it's called modeling

little dog models on the prairie

Ok real talk, people say they hate the way Jaal’s body is modeled but I’m confused bc you all fell in love with Garrus DinoBug and Thane LizardMan and Javik WhateverTheFuckHeIs and I really don’t see the difference. Like…they’re aliens. They’re supposed to look weird and gangly and I love them that way

…I have literally never animated anything in my life. I feel like this TAZ problem is escalating. I just wanted to sketch some quick Magnus gestures/expressions from this scene and it spiraled. 

Audio from Episode 51.

I’m sorry but if u feel sexual attraction towards ppl of ur own gender but the idea of marrying or falling in love with them is repulsive to u because “[u] can only form emotional bonds w/ people of [ur] opposite gender,” you need to step back and think long and hard about why that is.

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what if every time Ryuji calls Yusuke out as a weirdo in the game is actually him just trying to cover his feelings for Yusuke because he's totally not getting, like, jealous and/or envious or anything. it's not like that's HIS boyfriend girls keep surrounding themselves around.

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I kinda wanna make a selfmodel but also no

ppl: we want more diversity at Victoria’s Secret

VS: okay :)

VS: *hires model that’s just as slim, pale, and blonde as the other models*

ppl: ?? ?



Neymar vs Mazzafera - Moda vs Futebol | #HotelMazzafera

[Turn CC on for English subtitles: video starts at 0:40 [and with the subs]

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You do know Feminists are the ones who developed, and backed the widespread method of handling domestic violence that states he is always guilty, right? Right you ignorant fuck? You were totally aware of this, right? It's called the Duluth Model and it's based wholly on feminist theory and it's practiced fucking everywhere and it states that he is the perpetrator and she is the victim. *Always*. Go fuck yourself you useless anti-equality human shaped sack of shit.

a) I can’t find ANY evidence that the Duluth Model says that men are always the perpetrators of domestic violence and women are the victims – I only find this as an unsourced claim from anti-feminists. Meanwhile, the model is specifically designed for domestic violence against women, so that might have something to do with it not being adequate when applied to men – that’s not what it’s designed for. 

We need domestic violence models that address domestic violence against men, yes, but that’s not served by lying about and tearing down a model that’s served well for what it was intended for.

b) You seem to have made a mistake when you were typing your last sentence, and looked into a mirror instead of at my blog post. You’re “I’m totally for equality” act isn’t actually fooling anyone who doesn’t already want to be fooled. Your coming into my inbox to personally attack me and make unsubstantiated claims of the evils of feminism because I reblogged a post and was critical of you isn’t helping your case.