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Hey! I was just wondering if I could get a fix about Betty and jughead having broken up for a few months due to him joining the serpents. They both still want each other but they can't get past their different paths. Alice gets a job offer somewhere far away from riverdale so Betty decides to leave with her because it's too painful. Jughead finds out from the ganglike a day before she goes and tries to stop her and you can decide whether they get back together! It's a lot but Iloveyourstories!!❤


“Are you sure about this Betty?” Alice asked, dropping beside her daughter on her lacy pink bed.

Betty looked away, her eyes staring blankly out the window,
“I’m sure mom, it’ll be good for you. This is a great job offer, Ohio is far but.. maybe I need this, maybe I need to start over too.” She glanced back up at her mother, placing a hand on her shoulder, trying to ease her worried eyes

“I’ll miss my friends definitely but I’ll come visit! I mean dads still going to be here running the Register, what about you? How are you and dad supposed to stay married if you live apart.”

Something incredibly similar to sadness flashed in Alice Coopers eyes

“I love your father and he loves me but, I think we both need to find ourselves, this has been a very long year for all of us.” She added somberly.

“I know.” Betty whispered

“What about you? Won’t there be someone missing you?” As a mother it killed Alice to see the pain reflected everyday in her daughters eyes, she wanted to make it better but she didn’t know how.

“No mom, no ones gonna miss me” the hidden meaning wasn’t lost and Betty picked up her schoolbag, biting back tears as she headed for the door. With one last watery eyed glance at her mother Betty sighed

“I don’t have anyone to find me” she whispered, heading out the door and making her way to school.

Hal Cooper walked into Betty’s bedroom, smiling sadly at his frowning wife

“I’m guessing our plan didn’t work? She really thinks your moving and taking her with you? She really agreed to move?”

Alice nodded
“It’s worse than we thought. If this doesn’t give that jones boy a swift kick in the ass, I don’t know what will.” Alice shook her head, rising to stand before her husband as he placed his arms around her waist

“You know I’ll always find you right?” He whispered, dropping a kiss to her lips as she sighed contentedly.

“I’ll come visit you every other weekend, Daddy will make Smithers take me, and then I’ll spend the summers with you, it’ll be totally sisterhood of the traveling pants.” Veronica gripped Betty’s arm as they exited Riverdale High.

Archie grumbled and cursed under his breath like he had been doing the whole day since Betty told him the news
“You can’t just leave! You love Riverdale. You’ve been my neighbor since before I could walk, you can’t move!”

Betty smiled gently
“I love you guys and I’m gonna miss you more than anything, but.. Riverdale stopped being my home the day he ran away from it.” Betty waved at her friends before walking away with heavy feet.

Veronica said her goodbyes to Archie, dropping a kiss to his cheek and hopping into her towncar.

Archie made it to Jugheads trailer in minutes, his hand coming down heavy as he pounded on the metal door. Jughead came forward his eyes red rimmed and his hair a mess, he looked much skinnier, any other time Archie would have been too concerned to speak but not this time. Pushing past the leather jacket wearing boy, he stormed into the trailer.

“Archie? What are you..”

The football player cut him off
“You wanna isolate yourself from our friend group and never answer any of our text messages? Fine. You wanna join some biker gang that you were so adamantly against just last year? Go ahead. But there’s one thing you can’t do, and that’s break my best friends heart and cause her to move away, that I am not okay with.” Archie rambled,pacing back And forth in the makeshift kitchen.

“Moving? What? Betty’s moving? When? Where? What?” Jughead dropped the book he had been holding, pushing off the wall and eyeing Archie frantically.

“Oh now you care? That’s just great. She already agreed to leave, they’re going to Ohio Jughead, were never gonna see her again. She thinks there’s nothing left for her in Riverdale, not after you joined the Serpents and abandoned her. I mean come on! It’s Betty Cooper, How could you..”

Jughead breezed past Archie, slamming the trailer door on the way out, leaving Archie alone as he smiled smugly. Thank god.

He stood on the Coopers front porch, panting and out of breath as he rang the doorbell about a hundred times, Alice Cooper answered after a few seconds

“Mrs. Cooper” he puffed “I need too.. your daughter.. I have to” he tried to catch his breathe as Alice pointed up the stairs


Jughead got his second wind almost instantly, sprinting up the stairs before standing outside her open doorway.

There were empty boxes on Betty’s bed and her clothes were folded beside them, Betty came out of her closet holding a box filled with clothes, her eyes widening when she caught side of the beanieless boy.

“Jughead? What’re you…”

“Don’t go.” He begged, his movements quick as he grabbed the box from her hands, her eyes startled and confused

“Don’t leave Riverdale, you can’t go. Please”

Betty looked away, her arms coming to cross over her body
“There’s nothing for me here Jughead, It’s for the best.” She whispered.

“No. no it’s not. You are Riverdale Betty Cooper, ever since I was little when someone mentioned Riverdale i instantly think of you. You’re the very foundation of this town. You can’t go, you can’t leave me.”

Betty’s eyes snapped to his
“Leave you? Leave you? But isn’t that exactly what you did to me Jughead? Leave me. You found a new family, found someone else and pushed me away, like I was nothing. You have some nerve coming to my house and asking me to..”

Jughead cut her off, dropping his lips to hers like she was his life line. Gripping her hips so tight he thought she might bruise, she melted against him her hands flailing at first before burying in his hair. When they pulled apart they were both out of breath

“I’m so sorry Betty. I should never have pushed you away like that, I should have held on. I just.. I was scared. I didn’t want you to be a part of all this” he shrugged his shoulders, indicating the jacket on his back.

Betty dropped her forehead to his
“You don’t get it do you. Jughead jones, I love you. I love every part of you. I want to be there for you, that all I’ve ever wanted. I don’t care about whatever jacket you put on. You’re still Jughead Jones. And as I may have mentioned, I love him very much.” She smirked as he breathed a deep sigh, his fingers coming up to caress his face

“You’ll stay here? You’ll stay with me? I promise you Betty, if you stay I’ll never let you go again. I won’t lose you again.”

Betty looked down for a second before looking back up

“I’ll stay.” She smiled.

Jughead swung her around, laughing as she squealed he wrapped his arms around her shoulder when he pulled away, Betty clapped her hands

“What do you say we hit up Pops to celebrate, you’re looking very skinny Romeo.”

Jughead nodded eagerly opening the door to her bedroom.

Both Hal and Alice fell through, nearly landing on the ground

“Mom! Dad!”

Both of the blondes parents looked up with guilty smiles.

“Alls well that ends well”

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I can't believe people are still convinced/saying that Sarada is Karin's daughter. Honestly I'm at the point where Sarada could have pink hair or green eyes, heck even have both and still people will be like nope Sakura ain't the mama it's Karin haha. Anyways is it because of the glasses? 🙄 if so, omfg I'm done 😩😂anyways have a good one 😁

Lol, of course it’s because of the glasses, Sarada’s glasses were literally the entire cause of all the ridiculous debate surrounding her parentage, and Kishi decided to take advantage of that with Gaiden’s needless drama.

I mean just look at how many times the glasses were emphasised in Gaiden.

Chapter 1

Where the fact that another woman was next to her father wasn’t the issue, it was the fact that this woman wore glasses - That was the important part:

Chapter 2

Where again, the only thing that mattered to Sarada was the fact that this mystery woman was wearing similar glasses to her:

Chapter 2 Again

Where now, she’s only known as the “glasses woman”, because obviously, that’s her most important and defining trait:

Chapter 5

Where Sarada doesn’t emphasise the fact that there was another woman standing next to her father. No, she emphasised the fact that they were wearing similar glasses. Naruto’s face says it all:

And chapter 7

Where Suigetsu’s only explanation for why they may have obtained those bogus test results, was because Karin and Sarada had similar glasses, that’s it. He didn’t say anything about their character or looks or anything else that actually mattered. Nope, it all hinged on the glasses:

Kishi essentially mocked the idea of comparing Sarada to Karin solely due to the glasses, and the whole silly subplot of Chouchou trying to fins her real father too was just another way for Kishi to give a big proverbial middle finger to every child who bothered him and his assistants. The idea of Chouchou trying to find her real dad was ridiculous, as was the idea of Karin being Sarada’s mother. It’s not a coincidence that both ran side by side.

The Dragon Age fandom: I have decided to kill this NPC because, even though well-intentioned, their actions have ultimately caused the death and suffering of multiple people, and I feel like this could not go unpunished.

The Elder Scrolls fandom: I have decided to kill this NPC because they speak the same line of dialogue when I walk past them and I find this annoying.

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Hey, I was wondering if you could share your opinion on something. It's been disheartening to see that most art featuring women with monster boyfriends have women that are extremely conventially beautiful. Sometimes I feel the unintended message of that is: unless you're thin with large perky breasts (basically human male fantasy) not even monsters will be into you. Can't our fantasies include diverse women? Is being with a monster more believable than women being both average and attractive?

I agree with you wholeheartedly. It’s the case of not seeing yourself in media because the world has decided what is and is not beautiful. When people create art, whether it be fan-art or original content, they tend to fall more towards the more thin, white female default. It’s honestly gotten much, much better in recent years. I’ve seen many head canons where they have a character be more chubby (McCree from Overwatch is a prevalent example from my feed), and I find that absolutely wonderful. 

I am someone who thinks we shouldn’t demean or ridicule someone for the way that they draw their art. It is something they are creating and they should be able to do it however they want, but I do agree that it would be a more diverse world if more people were comfortable withe all body types. 

On the flip side, you’ve just got to get to the point were other people’s creations don’t affect how you see yourself in the mirror. Believe you are beautiful, and don’t let others get you down. Don’t allow others art / creations to pull you down to a level where you don’t love yourself. You’re good enough for whoever deserves you. 

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That post you reblogged about romance encapsulates everything I didn't like about Jon and Dany this season and couldn't quite word (incidentally, also why I ship Jaime and Brienne in the books so much, but that's another post). Maybe if they'd had just one conversation about themselves rather than just their missions? I can't quite decide whether the relationship has been framed this way because it's doomed or simply because the show is running out of time to properly develop things.

I think it was probably both. The romance is definitely doomed; the only question is whether it will be doomed in a romantic, star-crossed way with lingering feelings on both sides (like Jon and Ygritte), or if it will be doomed in a much more cynical way because of the obvious weaknesses in the foundations of the relationship itself (like Tyrion and Shae). We can’t know for sure until next season, but either way, I will be shocked if this pairing lasts more than a couple of episodes in. (This is Oedipus accidentally banging his mom, not Elizabeth and Darcy; the tragic ending is inevitable, whatever form it takes.)

The show’s problem was that it wanted to have its cake and eat it too. It wants to have the big shocking swerve next season with Jon’s parentage reveal causing everyone incest angst and drama galore so they can milk the big, messy break-up for all it’s worth, and to build up to that properly they had to keep an undercurrent of tension, distrust, and ambiguity in the courtship this season to keep some vestige of everyone’s characterization intact. But it also wants its viewers to be genuinely invested in the romance and to believe it has a chance to work out (both for the romantic appeal and because that will also increase the shock and drama next season) - without actually spending the screentime to make that happen.

What the show should have done is pick one and stick with it: either put in the time and effort to write a realistic, heartfelt romance between these two and follow through on the consequences of that for their character arcs, or clearly spin the whole thing as a situational, conflict-driven hookup based on impulse, high emotions and lust. By trying to have it both ways at once, the show instead accomplished neither and mucked up both Jon and Dany’s arcs in the process. It’s pretty typical of the writing this season, tbh, though no less irritating for all that.

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Please share more of your thoughts about God's Own Country! I saw it last week and still can't get it out of my head. What were your favorite parts, scenes etc !! I hope it does well because it's really really good, both Josh and Alec were fantastic

Hello, thanks for asking me my thoughts on God’s Own Country. I had an extremely busy week last week, so since I went to see it a second time this weekend, I decided now is the best time to share my thoughts.

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Another Lance confession thing ???
  • Okay so,, with this new (new??) information about Lancey Lance's birthday and Keith's birthday and how he's actually OLDER THAN LEGS I MEAN LANCE I had to do smth to get out all my FLUFFY FEELS okay sue me,,,
  • - - - - - - - - - - -
  • Okay so, it's Keith's birthday.
  • Lance wants to get him something but he doesn't have anything to give him really?? He can't make anything.. and he can't buy anything because hey space.. maybe he could finally work up the courage to confess?? In a weird way??
  • So, Lance decides to man up and write a little note.
  • "Hey man, just wanted to say happy birthday. Actually I lied i also wanted to give you something. Actually yea i lied again i also.. i wanted to tell you something. So i thought.. I'd do both. I don't really have anything to give you.. except my feelings, okay. I think you're really nice. And scary and cute. Not scary really. More like scary cute. You're scary cute. I like you a lot and i thought today was the day to confess. It's fine if you don't yknow, like me too i just wanted to get this off my chest while I have a valid reason to. What with saving the universe and all. We're a good team, remember? I hope that if you end up.. not feeling the same way that we can just forget this whole thing. Be my uh.. gosh this sounds really weird when I'm writing it.. Keef Kogane, will you be my boyfriend? Please?
  • Yes _ No_"
  • Lance reads over his letter 4 times, making necessary corrections.
  • He works up the courage to go out to the main lounge in the castle, everyone's hanging out in there at the moment as a sort of mini party for Keith.
  • He approached Keith, standing off to the side a little.
  • "Uh.. Hey. I uh, this is for you." He stutters a bit, handing Keith his letter.
  • "Oh, thanks" Keith says.
  • Keith looks at him, smiling a little bit, taking the letter and beginning to unfold it.
  • Lance panics. "N-NO READ IT LATER" He says, reaching for it to fold it back down.
  • Keith laughs a little, holding his hand up to block him, trying to read it.
  • "Keithhh!! C'mon please read it later.." Lance whines, still reaching for the letter.
  • Too late. Keith darling is a fast reader and he's already half way through. And his face is completely and utterly emotionless.
  • Lance gives up on trying to snatch it from him. 'This was a terrible Idea..' Lance thinks to himself, watching Keith read his note.
  • Keith finishes reading and lowers the note, looking up at Lance's face.
  • Lance flashes a nervous smile.
  • Keith smirks.
  • "Checkboxes?" He says quietly.
  • Lance's eyes widen. "Well yea I dunno I thought you'd read it when you weren't next to me.. hah" He explains, reaching his hand up to rub the back of his neck nervously.
  • Silence, followed by intense eye contact.
  • After a few seconds, Keith is the one to break the silence.
  • "Too bad I don't have a pen" Keith says with a genuine smile.
  • Lance quickly pales. "I CAN FIND YOU A PEN"
  • Keith chuckles a bit. "Actually.. I don't need one." He explains.
  • Lance's expression drops. His courage quickly diminishes. Shit. Here we go.
  • "Because... I can just do this." Keith says, dropping the note to the floor and bringing his hands up to cup Lance's cheeks and pull his face down for a kiss.
  • Lance. Is S H O O K.
  • He manages to shove all his thoughts aside and give in, reaching down and resting his hands on Keith's hips.
  • Meanwhile everyone's just looking at them and exchanging bet money ;')))

You have to get Josh. His sister died in a fire while she was babysitting him. She tried to put it out, he ran outside. He went off campaigning, his father died. He wakes up in the hospital and discovers the President’s been shot. He goes through everyday worried that someone he likes is going to die and it’s going to be his fault. What do you think makes him walk so fast? {insp}

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I love how you drew the Nicktoons Unite characters, especially Danny he's so cute and I want to give him a big kiss. Love your comic by the way. I can't decide who to love more good Danny or evil Danny? They are both hot. Ank YOU, LOVELY ANON..I’m glad you like the characters and the comics ;;’s you kissing danny and yeS oh boi hes cute af

gfghj i CANT decide that either because both of them is the same person ..its the personalities differentiate them apart both is hot jhgghj 

Just. Thinking about the fucking nicknames for the aides and we got. We got, fuckin– Ham, Dick, Hump, and Ancient among others and I both love and hate everything because of it.

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Okay okay so a strain could cause a soulmate au where you have 2 names tattooed on your body: one for your soulmate, one for your worst enemy. How would yata react to having both names say "saruhiko Fushimi"?

I imagine Yata being so confused, like say the names don’t show up at the same time and you never know which name appears first, enemy or soulmate, so it’s like you could meet someone whose name is on your body but you have no idea if you want to meet them or avoid them forever (which is why things like internet registries aren’t much help, there are probably a few of them where people put their names in with stuff like ‘looking for [X]’ but it’s gamble because if you do find that person maybe you’ve just invited your worst enemy through the front door and possibly ruined your life). Yata has the name ‘Fushimi Saruhiko’ on his left arm for as long as he can remember and he’s nervous about finding that person, like say the reason his mom is divorced is precisely because the man she thought was supposed to be her soulmate was her worst enemy – which also gives Yata a complex because he was born to his mom and her worst enemy while his siblings belong to her and her soulmate Yata’s stepdad – and it’s made him nervous about ever meeting that person. When he moves back to Shizume in middle school he’s sitting there in class the first day as they all introduce themselves and Yata’s entire body shakes when he hears Fushimi walk up and give his name.

After that Yata’s torn because he really wants to introduce himself to Fushimi but he also doesn’t, not knowing what Fushimi’s supposed to be to him, and also wondering if Fushimi has Yata’s name tattooed on his body somewhere too (he doesn’t, yet – Fushimi has his dad’s name written on one side of his torso and sometimes he stays awake haunted wondering if 'that man’ is really supposed to be his soulmate, and if he’s destined to be under Niki’s thumb forever). Because of his fear Yata ends up not helping Fushimi when he spots Fushimi being robbed by the bullies, the next day Fushimi has a black eye and Yata’s all consumed by guilt because his own fear made him let someone innocent be hurt. That’s when Yata decides fuck it, I won’t be afraid anymore and goes over to introduce himself to Fushimi. Fushimi of course wants nothing to do with Yata and reacts coldly to Yata’s request that they be friends, Yata immediately thinks that this means Fushimi must be his worst enemy. But then he still ends up seeing Fushimi taking revenge on the bullies in the bathroom and Yata’s captivated and before he knows it they’re friends. Of course now Yata can’t resist telling Fushimi, one night at a sleepover at Yata’s place, that he has Fushimi’s name on his arm because they’re soulmates. Fushimi doesn’t seem as happy as Yata thought he would be though, because of course gloomy Fushimi can’t help but wonder if this means Misaki is destined to be his enemy someday. A week later Yata’s name appears on the other side of his torso and Fushimi sits there for hours running his hands over it, silent.

Then Homra happens and one day not long after they’ve joined Yata notices a mark on his other arm and is incredibly confused when he realizes that he now has Fushimi’s name on both arms. Maybe he decides not to tell Fushimi too but this helps make the separation between the two of them grow wider, because Yata’s on edge now trying to tell himself that there must be some mistake, Saruhiko can’t be his worst enemy and his soulmate, and he’s trying so hard to act natural that it’s making things awkward between them. Maybe Yata tries to ask Kusanagi for advice and doesn’t realize that Fushimi’s actually at the top of the steps just out of sight or something and Fushimi hears the whole thing, that his name is on both of Yata’s arms. This makes him think again that maybe Yata really is his worst enemy and that’s why everything hurts so much lately, why his chest aches every time Yata’s gaze turns away from him. When the betrayal happens not only does Fushimi burn his Homra mark but afterward he lifts his shirt and uses a knife to cut through where Yata’s name is on his side, smiling widely but with a trembling voice as he says that it looks like they were worst enemies after all (when they reconcile Fushimi still has trouble with that, being Yata’s worst enemy and soulmate, and Yata tells him that names on skin don’t matter because he decided ages ago that Fushimi was his soulmate and he’s not going to change his mind now).

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So, I don't know if you or any of of the others in The Gang™ have done the math, but I was curious about when the live-action movie takes place and I came up with 1775. Here's my reasoning: If we presume that the war Gaston took part in was The Seven Years War (which ended in 1763) and add the 12 years that Belle mentions has passed in a deleted scene, that's what we get!

You know, I think that makes a lot of sense.  It was always in my theory that it took place in the 1750′s, but I kept wondering about the war that Gaston fought in.  The French Revolution would be too late, as that took place in 1789.  This article tries to determine the exact decade in which it takes place with Gaston’s war stories as an aide, and your assumption isn’t too far off the mark.

I’m kinda banging my head against the wall because I completely forgot about the Seven Years War, to be honest.  Since Gaston makes so many references to it, I always thought that it would have been a war that most of us have heard of.  I never could wrap my head around which one, because the ones I thought of were too far apart to work.  But it totally makes sense–especially since Luke Evans said that Gaston fought off some Portuguese marauders when he was 16.  Portugal was a part of the Seven Years War even though it was originally going to remain neutral.  Spain and France both decided to invade its territories in South America…so I imagine that those Portuguese marauders that Gaston fought off were probably driven by some sense of vengeance for that.  You never know.

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How do I decide what genre-thingy/setting my story is going to take place in? I've been having major trouble, because at first the setting would be in an epic fantasy world, but now I'm seriously considering a modern day setting. I just can't decide on what it's going to be. Do you guys have any tips for that? (I love your blog. It's been incredibly helpful to me!)

Anytime you’re met with two completely conflicting, plot-changing options like this, you’ll need to look at both sides and decide which will work best for you, the author. 

If you’re a planner, think about how the story would change given each choice. In the case of the asker, how would the plot progress if it was an epic fantasy world vs. a modern day setting? What conflicts could only arise in one and not the other? What potential is there for characters to grow in each setting? Would the goals be different? How would the change of setting affect the back story of your characters? Apart from these exploratory questions, are you able to think of advantages or disadvantages to either one? Is one outside of your comfort zone? If so, are you willing to challenge yourself, or are you already challenging yourself with other aspects of the story?

If you’re a pantser, aka “fly by the seat of your pants,” then experiment with one of your options. Just start writing it. Is it easy? Is it fun? Does it inspire you? If you love the first approach you try, then keep at it. If it’s a bit of struggle, then try writing with the other option. Is there a difference? 

Don’t let a huge decision like this hold you up for too long. Get yourself planning or writing in one direction and see where it takes you. If it’s not working, try going the other direction. Writing isn’t about getting it right the first time. Keep experimenting until you land on something that works for you. 

Good luck!


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ok so tbh im all for this becauSE PINING NERDS!!! just wolfstar being pining nerds ok

also i can write this into a fic (or attempt to lmao) if u want bc IM SO

  • sirius black and james potter decided to take up psychology I
  • because they heard from various sources it was one of those subjects you could bullshit yourself through
  • this description alone was appealing enough and this is how sirius and james end up in the back of psychology I, monday first period
  • while james and sirius themselves do not care much for their studies, the guy in front of them is a different story entirely
  • one particularly boring monday morning james can’t stop droning about lily and sirius is Sick of it
  • but mystery guy turns around and says “i don’t know, man. i don’t get it either. how can she not like you after you insulted her best friend, asked her out rudely, and have made tons of perverted comments? i mean, come on.”
  • sirius just stares open-mouthed because holy shit, this guy just dragged james potter like no tomorrow
  • and shut him up
  • (which by the way is a feat that hasn’t been accomplished since he was the age where it was acceptable to just put a bottle of milk in his mouth to do the trick)
  • the guy is cute as well, with sandy hair and lovely, lovely brown eyes and freckles and sirius belatedly realises this guy asked him his name
  • “eh. it’s sirius” he manages, “what’s yours?”
  • remus, meanwhile, is kind of baffled in return because oh my god he’s gorgeous 
  • it’s remus” he says, and the guy laughs and says “well, you did a good job there. hasn’t shut up since he was a toddler, really”
  • after this sirius and remus get to talking
  • and they end up having a lot in common - remus also likes the arctic monkeys and sirius has read im westen nichts neues and thought it pretty interesting
  • and they slowly start having feelings for each other, but neither of them does anything about it
  • sirius thinks “he just thinks i’m an arrogant berk. he won’t like me, i bet he’s not even gay, what do i do james i’m so gay and he’s so not gay”
  • james, of course, gives him all kinds of advice 
  • but considering his track record with lily sirius is a little hesitant to follow said “helpful” advice
  • remus thinks sirius has a girlfriend, which is mainly because he keeps mentioning a mysterious “love” 
  • this “love” he apparently visits every saturday is apparently also a dream in the bedroom if “she rides like a beauty” is anything to go by
  • in short, remus is now stuck with a crush on a straight and taken guy and thinks this is not what he signed up for when he took psychology
  • so remus and sirius kind of dart around each other, both thinking the other does not like them
  • until one day sirius takes remus to show him his ‘love’ 
  • remus thinks oh no because how on earth is he going to be nice to a girl he envies so incredibly much
  • until they walk to the forgotten bike storage behind the school
  • and there is
  • a motorbike
  • remus could cry from relief
  • he tells sirius that he thought he meant a girlfriend and sirius just laughs before reassuring him that 
  • no, he hasn’t got a girlfriend 
  • and no, he’ll never have one because he’s incredibly gay
  • remus thinks now or never and asks if there’s anyone for him right now, just out of curiosity, of course
  • sirius kind of blushes and looks down before saying “well, yeah, but he’s asking me who i like right now and i’m not sure how to respond”
  • he’s cringing inside because jesus christ black could you be more cliche fucking hell 
  • but then remus is kissing him 
  • so he figures it wasn’t all that bad

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Prompt: Henry sets Regina and Emma's up on a blind date with each other (who are secretly dating already) and because Henry is there son they can't so no (there both okay with this as long as it's a one time thing) but are surprised when he sets them up as each other's blind date so they decided to stop hiding and let everyone know they are in a relationship

Thanks for the prompt :) 

“Oh Henry do I have to?” Regina asks pleadingly as he hears his idea. 

“Mom just give it a chance. You broke up with Robin months ago and well…I just want you to be happy,” he says using his best puppy dog eyes. He needs her to say yes for his mission to be a success. 

Regina sighs rubbing her forehead tiredly, “Henry you don’t have to worry about my love life. If I say yes promise me it will be a one time thing.” 

“I promise,” Henry replies with a cheeky grin. If all goes well he’ll only have to do this set-up the once. 

Regina sighs before nodding her agreement before hurriedly sending a text to Emma to tell her what’s going on so that her (secret) girlfriend doesn’t end up being blindsided. 

Moments later she gets a text back, Henry persuaded you into a blind date too? 

Yep. He got you as well? 

He promised me it would be a one time thing and he used the puppy eyes. I can’t say no to the puppy eyes! 

It’s okay dear. I can’t deny them either…or yours :) 

Aw….I love you. 

I love you too, we’ll just have to tell Henry the dates didn’t work out. 

Agreed and find a way to let our date down easy. 

Want to have “lunch” to discuss it? 

I’d love to ;) 


Emma sighs as she pulls up outside of the restaurant where Henry has scheduled her blind date. She just wants to get this over and done with. She and Regina have been dating in secret for a few months now and she’s hoping that this will be the push they need to come clean. 

Truth be told there’s been no reason to keep it a secret beyond them just wanting to stay in their happy couple bubble. Now though, as incredible as the bubble is, Emma wants to tell people and to be with Regina in public. She doesn’t want to endure blind dates or people setting up or quizzing her on love life. 

Emma walks into the bar giving her name to the head waitress who smiles before leading her to her table. Emma’s jaw drops and she grins seeing who her date is before they both just burst out laughing. 

Emma sits down drawing Regina in for a kiss not caring that they’re in public at all. They both laugh joyfully as they kiss before Regina leans back in her seat, “So I guess we’re out?” 

“I can’t believe our son set us up with each other,” Emma says, “Though at least he knew who us well enough to pick the best date possible.” 

Regina smiles brightly back at her, “Well about a toast to the best blind date ever?” 

  • Henry: Mom!
  • *Emma and Regina come running down the stairs*
  • Henry (laughs): I meant Regina Mom. I need help with my homework.
  • Emma: Kid I love you but you need to get a better system.
  • Henry: Huh?
  • Regina: I think what Emma means is that this is quite exhausting. Whenever you yell Mom we both come running. It's tiring especially if you end up being the one who has to walk back up again.
  • Emma: Plus it's confusing.
  • Henry: You realise this is your fault.
  • Regina: How?
  • Henry: I always call you both Mom. It's only because you guys decided to move in together, which by the way is totally awesome, that it got confusing.
  • Emma: Can't you just call us Mom 1 and Mom 2?
  • Henry: No feels too impersonal and kinda like I'm saying one of you is better when you're both pretty awesome.
  • Regina: Mom and Momma? You used to call me Momma.
  • Henry: When I was 3. I'm 13 now.
  • Emma: Call one of us Ma.
  • Regina: You.
  • Emma: Why?
  • Regina: Because it can be short for Emma too.
  • Henry: Okay. Well now that's settled can you come look at my homework?
  • *He goes back to the kitchen*
  • Emma: Does this mean I have to go all the way back upstairs?
  • Regina: You can help me help Henry. I'd rather you save your energy for upstairs later Em.
  • Emma: I'll help as long as it's not Maths.
  • Regina: Oh if it's Maths he's doomed.

I got SUPER NOSTALGIC last night, but then I couldn’t decide on sunrise or sunset so you get both! Also the transparents, because this looks good on every BG color I tested it on.

anonymous asked:

Why don't people just stick to the genders assigned at birth. It's such a pain in the ass to learn pronouns, assimilate them into settings where it is decided by sex (bathrooms, sports teams, etc), and accept this when the sex you're born with is a default gender that (like it or not) isn't reassignable without surgery. And non-binary folk? People can't have no gender, and those who claim to be both are just crossdressers. It's so trivial. You're either a male or female decided at birth.

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squeeingfangirl  asked:

BUT DO YOU REALISE HOW AWESOME THE BACKSTORY OF BUCKY GOING 'ON YOUR RIGHT' TO SAM COULD BE?!!! Did Steve specifically instruct him to do it to piss Sam off on purpose because he's that much of a shit? Or does Bucky do it all by himself, because it's his thing, and that's where Steve got it from? Or was is a thing of both of them? Did Steve decide to do it as an icebreaker because he was imitating Bucky, or was he getting revenge from all the times HE heard ON YOUR LEFT???? I can't

the. last. one. omfggggggggggggg i can perfectly imagine bucky training for the army (before the actual official training at base and all) and skinny!steve running after him trying to catch up – but ofc never being able to (ಥДಥ) & prolly hurting himself every time he pushes too hard and having bucky that close to beating his bony ass for being such a reckless punk. and at the same time bucky would be also blaming himself for taunting steve with his “on your right/left” jokes cus he’d be the one provoking stevie omfg

hey but also if that was an old steve/bucky quote then steve still using it while exercising would mean that even now that he’s all beefed-up and inhumanly strong, he still sees bucky as the man he wants to emulate cus doing the bucky joke himself = he is now the “perfect specimen” just as bucky used to be to him – omfg²