it's better than the last one right

goodnight everyone !!!!!!!!! today was rough but all mondays usually are ! be proud of yourself for making it through the hardest day of the week !!!!! your alot stronger than you give yourself credit for !!!

and know that nothing bad can last forever !!! if family/friends/partners are hurting you right now then know that they can’t control you for the rest of your life !!!! your going to eventually gain the strength to cut them off, or grow old enough to leave the house, or tell them they’ve hurt you and you deserve better … 

you don’t have to do this right away, its everyone’s own decision when to begin the recovery and healing process from pain… but just know that one day you WILL get away from them and start to heal !! because you owe it to yourself to live a happy, healthy, long life !!!! 

remember the things you love in times of pain !! your pets, interests, good memories, and things that make you laugh are always things to remind yourself of !!!! try new things this week like new books, shows, places, etc. !!!! that way you can gain new things to love !!! the world is good and so are you !! 

i love you all sm and i hope the best for you all this week !!!!! :’- )) remember that im always here to keep you warm, safe, and happy !!! 

Odds and ends picked up over the past week and a half…

  • Last week this blog celebrated its third birthday, so soon it will be time to send it to preschool so it can learn some manners and maybe how to tie its shoes properly. Looking back, the first photo I blogged was this one, back when I couldn’t tell the difference between Alistair and Fra, and I actually had to look up the name of the actor on the far right. Good lord.
  • Grease Live was much better than I expected: I’m generally skeptical of anything produced by Fox, but after a slow start it eventually caught fire. But don’t just take it from me – here’s my mother’s review: “That cute boy who played John Travolta was really good.” (My fangirling is most certainly genetic.) The ratings were good, with something like 12 million people tuning in here in the States, which can only be good for him and the quality of his future projects.
  • As a point of comparison, according to the Radio Times, apparently 10 million people – about 1 in 6 UK residents – watched the final episode of Poldark. NO PRESSURE SKINNER.
  • I wasn’t expecting a lot from that Killian interview, but it ended up being all sorts of marvelous: he was funny and charming and insightful all at once. If anyone ever wonders why I would pretty much go see him in any show, any time, I’d sit them down and have them listen to that interview. It was interesting how often he mentioned his lack of drama school experience – my mind started composing a comparative post about the two faves who are so. damn. different. and yet so. damn. amazing. And his love for Les Mis is almost palpable: as I told Ginger, I do think you’ll see him back there as Valjean someday.
  • In Hugh-related news, the release date for KYF got pushed back to the end of March, which is also when the AP cast album is scheduled to drop: I guess I will get to keep my five remaining readers for a few more weeks. I’ve still no idea what Hugh will be doing after Poldark finishes, but if he wants to fill the time going to parties in gorgeous suits, I won’t object at all. 
  • And after last night, I can again confirm that this is without a doubt the best part of Crashing:   

This week I finally have the first round of interviews for my promotion, which of course has left me a neurotic mess: distractions, assurances, and sacrifices to any appropriate deities are most welcome.

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NAME: Arianne Unity

NICKNAME: Aria, Ari, Unitaytay

STAR SIGN(S): Pisces

GENDER: Female




CURRENT LOCATION : The glorious hell hole that is Croydon

AVERAGE HOURS OF SLEEP: Tragically its mostly less than six 

LAST THING I GOOGLED: ‘why do people think annie hall is a good film’ I mean, seriously…

NUMBER OF BLANKETS I SLEEP UNDER: One maximum I have cold blood and tend to feel the heat easily 

FAVORITE FICTIONAL CHARACTERS: There’s so many! But here are the ones I can think of… The Queen (Liz Hurley) in ‘The Royals’, Goneril in ‘King Lear’, Margalo in ‘Stuart Little 2′, Lord Covington in ‘Madeline’ (I’m a sucker for chatacter development), Morgana Pendragon in ‘Merlin’, both V and Evey (or as I call them ‘vevey’) in V for Vendetta, Oscar Wilde in ‘Wilde’, Adeline in ‘The Thirteenth Tale’, Blanche Dubois in ‘A Streetcar Name Desire’, EVERYONE in Bob’s Burgers, Luna Lovegood and Snape Respectively, Alice in Wonderland, Sue Sylvester in ‘Glee’, Cruella De Ville - I prefer her in the book but I do also adore her in the Disney version, Anne Boleyn ‘The Other Boleyn Girl’ - I do believe both the film and the novel to be highly innacurate and I’m not overly fond of Philippa Gregory but I think that Natalie Portman portrayed the character perfectly, in Leslie Knope in ‘Parks and Recreation’ and of course, Scarlett O'Hara in ‘Gone With the Wind’ ! :)

FAVORITE BOOKS: 101 Dalmations (obviously), I hate to be a complete cop out but I do love Moby Dick, ‘Lolita’ by Vladimir Nabokov, I read Hamlet as a child (for literally no reason at all) and really liked it, ‘1984′ by George Orwell, ‘Sugar Rush’ by Julie Burchill, Harry Potter (obvs), the Mary Poppins books, ‘A Brave New World’ by Aldous Huxley (also a whore for dystopia) , ‘The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe’ by C. S. Lewis - I used to read it under my bed covers with a torch because people did it in films, and of course all the books mentioned above that contain my favourite characters!

FAVORITE ARTISTS/BANDS: Well of course Michael Jackson, Emiliana Torrini, The Grateful Dead (from my sixteen year old ‘hippie’ phase that mostly just involved not wearing a bra and selling cookies) Lana Del Rey, Avril Lavigne, Hole, Madonna, Dido, The Rolling Stones, Lisa Marie Presley, Portishead, Blondie, Nouvelle Vague, Art Garfunkel and Leonard Cohen are my main loves

DREAM JOB: I have no idea! I am just as advertised, a ‘well dressed  dilettante’

WHAT I’M WEARING: This ribbed cream polo top I got on etsy and a 90s grey Chanel skirt that my aunt gave me paired with the aura of a person fuelled entirely by coffee and cynicism

RANDOM FACT: I feel as though the pigeons in London are just getting cockier every day and its really frickin annoying

DO I HAVE ANY OTHER BLOGS: Sadly no (though perhaps that’s a good thing)

WHEN DID MY BLOG REACH ITS PEAK: To be honest I’m not entirely sure it has! Though I think Mid November of last year was a pretty good time for my notes and ego

WHO IS MY MOST ACTIVE: <3 @fairennheit

WHAT MADE ME DECIDE TO GET A TUMBLR: I think I was fifteen and I saw a youtuber’s tumblr (I think it was Grace Helbig) and I didn’t know what the hell it even was or what you were supposed to do with it and I’ve had countless blogs since then and I’m still not sure 

DO I GET ASKS ON A DAILY BASIS: Nope! I do send messages as often as I can and I really love getting them!

WHY DID I CHOOSE MY URL: I honestly don’t fully remember but I think tumblr just recommended it to me from my email address so I used it for everything and I like it because it implies that I am a god

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“–Aw, come on…” Nines follows Toots, because for once, he has nowhere else to be. Besides, this is ‘unit cohesion time’, and what better way is there to cohese a unit than to involve unit cohesion?

He huffs a little as he catches up, sending a sidelong glance at him. “–You know the last one who didn’t care what anyone here thought of them wound up a traitor, right?” It still stings. And here he’d thought that he’d been friends with 2187. “–I’m just looking out for you, Toots.”

I’m finally going to be open about this, because it can be literally anyone, even the last person that you would expect. I am not ashamed of my past. I’m hoping that this reaches the right person because you never know who might be struggling.
Around 2010, I fell into a massive depression. I began hurting myself, in an addictive and destructive manner. More than once, I thought of suicide. I thought the world would be better off without me and that no one would miss me. Though it has been about 3 years since the last episode, I tell myself to Always Keep Fighting every single day. I am a Warrior, a Champion. Most importantly, I am a Fighter. I was able to overcome the depression and the desire to hurt myself. I have grown to love myself. There is hope and a light at the end of the tunnel. Suicide is not the answer. If you are thinking of suicide, please talk to someone that you can trust or even call a hot line (The United States hot line is available 24 hours a day. 1-800-273-TALK (8255)). Getting help is the first step.

I wonder how Sam’s is going to find out that it’s Lucifer, though. Is Lucifer going to come right out with it? Is Sam going to use his amazing skills of observation an figure it out on his own? If so, how? What does Lucifer screw up that gives it away? Does he say something? Has Sam been wondering for a while, noticing something “off” about Cas, and one little thing Lucifer does is just the final piece of the puzzle? Does he distractedly start humming Stairway To Heaven, or make a joke that Sam has only seen Lucifer make?


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Name: Sara Anjuman Haque

Nickname: Sara,Biddasagor 2.0

Gender: female

Star sign: Libra

Height: 4′11 fite me  (ง'̀-‘́)ง

Age: I’m kinda uncomfortable telling my age on the internet,sorry

Fav color: Green

Time right now: precisely 3 o’clock

Average hours of sleep: its either 2 hours a day or 20 there is no in between

Lucky number: idk

Last thing I googled: 1 million reason why biryani is better than being in a relationship. Ummm…. I just REALLY like biryani and REALLY  DONT want to be in a relationship rn……..

Fav fictional character: That’s like telling a mom which child she loves the most!! I!!just!!love!!all!!of!!them!!~~~~

Number of blankets I sleep under: One

Fav artist/ band: 

Dream trip: Travel the ENTIRE FUCKING WORLD

Dream job: I have no idea what im gonna do with my life honestly

What I’m wearing right now: a green tee and a flowery pajama

When did you create your blog? I dont remember I made this a loooooong time ago and didnt use it then in 2015 I started it again.

Current amount of followers: 107 i honestly dont know why or how i got this many followers.

What do you post about? whatever i feel like

Do you have any other blogs? nah

When did it reach its peak? I honestly dont know

What made you decide to get tumblr? memes,feminism, and fandoms 

Do you get asks on a daily basis? No,its a dessert there….

Why did you choose your url?  Undertale

What are you doing tomorrow? nothing

I tag: @aph-temmie @aphsherlockedyoungblooddemigod @2ollux

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Name: tith (lilli if you know me irl)
Star Sign: pisces 
Gender: female-ish
Height: 5′7″
Orientation: i like girls?? i cant be more specific than that atm sorry 
Favorite color: currently its red but it changes often
Time right now: 6:29
Current location: hiding in my bedroom 
Average hours of sleep: jeesh i dont know. 3-8? 
Lucky number: 23!!
Last thing I googled: either lord of the rings tattoos or that band josh was talking about last night
Number of blankets I sleep under: one usually, but i change which blanket it is depending on how cold it is
Favorite fictional character: katniss? merrill??? um. scully,, uhhhhhm, idk who else 
Favorite book: Aurian by Maggie Furey, although i just finished Good Omens and that was pretty excellent as well
Favorite artists/bands: veruca salt, wolf alice.. lana del rey?, tracy bonham, florence and the machine, nirvana…… hm. the dead weather
Dream job: writer probably, but i’d like to do some sort of anthropological work too because that shit’s fascinating
What I’m wearing: old cut off shorts and a fun fishnet-ish shirt
Random Fact: i genuinely enjoy organizing things but i never do because if i start then i feel compelled to reorganize my entire room/house and i never finish and then it just becomes an even bigger mess. also im terrible at cooking anything other than pasta or cookies
When did you create your blog: this particular account is newer but i’ve had tumblr for a few years idk 
Do you have other blogs?: yes! i have a nature blog, aesthetic blog, flight rising blog, and art blog (all of which are linked in my about im pretty sure)
Who is your most active follower?: currently @strawberrrylips <333
What made you get a tumblr: i dont remember?????? i was tired of facebook most likely
Do you get asks on a daily basis?: no…. i hardly get any at all :’(
Why did you choose your url?: its the name of a mean hermit witch from my series and no one ever takes it anywhere else

I was tagged by @davidlynchpin and i’m tagging @kadustuniverse @inqorporeal @aradiana-jones and @morrigansdemon!! feel free to not do this if you dont want to tho

this is gonna be my last post about this fic i swear but !!! exonerated was so good and might be one of the bests i’ve read (at least w this kind of genre) and totally better than i expected and it had like tons of plot twists and red herrings and honestly y’all should read it.. i’m gonna shove it up my ass right now bye!

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Holy shit that's actually insane! Your high school sounds like shit. I'm sorry! That's such a shame! I can't believe how useless school has actually become. The teachers don't seem to care anymore and the students always lose out. What an absolute shame. well, at least your out of there now right? That's a good thing. College will go by super quick, you'll blink and its your last semester. Hopefully college will treat you better than high school did!

My high school was absolute shit haha. Save for like five or six teachers I loved. One teacher, who I took Biology from and whose AP Bio class my sister took, was actually the worst teacher I have ever encountered. In her AP Bio class, she buffed everyone’s test scores so that it was impossible to get under a 70. Even if a kid learned nothing - and she did not teach effectively at all - they would get a 70 on her tests. Also, the lowest grade she would give on homework would be 50%. It was impossible to get below a 50% in any of her classes. Really emphasized the fact that she cared more about keeping her job than she did about doing her job.

My sister and one other kid are the only two I know of who passed the AP test after taking her AP bio course. And they passed with like 3s out of a potential 5, and only after studying extensively outside of school. I got an A- in her class because she couldn’t fucking teach. Instead of writing new tests each year, she would just take the same tests she’d used before (they were ALL multiple choice, with maybe a short-answer or two at the end) and scramble the letter answers. She also didn’t check for coherence after doing this, so you’d end up with answer A being ‘all of the above’. Which of course doesn’t make any fucking sense

Anyway. Haa, yes, I’m out of there now. I never have to go back ever. It won’t stop me being bitter about it because fuck I’m bitter but hey I’m done with it so.

College is already going by waaay fast. I get out for the summer in fucking mid-May. That’s so crazy to me. I’ll be a sophomore in under a year. How is this possible

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How'd it smoke ? Sorry I'm curious bc I wanna roll up a blunt like that for my bf's birthday but I don't wanna waste the weed if it won't smoke right ya know. So would you say mega blunt or a bunch of smaller blunts ?

Shit its worth it once in a while but you def get more out of your weed with smaller blunts but it definitely smoked, the next one i make will be better than the last one just from experience rolling big stuff

  • AIR TIME: 9pm EST/9pm PST. (it will air again right afterwards)
  • LENGTH: One hour. Your character will have to wait till its 9pm PST time to talk about things that happened on the show. Since it’s an hour long, that means it will go on till 10pm PST time.
  • ADDITIONAL NOTES: Reminder that Recaps are due Monday nights by 12AM EST! Don’t wait until the last minute and don’t submit late. The earlier, the better. Special thanks to NAT (@BLAINERBOA ) for lending me a hand with our weekly recaps. I love her more than peanut butter.

The show opens up with the credits, a flash of each character with their title, in a random order.

ADMIN NOTE: This is not the actual order in which things happened on the show. It’s just a rundown of what each person was seen doing on the show.

Keep reading

2nd place

Second place. Second choice. 

I am okay with being labeled as second place. I won second place multiple times, doesn’t change the fact that I love science. 

I am okay with being second in line, its close to first but not quite there. Some humility is necessary in life. 

Heck, I am even okay with being in the 4th best school in the country, because I love my school and all its values. 

But I am NOT okay with being your second choice. You were my best friend. I gave you my time and efforts. I reach out to you in fear that our friendship is done with, but you leave me with no response or words like daggers. 

Right now, I feel that maybe your second choice is better than being your last choice, but I can’t live in this unbalanced friendship. We all have lives to live, you are not the only busy one taking time out for another. I wish you the best and bid you adieu, because I will NOT be your second choice.

31/01/2016 - 1:20 am

let me start telling you about how much im sorry for all the lies i told you, or for never tell you the truth. i know that its too late but it wasnt my fault, at least at all… all i want you to know is that i’ll never love someone the way i loved you. never. because i loved you and i STILL love you. all i ever wanted was a one last opportunity to make things right, because i can really do them right and better than they were. but you dont let me. why? i just wanna know why. i know that you want to be alone because all what happened but everyone in this situation knows that doesnt want to be alone, wants to be loved, wants to be the first  priority for someone, wants to be believed by someone… but all youre doing is falling appart, when all i do is prove you that im not that girl with all that problems, now im the girl who is strong enough to make things right, and to fight for you, but all youre doing to me is ignore me and treating me like a piece of shit. and it hurts. it hurts. because i would never , NEVER do this to someone who i said i loved you. never. and all i would do is fight, eventhough im tired of trying, and i feel worse everyday. 

i never wanted that all this end this way, i thought that you would fight for me…. and now when im feeling better and im conscious of all, all you do is treating me this way. i know i was wrong, but let me prove you that i really im not the same anymore, a last chance, the very last chance, is all i ask, because you know that i will do anything for you, and thats because i love you, you know that you were my all and you still are, i wont be that person that one day is lovely, and laughing, and then its depressed or something like that. no. that time has ended. i changed. firstly, i changed for me, then for to change this situation between us. and your indefference towards me, its hurting me. cant you see? you were the world to me and i tried  to gave all my best of me to you, without your asking or permission or whatever. i gave you,and i would still giving you a important place in my heart, and all you demostrate is that you would never move a finger for me, and would never fight for me.

i repeat, im sorry for all i did, and i learned from the mistakes, i really did… i love you so much, and its inevitable because i really feel that for you

ahora a lo mejor habrás leido esto, pero como siempre, últimamente, te la sudo, te suda lo que yo diga, y pasarás como también has hecho últimamente xd te quiero aunque no te importe ni harás caso a esto

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Name: Anne-Maree

Nickname: most people call me AM or AMG

Gender: Female

Star sign: Pisces

Height: 5′4′’

Favorite (Colours): Purple, red, black 

Time right now: 10am (really? I got up before 5 to watch a webinar…)

Average hours of sleep: 7 or so. My vivofit tells me I get less sleep than I think I do

Lucky numbers:  don’t have one

Last thing I googled: meaning of the word ‘profidity’ Kid1 asked. Found out it’s a mash word for profound stupidity  

Numbers of blankets I sleep with: none atm 

Favorite fictional character: Gandalf, Riddick, Paul Lahote *continues on forever* 

Favorite books: Sunshine by Robin McKinley, aah… and a whole lot more

Favorite bands: Arcade Fire, chemical brothers, Nine Inch Nails - plus a shit ton of great aussie bands

Dream job: self published author 

What am i wearing right now: dark red t-shirt, floaty long flip skirt of red, black, brown and grey flowers 

When did I create my blog: I joined tumblr early 2013 - I think

Current amount of followers: 301

What do I post about: anything: lots of feminist stuff, social justice, pretty men, pictures that give me ideas for stories are tagged ‘yoghurt starter’

Do I have any other bogs: only my personal one on blogger 

When did my blog reach its “peak” (when did i get more followers, have a popular post, etc.): no idea… everyone loved Alan Cumming on sesame street as the trash king.

Who is my most active follower: @samsjazz

What made me decide to get a tumblr: I thought having somewhere to store things, ideas, pics that I liked would be neat. Little did I know that I would like dozens of things a day and then (once liked or reblogged) they are almost gone forever with tumblr’s new deficient search engine. Honestly, even if I tagged it properly I have Buckley’s of ever finding it again.

Do I get asks on a daily basis: nope 

Why did I choose my URL: Magpie collection: it reflects the weird mishmash of things - magpies keep shiny things  and mtr is for mrstrentreznor (my fanfic name that most people know me by) and amg is me… obviously :)

tags: @samsjazz   @its-0nly-f0rever @partlygood @notfuckingbeige

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This is the second last morning I’ll be waking up alone!! going to miss it to an extent, but after tomorrow morning I’ll be moved in and waking up to a loving dude everyday. Even though we don’t have too much support from the parents, my grandpa gave us his best and jumped right into our shoes to understand why we made the choice to move in together for the last few months of school, said he thought we could make it easier on one another and work together. Our thoughts exactly gramps. “Just don’t put a bun in the basket” were his only words of advice. Way better than “we think its the wrong choice; it could be a distraction from school”. Ahhh, 21st century parents. Whatchya gunna do? But you know what, they’re helping with the move even if it means they can get a few more jabbs in before its done. They’re still there and supportive, all I can ask. ❤

Rent a Villa in Spain for a Esteemed Intermezzo

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Watch this robot hit the same hole-in-one Tiger Woods did in 1997

For all of you worried about robots stealing your job, watch out, because it looks like they are getting better at us at sports too.

A robot hit a hole-in-one after only its fifth attempt last week. You heard that right — five attempts later and it did better than most do in a lifetime!

RAW Embed

And the best part? That hole-in-one is the same shot Tiger Woods got in 1997. It occurred on the 16th hole of Arizona’s TPC Scottsdale course.

The robot was developed by Gene Parente, who runs Golf Laboratories — a lab that uses robots to test golf clubs and balls since they can’t get tired. The robot seen last week is named LDRIC, which stands for Launch Directional Robot Intelligent Circuitry, but perhaps more importantly is pronounced “Eldrick” (Like Tiger’s first name).

RAW Embed

In addition to showing up Tiger Woods, LDRIC can also duplicate anyone’s swing to up to 130 miles per hour. The robot is so good, Parente thinks it could beat the best player in the PGA tour, he said in a video showing off LDRIC.

In the video, Parente notes that he has built 40 robots that conduct testing for the laboratory, but none like LDRIC.

So why build LDRIC? Parente said in the video it’s not only that people are interested in robots, but golf is such a difficult game that it’s interesting to see a machine that can play it well.

But perhaps the best reason why: “It’s just cool,” Parenti said.

We agree.

Youtube Embed:
Width: 800px
Height: 450px

H/T Popular Science

NOW WATCH: A restaurant in China prepares food in 90 seconds — because of robots

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NAME: Carmen


GENDER: Female

HEIGHT: 175 cm




AVERAGE HOURS OF SLEEP: 8h, if not i’m worst than a zombie.


LAST THING I GOOGLED:  that gif from above. I didn’t have it saved :(

NUMBER OF BLANKETS I SLEEP UNDER: One or two, it depends

FAVORITE ARTIST/BAND: REM will always be MY band. But lately i’m having a soft spot for Belle & Sebastian and ZAZ

DREAM JOB: Half of my problems wouldn’t exist if i could answer this properly

WHAT I’M WEARING RIGHT NOW: yoga pants and an old grey t-shirt. Perfect outfit to not to come out of the house or even the closet today.

WHEN DID YOU CREATE THIS BLOG: 4 or 5 years ago i think.

CURRENT NUMBER OF FOLLOWERS: 168 (please one more and i can make the joke)

WHAT DO YOU POST ABOUT: I wanna be cool so i’m going to say that photography and aesthetics things some days and TV shows other days. But i fool no one. The shows I like are pretty gay. I’m gay too. Therefore, this is a VERY VERY GAY blog. So lesbians, I post about lesbians. 

WHEN DID YOUR BLOG REACH ITS PEAK: A year ago more or less i was very into the fandoms things and all, but now I hardly log in once a week :((

WHAT MADE YOU DECIDE TO GET A TUMBLR: A friend showed it to me


WHY DID YOU CHOOSE YOUR URL: Needed something silly that i could relate to, first url that was avaliable was this one.

Nominees: If you’re reading this from your computer, you are queer and if it is past 17:46h, you’re nominated. Don’t ask why, just do it.

screw every last person on this earth who thinks that taking a certain pill everyday will make you feel better. taking medication that was prescribed with intent to “treat” my mental problems has only caused me even more distress than I had before. I cannot tell you how many nights I’ve stayed awake wondering when I’ll finally find the right Rx that doesn’t make me an apathetic piece of shit who wishes they could express their feelings, but lost desire for that and everything else this world has to offer.