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“You guys are sick,” Scott rolled his eyes, pushing Peter’s side to catch his attraction somewhere else beside your general direction. “Seriously, get a room.”

“Oh well i’m sorry that i’m just appreciating how nice my Girlfriends ass looks in the new suit!” Peter raised his hands and his voice, making it sure everyone heard what he was saying.  The others started laughing, not bothering to hide it at all. You could even hear Jubilee make a wooting sound.

“Hey, you were thinking the same of me.” His signature smirk appeared, looking at you mischievously. 

“Peter! Oh my god,” You felt a blush rise rapidly, so you quickly triing to cover your face. Maybe if you didn’t see them they wouldn’t see you? but your actions made it even more painfully obvious how embarrassed you were.

“Hah! knew it!”

looking for otome blogs to follow

hello! so it’s been a year since i’ve actively posted otome stuff since the whole blog deleting incident, and now that i’m trying to get myself back into otome stuff i’m gonna try to follow more otome blogs again. please like or reblog if you post any of the following, and i’ll try to check out your blog! also, since this is a sideblog likes and follows will come from my main, yurikatsuki.

  • serendipity next door
  • star crossed myth
  • irresistible mistakes
  • dangerous seduction
  • really any voltage inc stuff there are just way too many things to list
  • code realize
  • kenka banchou
  • period cube
  • mystic messenger
  • uta no prince sama
  • amnesia memories
  • ozmafia
  • hakuoki
  • nightshade
  • collar x malice
  • probably other games that i’ve forgotten about

i also lost a lot of mutuals so if we were mutuals before and we aren’t now and i don’t follow you could you please tell me or something


Pasty and Delia ||Saturn

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After living alone for so many years, the concept of living with Eren was a surreal experience for Levi. However, as weeks pass of waking up beside Eren every morning, seeing his chest slowly rise and fall with each calming breath while wearing a blissful expression, made the memory of sleeping alone become foggier each day. He never realized how warm and cozy his bed could feel with Eren in it and coming home to be greeted with a wide smile of pure joy solely for him, along with tight hugs and endearing kisses, was something Levi would take no time getting used to. Never would he have thought another person’s presence in the most intimate parts of his life would make him feel so utterly content, but as always, Eren never failed to surpass Levi’s expectations

luckydicekirby  asked:

it's been a long time since I've stayed up late reading something, but I just stayed up too late reading How the Marquis Got His Coat Back, and that story made me so, so happy. However long you worked on it was very worth it.

Thank you! I’m really proud of it.