it's been years since i've seen this

  • a very potter musical: I've been alone/Surrounded by darkness/And I've seen how heartless/The world can be
  • also a very potter musical: I can't defeat thee/So please don't eat me
  • a very potter sequel: I'm laughing/It's hard to hide a smile/My god, it's been a while/Since I have had a reason to
  • also a very potter sequel: Hermione can't draw/Hermione can't draw/Hermione cannot draw!
  • a very potter senior year: After the sun has had its rest/It will arise, and light up the sky!/You can't hold onto what's past/Nothing is made to last
  • also a very potter senior year: Oh, no! It's a big bad spider. I'm so scared!/Yeah, get in my mouth.

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Oooh ooh oooh can you please do Rex/Obi Wan for the celebrity au.

Celebrity au it is!  And by that i mean clearly I had to go the Notting Hill route.

(for the cliche au meme)

The bell Anakin insisted hanging over the door jangled, hopefully signaling Anakin’s successful return from the bakery down the block. Obi-Wan stepped from the back room into the shop proper, frowning down at his cup of lukewarm tea.

“I think it’s time to invest in a new electric kettle,” he said.

“Yeah, judging by that scowl, I’d say that’s a good idea.”

Obi-Wan looked up. “You’re not Anakin,” he said stupidly.

The man smiled and gave a small, disarming shrug. “Sorry to disappoint.”

“You’re not a disappointment,” he said before his brain could intervene. The man wasn’t nearly as tall as Anakin, who hit his growth spurt at fifteen and shot up seven inches in five months, but he had broad shoulders and fairly impressive biceps. He was not, Obi-Wan observed in a strictly objective manner, unattractive, even if he couldn’t decide if the man’s blond hair was natural or bleached.

“That’s good to know.”

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  • McCree: It's been years since I've seen him. And we were part of a pretty bad chapter together. There's no way I'm still hung up on him. Only a right fool would be hung up over a fella for years like that.
  • Genji: Jesse! It's been so long! How are you doing?
  • McCree, still in love: I'm feeling like one hell of a fool right now. How about you?

Olympus Ballroom Au

The weeks went by, and the dates with Annabeth got longer and longer.

Percy sat down on his bed, fixing his shirt. He didn’t realize his shirt had been buttoned up askew, or that his jeans had been unzipped for the past hour or so.

His mind was racing. First, she dragged him to a flower garden. That was the firsts date she planned, and he loved every bit of it. Then he took her down to Olympia, watching her gush over the buildings and the history. Then they went on a trip to Rainier, spent a full day there, barely making it back home before midnight.

- More Under Cut -

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It's been awhile since I've seen this blog so uh... you ship TomTord right? I highly recommend you read "Dear Starboy" it is an amazing, and beautifully written Tomtord fanfic over on Wattpad that I think you'd might like (warning tho, there are lots of FEELS)


100/10 would recommend for any tomtord shipper to read!!

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Speaking of fic... what are some of your all time fave CS fics? I miss captain swan It's been a while since I've read these two or even seen them on screen since I've stopped watching lol

oh man ok honestly you should just keep checking this post back because this is a 5 year long question and i’m sure i’m going to think of new ones all the time and update this post! 

but (in no particular order):

but i’ve fallen pretty behind on a lot of fics, especially any new ones, so i will def update or post about them once i get caught up 

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I've been reading this comic for a few weeks now and I love it! It's awesome and you're awesome authors! I have a question for you: what led you to design Asriel without a mane? I'm curious, since I've seen designs of him as an adult with a mane. It seems to be a common "Boss Monsters look like a mix between a goat and a lion" headcanon.

thank you very much! your support means a lot.

in canon, boss monsters have extremely long lifespans. in caretaker, asriel is only 38 years old, which is nothing in the face of thousands of years. he could grow long hair like asgore eventually, but he’s too young right now!

(his hair would be black, though – a trait that comes from toriel’s side of the family. on that note, did you know that dark manes are considered the most attractive?)

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I JUST SEEN UR JIKOOK ANALYSIS AND I SCREAMED BC I'VE NOT SEEN ANY. i have been literal jikook trash ever since that iconic backhug scene (u know which one) and there wasnt that many moments before that because y'know, shy jungkook and all, it was sad af and recently, within the last year, THERE HAS BEEN SO MANY. people say it's fan service but i know for a fact it's not. like actually look at them? i ship them so hard it hurts. for me, personally, i think they're the realist ship in bts.


I used to not ship jikook way back in the day? when jungkook was shyer? I thought that it was fan service then, and their dynamic of jimin flirting and jungkook running away at the time i dismissed as a casual fan service dynamic or maybe just as a running gag between both of them just as a casual dynamic? But as time went on I realized, that it wasn’t?

It’s just…so…obvious…that it isn’t just a gag.

Listen, as time went on it became really clear that Jeongguk really cared about Jimin that much was clear. But then as more time went on, it became a little too much? Not in the whole, over the top way, in the subtleties way. In the way Jeongguk always teases Jimin to get his attention, but when others tease Jimin he instantly defends him, in the little stares and the really long stares, in the way he speaks so softly and affectionately about Jimin. And then, in the way they touch each other, it’s so comfortable and soft. Jeongguk’s VERY VERY obvious jealous, which if you know anything at ALL about body language is literally like IMPOSSIBLE to miss. As every day goes by, Jeongguk’s affectionate nature for Jimin becomes more honest and easy and clear. And not in a fanservice way in that way that comes from spending close to 7 years with someone, someone you cherish and someone you’re comfortable with. 

I focus on Jeongguk because, tbh, Jeongguk is the most obvious one out of both of them in my opinion, which is REALLy funny to me because Anti-shippers of Jikook like to think that Jeongguk is the one that doesn’t like Jimin and like to say Jimin is just obsessed or Jeongugk never returns the affection. If they think that A.) they’re living in the past, or B.) they’re mindlessly hating or ya know, just blind.

Jeongguk is the most obvious man in the world, and i think it should be REALLY obvious to see how genuinely he cares about Jimin, how attached he is, and how deep their bond runs. And that’s just on the LOWEST level.

I’m not saying Jikook is the realest ship in Bangtan, but, I’m not NOT saying it either…


“If I am ever queen, I will make them love me.”

“Ye may have a greater prince, but ye shall never have a more loving prince.”

Sansa Stark and Elizabeth Tudor have numerous parallels between them, starting with their physical resemblances, ending with the strangely similar arcs their lives appear to take. 

As far as I can see, there are four areas under which to divide comparisons: physical, personality traits, parallel events, and predictions for the future of the book series. 

Under a cut because this got long.

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  • what she says: I'm fine :-)
  • what she means: this is the biggest bangtan has ever been and I never could've imagined them being this huge before last year I'm so proud of these boys who worked their asses off to get where they stand remember that time we all had to spread I Need U around everywhere we could so it could get just 1mil?? Well now we're getting over 3mil in less than 24hrs and breakin records and it's so unreal how much they've grown as a group and how much more recognition they got in just a year since 쩔어 came out and they're still one of the most generous groups I've ever seen they are too good for us I just wanna thank them for all their hard work and whipping me into shape w their words and lyrics I'm so much happier now thanks to bangtan