt to start a conversation which did not go unnoticed by Hoseok who smiled softly. Hoseok was never one to tease you about crushes or anything of that nature, he simply was there for when you were ready to either admit it or wanted help.  "I know. I’m Yoongi.“ He responded before the truck had come to a stop and Yoongi hopped out over the side panel of the bed. Focus on having fun Y/n, stop worrying about things. Sit back and have fun, you deserve this. Get Minho out of your head, Jisoo, and the evection. Just have. Fun. And that’s exactly what you did.

You were about to walk into the small burger joint when Hoseok pulled you to the side and waited for the others to go in first. "Y/n… there is going to be things that happen tonight that you are just going to have to trust me with, but before you freak out just trust me. By the end of the night you are going to feel like you are on top of the world and you wont even remember that asshole Minho. So can you trust me?” He had his hand gripped around your wrist in a manner that didn’t scare you, nothing about Hoseok scared you. You loved him with all your heart and trusting him was something that just came naturally; the only thing that was somewhat alarming was that your curiosity was getting the best of you.

“I trust you Hoseok.”

And with that he pulled out a silver flask and handed it over to me nonchalantly. “Take a swig of this to calm your nerves, I know you don’t usually drink but trust me when I say you are going to need this to loosen up and be ready for where the night takes us.” You scanned his eyes for any sign of a joke but when you found nothing but pure sincerity you took the flask and thought to yourself bottoms up. The liquor burned down your throat causing you to stick your tongue out in disgust and give the flask back to Hoseok who then took a swig himself. “I know its gross but trust me you’ll get used to it.”

Since when the fuck did he drink? What the fuck is going on with this kid? What am I letting you drag me into Hobi?

The rest of the boys had already picked a table in the corner of the joint awaiting us to join them. “We already ordered, Y/n I hope you’re okay with a double bacon cheese burger?” Jin asked raising an eyebrow waiting for the okay. “Hell yeah it is.” Ten minutes paced and out came eight burgers and eight sets of fries were slid down the table, each meal being accompanied by large drinks all in which ended up being mixed with a bit of vodka thanks to Hoseok and his silver healer. The drink was foul in a very tolerating way, it wasn’t enough to shoot one’s vision but it was enough to make you feel good after a while.

“What the fuck do you mean Kumamon s better then Ryan!?” Namjoon screamed throwing a handful of fries at Yoongi who was laughing so hard his argument on why Kumamon is better was barley understandable. The laughter of all eight of you filled the air and only increased in volume when Taehyung jumped onto the table and started dancing, he held out his hand begging me to join him on his journey of strange when a voice behind you made you turn around before you were able to accept his invitation.

“Y/n?” You were face to face with Minho and Jisoo holding a To-Go bag, your face fell and the laughter behind you subsided.

“Minho, well you sure look sorry from last nights events.” You spat as you quickly remembered how good you and the men you were with looked.

“Oh honey write one of your stupid songs and get over it,” His words were sharp like knives, impaling you deep and when he snaked his arm around Jisoo’s waist it only twisted the knife. His eyes left yours for a moment as he scanned the boys behind you then met yours once again. “Seven guys? Damn.” His tone of voice implying something that PornHub would love to see.

“Get the hell out of here Minho, and take the side bitch with you.” Hoseok demanded making even you jump at the projection of his voice. Minho curved his lips into an amused smirk and turned to leave, but not before he could get the last word. “See you around Y/n.”

You turned around to face the others who all had an unreadable expression painted on their face, Taehyung who was still standing on the table jumped down and gave you a boxy smile. “Y/n-ah, you can do so much better then him.” Your smile was weak but in an instant the fun was back on, you took a big gulp from your coke and vodka mixed drink and joined in the fry throwing. Jin was taking pictures with his light pink mini polaroid as you took videos of everyone’s funny faces and loud laughs.

Jin ordered more fries while we refilled our drinks and headed on out leaving a mess behind us, and on any other day you wouldn’t have left such a horrid mess in your trail but at this point in time you didn’t give a single fuck.

You rested your head on Hoseok’s shoulder as you watched the street lamps pass until they soon looked like bright blurs of nothing, you fed some fries to Hoseok not taking your eyes off the lamps above while shoveling a few into your mouth as well. The dark sky was soon replaced by a tiled tunnel and bright lights every few feet, the tunnel was to dirty to be called cream colored but to clean to be brown.

The truck came to an abrupt stop blocking any future cars to come this way, you gave Hoseok and worried look and he quickly squeezed your knee firmly. “Okay Y/n, there is going to be a ton of cars blocked off soon and when I grab your hand I want you to scream as loud as you can. Don’t think, just do. Take all that anger and sorrow you have inside and use it for what we are about to do.” You nodded hesitantly and watched as a few cars came to a halt and honked their horn that had never sounded so loud before. Four cars, turned to seven and eventually that turned to twelve, you hopped out of the bed once again and stood in front of the driver side door, the others (excluding Jin who was still in the drivers seat) lined up next to you.

Your heart boomed so loudly inside your chest you looked around to see if maybe someone heard it. Hoseok reached for your hand and squeezed it tight. “NOW Y/N.” Your mind flooded with images of Minho and the young women who took him away, memories of you and him etched into your memory like a regretful tattoo flew past your eye lids and soon all the memories and images came out into a loud scream that was camouflaged with six others. It felt so good and before you knew it Hoseok let go of your hand and ran straight into the ocean of honking cars, he chugged a bunch of his soda and spit it right at a cars closed window. Hoseok? What the hell..

Jimin climbed onto the hood of a car and poured the remaining contents on his drink all over it, V pulled out a can of spray paint and painted a huge red ‘X’ onto the windshield and before you could fathom the events that were occurring a hand grabbed your wrist and pulled your forward. “The trick is pretend the cars are someone who fucked you over, then just roll with it.” A slightly deeper voice whispered in your ear causing your heart to flutter slightly once you were fully aware of who it was. You looked at Yoongi and watched as he let go of your wrist, gave you a wink and threw a few fries at the windshields of a few honking cars.

You swallowed your fear and copied Hoseok’s action from earlier, you ran into Taehyung and snatched his spray paint away and claiming it as your own inspiring him to smile at your sudden wave of confidence. You let out another scream and marked a car with a long line of red paint, getting completely carried away. Yoongi came to you once more and snaked an arm around your waist.

“Time to run.” He threw his half empty soda at a car’s front lights and together you ran, you ran as fast as you possibly could, as fast as Yoongi was making you go. Jin turned the car and began driving his way out of the tunnel as the rest of you ran beside him giving him enough time to prepare to flee. Rap Monster jumped into the passenger seat as the rest of you hopped into the bed of the truck and screamed once more. You threw the last of your fries and smiled as the wind blew your hair everywhere. Never in your life had you felt so alive.

Hoseok grabbed your waist and kissed your head. “Welcome to the dark side Y/n, we’ve been expecting you.” Jungkook smiled brightly at you and patted your back softly. “I’m glad you joined us, you looked badass out there.”

Jimin hugged you tight ignoring the fact that Hoseok’s arm was still wrapped around you and whispered sweetly in your ear. “You won’t ever have to worry about someone hurting you while you have us.” Your heart swelled from all the love and compliments from the boys sitting in the bed of the truck with you. “Y/N STOLE MY SPARAY PAINT AND EVEN LOOKED BETTER THEN ME WHILE USING IT!” Taehyung shouted with a sight pout plastered onto his lips. Yoongi rolled his eyes at Taehyung’s remark and threw the wadded up To-Go fries bag at him. “V, anyone looks better then you,” he mocked before turning his attention to you.

“After you got over being little wimp you did pretty good.” Yoongi chuckled with a sly smile.

He was a bit on the grumpy side, giving all too many poker faces and snide remarks to the other members, but you were glad you caught him on a day that made him smile.

“So what do we do next?” You asked looking around at the faces around you. They all gave each other knowing smiles as you drowned in your own curiosity fully aware they weren’t going to tell you what was next.

“Having more fun.” Hoseok finally said, sending a playful wink your way.

Marinette gets a taser
  • Alya: Oh my gosh girl i can't believe you got a taser!
  • Marinette: Yeah, my parents wanted me to be safe around town so they got me one
  • Alya: Aww look, it's pink! Your favorite! Super cute!
  • Adrien: * invisible cat ears perk up* You might even call it STUNNING
  • Adrien: ehehehehe
too busy lying to myself (to see your color)

Sort of based on the prompt: You get an ‘impression’ of your soulmate when you turn 18 or something but all I got was a strong smell of bananas or an overwhelming feeling that Thatcher was a good prime minister or an image in my mind of a fucking unicorn.

In a world where you get an impression of your soulmate at a certain age, Trini tries to navigate life and what it means that she saw a pink pterodactyl flying through the sky for her impression.

AO3 - Link

Part 2

Trini grew up in a society where soulmates were a normal thing. Between the ages of 12 and 16 most people would get an impression of your soulmate. A moment where you would get a glimpse into who they were, into their life. Sometimes those impressions were a sound like a few notes of a song, other times it was a smell like the strong smell of bananas, sometimes it was an image like their face or a car and sometimes it was just a feeling like that Thatcher was a good prime minister and in rare cases it was a mixture out of everything.

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Option B

Blame @the-well-rested-one. Like Shaggy said, it wasn’t me.

Harry’s house is just as gorgeous as the one we have left, and the population of two that inhabit it are much more to my liking. I can barely remember the invite I got to That Party, but I’ll be sure to thank my friend, because this is living the dream, but I know I won’t ever go again. I wonder if Harry will attend another. I look over at his unmasked face and marvel. That jawline is criminal, its stolen my attention all evening. I can’t imagine what else it will abscond with by the time this is through.

He catches me looking and I blush.

“Look at that bloom, love!” he chuckles and approaches where I stand near his kitchen island. His arms circle my hips and grip. I find myself on his marble counter top and my ass would be as icy as it if the heat coming off him between my thighs wasn’t akin to an industrial heater. His hand runs up to my neck and he clutches it like an egg. I’m not going anywhere, but the pressure is delicate. He rubs a thumb up my throat and watches my neck as I gulp. “After how good you just treated me, I’m surprised you are capable of blushing. Think it’s about time to return the favor, hmmmm?” he finishes the question with a vibrato against my lips and when I nod eagerly is smears our lips together. The balm I had applied after the abuse I had just inflicted happily upon myself is spread around and I can feel it breach the borders  of my lips and the sense memory of swiping him onto and around those same body parts causes a moan.

Harry takes advantage; the kiss starts deep and wet. His tongue makes a home in my mouth, but it’s not cozy. It’s a messy house party, and his hand has remained clutched to my neck and is squeezing lightly to the sides of my neck. The restricted blood flow is fucking with me, I can’t even think about participating and my volume is unrestricted. When I pull back to gasp, he smirks at me and the power shift from an hour ago is a revolution.  I can feel a pulse and gush. When I blush again, he tilts his head to the side and gives me a curious glance. But rather than asking, he seems to be intent on playing marco polo instead. The hand on my neck migrates down and the way that I fill the palms of his hands seems to work for both of us if the twin groans are any indication. He investigates the twin peaks he’s created, planting his flag on this previously undiscovered country for a time until my groan turns to a mewl and I hear myself begging. My shirt disappears with my skirt and all I can think of is that Versace lyric. I feel like I’m cheating , musically, on my single serving lover,  but Bruno hasn’t a chance.  

The favors he’s doing my nipples are perfect, except they are dry and I am having trouble voicing my frustration. But my lover is smirking, “Need something?”

“Wet them….Can you wet your fingers?”

“I’ll do you one better.” he does me at least a dozen better when he attaches that pout to them, but only after he makes them wet. It’s a delicious preview of what they may look like soon when they are covered in me. His mouth forms a cup around my nipple, I’ve always considered them a little big, but they seem to meet and exceed his expectation if the not so subtle adjustment he gives himself is any indication. The suction seems to be his favorite, but his fingers are plucking at my other peak, he pulls back a minute and I wimper a protest before he chuckles and gets back to work. I wonder what the hold up was, until I get what his intent was when his fingers are shoved unceremoniously into my mouth. I wet them, as he none to gently has suggested and bite as they escape. With wet fingers, he circles one nipple, and mimics the movement with his tongue. He’s looking at me. I’m breathless, speechless already.

“This what you like?”

I nod, and realize I’m only watching the goings on, my hands are gripping the edge of the now warm marble beneath me. I need the ballast, but I remove one hand to run through his silky hair. He’s laughing again, the smug ass, but I realize my neck is still going like a bobble head on a dashboard. I scratch his scalp and laugh at myself with him. He flexes into the caress and I catalog that for later. Hope for a later. His mouth draws down the center of my tummy, and his hand that remains on my chest pushes me back so I’m reclining. There is a second tier to the island I’m on, its completely uncomfortable and I find the cold hardness of it distracting.

But Harry performs a magic trick, and I forget my discomfort, it  makes me wonder where my self preservation has gone. He’s petting my panties and I know they are embarrassingly wet, have been since the head I gave him earlier. He seems to approve and the kisses to my lower abdomen are as wet at my pussy. Both hands circle my thighs and I marvel at their size before he pulls me down. My back is going to hate me tomorrow. I can’t be fucked to care. Or I being fucked to well to care. His fingers are inside of me and he seems to be checking his progress, like an eager student turning to the back of the book. My head falls back, and before I know it, the magician between my legs has used some sleight of hand to get my panties off. Maybe I blacked out. He’s mouthing the round ball of my ankle joint, and who knew that was a thing. His arms are long; the fingers not on my foot are still inside me, driving me crazy with straightforward thrusts. I really want him to turn his palm around, but my words have disappeared behind the veil where my sense has gone. My mouth reengages when he kisses up my leg, stopping at my knee, and continuing up until he is at my hip flexors. He mouths at the meeting between my hips and thigh on both sides before testing my flexibility by bending me in half. My knees meet my chest when his mouth finally finds my vulva. I’m the pucture of wanton anticipation. Naked as the day with a clothed man between my thighs spread out on the clean surface below me. But I’m waiting, and his fingers have disappeared and I’m empty. My head, which feels like its full of lead, lifts up to find him staring at me. I don’t have it in me to feel insecure, I’m to worked up. I just watch him watch me before he leans forward and purses his wet pink lips and blows on my swollen clit. My back jumps off the counter, “Motherfucker,” comes out of my mouth and I feel his shoulders bounce below my thighs. I don’t hear the laugh, because his mouth is busy. He’s licked me top to tail, and I’m so ready to get to the main event, the pulsing little heart of me  I whine out, “No!” when he licks around my clit, but not on it. He continues this for longer than I’d like.

“I can feel those legs twitching,” he smirks.

“Fuck off,” I return and he fills his smiling mouth with my hood and the intake of breath I draw almost chokes me. His work is smooth. He licks up and down, flicks occasionally, until he realizes that I like the broads strokes better. Up and down, like a carousel horse, and my belly undulates to the rhythm. I can see the muscles there constricting and if I had the wherewithal I would wonder why they didn’t do that in belly dancing class. I think I’m saying please, but I might as well have a shell pressed to my ear. Sounds are muffled.

He pulls back to slip his tongue into my opening and the pause is enough for me to realize I have a handful of hair, and I’m pulling, hard. “Sorry.” I say and my hand finds its way to my stomach.

He looks up at me, crocodile eyes above the waterline, and grabs my hand to put it back where it was. I fear for the curls that have sprung up, but obey. He places a hand back on my tum, his mouth back to my center, and three fingers on his opposing hand find their way into my opening. He turns them up in a come hither motion at the moment he seals his mouth over my clit with a bit of suction and proceeds to rub the flat of his tongue up and down until he has to move both of his hands to unclamp my thighs from his ears. He pushes them to the counter.

“Keep em there,” his tone means business but he adds a please. I nod my head again, my neck muscles are gonna be sore at this rate. Every hope I had about how he’d look anointed with my dew is answered. His mouth is gorgeous and wet and a little pink and sets atop a jawline and between cheekbones a sculptor would cut with an exacto. I watch him until his mouth descends. His hand and mouth get back to work, and when a pinky finds its way to my puckered hole, I disobey, my thighs snap up, my back arches, my belly does a samba, and my mouth calls his name.  I quake and quiver on his countertop while he gentles me down. He’s removing his hands and rubbing my thighs, licking lightly until I push his head away. I move to curl up and groan when I realize where I am.

He helps me down and I stretch uncomfortably as I realize the sun is coming up.

He follows my gaze while he rubs the tender spots on my back. “It’s early,” he states. “Do you have to be anywhere?”

I look at the clock, shit. “Yeah, I need to get to work.”

He senses my hurry and helps me locate my clothes, points out a bathroom, and when I come out as presentably as I can, he hands me a coffee cup.

“I never asked your name?” the accent is thicker this am, voice raspier, and his mouth is still wet. I still want it.  I wonder if he’s cleaned himself up at all.

“Um, its Elle.” I leave it at that.

He leans in and kisses me, and I know he hasn’t washed.

“I called you an uber, but I wasn’t sure where to send it.” I take his phone and put in the address.  

He puts it to use when a beautiful orchid arrives later to the desk I work at a record label. I read the card and smile.

“I won’t forget you, or your taste.  

                        Love, H.”

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This is Us- Chapter 7

Always Take A Murtagh 

As they handed off their menus to the waitress, Murtagh waited a little impatiently for her to get out of earshot then turned his gaze to Jamie and leaned in. 

Jamie said nothing as he reached across the table and handed Murtagh his phone. Claire texted the pictures from yesterday over to him before he’d even gotten in his own door last night. He knew each one by heart, having looked his fill already.

Jamie watched with anticipation as his godfather patted his pocket to retrieve his glasses, putting them on in preparation to scroll. 

With a start he realized he’d never see either parents need to reach for reading glasses. They’d both died before living enough years to have aged into gray hair.

With his daughter lacking grandparents on either side of her family, he found himself doubly grateful for the irascible old bugger.

Theirs had always been an unusual relationship. Jamie was just a lad when his Mam was killed but he remembered enough. 

He remembered the way both is Da and Murtagh had looked at Ellen when, for her 30th Birthday Party– a big event held the year before her death, with two hundred guests and fancy tables with flowers from the gardens pouring from urns and a live band set up under a tent on Lallybroch grounds– she’d come down the stairs wearing a formal red dress, silky with a deep décolletage and red high heels. It was like seeing sun coming out after a long, cold winter.

He knew his Da and godfather felt the same way for as he glanced over at them, they wore identical expressions of awe. No one greeted her as she turned the second floor landing and caught sight of the three of them standing there, both men stunned into silence.

That didn’t feel right to Jamie who called up enthusiastically, “Ye look beautiful, Mam!”

His mother blinked, then noticed Jamie decked out in full kilt standing to the side of his Da and smiled in delight.

“Why, thank ye kindly, good sir. Its nice to know ye have such gentlemanly manners, lad. They’ll work wonders for ye when you get out in the world.”

He could feel his face get a little hot. When Jamie was pleased his ears turned a bright pink and a flush rose up across his chest. Same thing happened to his Mam so she gave him an extra smile of recognition.

Jamie saw though that directly after, her eyes strayed back to Brian’s and stayed locked on his as he ascended the last steps to greet her. Their conversation was muffled, but Jamie didn’t want to hear it anyway, it would likely end in the two of them snogging, which was nothing he needed to see, again .

So he turned to Murtgah only to find the man still watching Ellen, his eyes had an expression in them that made his wame feel a bit funny. As an adult Jamie had understood the longing that he’d seen there that day, the futile hunger never quenched.  

He also remembered that it was Murtagh in the weeks and months after Ellen’s passing that had kept the remaining Fraser bodies and souls together. Brian had good days and bad ones after but Murtagh always seemed to be there when needed, getting the kids supper, to school and back, the little things here and there that kept the house a home when the grief overwhelmed Da.

In the ensuing years Jamie had wanted to ask his father about the odd relationship he and Murtagh shared, both loving the same woman and yet best friends, but he didn’t dare to do so. 

Nor could Jamie speak of such matters to Murtagh, either.  One of the solid pillars of the relationship between his father and godfather was that neither man discussed Murtagh’s feelings for Ellen.

How much did Ellen know of Murtagh’s feelings? Clearly Brian not only knew, he’d counted on Murtagh to stand as stalwart guardian over his children to see them safe as he came to terms with the loss.

To surface that thorny topic would cause reverberations that might lead to even more losses for the family. But Jamie had eyes, a heart and sensitive soul that knew what lay beneath the surface nevertheless.

For all the complexities and complications of their family, Murtagh had loved both his parents and in that loving helped he and Jenny keep their memories alive. Having him here to share the surprise of Faith was a deeply satisfying feeling and Jamie eagerly awaited his reaction.

Glasses firmly perched on his nose, Murtagh looked down as Jamie watched his face; he didn’t disappoint. Jamie knew he was looking at:

Jamie straightening Jane’s bonnet as Faith beamed her approval elicited a puzzled expression of inquiry from Murtagh.

The two of them playing side by side, Faith with an animated look of determination and Jamie trying to be subtle about staring at her from the corner of his eye. Both had the same habit of squeezing the right side of their mouths down in identical lines of concentration. Jamie watched as Murtagh registered the fact the picture had captured that unexpected moment of symmetry and his bushy eyebrows rose all the way up into his forehead.

Murtagh scrolled forward and chuckled seeing Faith’s gleeful joy as the tower toppled over, colorful blocks frozen in mid-tumble, Jamie scowling in faux-horror.

He grunted when he saw Faith reaching for a piece of carrot from Jamie’s fork staring hard at the close up image of the girl’s face and lingered over the obvious shape of her eyes.

Jamie couldn’t suppress his grin when he heard a quiet, “Ah!” from his godfather.

Knowing that he had arrived at the picture of Jamie holding Faith in his lap reading her favorite story. Any lingering doubts Murtagh had were dispatched. In that image, looking at them head on, her face directly in front and close to his allowed for easy comparison; the shared Fraser features were unmistakeable.

Murtagh sighed as he looked at the last one, Jamie caught completely unaware tucking his daughter into bed. Not much of her was visible, just her curls exploding on her purple pillow as he kissed her cheek, with her wee hand patting the scruff of his face.  

Whatever Murtagh had been expecting, this wasn’t it. Surprise was not quite the word. As he handed Jamie back his phone, Jamie saw Murtagh’s cheeks were damp. But his smile was huge and the delighted twinkle in his eye warmed Jamie’s heart.

Jamie had always been the child of his heart, the one most like Ellen in looks and temperament. Murtagh found himself increasingly grateful as the years passed for the connection. 

If Ellen couldn’t give him the one thing he’d wanted from her (the moment her eyes met Brian’s, she longer had it to give), in the end, she’d given him something perhaps even more precious. Murtagh found he didn’t begrudge the trade, for all that he’d had no choice in the matter anyway.

Murtagh looked Jamie over, it was impossible to look into his face and not see Ellen’s eyes staring out at him. But for all that Jamie was his mother’s son, a fair bit of Fraser was in him, too. The reservoir of strength that lay in him, the sense of duty and loyalty that had been shaped by his father.

The sharp jolt of their loss had worn away but Murtagh found it was still with him, perhaps more rather than less as the years passed. He and Brian had managed to bridge the divide that threatened when, as a giddy young man fresh from from his first semester at university, he’d brought Miss Ellen MacKenzie home to Fraser lands to meet his folks during a break at the Edinburgh College of Fine Arts.

They’d been in the same Into to Form class. The first day they’d walked in to discover a nude model standing in the middle of the studio without so much as a by-your-leave. Instructed to find an open canvass and begin, Murtagh had been gobsmacked, trying hard to look at anything other than the model’s puckered nipples, big as shillings, staring straight at him.

He heard a snicker, a little mix of naughty and genuine amusement and raised his head. That’s all it took, one glance at her fiery mane and deep blue eyes, crinkling with embarrassed laughter over the top of a easel. He’d fallen instantly in love.

They’d been seeing one another, but not wanting to appear foolishly impulsive, he’d never told her how he felt. He’d played it cool, casual. The fall break was only a couple of days, too short for her to make the long journey back to the home she shared with her two brothers, so he’d invited her to come home with him. He was excited to show her the glens and hills of Broch Mordha, the color palette that had inspired his artistic roots in the first place.

The crisp fall air beckoned and they’d gone out for a walk over bramble and bush where they’d been spotted by Brian Fraser, out riding to check on the coos in the far field. He cut quite a fine figure, did Mr. Fraser, atop that pure white beast.  

Her head came up just as he was about to dismount. Distracted by her arresting looks, he’d been thrown off his horse and dumped unceremoniously into the mud at her feet.

She burst into laughter, but it wasn’t unkind. Brian replayed the last couple of minutes in his own mind knowing full well he’d been showing off, riding Donas to impress and had just made a cake of it. He couldn’t help but join her, his rueful barks of amusement filling the air.

Unfortunately for Murtagh, Ellen had taken one look at Brian’s chagrined smile and fallen instantly in love. The spark between them almost a tangible object spinning through the air.

Murtagh knew it was a wonderfully romantic story, but the pain of it not being about him was an aching wound, even years after her passing.

Brian had proposed to Ellen just before Hogmanay, she was still only 18, marrying him meant leaving University. Yet both Ellen and Brian knew from the second they met nothing else would do. 

So they persisted over the vociferous objections of her older brothers and Brian’s father, who (disgustingly) met Ellen and decided he wanted her for himself. Strange man, Simon Lovat.

Brian and Ellen were thus left on their own, no family on either side to smooth the way for the couple. Brian must have had a sense that there would be trouble for them. Perhaps that was why he’d come to see Murtagh before he’d even proposed. 

A sign of respect, Murtagh knew, and the only time Brian had ever acknowledged what lay between them.

“I ken I’m asking something of ye that I’m no’ so sure I’d be prepared to give ye had it gone the other way, but would you stand wi’ me, be my best man?”

Torn between wanting to tell him to go fuck himself and fear of what his life might become without Ellen MacKenzie in it, Murtagh took a deep breath and reconciled himself to the inevitable. 

It gave him some comfort knowing how deeply Brian had loved her, that and standing godfather to their bairns. A different kind of creation maybe but there was a true artistry in it for all that.

Murtagh was startled out of his reverie by a sharp noise from Jamie, clearly intended as an invitation to be nosy. He waited until their food had been laid before them and started in.

“I take it ye didna know about the wee lassie?” Jamie shook his head. “Did ye date the mother for awhile? Where did the two of you meet?”

Jamie filled him in on the details of his afternoon and evening. He mentioned Claire’s name as often as Faith’s, and Murtagh consciously made an effort to keep a knowing grin off his face.

“What’s to be done then?” He asked and Jamie understood what he meant.

“For now Claire suggested that we no’ make a formal schedule but bid me to come when I can. I’ve offered to walk them over to the daycare at the hospital in the morning so I can meet the staff and have my contact information added to Faith’s file. She, that is Claire, is working late so I can pick Faith up in the afternoon and drop her off at Claire’s and meet her sitter, Mrs. Crooke. This weekend Claire asked if I’d accompany them on  a picnic in the park, simple stuff, really. Did I tell ye she can count to twenty?” That set him off again on a litany of Faith-related accomplishments.  

Murtagh smiled to himself. He had known the Fraser siblings all their lives. More importantly though, he knew the man and woman that had raised them.

Murtagh took in the body language, recalled the last snap in the series and the look of desperate longing in Jamie’s face as he kissed his bairn good night, the quiet excitement and pulse of energy that thrummed through his body when, like now, he spoke of Faith and of Claire and he understood what Jamie couldn’t yet articulate.

He knew very well that once a Fraser gave his or her heart, it was irrevocable. Brian and Ellen moved mountains and defied both their families to be together. Jenny had known almost from the moment she met Ian that he was hers– no matter that they were bairns themselves.

Whether because of the moral code with which he was raised or due to genuine desire, Jamie Fraser wasn’t about to give up the family he never knew existed, not now. He had found them, and he was going to keep them.

Bucky Barnes x Plus size reader Fingerpainting

Word Count: 2K+

Warnings: Cursing(as usaual, ya’ll know I gots a potty mouth from hell) and teetH ROTTING COTTON CANDY FLAVORED FLUFF. Daddy! Bucky has my whole heart.

Growing up, your household had been vibrant, drenched in color, music filling every nook and cranny. Your mother had been something of a free spirit; You’d been raised on Fleetwood Mac and Jimmi Hendrix, on dancing in circles and bubbling laughter. Now, as an adult you cherished those memories, they we’re such a big part of who you are. And as a mother yourself, you made sure the tradition had continued on.

Made sure your children grew up with that same magical wonder that you had.

It’s what Bucky had noticed about you first, that sparkle in your (y/c) eyes, the curiosity and mischievousness. Cat like, as he liked to refer to them. You we’re his little cat; playful and full of life. And yeah, you had a vicious set of claws, but mostly you liked to be stroked. Both figuratively and literally.

You had this way about you, one that was like sunshine. That bubbly laughter of your contagious, your dimpled smile blinding.

Falling completely fucking in love with you had been easy, natural. He instinctively sought your light and you were more then willing to share it with him, give it to him. Light him up from the inside in a way that made him get a little awestruck because he’d never thought that he’d ever find something like you. He’d accepted the frigidness that had consumed him and here you came, like an Indian summer. All plump curves and saccharine words and butterfly kisses.

And he assumed that it couldn’t get any better; to have a woman that truly deeply loved him. Despite everything… well, what could top that?

And then you’d gotten pregnant and proceeded to set his universe into technicolor chaos once more. He hadn’t even realized he could still have children, that that was still an option for him.

You gifted him with something he hadn’t even realize he’d been craving; his first child. A daughter.

Faye Rebecca Barnes.

Who had your eyes, same spark and everything. But his pretty little up turned nose and his thick, dark hair. She was a tiny hummingbird of a girl, as soon as she could walk she was off in all directions; and he followed close behind, like he always would. Where there was Faye’s chiming laughter, Bucky was close by. The bond that those two had…was something that you couldn’t even fathom sometimes. It was beautiful, to watch them. To know that you had helped to create something so pure.

…Two somethings so pure. Your stomach had never been flat; had always been plush and jiggly, but at the moment it strained out round and firmly, stretching your skin taught. Like some had stuck a basketball under your shirt.

They say pregnancy the second time around is easier. Fucking hah, who ever said that didn’t have a three year old darting around. But still- you tried to stay positive. Tried to focus more on the beautiful parts of pregnancy…even though the ugly, irritating ones came in spades. Oh, how you desperately fucking missed not having to pee every ten minutes.

Baby Barnes number two had made it a game to tap dance on your bladder.

It’s a stormy Wednesday afternoon, nothing particularly exciting or special going on: you’re sitting on the living room floor because its the only place you can seem o get comfortable with Faye, the large glass coffee table in front of you littered with oil pastes and colored pencils. Discarded papers blotches with swirls of color dispersed all over as the two of you drew idly. Bucky was laying on the couch behind you, the one that you lean against, reading the newspaper as Dumbo played on the flat screen in the background.

“Mommy what’s your favorite animal?” Faye inquires, not looking up from her paper and the long erratic strokes she’s making with a teal colored pencil. She was only three, and she’d seemed to inherit your “artistic nature” as Buck liked to call it.

“Seahorses…Or maybe flamingos. I cant decide” You scrunch your nose, focused on your own art. Sunsets and constellations stare back at you, you use your thumb to blend the smooth pastel colors into one hypnotic shade. “What’s yours, Honeybee?”

“Mermaids” Faye shrugs as though its obvious “I like pink elephants too”

From behind the newspaper, Bucky has a large grin on his face. Shaking his head a little at the two of you.

“Is that why we’ve been watching Dumbo on repeat?” He wonders, his gruff voice amused as he reads an article on ‘Stark Industries new Holliday Season Technology.’

“It’s my favorite” Faye nods. Favorite of the week, that is. Last week had been the Aristocats, the week before that Moana.

Bucky could literally sing “Your Welcome” from start to finish. Faye insisted her father be Maui for the upcoming Halloween because he had “pretty hair” just like him. You’d laughed HARD at that, but whispered to him that you wouldn’t mind seeing him only in a grass skirt, your tone had him grabbing at your plump ass.

“Really? It used to scare me a little bit. Especially the pink elephants on parade part. Super trippy if you ask me” You laugh, looking up from your page at your daughter. Her dark hair was pulled up into a messy knot on the top of her head,

“I like ‘em. I think they pretty” The three year old defends.

“It does make my head spin a little. I remember reading somethin’ about Walt Disney being all hopped up on dr-” Bucky stops himself, shooting Faye a look “-…Sugar, when he made a lot of these movies”

You laugh. It’s uncanny how similar it sounds to your daughters.

Bucky thinks that’s part of a reason the little girl has such a tight hold on his heart. Obviously, she was his child, and he would love her regardless of what she looked like. But the fact that she was a mini version of you was really what got him.

Faye laughed like sunshine too.

“Yeah I’ve heard that too! And it makes so much sense, this was a trip gone bad…or good I guess. Since you know, its a classic” You add.

“A trip to where, mommy?”

You snort and Bucky puts the paper down a little bit so that he can not only see your reaction, but your response. One of his eyebrows raise.

“Umm, to a place where only adults go. We’ll talk about it when your in college?” You test the waters. Even after years, this whole parenting thing was still touch and go to you.

You didn’t think you’d ever fully have it down.

Bucky’s little chortle from behind you makes you turn around and shoot him a glare to which his hand, the metal one, comes down and rubs your shoulder in apology; his cool fingers massaging the muscle near your neck in a way that had you leaning into him.

You still love the feeling of his hands on your skin, still makes goosebumps rise. You hope you never loose this feeing.

Faye, as usual, looses interest with what she’s doing before her movies even over.

“I’m bored” She whines dropping her pencil “I wanna go swing”

“No, Faye. It’s raining and you’ll not only get all muddy, but you’ll get sick” You try to explain to her the reason why your such a kill joy. Of course she doesn’t seem to hear any of it.


You breathe through your nose. Of course.

Bucky was what people call “the good parent”. What you said no to, she’d usually be able to convince her father into letting her do.

She really was manipulative for a three year old.

“Where do you think she gets that from?” Nat had taunted once, looking at you with laughing eyes and you’d shoved her shoulder.

“No baby, you’re moms right. You’ll get really sick and then you wont get to go play at Uncle Steves this weekend. And you’ve been so excited to see Noah” Bucky sides with you, trying to convince her with the promise of seeing her god brother, Steve and Sharon’s one year old son.

Faye huffs and pushes her paper away from her so hard that it, along with a few pastels, flies off the table. She then lets her head fall to the glass with a hard thunk, one that made Bucky wince.

“I’m so bored” She cries dramatically. You know how people talk about the terrible two’s? Yeah you we’re starting to think the troublesome threes were worse.

“Do you want to watch a different movie?”


“You could come help mama make lunch? Chicken fingers, you favorite?”


“We could go find Kit? I think she’s scared of the thunder, she’s probably under your bed-” Bucky offers, he knows how much Faye loves that cat.

“NO DADDY” Faye interrupts him with a snap.

“Faye Rebecca Barnes, you do not talk to any adults that way, much less your dad. You probably hurt his feelings” Your tone is not cutting, but authoritive . She knows better then that. She doesn’t look up but you hear her sniffle as she turns her head, facing away from you.

You purse your lips, before leaning your own head back, enough that it rests on Buckys thigh. Your eyes closed. Did you hate making her cry(even if you knew she was just faking?) Yes. But you also wanted to make sure she grew up to be a decent member of society that other people could stand. And that meant teaching her that she couldn’t snap to get her way.

Bucky knew that too…he also knew you had way more resolve then him. So instead of making it worse, he kept his mouth closed and let you handle it. Smart man, your husband.

…as the minutes ticked by, the silence a little overwhelming you realized that you too, were bored.

Making you empathize with your little one. Boredom, the death of creativity. It had always made you antsy, being idle. You feel Buck’s hand in your hair, the metal one, and you get a passing idea.

Remembering a time when your mother had let you and your siblings finger paint on her back…

“Hey, Faye” You call to her, and she mutters a small “What” without looking at you. She could pout with the best of them.

Something she’d inherited from both of you.

“Wanna do something fun?” Your voice is eager and it makes both Faye and Bucky give you almost identical looks.

“Like what?”

You just grin and manage to heft yourself off of the floor(with Bucky’s arm steadying you) and waddle out of the living room, towards your art closet.

“Where’s she goin?” Faye questions her father and he shrugs but sits up, anticipating your next move.

“I don’t know, but knowin’ your mother- it’ll be something messy” Bucky guesses as he looks down at Faye, taking a minute to bop her on her little bun. She beams up at him, grabbing at her hair.


“Sorry pumpkin” He chuckles, before bopping her again. He’s ready for her when she launches herself into his lap.

“I’m sorry I hurt your feelings” Faye whispers against his scruffy cheek as he holds her.

“It’s okay” Bucky scratches her back lightly “I’m a big boy, I got over it”

“Okay, lets do this” You announce as you come back in the room and both of their heads turn to meet you. In your arms, resting on your stomach, is your plastic container full of washable paints and glitters. Body paint…

“Told you. Messy” Bucky tells Faye who squeals and makes grabby hands at you.

An hour later, you’ve managed to lay the news paper that Buck was reading out on the floor. Protecting your rugs from the splashes of paint. The three of you sit on the hardwood, Bucky has stripped off the hoodie he was wearing and now sits in just his white singlet, holding his metal arm steady and still as you Faye paint on the surface of it. Both of your fingers covered in multicolor paint as they swirl colors onto the sleek metal.

Faye draws purple clouds and orange seahorses(or at least she tries) and you work on an intricate, realistic looking array of wild flowers with a detailed sunflower in the middle of them.

He squirms a little as your fingers trace the edge where his steel shoulder meets warm flesh.

“Don’t move, daddy!” Faye barks at him and you giggle.

“Yeah, daddy” You stress the word, biting your lip and shooting him a devious little smirk that your daughter misses “Don’t move”

“It tickles!” He protests with an exasperated laugh, but stays still all the same. He cant tear his eyes off of you, so concentrated. Little specks of yellow paint smeared on your soft cheek, your belly swollen with his second baby. He reaches out with his flesh hand to rub at the bump tenderly.

You’d given him everything.

“I love you, sweets” He whispers, watching your short fingers delicately trace details into the flowers. You look up, breaking your concentration to smile at him.

“I love you too, Buck” You reach up and press a kiss to his stubbly jaw, then another to his chin. And finally laying a big one on his cheek.

When he feels another set, of smaller lips, press a quick peck to his other cheek his heart swells.

“Love you, daddy” Faye chirps, as she settles back down. “Momma do seahorses have three eyes or four?”

“Four” You answer with a smile.

-Okay I know this wasn’t smut but this was requested and I felt like I needed to write some Dad! Bucky because I love him so much and he’s such a cinnamon roll and wouldn’t he just make the best dad? I wanted their daughters name to be something old fashioned, but still interesting because this Readers an artist and I just think she’d want her children to have unique sounding names? Idk. Enjoy. Cry. Do what you must💘😂