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Aiya--I cannot stress this enough, but don't rush yourself in finishing works in progress. I know you might feel pressure and whatnot to finish them, but there is no due date to art (unless school related. But art teachers are pretty chill yo). There's no rush to finishing any animations either. I've been looking into a few programs and it's really hard to draw frame by frame. I am aware that's not how you animate, but I see now that it does take time and patience. So don't rush, it's okay <3

Seriously can I just…

I have… literally no words left to say- I’m so happy rn ccc’: I’ve been waiting too long to find a time to draw this- and it’s really not much, so I’m so sorry, I’ll make sure I’ll do better soon and thank u properly this time… ;;;;w;;;; because really- I’m really thankful for ur words and ur support… now everytime I just see u make u me smile gosh- hhhhhhh-..

Yeah- I still wanna tell many things tbh.. but it’s really late and I can’t think straight at all– tho Thanks again!! ;;//W//;; ur ask seriously made my day better♥

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If it hasnt been requested, could you please do one where Will has gone blind? Maybe a mortal au?

ok so like before u read this take a look at this art by cherryandsisters bc tbh thats where i got a little inspiration for this ok now lets go

  • When people are nice to will hes nice back, when theyre condescending and patronizing and whatever when theyre pretending to be nice will politely tells them off and when people are just plain jerks will treats them the same
  • He likes to sit around in public places and listen to everything that goes on around him bc he feels a lot less lonely just being around people even if none of them are acknowledging him in any way
  • One times hes minding his own business drinking a coffee sitting in the food court at a mall and he hears someone walk up to him and theyre like “hey sorry to bother you but my friend thinks you’re cute”
    • Wills like “ok your friend or you” and the guy (jason) says “definitely my friend” so wills like “ok and ur friend is??” and theres another voice (hint its nico) whos like “im right here im short im not invisible i shouldve figured u’d be a jerk nobody wears sunglasses inside on a cloudy day unless theyre a douche”
    • insert that one fanart by cherryandsisters so wills like “im wearing these for ironic purposes ironically i cant see shit” and smiles super bright and jason’s like “ok sorry for bothering you” and starts to walk away but wills like “wait you’re gonna call me cute and walk away??”
  • They sit and talk for a while and nicos kinda awkward bc why isn’t this guy super offended???? But it turns out will is actually super nice?? And nico talks about how he works at a music store and will gets all excited bc he loves music!! He taught himself how to play a bunch of instruments before he went blind and nico should totally take him to that music store right now!!!
    • So nico takes him there ofc and gives will a seat and hands him a guitar and like wills super rusty but he can still play pretty decently and he smiles up at nico kinda shy and even though he cant see its like hes looking straight at nico
    • wills like “ive always been better at piano” and nicos like “we have a piano!!” and leads will over to the piano and he plays that for a little while too and like ok nico thought this boy was cute but hes fricken in love with his smile????

thank u for the suggestion and sorry for the super long delay in answering it!!

drop an au in my ask and get a list of headcanons!

no more please!

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Heya! I stumbled upon your Tumblr and fall in love with it! Been walking in it for hour xD Loved your art style and chibi! It's so smooth and so cute ;-; I would really like and love to draw like that, i'm still not that good enough >< And BTW you're not that short! U still good :D my tall is 4'11 and everyone thinks i'm a middle schooler :s I would really like to see more of your art And have nice day~ << sorry long, feel free to ignore :p

thank you ////

Also I’ve been passing as a child for so long too LOL 😂  I can prob still buy a child’s ticket at the movies lmao

in case u don’t wanna watch voltron anymore, but are still curious about the third season, here’s a list of notable things

  • Allura pilots a lion! she ends up with blue, and it seems like the reason because of this is that she’s learning to open up about her feelings, but mainly what she tells us is that she doesn’t want to be a bystander to a war thats affected her so much
  • lotor’s a lot more conniving than his dad. he’s not as blinded by his desire to pilot black, tho he clearly has his own agenda thats more than just “go, fight, win”
  • since keith pilots black now everything’s been kind of keith centric, though lance gets a lot of development adjacently, since he’s the first to accept keith as team leader & helps him out throughout the season
    • most of lance’s development is just underlining his issues with feeling inadequate as a paladin, but no one like, directly tells him they appreciate him as a team
  • Shiro might be a clone but he;s probably mind controlled and either way he wakes up in a galra base again & makes his way back, but even thought black helps find him, she refuses to accept him as her pilot
  • hunk’s had a lot less jokes about food & etc this season and actually does a bunch of science stuff w pidge. pidge doesnt really do much
  • we see the past paladins, how the lions were made, and basically the context for how the galran war started
  • apparently haggar is zarkon’s wife and she’s an altean scientist that Alfor knew who started working in quintessance research and multidimensional research and basically wanted to make herself immortal 
  • speaking of alternate dimensions, there’s a dimension where Allura didn’t get frozen and instead defeated the galra & her people decided to spread a message of peace across the galaxy by stripping entire species of their free will and making them serve their empire. reminder: all alteans are people of color.
  • lotor’s plan is kind of vague but i think it involves wanting the galra to have the ability to make wormholes? most likely to other planets, and possibly other realities as well
  • also all his generals are girls and for a moment i assumed he had taken all the galra woman in his personal army because he’s a weirdo and a guy but the girls r cool and v competent. one of them is the galra keith saw in the balmara

Jaspenor fans, don’t despair. The showrunners didn’t make both Jasper and Eleanor wonderful with Sarah Alice for nothing.

We know, or may be, very good parents who’ve had very bad parents. Eleanor’s parents, we can grade on a sliding scale. Jasper’s were a horrorshow.

With abusive parents, if you emerge just intact enough, you have a blueprint of everything not to do. You’re also probably a bit of a kid yourself, since it wasn’t safe to be one the first time around. So you can understand some things regular adults can’t. And you’re a little more fun, too.

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Omfg your chanbaek rant or analysis or whatsoever is so daebak. Pless do more senpai. And about the tattoo, the heartbeat, love and baek latin (??) Can u give me a link or just post the picture? I wnt to see w my own eyes bfore i want to cry of hppiness. And what rumors did u talk abt in previous ask? Ive been away from internet for too long that i weirded out by ur profile pic why she have doesnt hve a same pair of foot bcs the othr one slightly bigger n then i found out its actually chanbaek

The heart and the heart beat tattoo

Baekhyun’s tattoo.

It says  “mundus vult decipi, ergo (decipiatur)” which means "the world wants to be deceived, let it be"

as for the rumors, they vary but the bottom line is they already broke up lmao. life’s good. and yeah, my feet icon is gross but its good gross 

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in golden gate park theres this science museum it has this rainforest thing you can walk through and look at some reptiles and butterflies and its really humid just so u kno, theres also an aquarium and there is always new exhibits and stuff it's been a long time since i visited tho so idk. its really close to the japanese tea garden which is also really neat too!

THANK U ily!!!!!!!!!!! i was planning to go to the park anyways so thanks for the heads up in regards to the other things i can see there >:-)


ok to start of, i’ve been reading the posts here about ppl being trainees and everything… it’s really funny :P 

i’m not a trainee myself and i do have a trainee friend who is NOT part of the big3, her agency has only (for the moment) one big name under and some other artists that are not really well known.

i’m not saying this to diss anyone, maybe ur experiences were true or maybe it’s half true/half fake, idk. but i just wanna share with you some of the information she told me about being a trainee. u can choose to believe it or not, i just wanna make ppl realize or differentiate about the fake and real trainee accounts (i think most of the posts here are fake but its just my opinion)

ok so she’s been trainee for some years. She’s korean, but she lived overseas for a while (that’s how i met her). I don’t wanna expose too much about her private life just in case she ends up debuting, but long story short. You DO get to see some of the artists but it’s not that often and you don’t interact with them that much. She’s been there for 3 years and she’s not that close to any of them to have “fan accounts” of what they do or how their personalities are, etc.etc.etc.

she was in late, so she had to practice more than her group’s members. Once you get in, they do assign you in your “boy/girl” group, but the members can switch and they can kick you out. She entered in the company when she was 20+/25- (i dont wanna reveal her age XD) and her company kinda pitied her cuz her parents are living overseas, so her boss kinda allows her more vacations. Once she got in, at the beginning, she was really happy, there were some trainee guys who gave her gifts, etc. but now she’s getting reaaaaally tired. she said that every week, she sees new faces coming in and ppl getting out of the company cuz they don’t have the will to continue. The company did some photos on her to see if she lost enough weight to be photogenic enough, but her face was too big even though she lost like 10kg. So she had to pay her own surgery.

The thing is, normally, kpop trainees have to pay half-living/half-surgery. and the company FORCES you to do it. Not verbally, but implicitly, just to see how much you wanna become kpop star. some of the accounts here talks about how they just got in and left like some years later after seeing some celebrities, but they don’t talk about the company’s policies at all, that’s why it makes me wonder how “true” those accounts are. My friend has already appeared on screen (but i won’t say where+what was she doing, again to protect her image). she practices everyday of the week except sunday from 9 to 10pm, and she’ll never know whether she’ll debut or not…that’s why recently she’s been kinda depressed plus the fact that she’s a bit old compares to the new debuts, but at least she gets to do what she wants to do (that’s what she told me).

But yeah…. my point is, i really wanted to show you how a real trainee life is. I know some ppl will still not believe cuz lets be real 95% of the “trainees accounts” here are fakes, so i don’t blame you, but like i said, most of the real trainee lives are based on training and taking some vacations. it’s not about meeting stars or anything. you don’t even have the time to meet the stars, even less time to analyse how they act and everything (eg:ohhh yoona from snsd is sweet in real life, she likes to play with X,Y,Z), that’s just not realistic lol… if you have the time to contemplate them, it maybe means that u should get fired, cuz trainees works their asses off to debut, they simply just dont have the time.

plus, most of the accounts glamorize trainee lives, as if it’s so easy to get in and once you’re in, you get bullied, but at least you have the chance to meet celebrities, blahblaah…i mean, yeah u might get bullied, but most of trainees are genuinely nice, u know why? because if they get to debut, they have ppl rooting for them and they have nice “trainee accounts” from other trainees. it’s REALLY hard to get in ANY agencies, even the crappy ones, my friend auditioned for 2 years… (sidenote: park bom auditioned more than 20times for yg, and she’s THAT talented.

i hope next time you read a trainee account you’ll remember this one :)

Fanart Monday!

Yes!! Back again with another fanart monday!! Thank you guys for submitting fanart!!! I love themmmmmm!!!

Let me remind you that I will only post fanart of the series c’: this goes for you, meme senders! I still love memes tho xDDD

Again, sorry if I forget to add someone’s work! I can only remember those drawings in my ask box, and sometimes I don’t even see them all because Tumblr is a meanie :c

Fanart of the week by @gigagoku30!!

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streaming this concert was so damn worth it, after crying i feel like typing this down so ignore me, its long so yeah OTL

if u follow me u prob i’ve been inactive for a while except for queue and answer inbox. i got a job,and has more responsibility . i kinda want to look for someone too.

and everything is tiring, wyf, luhan, seeing everyone take pity on exo, bash their singing, SM fought w the ex members, but in the end the remaining members had no say and are hurt a lot too. everything made me think maybe my time to leave came earlier than i thought, maybe i can put down my poster and give away my merch. they dont perform as much and keep getting injured, i love them so much but i’m overwhelmed and wanted or not i have to turn to the side that i need to focus on,work to pay rent,driving around

i still keep up w news and such tho not as detail as before, and they have a concert again. idk why SM rushed but they must practice rlly hard cuz this con look rushed but everything was perfect

the new songs all soudn good, choreos were awesome, remixes and everything are so well done, what even better is they sang live fuck yes in the face haters and they improved a lot

meanwhile all this time Tao got injured, they barely rest, Kai and Sehun had to go buy meds for pain or sth,ppl still put pressure on them, SM keep using their name to go against the ex members, after Growl the expectation  came up even more, and they get criticism at the smallest thing, maybe they ll get bashed if they breath too

its honestly tiring to see the fandom fight w each other,and with the other fandom,and the boy get bash,for being talentless,for being under SM, for getting in all these lawsuit mess, no they didnt ask for it.they worked hard and whatever happened already happened

they worked so hard,barely rest, spent like 2-3 days w their fam for New Year after a whole year going to schedule across the world, they’re taking a lot on their shoulders for a guy in their 20s, but ofc they arent living a normal life rn

i’ve been thru everything since the beginning but at some point im tired too,i know sooner or later i have to leave but idk when, i thought this comeback gon be my las but the concert did everything for me

i love them, the only one gorup that i put so much effort in and thank you for those who follow me for such a long time, we share that love, i swear they’re my last group and i adore them. i watch them from the beginning till now and im honestly so fucking proud. sehun and tao grew so much. some were hard lessons but that’s how life is.

SM let them compose and write lyrics now,finally. the whole concert was gold. the tracks they ’ve been hiding were performed, it must be hella awesome to be there. so much fun and emotions

and the last song Promised is composed by Yixing,lyrics by Chen and rap by Yeol for their fans. their VCR say things like thank you for staying and waiting for us. and they broke down. even the ones who never cried before did. yeol did, chen too,minseok did and no kyungsoo didnt lol but still it must be hard

sehun grew so much, he doesnt cry like the hyung, i never forget how yixing said he tried to cheer them up despite being the youngest after wyf left. yixing could only cry, sehun is a kid but he thinks and cares a lot. he takes care of the others tho he should be taken care of.

tao grew a lot too.he’s more mature and his love for the fans is the greatest thing/he always work hard and want to repay the fans.doesnt let fame get to him

all this time they’ve been going to hospitals and clinics for injuries,back pain,ear pain, stomachache, leg injuries u name it. and still work hard for the con which last 5 days and the comeback. there’s gon be promotions and perf, its gon be so hectic and i wish i can give them a hug or let them rest but they want to work hard,for the fans

jongin even feel sorry when he gets hurt.u dont have to,we’re grateful.we had it hard,u had it harder. to practice new verse and new formation for a bunch of song isnt easy. they did everything with a grateful heart and i’m grateful too.really for everything, they were there and pulled me thru a lot of things,they’re special

they see the result of their hardwork now, but it also comes with more burden. at this point i just want them to be happy. they can date if they want,cuz living a life like that w/o someone to talk to or care for u is hard man. idc but if they are happy and well taken care of i have nothing to say.i trust them to be smart about it. i have no business, after everything they deserve all the love and support they get

im gon get this album for sure man. its fantastic.SM did a rlly good job this time. i hope i can attend one someday.and pls keep loving them if ur feels came alive again like me, u know what they did and how hard they worked. i hope they ll get to show mroe and get more recognition for their talents, this fandom will be more united and mature. if not then idgaf,im here for the boys and the nice peeps lol thanks for everything guys, if it wasnt for u guys and what brought us together, EXO ,i wouldnt even be here or i would prob be gone. but now im here, and will be here ,idk how long but its not time to leave yet.i have so many things i want to witness :)

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if the waters in the bottle for too long it can start growing algea and bacteria and in there for TOO long itll probably start growing its own tiny ecosystem and slowly becomes its own country and after a few weeks youll see tiny amphibians crawling on shore just like millions of years ago and becoming dinosaurs and then your bottle becomes Jurassic Park Mini™ so yeah if u drink bottled water thats been in the car for too long youll end up stopping the second evolution of planet earth

where am i