it's called insomnia

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okay but im five feet tall exactly. like andrew. and if i want to reach something in the top cabinet, i have to straight up stand on the counter to reach it. so i guess im saying imagine andrew.

ok so i uh… really love this prompt. maybe got carried away. it might barely seem to match the prompt. but stick with me, folks.

  • neil is Stressed
  • it is his final year as a fox and he is captain
  • no one ever told him how many foxes are little shits
  • he has a newfound respect for wymack and dan

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This is random, but I needed to get this out of my system because it bugs me. It bugs me how people portray Zoro as a lazy brut who loves sleep and sleeps constantly. This is not the case. When you look at the information Oda has given us, it’s the exact opposite. If anything, he suffers from Insomnia. A kind of insomnia that I experience on a day-to-day basis as well. Not only is it hard to fall asleep, staying asleep is a bitch as well. 3 hours of sleep a night with periodic naps throughout the day to keep yourself going (but for me there were no naps, just all the caffeine i could get my hands on if it meant being awake to do a little bit more.) 

When you try to go to sleep, your brain starts buzzing with all the things that you could possibly be doing otherwise with your time. I stay up late doing homework because I can’t sleep unless I get it done – Unless I feel like I have accomplished something with my day. (summer is a pain in the ass because i have less to do to exhaust myself doing.) Zoro trains constantly and when he’s not trying to get stronger, he probably feels like he’s slacking in much the same way. You lie down and your mind screams “What are you doing!? DO something! Don’t just lie there! You’ve got other shit you could be doing rather than sleeping!” and you begrudgingly get back out of bed because there is no way that you can fall asleep like that. I can’t remember the last time i’ve gone to sleep without working myself into the ground and simply passing out.

Zoro goes to bed at 4AM (just an hour before Sanji wakes up at 5AM to start his morning routine) and then Zoro’s up again by 7. that’s 3 hours. The last Crew member to rise is Franky at 9 and we can only assume that’s when the Straw Hats have their breakfast. (Sanji wouldn’t let anyone miss breakfast.) Zoro doesn’t love sleep, I think it’s probably quite the opposite. If he’s anything like me, he probably hates sleep (hate’s a strong word though) and finds it an unnecessary obstacle on the path towards success. But, at times, the body just has to sometimes crash in order to recover because no matter how much the mind hates to sleep, the body has to in order to survive.

When he takes naps on deck, he’s still aware. If there is danger he’s immediately awake to challenge it. He’s more attentive then people seem to think. Along that same path Zoro is awake when the crew is most vulnerable. He’s awake while everyone else sleeps. In the calm of the night when it’s just you and the stars and the world is silent. And if danger approaches it’ll have to go through him first. there’s something soothing about working in the dead of night. Something oddly comfortable about being awake when the world is asleep. And I suppose he probably feels more comfortable taking a nap on the deck when his crew is awake to fend for themselves.

Zoro is not a lazy ass who sleeps all the time, he’s more like a workaholic alcoholic who would sacrifice sleep if it meant getting just a little bit further ahead of the competition.