it's birthday month guys

Some blushy Pittoos for you fantastic followers (I’m not too sure how many of you also like Pit) just to say thanks for sticking with me till now! I’ve gotten some new followers too, and I really appreciate those who go through my entire blog to give a like to everything… it.. it really means a lot that you like my stuff!

Reasons I’m super excited to see Mark in January on the 14th:

1- my first youtuber related event

2- I get to meet @musicalravencreates, aka my name twin

3- the very next day is my birthday!

So basically, im gonna have the best birthday ever, thanks for listening,,,

14/11/12 IN ONE MONTH ITS MY BIRTHDAY but srsly update on my RA

Hey guys !! Update on the RA I give to myself, I finally conjured a spirit !!! I asked to a spirit that I vetted to come with me on the temple where I conjure because why not ? I thought it could be a great experience to conjure with a spirit that isn’t my companion. 

The thing is, conjuring for yourself turns out really hard for me. I had to concentrate so hard that it gaves me headaches, cause you know when it’s your own energy you just don’t really want to read it. Like when I read energy I see like a movie. And sometimes the movie can show us things that we don’t want to know so it’s really perfect to do it with someone you don’t know but really hard with person you know well, and who do you know better than yourself?  Finally I did it, I put my energy into a ball and then I putted rules into it and I sent the calling into the astral like I usually do. 

Turns out the spirit that answered to my call is a type of green dragon. I’m gonna call her Belle here, she’s a flower dragon (a lily one) and is around 1500 years old. She’s a shifter, that means she have a dragonic form and more human form. She was born into a flower field and will become flowers again when she will die.

I started the vetting process with her and I already love her ! She’s amazing for dealing with anxiety and is supporting me so much into my life. She’s supporting me for my goals and is working a lot with me. She’s also amazing with other spirits and is amazingly sweet but also sassy and deeply connected to emotions. I will post pictures later that looks like her ! 


happy 30th birthday venkatesh prabhu kasthuri raja dhanush 28.07.1983


I know I may be a little late but I really wanted to be in it this month cause I love seeing my beautiful black people on my TL and since its my birthday month, so here you guys go.
Happy #Blackout ➰✊🏾