it's beginning to look a lot like christmas~


Christmas song time! It’s beginning to look a lot like science! Merry Christmas everyone! ;)

  • Qrow: It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas~~
  • Winter: Qrow, I swear to god, it is the middle of July.
  • Qrow: But just look around us!
  • Winter: Yes my name is Winter and you are, for the time being, living in my house, which has a lot of white furniture. That doesn't mean it's funny to sing christmas carols.
  • Qrow: Fine, fine. So where's the bathroom.
  • Winter: Down the hall and to the right. Anywhere else you need to know the location of?
  • Qrow: How do I get up on the rooftop, click click click?
  • Winter: *Slowly clenches her fists, audibly crinkling the paper she's holding.
  • Winter: Qrow, do you know why you're staying here?
  • Qrow: Cause baby it's cold outside?
  • Winter: No, because you need to conceal your location for the time being so the enemy doesn't know where you are. Your life is at risk. This is no laughing matter, which means no more jokes.
  • Qrow: Okay, okay...
  • Winter: ........
  • Qrow: ...... *Opens mouth to speak, but then closes it*
  • Winter: ......
  • Qrow: .......
  • Winter: Okay fine, one more, but this the last one.
  • Qrow: Really?
  • Winter: Yes.
  • Qrow: *Points to a family portrait, moving his finger from Weiss, to Winter, to their mother*
  • Qrow: Ho Ho Ho
  • Winter: *Knees him in the fucking groin*

At @zheawesomest​, again sorry i’m an idiot.

  • Drinks all of the coffee

Shiro, probably.  He does not sleep ever so coffee runs through his veins.  Lance has been a little shit at least once by changing all the coffee to decaf.  He regreted this greatly

  • Brings up adopting a pet

Ooooh, this is probably both of them.  Like I think Lance is more likely to mention it but Shiro and Lance both regularly bring strays home.

  • Kills the bugs

Shiro.  Like I imagine Lance will if he’s the only on in the house but he’s more than happy to play damsel in distress and get his big strong shiro to protect him from the bugs

  • Cooks the meals

Definitely Lance.  Shiro can not cook.  Shiro is a mess in the kitchen.  This man can not tell food from plastic that maybe keeps you a life a little.  He lives as a broke college student always and Lance will not take it.  When Hunk or Lance’s mother is over, however, they are the ones to cook.

  • Starts getting into holidays way before they should

Lance.  He will start singing ‘it’s beginning to look a lot like christmas’ the moment they walk in the house after trick or treating.  It’s basically a tradition at this point in his life and Shiro thinks its adorable.

  • Initiates the couple selfies

Again, Lance.  Shiro goes alway with it surprising well.  They will often do stupid things ust for selfies

  • Forgets the birthdays and anniversaries

Shiro.  He doesn’t mean too, really.  It just sort of slips his mind.  He’s a busy person and he just often forgets the date.  Lance, however, prepares super early and tries really hard.  He gets really quiet when Shiro forgets and doesn’t actually say anything and feels really shitty.  He doesn’t point it out cause he doesn’t want Shiro to feel bad, Shiro usually finds out from the others asking what happened and feels really shitty.  He always makes it up tho.

  • Always ends up with too much junk food after grocery shopping

Shiro again, the enteral college student.  Lance is very careful about what he eats and after the first time has refused to let Shiro do the grocery shopping without a strict af list

  • Nicknames the other

Both.  Everyone assumes its Lance but Shiro is just as likely to call Lance by adorable pet names

kageganta  asked:

Favorite songs from everyone willing to give me an answer GO!

BEN: Killer by The Ready Set

EJ: Ironic by Alanis Morissette

LJ: The Nyan Cat song

Masky: Its Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

Toby: Live while We’re Young by One Direction

Jane: Scare to Your Beutiful by Alessia Cara

Jeff: Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing (edgy bitch)

The Bloody Painter: The bus Is Late by Satellite High

Bart’s not religious.

His dad sort of was, at least in the vaguely familiar with Christianity, believes in heaven and hell and sometimes prays when everything really sucks way you could expect that a kid raised during the transitory period from a free to an enslaved planet by a vaguely Christian widowed mother would be.

Bart isn’t though. He listened to his dad talk about it when he was little, but he just couldn’t ever believe it because of the utter shit show the world he was raised in was. He definitely doesn’t take up religion after coming back to the past because a higher power (or multiple of the them) didn’t save the world, he and the Team did.

He is, however, a total Christmas ho.

You know that person you know who puts on Christmas music on November 1st? That coats their entire house with Christmas decorations, eats candy canes like Bugs Bunny eats carrots, wears nothing but holiday sweaters the entire month of December (complete with antlers AND a Santa hat, he never just does one because Bart is a mess) and unironically watches all the cheesy Christmas movies on repeat? Bart is THAT guy, because he just thinks that the holiday is so incredibly fun just for fun’s sake, which is something he never got to have in his future, not even for a second.

This is ironic, because Jaime, the one who’s actually religious in their relationship, HATES it.

“If I hear anyone else sing Feliz Navidad, juro por Dios, I’m gonna scream. Yes, that includes you Bart. You’re the WORST about it!“ the scarab actually plots out ways to kill everyone who sings it to annoy him. (Jaime never lets him go through with it, of course, but he appreciates the sentiment) Jaime does put up with a lot of Christmas shit though because Bart is so into it and seeing him smile that genuinely is worth putting up with most of the peppermint scented Westeros length winter the holiday promises.