it's bitten me

Signs as Hole lyrics
  • Aries: I'll be the biggest scar on your back // Run down and jagged and naked and blind // I'll be the biggest dick that you've ever had
  • Taurus: Every time I stare into the sun // Be a model or just look like one // Wild eye rot gut do me in // Do you think you can make me do it again?
  • Gemini: I see all your sick reflections in your ruby eyes // And I know all you Devils by your Christian names // And I know all you bitches by your Christian names
  • Cancer: Oh Cinderella, they aren't sluts like you // Beautiful garbage, beautiful dresses // Can you stand up or will you just fall down?
  • Leo: In your endless summer night // I'll be on the other side // When the water is too deep // I will ease your suffering
  • Virgo: To better you, to better me // My bitter half has bitten me // It's better than you, it's better than me // Sleeping with my enemy
  • Libra: My peace, my empathy // No babies sleep on atrophy // Your unborn love, fetal stress // Hard candy, legless caress
  • Scorpio: As you dance to the sound of suicide // You laugh as you try to hide // That you're the rat poison daughter of a suicide
  • Sagittarius: Run away with the light // Run away it's divine // Lets run away tonight // We'll steal the light of the world
  • Capricorn: I wanna give the violet more violence // I'm the one with no soul // One above and one below
  • Aquarius: Girl germs eat your little virus // Revolution come and die // Elitists who eat the virus // Sleep with me, wake up alive
  • Pisces: Oceans of angels // Oceans of stars // Down by the sea is where you // Drown your scars