it's called

angela: what if we could go back? back before this ever happened. before 5/9. before our parents died…

elliot: …what do you mean? that’s not possible..

angela: oh but it is. whiterose showed it to me. check this shit out. *opens up Sims 4* its called “virtual reality.” look, that’s you as a kid! and that’s your dad! you have total control over these avatars. there’s even a wicked mod you can download that lets your dad push you out the window, just like old times! we just have to download our brains into the system…

elliot: angela what the fuck 

art cheats

hello i am here today to not lose track of the art cheats i have discovered over the years. what i call art cheat is actually a cool filter/coloring style/way to shade/etc. that singlehandedly makes art like 20 times better

80’s anime style

glitch effect

glow effects

adding colors to grayscale paintings

foreshortening ( coil )

foreshortening ( perspective )

clipping group (lines)

clipping group (colors)

dramatic lighting ( GOOD )

shading metal

lighting faces

that is all for today, do stay tuned as i am always hunting for cool shit like this

You are the sun and I am just the planets
Spinning around you

I’ve done nothing but listen to “The Last of the Real Ones” by Fall Out Boy ever since this post. I had to get it out of my system one way or another and it just turned into… whatever the heck I was trying to portray here lmao 


some of my favourite moments from S21E02 (cause trust me there’s even more than this) contains spoilers for the episode obviously so if you haven’t watched it yet go do that now!!!