it's better to be excited rather than to be paranoid

The Justice League news is all so exciting. Going with a lesser known villain is very smart, in my opinion. As is making this movie a firm one shot, instead of a more drawn out proceeding. Since the over reliance on movies as serials is getting a bit tedious, this is more in keeping with the mentality of each DC movie being its own entity but within a larger world.

The idea of not having Superman until the third act is a very sad thing, but that’s a purely biased opinion due to my love of Superman.

The scene description with Barry and Bruce sounds like so much fun, and I love that this universe is going with a more trusting, pragmatic Bruce, rather than the reclusive, paranoid borderline lunatic he’s often shown as. This gives further credence to the motif of Batman having become stronger and better after his time in the darker aspects of his personality.

Honestly, I couldn’t be more excited right now, and I can’t wait to see what treats we have in store for us at SDCC this year.