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The Amazon Echo is on sale for its lowest price of the year at $130
Amazon is running a sale on the popular Echo speaker that cuts the price to $129.99, or $50 off the usual $179.99, which makes it the best deal we’ve seen on the full-size Echo this year. So, if you’ve been thinking about picking up an Amazon Echo to introduce Alexa into your apartment, or have been on the fence when comparing it to Google’s $130 Home, today might be a good time to pick an Echo up. The deal is valid for today only, starting at 12AM ET through 11:59PM ET, on Amazon’s website. Vox Media has affiliate partnerships. … Read more

If you get bored or annoyed during this year’s e3, due to a lack of creative, fun and playful games….

Play these games instead!!

Zack & Wiki
A unique point-and-click puzzle type game that feels like an interactive toybox pop-up book of silly pirate cartoon action.
Bad controls? Yes.
Worth playing anyway? Yes x 10000

Simple premise: interact with your environment to find the tiny little Eledees. You’ve NEVER played interactivity like this before, though. This game will expand on its premise and blow you away.

3D platform adventure game - the best context for platforming and adventuring I’ve ever seen - you’re a tiny robot helping a full-size human family with their personal problems! 10000% adorable and perfect.

Space Channel 5 Part 2
(Probably) my favourite rhythm game ever. Very very difficult but totally creative, silly and charming. More games need a tone like this one.

Under the Skin
You play as an alien, wandering around various environments on earth, trying to disguise yourself so you can play pranks on humans and earn your pranking license. Yes.