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oh my GOD ok i swear ive been in the billdip fandom since 2015(the beginning. ya its been 2 goddam years) and ive NEVER seen human Bill drawn as the way I imagine him and holy shit.........your bill is EXACTLY HOW I SEE HIM N I FINALLY FOUND THIS GOD BLESS I CANT WAIT FOR MORE BILLS FROM U

OMFG WE HAVE THE SAME HEAD CANNON HOW WILD! I should have started this blog early 2016 when I fully got into shipping them I’m scrEAMING

I just need to get this out.

My personal image of Hermione is fixed in my head as white, because I’ve seen her a certain way since the first time I read the Harry Potter books ten years ago. But I also adore fan-made representations of black Hermione and otherwise non-white Hermione, and I’m so pleased with the casting choice for her in The Cursed Child.

And if you deny people of color the right to claim Hermione Granger – a character who represents equality and empowerment – as their own, I have a huge problem with you.


I’ve been visualizing most personality traits this way since Psych 101 a million years ago, but I often see sexuality and gender talked about as if they had on/off switches. In truth, it’s OK to be a combination of elements in differing amounts. It’s OK to fit neatly in some categories but not others.


Jensen & Jared will be on Saturn Awards tomorrow! (And hopefully Danneel too *fingerscrossed*) [x]|[OfficialTwitter]|[OfficialInstagram]|[OfficialYoutubeChannel]


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Dearest Kyungsoo,

It’s been almost three years since you guys have debuted, and I’ve had the pleasure of seeing how EXO has grown as a group. Even with the challenges and changes that you all have had to go through, you guys persevered.

But of everyone, I think you’ve come the farthest. Or maybe I’m just a bit biased. ^^;; From your debut stage to your latest performances, I’ve seen how you’ve improved. And I’m so proud. I love you so much, and I wish you the best of luck in everything you do. You’re so talented, and I hope you get more opportunities to rest because without your health, you’re nothing. I hope you become acknowledged by everyone in both the acting and musical world.