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listen i’m not saying i’m waiting with baited breath for chibnall to start running doctor who because he’s far more likely than moffat to bring back the metacrisis doctor and rose for a guest appearance

but i am saying that i’m waiting with baited breath for chibnall to start running doctor who because he’s far more likely than moffat to bring back the metacrisis doctor and rose for a guest appearance


The Christmas Invasion - Behind the Scenes [Part 10]

Excerpt from Benjamin Cook’s articles in Doctor Who Magazine #365

I wonder whether David was nervous on his first day.

“The first day was really scary,” he admits, when we catch up a couple of weeks later. “It was terrifying, I don’t think I realized it at the time, but when I got home that night, I was absolutely exhausted - and I think it was all the nervous energy, you know? I felt like I’d been overdosing on tartrazine. I was suffering a big comedown. Everything ached. I just went home and went, ‘Ugh.’ But it gets easier. There’s such a good atmosphere on set - a very calm atmosphere - and everyone’s so friendly, which helps take the edge any nerves that you might be feeling.”

Penelope [Wilton, Harriet Jones] has nothing but praise for her two Doctors. “Christopher Eccleston is a marvelous actor,” she says. “His Doctor was very on the front foot, and very intense, although I’ve seen him be un-intense in other things. He was lovely to work with, and I so enjoyed it. I think David Tennant is another marvelous Doctor. They’re so completely different. In their own ways, they’re equally marvelous. It’s important that you and your fellow actors are all playing the same game, because you rely so much on one another.

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Some lazy Sunday afternoon sketchy Ten/Rose smooches for you all. :)

“Fascination” - Digital Oil Painting

Rose and the Doctor as Hades and Persephone this time! Based on the photography of Teresa Yeh. I wanted to give their skin a bit of a glow and sparkle, kind of like in the Hercules Disney movie, but I may have gone a little too intense. You know I love sparkles.

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“A Good Morning” - Digital Oil Painting

Hannah and Hardy enjoying a “morning ride” through the “morning wood.” Hehe, yes, I have the mind of a 12 year old boy.

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badwolf-blonde  asked:

Hi there. I'm new to tumblr and would love some recommendations on more Billie blogs, TenRose blogs, David blogs, hannah hardy blogs, and DavidxBillie blogs. Please and Thank You. <3

Hey welcome welcome welcome dear! I’d love to share some blog recs! Some may appear more than once where applicable. 

About blogs on these lists:

  • They’ve been friendly/positive to everyone, and/or made positive contributions, and/or have been inclusive or supportive of everyone in the fandom
  • They have least a couple original content and/or news/reviews/recs/prompts of original content of Ten/Rose, David Tennant, and/or Billie Piper (Some celeb blogs on these lists are reblogged content as well but good to follow for updates and/or excellent archiving :) 
  • To my knowledge all these blogs use proper sourcing and/or don’t support reposting
  • Note that many of these are also multifandom. Some may keep most or all of their content on other sites like AO3 or deviantart, and some may no longer be active in the fandom but - in theory - still include access to their content

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Behind the scenes of The Impossible Planet/The Satan Pit (Part 3)

From the Impossible Planet DVD commentary with visual effects producer Will Cohen, Shaun Parkes (who played captain Zachary Cross Flane), and David Tennant

Will Cohen: Now I remember watching an episode of Doctor Who Confidential after this where you were stroking the Ood

David Tennant: Those heads were so squeezable!  They were so soft and kind of…

Will: Stress relieving

David: They are!  They are.

Shaun Parkes: They’re like a stress ball.

David: I don’t know how that feels for the guys inside them, obviously.  And the tendrils are very… You wanna bite the tendrils!  You really do. You want to gnaw on them.

Shaun: That’s… that’s not something…

David: Did that not work for you? You didn’t?  You didn’t have that?

Shaun: [laughs] I didn’t have that, no.

David: Well…

Shaun: The stroking I can understand, because you had to feel it to believe it.

David: Yeah.  One of the softest things you’ve ever…

Shaun: You’ve ever touched, exactly. It was made really well.  The tentacles were like these sausages - they’re like thin sausages.

David: Yeah.  You just want to grind them within your back teeth.  Really rubbery and kind of… like a big bit of squid.

Shaun: Yeah - beef jerky or something.

David: Yeah!  I like a bit of that.

Shaun: No.

David: Gnawing on an Ood’s tentacle.

Shaun: I don’t get down with that.

David: Well… [laughs] Billie was obsessed with it.

Shaun: She was obsessed with it. I remember that.

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Doctor Who Rewatch: Rose


Billie Piper says her latest stage role, about a woman desperate to have a child, feels very relevant because it’s an issue being faced by many women she knows.

“It chimed quite vividly with me because so many of my friends are finding it quite hard to go through that,” Piper says. “It seems to be a very common topic at the moment.”

“I read the original, and I thought that it was one of the most beautiful pieces of poetry,” she says. “It’s that story of a modern woman who is suddenly suffocated and strangled by her ticking clock.

"I witness that all around me, and I read about it frequently. I thought that it seemed like a very relevant piece of work.”


Part 2 of David being silly on the set of Doctor Who
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The Christmas Invasion - Behind the Scenes [Part 3]

Excerpt from Benjamin Cook’s articles in Doctor Who Magazine #365

It’s actually the middle of summer, but British summertime long ago gave up hope of impressing anyone. Unusually, though, no one is complaining: these just so happen to be the ideal conditions for filming a Christmas special, in particular one as unashamedly Christmassy as this. Blue skies and sunshine would have looked out of place.  T-shirts and short skirts likewise. It’s almost as though someone has planned this wintry weather in advance. (That’ll be the producer, Phil Collinson!)

The entire crew breaks into applause as David Tennant - wearing stripy pyjamas, slippers and a dressing gown - arrives on set. He greets James Hawes, the director, and they pat each other on the back. 

[…]The regulars share a group hug before their first shot together: looking up in the sky at a spaceship that isn’t really there.

[…] As the take is completed, James looks into his monitor and yells, “Cut!” He adds: “Everyone, that is David’s first shot of the series.”

“You can send wee Jimmy Krankie home,” shouts out David, as everyone on set applauds him again. “She’s not needed! That’s it, it’s in the can. You can’t get rid of me now.”

Not that anyone would want to.

“The extraordinary thing about David”, explains James, “is his incredible energy and enthusiasm. I mean, he literally bounces onto the set. It’s quite amazing. At the end of the first week, he texted me to say, ‘Thank you so much for a lovely first week, an inspiring first week. Honestly, I think I’m sad that I’m a week nearer to the end.’ which I thought was great. He’s a joy. He has what Billie has, which is that they both clearly get a real buzz out of the adventure of film-making itself, as well as the adventure in the story.”

Thank you to everyone who shares set photos!

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