it's breaking me apart

the thing that fucks you up with compulsory heterosexuality tho is that you confuse literally everything with attraction. a guy made me laugh? I must be attracted to him. a guy made me feel uncomfortable, scared, sad? it’s gotta be because I’m attracted to him

it was only when I started acknowledging and legitimising my attraction to women that I realised how absolutely fake my attraction to men was

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Hi i rlly need an advice:( im such a crybaby (bcs i'll never be fckin good enough) n i knw my friends prolly think im overreacting, fake n annoying. But i tried to hide it when im crying, sometimes even crying in the restroom.. like today, the thought of getting a B on a subject, bam, crying. I hate myself so much its breaking me apart:( You seems so tough, patient, strong, cheerful, pls teach me to BECOME A PERSON LIKE U;-;

it’s totally okay to cry. everyone cries and feels shitty sometimes, and it’s completely normal!

here’s the thing, you say i seem tough, patient, strong and cheerful but like… that’s who i am online?? chances are most people you see online who you want to be like are actually feeling pretty shitty themselves. people tend to present the best versions of themselves online, because it’s possible to hide all the negative things here. it’s kind of like an escape, i guess

so don’t compare yourself to people. just aspire to be the best version of yourself you can be. it’s okay (and normal!) to cry and worry and stress out and feel insignificant, but just remember that you are worth something and you are significant and even if you get a B, it’s not going to be the end of the world! just keep fighting through it!

if it’s really affecting you though, i would suggest talking to someone about it. whether it be a friend (chances are they’ll understand and know exactly how you feel) or a teacher or a parent or just anyone who you feel like you can confide in.

i’m rooting for you!

my biggest fear in life is that by the time I finally get the money to go to playlist live or vidcon, dan and phil will have stopped doing youtube

do parents who respect you even exist? parents who are aware of the magical thing called ‘different people have different wishes and needs’? parents who don’t threaten you or threaten to take away all that keeps you sane? or is that just a myth