it's been too long since i made one of these

Me: I have very high standards!
Everyone: -submits their fanart/fanfics-

I’m sorry. Not really. I just love all your fanarts.

I’ve spent the last two hours drawing this on my tracpad because I love Lalli a lot 

but also it’s 6:30 am and I have to be up at 9 so you’d better just have it as it is because my death is imminent lolrip


They say there’s a powerful sorceress living in the forest, able to change her shape at will, leading men to their doom…

Killian Jones is not afraid of magic or legends; he’s seen and lived through too much for that. But when he is hired to steal the Swan Witch’s wings, he stumbles into a tale of betrayal, revenge, and a terrible curse. And his heart, silenced for so long, refuses to stay out of it.

For @wellyfullofale ’s 10 Day Robron Challenge

Day 1 - Friday 10th Feb : Favourite ‘First’

Their first kiss. The one that started it all. Who’d have thought we’d be 10 days away from their wedding now. So much passion and intensity, right from the start. They just wanted each other. They still just want each other. Only now there’s feelings and love and giving a damn about things as well as the passion, which makes it all so much better. It’s such a beautiful kiss too.

I want more of Annabeth being a big softy. 

Annabeth who: 

  • almost cries when her ice cream falls off the cone so Percy offers to buy her a new one but she says no thank you cause it just won’t be the same 
  • crawls into bed after a long day and hides under the covers because sometimes it’s just all too much 
  • builds a huge pillow and blanket fort in her living room because it’s been too long since she’s made one and sometimes it’s just nice to do things she didn’t always get to do as a kid– and there’s pizza and popcorn and cookies and fairly lights and disney movies and cuddling and laughter. So much laughter. 
  • hand draws Chiron father’s day cards every year because she just loves him and she wants/needs him to know how much 
  • smiles at every little kid she passes on the street and has to stop herself from petting every dog she walks by 
  • gets scared in the dark sometimes so she just needs whoever is with her to hold her hand until she can get her bearings 
  • sorts halloween candy into different labeled buckets for kids who have certain allergies and she always buys an extra bag for the kids who come later and may not have as much as everyone else 
  • sobs every time she watches The Notebook because no matter how ridiculous the story may seem in real world context, it’s just so damn happy and heartbreaking all at the same time 
  • spends weeks picking out birthday and christmas presents for her friends and family because she wants them to be as special and personal as they can possibly be– sometimes she even puts notes in her phone about inside jokes so she won’t forget when it comes time to start shopping 
  • plans special picnics in the park for her and Percy because she wants to make sure he feels as special as he makes her feel 

just Annabeth who isn’t usually good with her feelings but dives into them because it just feels good to feel things 

I, I been gone I been gone too long singing my songs on the road.
Another town, one more show and I’m coming home.
Don’t give a damn what these keys I hold
I’m gonna knock down that front door, and

I'ma find out what that house is made of.
Been too many nights since its felt us make love.
I wanna rock some Sheetrock, knock some pictures off the wall.
Love you baby, like a wrecking ball.

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It’s been 10 months since I made this blog and it was never my expectation to reach 1k before reaching one year! Thank you so much for everyone who have been following me all the way though I never get to talk much to most of you but still thank you so much! I met friends along the way and you guys know who you are! I was too shy to talk at first but I got used to it eventually but I’m still shyyy to some so I would really appreciate to continually meet more amazing people ^.^

Actually, I was supposed to make this a few days ago but since the past month I had a lot of priorities in my life such as being busy at school which it became impossible for me to be around most of the time. But still this blog will keep on existing till whoever knows when ;)

My 1st FF yet I don’t even know if I deserve this but I’m happy to reach this milestone!  I started getting a lot of follows ever since I started making edits yet I’m not  satisfied most of the time how they turned out but I still post them anyway. Again, thank you so so much guys! All of you are awesome! Until next FF ;)

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Updates, updates, updates.

So, thankfully, the nausea has gotten A LOT better and I’m not sick all the time, so that’s good. I can finally keep a meal down for more than an hour.
And the pregnancy book I’m reading says that the baby’s supposed to start ‘breathing’ by now so that is most definitely exciting news!
Appearance wise though…I’m… u-uh…w-well, let’s just say certain parts of my body are getting bigger.

it’s been a while since i last made one plus i was mainly a 1d blog when i originally made my first one but now i’m mostly a kpop blog // i’ve lost a bunch of mutuals but i’ve also gained a bunch so i just wanted to make a new one // also partly bc i was bored anyways i love you all!! p.s shoutout to my new kpop mutuals and a big shoutout to non kpop blogs who still follow me ily 💖✨

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☆・°:*:° (〃 ̄ー ̄)ノ ☆・°:*:°  It’s that time of the uhh….-time again! I can’t believe it’s been four months and I’ve already reached 4k cute potatoes! I decided to skip my 3k since I hit it a week and a half after the last one and didn’t want to annoy the people I follow. Anyway, I’m berry much grateful to everyone who follows me and also to the friends I’ve made on this bloody website. Thank you to all the cute potatoes who have given me support this entire time or who have just come across my trash blog. I LOVE YOU ♥ Also, I apologise to anyone I missed; I’m not the most organised person ;^;

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