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NANA Week - Day 4:  Cake

anonymous asked:

HI! I'm the one who sent you the req about Prompto getting married and hoo bOY I LOVE IT THANK YOU SO MUCH A GFSHDJ Now can I request Ignis getting married??? ;v; Thank you so much aaaa-

hello again, anon! I loved your Prompto request (it’s actually one of my favorite things I’ve written recently). thanks for sending one in for Ignis – I hope you like it! 

I did marriage headcanons for Ignis a little while ago, too, if you haven’t already checked them out :)

(also I totally forgot about ffxv week, so I tried to throw the theme for day one in here (frozen in time). hope that’s all good)

word count: 802 (fluff)

Fingertips whispered across bare skin, branding unspoken words of love across your cheekbones. A breeze floated through open panelled windows, pulling the music of dawn in and stringing it through your home. He gazed at you, basking in the morning sun, blissfully unaware of the new day it brought as you continued to sleep. His eyes, soft and calculating, counted your eyelashes. They traveled to the bridge of your nose, found a niche in your forehead. He explored every bit of you – was lost in you – became entangled in your hair.

Then he retreated, eyeing the clock on your nightstand, willing the seconds to stop ticking away.

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*whispering* you don’t have to do this. you can turn around now and confess your sins and hope they just sentence you to community service or something

no offense but i deserve better

Started watching My Hero Academia, due to peer pressure from my Tumblr dash. Four episodes in, and it’s entertaining enough so far, but… It’s fucking 2017. Why do we still not have equal representation of female characters in anime?

why the dao companions join you
  • alistair: because we're the only grey wardens left lol
  • morrigan: because my mom made me go
  • sten: because it's better than staying this cage i guess
  • leliana: because the maker told me to
  • wynne: because you're helping the mages & didn't kill me so i guess we're cool
  • oghren: because ur going to the deep roads and where the he LL is branka
  • zevran: because you didn't kill me when i tried to kill you haha oops no hard feelings am i right??? :^) :^)
  • shale: because i have nothing better to do
  • dog: because i love u

Swan Queen Appreciation Week

Day 2: Favorite Moment - “You’d do that?