it's called an off year

Do you ever realize in hindsight how fucked up your life was to that point? Yeah, me neither.

Persona 5 Won’t Be Censored

(Just in case anyone feared it would be?)

And there go my dreams of them making the older women at least somewhat respectable and responsible adults… well, in this game, adults are trash that need their hearts stolen from them to become better human beings so…

sgtjimbarnes  asked:

why are there school houses ????

tbh, i’m not really sure, it’s just something most british kids grow up with, so i guess i never questioned it? but essentially houses serve the identical purpose as they do it harry potter. 

in my school you *personally* can’t get points added/taken away from your house (they can only be added, and only by winning/taking part in house events, usually in groups, such as music, drama, sports competitions etc.) and at the end of the year whichever house wins the most points gets the house cup. 

technically speaking i think it started off as a boarding school thing and now exists in most schools to increase good behaviour, cooperation, and school involvement.


Today started out pretty crappy but deciding to take a blanket, a pillow, and a book out to the clearing in the middle of the woods and get away from everything was the best decision I’ve made in a long time. 

‘Lol Arin’s such a hypocrite, three years he used to hate LP’s but now he runs Game Grumps, fuck him’

Yeah it’s almost as if doing something for three years and having fun with friends while doing it really changes your perspective on it and actually allows you to enjoy said thing. Who woulda thunk, amirite?


Look at this stuffed Toothless my little sister made me for my birthday! She sewed the entire thing herself, and it’s the first one she’s ever made. It’s AMAZING. What does every 23 year old girl need for her birthday? Her own Toothless, obviously. 

Thank you @precisely-random! I love my Toop :D