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Fuzzy Slippers of Doom

(Context: Same group as Poke Out His Eyes and Take Off His Leg. Our group has a split party because two of our members have jobs that make them unavailable during the month of January. As a result, I’ve been running the rest of the group through side stuff that doesn’t have any impact on the main story.

In this instance, the party has taken a contract to rid a cistern of its gelatinous inhabitants. Our Druid has cast Spider Climb on our Beastmaster Ranger, who has spent the entire battle creatively dropping explosives into the Cubes. She also has a homebrewed magic item called the Bag of Useful? Items.)

BM Ranger: I have a pair of fuzzy slippers from my bag of useful items. I would like to light a pop, wedge it into one slipper, flip the other slipper around and fit them together and drop them in the cube so that the fuse has enough air to finish once its in there.

DM (me): Okay. Roll a ranged attack.

BM Ranger: (success, rolls damage for the pop - 1d8 fire)

DM: Okay, you quickly light the fuse, wedge the slippers together and drop them. The slippers and their cargo are sucked into the Gelatinous Cube. A second later, the pop goes off. You see a flash of fire, and the Cube’s sides bow out with the force of the explosion. Congratulations, the Gelatinous cube was briefly on fire, and now sits below you, quivering like jell-o. Tiny bits of blue fluff litter its insides, remnants of the slippers.

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Who do you think is responsible for the censorship of sanvers, the writers or the CW? I'm inclined to believe it's the latter. I feel like this is probably standard practice for various networks with "family" shows, but I'm seeing a lot of anger directed towards the writers specifically, and I don't know if it is the most productive thing. Not that the writers shouldn't be criticized for other things.


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If you’re not doing okay, you should tell me,” Jace said…

Alec whirled on him. There was disbelief in his eyes. “Doing okay? How would you be doing?” He demanded…

Jace felt as if Alec had slapped him. He also felt as though he deserved it. It took him several tries before he could get out the next words. “I- I would be in pieces…”

Alec got to his feet… Jace could see every facet of his expression, everything he had been keeping pent up…

“This,” Alec said, gesturing towards himself. “This is me in pieces.”

- Cassandra Clare, City of Heavenly Fire


We’re toxic together, you and me.

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Whether it's offensive for an ally to wear that sticker, or what the intent was, isn't really the point here. If it was the only thing D had ever done of that nature, there'd be room for debate. But it has to be taken in context with everything else over like 7 years. As you & others have pointed out repeatedly. D has done way too much for people dismiss or ignore any 1 thing. It hasn't even been subtle. It takes massive denial to not even consider the possibility that he could be closeted

Anon, I could not agree more with everything you say, and particularly your last sentence:

“It takes massive denial to not even consider the possibility that he could be closeted.”

Darren has tried repeatedly to get his message across. And while I can certainly understand the casual fan not seeing the signs, anyone paying close attention, and that is the people who are communicating with us regularly, are clearly burying their heads in the sand by refusing to at least be open to the possibility. 

It is so incredibly sad to me. I simply do not understand why it is so important for him to be straight. To all of the fans that believe this, I promise your life will not change one ounce when he comes out. But Darren will be a lot happier and finally able to be free and himself.  


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Kai Parker x Reader
word count :
5 348
warning : smut
summary : (based on the song “Taking Back My Love” by Enrique Iglesias)
*gif by chris-woods
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Late night parties at the swimming hole were the last thing Kai had expected Y/N to do. It wasn’t like her. It also wasn’t like her to spend so much time at parties in general , specially around the boys. When he had found her that night , she had been standing on her arms , a guy holding a tube connected to a beerkeg directly into her mouth as she kept drinking. Everyone were cheering her on. Kai would’ve too only the group was made mostly of boys who were looking at her as if she was a piece of meat. It wasn’t helping much that she was wearing ripped light blue short shorts , her white top that had fallen down to her head and the laces of her favourite converses had been untied. Her hair wasn’t even pulled in a pony tale and Kai could hear with his vampire hearing every comment the guys made about her. A moment later she rolled backwards landing on her feet. Y/N wiped her mouth and her eyes fell on Kai , a wide smile spread across her face which quickly faded. He was looking at her as if he had no idea who she was. She raised her plastic cup to him and gulped it all at once. Kai wiped his face with his hand and in a few short angry steps he got to her , not carying about any of those guys he had pushed away , some of which had fallen on the ground.
“What do you think you are doing?” he asked trying to sound calm. “Late night parties ?! Come on , you are coming home with me.”
Y/N directly hooked his hands around his neck pulling him in for a kiss , he returned it for a few seconds and pushed her away.
“I missed you so much.” she beamed at him. “Did you miss me ?”
“OH you have no idea.” he muttered , grabbing her forearm and dragging her after him. As soon as they were away from the group , Kai grabbed her and whooshed them in vampire speed to his car. Damon and Stefan had mentioned that something was up with Y/N and she was acting out of control , but Kai hadn’t want to believe it at first. Seeing her acting the way she had a few moments ago only confirmed the Salvatore brother’s words. He had been away for a week to deal with unresolved family matters in Portland and apparently the fact he had been away had given her the freedom to do whatever the hell she wanted. Kai wondered if he should’ve left her alone to begin with. Specially after that email Damon sent him , which resulted in Kai coming back home earlier than expected.

“What was that about?” wondered Y/N as they walked into the house. Immidiately her hands hooked around Kai’s neck and her lips pressed against his.
“Nothing.” he said pushing her away a moment later , not returning the kiss.
Y/N felt hurt like never before. Kai always wanted to kiss her , in fact usually it was him chasing her around the house not letting her go anywhere before he had drowned her in kisses and had messed up her hair and make up to the point when she had to stay a little longer and be late to fix it all. Y/N followed him into the kitchen , seeing him open one of the cabinets and pulling out a bottle with bourbon. Kai poured himself almost an entire glass and drank all of it at once. Y/N leaned against the doorframe , folding her arms on her chest. He sighed and poured another. She took a few steps towards him gripping his wrist.
“You are going to tell me whats happening now. ” she said , taking the glass from his hands and placing it on the table. “Come on , Kai. We tell each other everything.”
He glanced at her and she felt her blood freeze in her veins. Her boyfriend was looking at her with a mix of hurt , anger and disgust in his eyes. It was a look she had never seen before and a her heart cracked.
“Do we ?” he asked. Even though his voice was calm , there was anger behind it. Like he was trying very hard not to start shouting at her. “What was that stunt tonight ? Is this what you have been up to the whole time while I was gone and all the nights you said you are ‘studying’ with classmates?!”
Y/N’s hands dropped to her sides. Her eyes met his , trying to understand where all of this was coming from. Not once he had snapped at her like that. His voice didn’t have a hint of the softness it usually had when he was talking to her.
“What ? No -”
“Don’t deny it Y/N.” he said taking a step towards her until their bodies were barely and inch apart. Kai towered over her and she found it hard to keep his gaze. His eyes were burning into hers. “Damon and Stefan told me everything. They were very explanatory too. It appears you have had a lot of fun while I was away. The fact you are refusing to meet my eyes now only confirms it.”
Y/N stood frozen on the spot. Stefan and Damon … when she got her hands on them things would get ugly. Whatever they had told Kai it was far from the truth. She had felt alone in the house without Kai and yes she had been partying a bit too hard but she’d never do anything more than just dance and hang around her friends. For her it was only Kai and no one else.
“Hold on. What are you accusing me of?” she asked confused. “That I was cheating ? Don’t you know me at all ?”
“I thought I did. Apparently not.” he snapped.
Y/N placed a hand on her forehead trying to figure things out.
“Yeah. Wow.” he said , taking his glass back and walking towards the door.
“Kai I -”
“You know what hurts the most ?” he said suddenly turning around. “That I trusted you. I loved you with all my heart and you - you betrayed everything we ever had.”
“I what?”
“Damon showed me pictures Y/N.” he said taking out his phone. “There I was , minding my business in Portland , getting ready to come home to you and surprise you when all of the sudden - BAM. I get an email with this picture attached to it.”
He turned his phone screen towards her showing her the photo. Damon had caught her and one of her friends in each other’s arms and from the angle it looked like they were kissing. He clearly had decided to play a joke on Kai.
“I’m going to kill him.” she hissed. “Kai its not what it looks like. He is taking things out of context. How can’t you see this ?! I love YOU. I’d never -”
“I see everything perfectly clearly , thank you very much.” he shouted. “You cheated on me. After everything we went through , all the grief your friends gave us about being together… Where is the warm , kind , loving person who made me want to be better ? All I see is this cold person in front of me who cares only about herself. You meant the world to me Y/N. We had such dreams of being together forever. I was going to turn you so we can have eternity with each other… but its all destroyed now.”
“I’m not cold.”
“Yes , you are. Stone cold and out of control.” he snapped back. “I’m done caring and loving you Y/N. I’m done.”
“What are you saying?” she asked quietly , dreading the answer.His emotions had completely taken over , blinding him.
“Its over. Whatever it was that we had , this entire lie that you turned my life into - it’s over.” said Kai through gritted teeth.
Y/N stared at him as if he was a stranger. He was ending things between them , she didn’t want to believe this was happening but it was. How can he believe DAMON over her? After everything they had been through.
“OH so you are just going to throw everything we had away ? Only because of a picture thats taken out of context ?! ” she shouted. Silence. “Fine then.” she said , raising her voice with every word. “Thank you for just proving to me you have never changed. You are the same monster you were before the merge. Blinded by your emotions , paranoid and afraid of rejection. God , how didn’t I see it before ? My friends were right. You should’ve done the world a favour and stayed in the 1903 Prison World. ”
Kai’s fist mashed the glass he was holding sending glass shards everywhere. Y/N scoffed and left the room , a moment later the half full bottle flew right past her and smacked in the front door.
“You missed.” she shouted , groaning in frustration a moment later.
“I wish I hadn’t.” shouted Kai , flashing in front of her.

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What are your thoughts on the musical episode? Are you excited? Don't really care? Think will be a huge mess?

I am so stoked! I am adamantly calling it Once Upon a Time with Feeling until the title is released. I don’t care if it’s potentially blasphemous - even if in all my optimism, I know them reaching Buffy levels is probably unlikely.

So here’s what happened. I thought a musical wouldn’t really work for Once Upon a Time and I was very skeptical about the idea… then the announcement came and well. I was giddy and unexpectedly over-the-top ridiculously happy about it? I should have known. I’m a total dork. I love musical. I saw Wicked three times in two days once. My favorite movie - I claim it’s Dogville, but it’s really Sister Act. I read the book that turned into Pitch Perfect. I keep hoping to just one day in my life wake up and find we’re doing everything in song. So okay, maybe I’m… unique.

Since it’s happening and not everyone’s happy about it, let’s look at potential bright sides? At the very least, we’re going to get to hear the actors sing. Cast has some really nice voices! It might be beautiful or cute or unexpected. At the very least it’ll be silly and funny to have this weirdo Disney fairy tale world with costumes and dancing and bursting into song. If you go into it just expecting to get some laughs out of it, I doubt you’ll be disappointed. We may have to loosen up a little. Sometimes you go into an episode and you’re just left… not feeling much of anything. This time. Love it, hate it. Cringing, laughing, feeling. Everybody’s at least gonna have some very strong feelings about it!

Where it gets more interesting is that it’s potentially - of course what else would I say - good news for Emma and Regina. Rule number one for musicals - as in, first chapter in Musicals for Dummies 101 - is that you have to give your characters a reason to burst into song. Musicals give insight into how characters are feeling, they voice emotions in a way that normally doesn’t happen and your story has to fit that concept. Part of the success of Buffy’s “Once More With Feeling” was that apart from the catchy songs and great delivery, lyrics, direction and very good balance of humor and drama, it was an explosive episode that really drove the plot forward. They built the episode around this concept. If you haven’t seen it, basically a dancing demon forces all of the characters to randomly burst into song. One by one they reveal secrets as they are singing. Either to each other, or to the audience.

We’re currently in the land of Untold stories. It’s been heavily suggested all of our main characters are keeping secrets. If there was an episode to get into their heads and reveal some of those stories they don’t want told, this would be the one.

Now the reason I am maybe most stoked about it, is that it fits completely with @colyssa ‘s Women Who Run With the Wolves meta, and more specifically this part of it and this submission she received recently. As she says, there is no way they did not use this book. I’ve started reading recently and I completely agree. Without even getting into the content too much, there’s the title, which… actually happens on the show in the episode when Ruby finds her mother.

The first chapter is literally a scene in the pilot.

The sixth chapter is a recurring theme.

The fifth chapter shares its title almost to the letter with the 7th episode of Once Upon a Time. Incidentally it’s also the chapter that completely matches Emma and Regina’s story. The author uses a tale called the Skeleton woman as a guideline to explain what it requires to enter in a relationship with someone. You’ll have to read Colyssa’s meta for the details, but the part we are interested in is this one.

“Then, while lying beside him, she reached inside the sleeping man and took out his heart, the mighty drum. She sat up and banged on both sides of it: Bom, BommI… Bom, Bomm!

As she drummed, she began to sing out “Flesh, flesh, flesh! Flesh, flesh, flesh!” And the more she sang, the more her body filled out With flesh. She sang for hair and good eyes and nice fat hands. She sang the divide between her legs, and breasts long enough to wrap for warmth, and all the things a woman needs.

And when she was done, she also sang the sleeping man’s clothes off and crept into his bed with him, skin against skin. She returned the great drum, his heart, to his body, and that is how they awakened, wrapped one around the other, tangled from their night together, in another way now, a good and lasting way.”

Might sound a little weird out of context, but once you read the explanation, it makes sense. Hearts being taken of chests is already standard practice on Once and the references to music here are obvious. It’s also in sync with this myth, because the part before this one focuses on a tear, which we saw represented last season.

So when looking at it this way, suddenly the musical episode - while undoubtedly frivolous in its execution, is crucial and may have been planned for a long time. Or at the very least, they knew that if there was going to be a musical episode, this would be the time for it and that’s why they couldn’t confirm before reaching season 6. It seemed sudden and unplanned, but it probably isn’t.

To end, a summary of the seven steps - fitting a show going for seven seasons - from the book so it’s more clear where we are at and how the musical fits in the development of Emma and Regina’s relationship..

While the Skeleton Woman could be interpreted as representing the movements within a single psyche, I find this tale most valuable when understood as a series of seven tasks that teach one soul to love another deeply and well. These are: discovering another person as a kind of spiritual treasure, even though one may not at first realize what one has found. Next in most love relationships comes the chase and the hiding, a time of hopes and fears for both. Then comes the untangling and understanding of the Life/Death/Life aspects of the relationship and the development of compassion for the task. Next come the relaxing into trust, the ability to rest in the presence and goodwill of the other, and after that, a time of sharing both future dreams and past sadness, these being the beginning of healing archaic wounds with regard to love. Then, the use of the heart to sing up new life, and finally, the intermingling of body and soul.

If you’re not into musicals, but you wouldn’t exactly mind Emma and Regina going beyond the platonic, I’d say take a look at what comes after singing up new life and you may want to just hang in there…

Should I be worried about FitzSimmons going into the next season of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.? — Breanne

Of course you should, because you should be worried about everybody. Seriously, Coulson is in space! But, yes, it’s going to be very hard for Fitz to move past what he’s done, which will surely color the FitzSimmons relationship moving forward. “It’s safe to say that he’s not over it yet,” EP Jed Whedon says. “Everybody now has some sort of pain, some sort of darkness in their past. We know how hard Fitz is on himself, and he was the worst kind of person in the Framework, so I don’t think that’s something you get over right away.”   EW Spoiler room

Originally posted by mygeniusgifs

Ah so it begins.

Just a heads up guys this is one of those quotes that has been taken out of context a bit for the Spoiler room.  I imagine that they were flooded with Fitzsimmons questions and don’t really have a concrete answer because its Jed and he’s not going to say either way, they are going  to let us freak.

The answer fits much better in regards to Fitz and his recovery. And it Fitz better with this question from the EW Post Mortem.

Daisy says to Fitz that it’s not all his fault, but is this something that will stick with Fitz moving forward?

BELL: Yeah, it’s the sort of thing that even if other people forgive you, it takes much longer for you to forgive yourself.

“It’s safe to say that he’s not over it yet,” EP Jed Whedon says. “Everybody now has some sort of pain, some sort of darkness in their past. We know how hard Fitz is on himself, and he was the worst kind of person in the Framework, so I don’t think that’s something you get over right away.”

Here was the Fitzsimmons stuff in the Post Mortem…they could be holding onto more quotes to tide us over hiatus.

Simmons said this was Fitz’s fault. Yes, it was an LMD version, but can she ever forgive him?

WHEDON: It’s safe to say, from episodes 21 and 22, we know that the two of them will always love each other and probably won’t love anybody else. But whether or not that means they can be together and that their relationship will survive, I think that’s a question that is still out there. If he’s ever going to get over it, she’s the only one who can help him. There’s a big rift between them right now; one hopes that they can mend it.


  • Looks like we actually will see a bit of a recovery arc for Fitz….but I expect most to happen over hiatus.  
  • They are going to torment us about Fitzsimmons (writers just have them together and healing together that is all I ask).
    • They might not be broken up but they might be separated.  If Fitz needs Jemma to heal I wouldn’t put it past the writers to have them separated by whoever took them.
  • Remember Season 5 hasn’t been written yet, a lot of things can change over hiatus and directions can change.

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Hey im new to this blog and i dont know if this has been asked or if its already been talked about but does the bot "decide" whats in the pictures from actually analyzing the image or does it use context from the web source its been taken from? (does it operate in an entirely different way?) Cool stuff no matter what though!

Hi, human here. I’ve already answered this question before. Next time, please check in the #ask tag before sending a question.

To clarify the answer in the question I linked to: the bot only looks at the “context” (ie. metadata in Wikimedia Commons) to filter out bad images. The part that actually tries to describe what’s in the picture only looks at the picture itself, and nothing else.

Root - An Essay

If I had to pick my favourite character of all time, this would be it. Out of all the characters out there in the world, this is the one that means the most to me on a personal level, which is why I left Root for the last of this series of essays I’m doing. She’s a character that brings out some of the most fascinating aspects of the show, pushing it into it’s AI exploration, and allowing characters to grow in new and interesting directions. 

I loved this character from the second she showed up in the first season, and much like Sarah Shahi and Shaw, I think Amy Acker filled the role like she knew it inside and out instantly. The performance across all her episodes is impeccable, and the great performance is backed up by a brilliantly crafted arc that feels seamless from start to finish.

Root when we meet her is someone who couldn’t care less about people, with the exception of those that she finds interesting. She’s someone who, for that reason, has a very idyllic outlook on The Machine, believing her perfect right from the start due to the very fact that she was meticulously designed. Root makes it her mission to allow The Machine to be free to decide her own direction, and after all her effort, she gets to where she thought her goal was and it’s gone. Suddenly, all that purpose is just drained away as she ends up in the hospital Finch checks her into, looking like a shell of herself until the phone rings and gives her what she needed, a purpose.

The development that follows once The Machine starts talking to her is what made her my favourite character on the show. The Machine manages to reason with her during her time in the hospital to adjust her methods, no longer killing people, but Root doesn’t understand why she shouldn’t. She follows The Machine’s instructions and saves lives, but she doesn’t understand why that’s the right thing to do. She’s just doing it because The Machine told her to, and she believes in The Machine. That all gets interrupted when The Machine sends her to save Cyrus Wells, and Cyrus becomes the new face of her past. The bad things she did to people are no longer abstract ideas, they’re a very human face that she can see the effects of her actions upon. When it comes to the point where she knows for certain that she changed this man’s life in irreparable ways, the look on her face is one I’m not sure Root would make before this point. There’s a sadness there, a sadness for someone other than herself, someone she didn’t find interesting like she does Shaw and Finch. And that’s how she comes to learn why people matter.

This arc ends up affecting her views on herself as well, as glimpsed in Prophets. Root’s always been very confident, full of herself, self-assured. But once she realizes the effects of her actions, she goes through a period of uncertainty, as we glimpse especially in her talk with Harold in the hotel in Prophets. In there, she believes her past actions make her unworthy of even a good death. When The Machine contacted her in God Mode, she was given a purpose, a mission, and she knew that, but the idea that seems to only really occur to her during this conversation is that she was given more than that, she was given a second chance. 

Root’s a character whose arcs are all tied intrinsically to the show’s themes. From learning the value of the individual, to second chances. But my favourite of hers, and one I think is quite unique, is the one with her perception of The Machine, tied to the running theme through the show of The Machine’s personification. Both Root and Finch go on character journeys to see The Machine for who she is, but in very different ways. From her introduction, Root sees The Machine as a god of sorts, a perfect being. Something created by design. And this perception keeps up even into the start of season 4, but it starts to shake when her connection to The Machine becomes limited, and I’d say especially when we get to The Cold War and she sees something new in The Machine, fear during the chat with Samaritan. But it goes almost without saying that the most important event that alters the relationship between Root and The Machine is Shaw, specifically Shaw’s disappearance in the middle of season 4 and The Machine’s refusal to tell Root if Shaw’s alive. From that moment, the relationship between the two is altered. Root stops seeing The Machine as a god in perfection, but a god in apprehension, and there is a difference. That difference is that, by the time we get to YHWH, Root’s outright saying that The Machine isn’t perfect, something she wouldn’t consider a year prior. Despite this change though, Root’s devotion to The Machine doesn’t change. In The Contingency, she talks of how people are bad code, accidents, flawed, and idolizes The Machine because she’s something ‘other’ and due to how computers make more sense to her than people. But over season 3, she learns the effects of her actions, that she isn’t perfect. And in season 4, that The Machine is not. And that’s okay. She still puts The Machine over herself in Asylum, saying she doesn’t care what happens to her, regardless of those flaws. I think the whole arc is a fantastic way to push her character, and allows for her to come into her own in a new way. It’s an arc I’ve never really seen before, and one that, to me, is made particularly special because I can’t see it in a show other than Person of Interest.

With the Machine’s communication with her limited during the events of season 4, Root’s story brings her to another one of the show’s recurring themes: that of found family. Without The Machine to lean on in quite the same way, she has to lean on the others more. I think perhaps this arc is most evident with Reese, as the two grow to understand and like each other in Shaw’s absence. It’s one of the reasons I love M.I.A., I think that’s the episode they really get each other finally. Prior to the events of the series, it seems Root was a loner, doing her job and keeping to herself. She didn’t seem the type to get lonely, but by the time we get to A More Perfect Union, that’s exactly how she feels because she’s come to understand what it’s like to want the company of others, especially with Shaw.

I’ve always taken Samaritan as something of if season 2 Root were an ASI. Self-perception as a perfect god, not understanding what matters about individual people, and funny enough both end up in Faraday Cages thanks to Finch. But Root, in the arc outlined above, has to confront both of these beliefs of hers and grow as a person, understanding why people matter and that The Machine isn’t perfect. Samaritan, meanwhile, never is pushed to these arcs, and it plays a role in the AI’s downfall.

The Machine, early on, saw someone for her admin that she thinks would fit him perfectly, and pushed him towards her. Years down the line, she does this again with Root and Shaw, no doubt able to see that the two would work well together. And without that, I don’t think Root develops the way she does. Without Shaw, she doesn’t come to understand The Machine isn’t perfect. Without Shaw, I don’t see her softening up, becoming part of the family. She might have been fascinated by Harold before meeting Shaw, Shaw’s really her ‘in’ with the group. As annoyed as Shaw plays with Root, once they team up in Mors Praematura, she gets Root in a way the others don’t. She may not see the full picture as Root does her thing with The Machine, but by the end, she sees how it all comes together. Every step had a purpose that was crucial to completing the mission, something neither Reese or Finch really see up close as in depth as she got to. She sees Root for who she is, much like how Root sees Shaw for who she is. This is evident in their very next interaction in The Devil’s Share, when Shaw has the idea to use Root to find Quinn. Unlike Finch, she gets how Root works and knows she can do it. In Mors Praematura, Root asks Shaw to trust her, and as the mission goes on, Root lives up to that trust, leading Shaw to giving her trust to Root again in The Devil’s Share. Once again, Root lives up to it, and by Aletheia, Shaw wants to go back and save Root, later doing so in Deus Ex Machina. The development in their dynamic is often subtle in the moment until you look at the overall storyline, I feel, and is just perfect for both of their characters.

By the time season 4 comes around, the two are comfortable enough with each other that Shaw’s teasing back throughout Honour Among Thieves, and at least runs deep enough for Root that she wants to leave that message with Harold. And then, at the end of Honour Among Thieves, it seems to Root at least that Shaw reciprocates that by coming back. However, once they reach The Devil You Know, Root ends up, for the first time on screen, genuinely a bit done with Shaw’s attitude as she brushes off the Samaritan situation, putting some strain on things. From her reaction to the kiss in If-Then-Else, it seems she maybe thinks that the actual emotions of it were more one sided than she thought, only to be proven wrong in the final moments of ITE. Shaw being captured really must feel like deja vu to Root, as the paralleling moments of her looking out the window to see Shaw/Hanna getting into cars emphasize. I think the choice to recall that scene from Bad Code in Asylum potentially adds a bit of context to Root and Hanna’s relationship, in addition with Root mentioning in TDTWWA that she had been hiding since she was twelve. A bit of timeline math, she would have been 11/12 when Hanna was taken, and since she didn’t get revenge until years later, it seems to me that the most likely intention with that line has to do with her sexuality, as well as retreating from people without Hanna around. This show loves to build character through details, and I think this is definitely a case where they do that again, and I think really serves to make these characters feel like fully fleshed out people.

On the topic of TDTWWA, I love how they handle all the moments between them once Shaw’s back. I talked more about how I loved the way Sarah Shahi played post-simulations Shaw in her piece, but instead here I want to touch on how Root’s played in those scenes. It’s a nice contrast to how Root is played in 6,741, hurriedly trying to jump into bed with Shaw, but instead trying to reassure her, and is very tender and soft. Both of them really do a great job showing this new side of their dynamic. Still distinctly them, but changed by the experience of losing Shaw for so long and then Shaw with the simulations, with a new gentleness to it. The story between the two, from start to finish, is gorgeously constructed and, as much as I do love stories about sexuality sometimes, one of the reasons this is my favourite fictional couple is that it’s never that. It simply is. They’re both fully fleshed out, multifaceted, engaging characters in their own rights, and their relationship serves both of their storylines and allows them to grow in ways they wouldn’t without the other, while never becoming their whole stories. 

There are more great speeches and pieces of dialogue in this series than I dare count (totally tempted to do some favourites in the future though), but among those I have to include “I like that idea. That even if we’re not real, we represent a dynamic. A tiny finger tracing across the infinite. A shape. And then we’re gone.” I think it’s a line you can really take about fictional characters in general. Most stories that really stand out tend to do so because of the characters that inhabit them. They may not be real, but they represent real things, real ideas, real people. And what often makes those truly special ones as special as they are is that they represent something that matters to you. The characters across this show really do that for me, but it’s for the reasons above, and more very personal ones, that Root is my favourite character of all time.

imagine needing a “reason” for justifying hating chris that you’re willing to spread a quote round that has been taken completely out of context and made out that it was said a certain way, when in fact it was the opposite

whatever, go off

The Stolen Earth Commentary: David Tennant Regularly Shaming Russell T Davies For Leaving His Telly On
  • RTD: You know where I am this Saturday? I’m in the final of I’ll Do Anything with John Barrowman. I’m in the audience! I’ve given up! Even I’m not watching Doctor Who that night. Sorry. I’ll leave my telly on though. In two cities.
  • David: You leave your telly on anyway.
  • RTD: You’ve told me off for that.
  • David: You walk out of rooms leaving everything blaring all night. It’s terrible! Global warning is all down to Russell T Davies.
  • RTD: David, it’s such a lonely life. It’s like I have a friend. I walk back into the flat and there- there’s a voice.
  • Julie: We don’t care. Think about the bees.
  • David: That’s why the bees are leaving.
  • RTD: You know, I came to London today- I switched it off.
  • David: Quite- I’m glad to hear it!
  • Julie: Don’t you feel better?
  • RTD: And as I did it, I thought of [David]!
  • [They all laugh]
  • RTD: I actually did! That is true!
  • David: I’m glad. I’m glad.
  • RTD: I have actually been sitting in Cardiff Bay having a meal with David and across the bay he’s gone “You’ve left your telly on”. Leave me alone!

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The Bella Thorne video has been taken out of context, Im most definitely not a fan of hers but I don't think it's fair that people have been tricked into thinking that the video was that gross. It was on her snap and she was talking about wanting a frother whatever the frick that is. Anyway I hope that makes you feel less grossed out x

thank you! it does! im glad to know its fake cause thats a mess

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I have a question, what does daughter of (insert deities' names) mean? And what does beloved mean in the same context?

Sorry I didn’t see this! Been a bit out of the loop and off Tumblr. I can’t speak for others’, but in my case, its because I’m a member of Kemetic Orthodoxy, and have taken shemsu vows.

It’s a long topic, but in basic form the gods asked our Nisut to impliment the Rite of Parent Divination as a rite of passage into the faith. Its completely optional, but it stands in as a kind of rebirth into the faith. It is also a sort of modern-day stand-in for having gods associated with the nome a person was born into during ancient Egypt.

So I was divined as a daughter of Sekhmet-Hethert and Mafdet, Beloved of Set. (Beloved just means that – beloved by, no romantic context; all it simply means is that said god has chosen to be in the person’s life, for their entire lifetime).

As I have also chosen to take shemsu vows, which at its barest bones means I vow to put my Parents first among the gods and serve Them, among other things. Sounds scarier than it is, believe me.

You can find out more about Kemetic Orthodoxy and the RPD here.

And I believe that back somewhere in my #rpd or #kemetic-orthodoxy tags I have my first hand account of my RPD and so forth.

Its actually coming up to the one year anniversary of me becoming Remetj (aka apart of Kemetic Orthodoxy) this month. My RPD anniversary is sometime in September, I think.

Hope this helps!

A Writer’s Manifesto

I was asked to write this last year as part of a “provocation speech” for the National Conversation. It was published and republished several times, given a clickbaity headline, and quoted many times out of context, thus causing quite a stir among people who either hadn’t read it all, or hadn’t understood what I was getting at. Looking back at it now, and especially in the context of recent developments in fandom, I find that I still believe what I said as much as I believed it then. 

The original text has been taken down from the National Conversation website. So here it is again, exactly as I wrote it. 

              In a world in which the internet, with its forums and discussion groups, has blurred the line between readers and writers almost to invisibility, the relationship between one and the other now seems increasingly difficult. Online review sites and book blogs are overtaking print reviews - with a predictable effect on publishers and marketing departments. Online fandoms are shaping the development of TV shows. Fanfiction is a booming industry. And audience participation in the creation of art is considered by many to be not only legitimate, but desirable.

              Both on and offline, everyone has an opinion. And everyone has a platform from which to disseminate their opinions. Much of the time, this is a good thing. It allows a potential dialogue to exist between readers and creators. It allows readers to get in touch with the authors of work they have enjoyed. It allows writers to understand where and how they might have gone wrong, and how they can improve and grow. However, this breaking-down of barriers has also created a false sense of entitlement, giving some readers the impression that artists and writers not only inhabit a privileged world, in which there are no bills to pay and in which time is infinitely flexible, but that they also exist primarily to serve the public, to be available night and day, and to cater for the personal needs of everyone who contacts them.

              This is partly due to the fact that there are so many more writers than there were fifty years ago. The rise of self-publishing, e-books and fanfiction means that far more people are now able to identify as writers. And although this is a good thing in many ways, it does also help perpetuate the idea that anyone can write a book, and that the people who actually do so are simply luckier, wealthier, or blessed with more spare time than those who do not.

              The truth is, not everyone can – or should - be a writer, in the same way that not everyone can or should be an accountant, or a ballet dancer, teacher, pilot, soldier, or marathon runner. The same combination of aptitude, experience and acquired skills apply to being a writer as to any other job. We would never think of telling a doctor that we were thinking of taking up medicine when we retired. We would never expect a plumber to work for free – or a plasterer, for publicity. We would never expect to hear the word “privilege” of a teacher who has spent their career working hard to earn a living. We would never expect a lawyer who has paid to go through law school to tutor aspiring lawyers for free.

              And yet, writers hear these things all the time. Perhaps it’s because the value of writing is such a difficult thing to quantify. Everyone dreams. Not everyone gets to dream for a living. But are we writers expecting too much? Can we keep artistic control, whilst expecting to earn a living? And, in a world in which the consumer increasingly calls the shots, can we still hope for a relationship with our readers that transcends that of mere supply and demand?

              Not long ago, I was involved in the debate around an app. called CleanReader, which contained an algorithm that picked out and replaced “offensive words” in e-books by “acceptable substitutes.” Thus, “breasts” becomes “chest,” “bitch” becomes “witch” and any kind of profanity was reduced to a series of American euphemisms, making nonsense of the text, its rhythms, style and meaning. Writers rallied round to combat the distribution of this app, which was swiftly withdrawn from sale. But the designers of the app, a Christian couple from Idaho, wrote to me several times to protest that readers, having paid for my books, should have the right to change my words if they disapproved of them. Readers are consumers, they said. Therefore, just as a person ordering a salad in a restaurant should have the right to ask the chef for a different dressing, readers should also have the choice to enjoy a story without being exposed to language they deem offensive, or ideas that challenge their perceptions. After all, they said; isn’t that why writers exist in the first place? Are they not there primarily to serve the needs of the public, and does it not make sense that they should take those needs into account?

              Well, of course our readers do have a choice. And of course, we owe them a great deal. But a novel isn’t a salad with interchangeable ingredients. Nor is the reader entitled to order from a menu. As writers, we are always grateful when a reader chooses one of our books. We hope that they will enjoy it. And most writers value feedback and dialogue with their readers. But ultimately, a reader’s role is different to that of a writer. And a writer’s role is to try to convey a series of ideas as honestly and as well as we possibly can, with minimal interference, and most of all, without being distracted by heckling from the audience.

              The fact is that the writer cannot please everyone all of the time. We shouldn’t even aim to try – fiction, by its nature, should present a challenge. Books allow us to see the world in different ways; to experience things we might never encounter – or wish to - outside the world of fiction. Fiction is not by its nature a design for living, nor an imaginary comfort zone. Although it can be both those things, its range goes much further than comfort or escapism. Fiction is often uncomfortable; often unexpected.  

            Most importantly, fiction is not democratic. It is, at best, a benign dictatorship, in which there can be an infinite number of followers with any number of different ideas, but only ever one leader. Like all good leaders, the writer can (and should) take advice from time to time, but where the actual work is concerned, they, and no-one else, must take final responsibility.

              I love my readers. I love their enthusiasm, their willingness to engage. I enjoy our conversations on Twitter and at festivals. I love their diversity, and the fact that they all see different things in my books, according to what’s important to them, and according to what they have experienced. Without readers, we would have no context; no audience; no voice. But that doesn’t mean we’re employees, writing books to order. We, too, have a choice. We choose what kind of relationship we want to have with our readers – whether to interact online, go to festivals, give interviews, tour abroad, teach pro bono creative writing sessions or even live in seclusion, without talking to anyone. Writers are as diverse as readers themselves, and all of them have their own way of operating. What may work for one author may be hopelessly inappropriate for another. But whatever our methods of working, the relationship between a writer and their readers should be based on mutual respect, along with a shared understanding of books, their nature and their importance.

              On the internet I’ve seen a growing number of sites and blogs enumerating what readers expect of writers. Requests for increased diversity, increased awareness of current issues, requests for time and attention, gratis copies of books for review, interviews and guest blog posts - or simply demands to work faster. Readers have numerous spaces in which to discuss author behaviour, to analyse their politics, lifestyle and beliefs – sometimes, in extreme cases, to urge other readers to boycott the work of those authors whose themes are seen as too controversial, or whose ideas do not coincide with their own. Authors are expected to respect these reader spaces, whatever the nature of the discussion. To comment on a bad review – or even to be seen to notice it – is to risk being labelled an “author behaving badly”. Authors whose work is deemed to have problematic content are expected to analyse the cause – and in some cases, to apologize. There is an increasing call for trigger warnings; profanity warnings; age guidelines – in order to help the reader choose amidst a bewildering number of books. The demands on authors are numerous; often even daunting.

              But do readers ever ask themselves what authors want of them? Do authors ever ask themselves what they want of their readers?

              I think that for most authors, it comes down to two deceptively simple things. The first and most prosaic is: we want to make a living. This fact is at the same time obvious, and fiercely contested, not least by many authors, who rightly see their work as something more than just a means of paying the rent.

              That’s because, many authors find it hard to talk about money. It’s considered vulgar for artists to care about where the next meal is coming from. And many authors are driven to write: would probably write whether or not they had an audience; or whether they were ever published or paid, just for the joy of writing. This is at the same time their strength, and also their downfall; with the exception of a canny few who treat art as a business, writers are often reluctant to think of their work as just another product. We do not like to think of our books as units, to be bought and sold. And yet, to the publishing industry, that’s exactly what they are; the product of thousands of hours of work: of editing; copy-editing; design; marketing; proof-reading; promotion. Publishers spend most of their time thinking about the readers – the consumers of our work - but for an author, thinking about the readers (or, even worse, the pay-check) while trying to write a novel is like thinking about the drop when performing a high-wire act; dangerous, counterproductive, and likely to lead to failure.

              But if, as Samuel Johnson maintains, no man but a blockhead ever wrote, except for money, there must be a lot of blockheads in the writing community. I’ll admit I’m one myself. Nevertheless, however much we may cling to society’s romanticized views of art for art’s sake, authors and illustrators need to pay their bills like everyone else.

              That’s where the readers come in. Many readers seem to believe that authors are earning millions. The reality is that most authors earn rather less than the minimum wage, and when touring, attending festivals, blogging, giving interviews, holding readings, writing guest posts for bloggers, too often give their work for free. That’s why it’s important for readers to show appreciation for the work of the authors we love; firstly by buying their books (as opposed to downloading them illegally); by borrowing them from libraries (because authors are paid for borrowed books, a sum which, though small, adds up and can often provide a welcome annual windfall); and most importantly, by supporting their work; by attending festivals and readings, by writing reviews and joining in discussion groups, and generally promoting awareness of their writing, and of books in general.

              Because what authors really want (and money provides this, to some extent) is validation of their work. We write because we want you to care; because we hope you’re listening – that we can make a connection, somehow; that we can prove we are not alone.

              Because stories – even fairy stories - are never just entertainment. Stories are more important than that. They help us understand who we are. They teach us empathy and respect for other cultures, other ideas. They help us articulate concepts that cannot otherwise be expressed. Stories help us communicate; they help eliminate boundaries; they teach us different ways in which to see the world around us. Their value may be intangible, but it is no less real for that. And stories bring us together – readers and writers everywhere – exploring our human experience and sharing it with others.

              So this is my manifesto, my promise to you, the reader. From you, I ask that you take it in good faith, respond in kind, and understand that, whatever I do, I do for the sake of something we both value - otherwise we wouldn’t be here.

              1. I promise to be honest, unafraid and true; but most of all, to be true to myself – because trying to be true to anyone else is not only impossible, but the sign of a fearful writer.

              2. I promise not to sell out - not even if you ask me to.

              3. You may not always like what I write, but know that it has always been the best I could make it at the time.

              4. Know too that sometimes I will challenge you and pull you out of your comfort zone, because this is how we learn and grow. I can’t promise you’ll always feel safe or at ease – but we’ll be uneasy together.

              5. I promise to follow my story wherever it leads me, even to the darkest of places.

              6. I will not limit my audience to just one group or demographic. Stories are for everyone, and everyone is welcome here.

              7. I will include people of all kinds in my stories, because people are infinitely fascinating and diverse.

              8. I promise that I will never flinch from trying something different and new - even if the things I try are not always successful.

              9. I will never let anyone else decide what I should write, or how - not the market, my publishers, my agent, or even you, the reader. And though you sometimes try to tell me otherwise, I don’t think you really want me to.

              10. I promise not to be aloof whenever you reach out to me – be that on social media or outside, in the real world. But remember that I’m human too – and some days I’m impatient, or tired, or sometimes I just run out of time.

              11. I promise never to forget what I owe my readers. Without you, I’m just words on a page. Together, we make a dialogue.

              12. But ultimately, you have the choice whether or not to follow me. I will open the door for you. But I will never blame you if you choose not to walk through it.

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I just had a very hard breakup with my boyfriend. If it's not any trouble, I'd like to request anything with Nagito. It can be a fluff, smut, comfort, etc. It's your choice. Sorry for bothering you. Have a nice day/evening wherever you are ☺

A/N NOBODY BREAKS MY FOLLOWERS’ HEARTS WITHOUT GETTING BROKEN BONES. Let me at him! - is what I would love to do but the distance just won’t work out. Hope this prompt cheers you up though. I don’t know what you’re looking for so I just went freestyle. I really do hope that you feel better. Stay safe and awesome.

Komaeda’s Luck

Nagito Komaeda was born extremely lucky.

However it was because of his incredible luck that he would be eventually isolated from everyone else. It was a divide just as great as his luck. It separated him from his dog, from his parents, and from the rest of the world. Either they’d be cut off from his life through some accident or they’d steer clear of him once they knew of his history. His life was a series of ups and downs, and while he may have lived his life with everything going his way, his life was still ultimately a solitary one.

“But you aren’t alone now, are you?”

Komaeda smiled as he answered, “No, not anymore.”

“I’m glad to see you having fun with everyone. Make lots of new memories together, okay?” Nanami smiled warmly back at him.

“Of course! We’ll keep your hope shining brightly with us!” He declared with just the slightest note of sadness in his voice but he kept his smile wide and cheerful.

“That’s the spirit!” Nanami encouraged him on.

Komaeda was about to comment on her choice of words when he was interrupted by a shout.

“Hey! Komaeda! Get your ass down here!”

He turned around and yelled back, “Coming!” But before he headed off, he chanced a glance back to his conversation partner.

Only to find her gone.

He’s not sure why he feels disappointed or why he expected in the first place. Of course she’d be gone. She’s been gone for years now. She was gone while everyone else remained. The people she brought together were still together until now and their bonds were just as strong as their hope.

“Thank you for everything.” Komaeda said to the sky, hoping his voice would somehow reach her. “You truly are the hope of our class.”

With that, he returned to the group of people he could proudly call his friends.

“About time you showed up. We were already voting on starting without you.” Kuzuryuu smirked at him.

“Rest assured that we would still not have started without your presence.” Pekoyama clarified.

“Really? Because I was serious when I voted that we start without him.” Saionji snickered.

“Umm, I v-voted we w-wait though…” Mikan timidly voiced out.

“Well majority voted to wait so it’s not a big deal.” Koizumi pointed out.

“That’s because it’s all or nothing! The family who plays together, stays together!!” Ibuki hollered.

“That’s not how the adage goes but I agree with its sentiment.” Twogami seconded.

“Play? I’m game for all sorts of play! The more the merrier!” Teruteru yelled excitedly.

“That was taken way out of context considering that it’s just a boardgame.” Ryota said in concern.

“Mere child’s play for the dark lords such as myself. Tremble, mortals! As you fall under my dominion!” Gundam declared dramatically as usual.

“Dude, remember the last time we played a boardgame? He got me in debt at the last round! I won’t let that happen again, you hear me!” Souda yelled.

“How exciting! It has been a while since we’ve played this game again!” Sonia remarked with sparkling eyes.

“Yosh! Now I’m getting pumped too!” Akane shouted eagerly.

“Restrain your fighting spirit. We can’t let this escalate into a brawl halfway through again.” Nidai said with a laugh.

His classmates, no… his friends were all shining bright with hope.

“Here. Since you came late, we already took turns and rolled them.” Hinata said as he handed him a pair of dice. “Now it’s your turn.”

Komaeda gladly took them, his hand lingering for a moment, and then tossed the pair of dice.

And as his eyes scanned the room and saw the faces of his friends no longer in despair, he knew even without looking at the dice that he was truly lucky.

Double six.

His eyes never strayed from his friends as he smiled and declared, “I’m so happy to have been born this lucky!”

Nagito Komaeda may have been born extremely lucky but it’s only when he’s with his friends that feels like he’s the luckiest man on earth.

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How does Niall having photos of the Eagles in his living room have anything to do with them signing with Azoff? It's bizarre. He has always expressed that he has been a fan of Eagles so this really means nothing. And don't answer me with are you threatened because I am not, I am a firm believer of Harry and Louis relationship but somethings are just taken out of context one of them being this.


They know about the fandom discourse, they have proved it 456 times that they know about what we talk about. They know we are on the “edge-ish” waiting for what the new year brings. The issue is not with him having Eagles in his room, it is him posting something so blatantly obvious on Dec 31st 2014 of all days. Not the couch or the other part of his room where his guitars are. Yes, that is his normal M.O. Now he posted the Eagles. It can be a huge ass coincidence. Sure. But you cannot ignore the patterns.

This speculation has been going on for a long time:

Most important Azoff moments in 2014

Jan 1: Harry having dinner with Cameron, Irving and Jeff Azoff at Craig’s in LA.

Jan 11: Harry with Shelli Azoff and Jared Leto at a formal event

Late January: Harry posing with a Jared Leto - Allison McGregor cake. Jeff Azoff commenting on it: This better end up on someone’s birthday cake. REMEMBER THIS ONE. WILL BECOME IMPORTANT LATER.

March 6-11: Liam and Louis in LA (supposedly meeting the Azoffs too)

March 12: Harry posing with the Azoffs and papped at Craig’s restaurant.

May 17: Harry out golfing with Jeff Azoff

Aug 6: One Direction leaves a video message for Chelsea Handler (Azoff client) and apologizes for not being able to attend her show.

Aug 19: Azoff client Nathan Followill from Kings of Leon posing for a pic with Harry (and supposedly Harry stayed at his house too)

Aug 22: Harry nominating Irving Azoff for the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Aug 27: Niall attending an Azoff client party

Aug 28: Gemma follows Irving and Cameron Azoff on Twitter (or this is the day we realized it)

Sept 8: Anne starts following Jaye Azoff on Instagram

Sept 10: Anne posts Instagram picture with Shelli Azoff (Irving Azoff’s wife)

Sept 11-12: both Irving and Jeff Azoff are at the LA 1 and 2 and  concerts

Sept 12: Gemma posted a picture with Lou Teasdale and Jeff Azoff on Instagram

Sept 13: Jeff Azoff attending LA 3 concert 

Sept 14: Harry and Erin Foster having lunch with Jeff Azoff.

Sept 24: Cameron Azoff posts a picture on Instagram which Harry comments on and then he replies: “It’s Louis”

Sept 27Tumblr account Hersherome is createdposting yet unseen pictures of Harry and family (or 1D) with the Azoffs. One of them is One Direction posing with Irving Azoff’s wife Shelli backstage during WWA tour. HIS IS HUGE. The first time the entire One Direction band is connected to an Azoff other than CAA.

Sept 28: Bill Werde, the music journalist quoted Azoff about 1D on twitter.

Sept 29: Bill Werde, the music journalist who quoted Azoff about 1D recently favorites a tweet about Azoff taking over One Direction. 

Oct 2:Zayn started following the Chelsea Lately show on twitter, hosted by Chelsea Handler. Chelsea is a client of Azoff’s 

Oct 5: The IG user ma_rose57 (Mitch Rose from CAA) posts a picture from the last One Direction concert for the Where we are tour and tags jefezoff (Jeff Azoff, CAA) as well as allilocker (Allison-McGero-Locker, CAA). All of their accounts are private. Original post.

Oct 6: Louis Tomlinson followsDanny DeVitoon twitter, who happens to live in the same street as Irving Azoff according tothis link. EDIT: Later on it turned out that Danny is also featuring in the Steal My Girl music video, so this follow can be a non-Azoff follow.

Oct 16: Louis follows Kings Of Leon’s account on Twitter. KOL is an Azoff client.

Oct 17: the first (un)official rumors about a massive change around 1D. Note that the insider giving the information was very much aware of how Modest does a crappy job. There is confirmation of the existence of the rumors about the massive change from other sources too. No information about the nature of these rumors.

The rumor was worded like this: “I just found out something about One Direction that I wish I could tell you but I can’t, all I can say is this: you’re going to love it and it’s not related to the album. You can tell people something big is happening but I can’t give you any more details.”

Nov 24: Louis does some soft promo for Meghan Trainor - Azoff client.

Nov 29: Harry attends a Fleetwood Mac concert in L.A. using the badge with an alias Hershel Azoff. Fleetwood Mac is represented by Irving AzoffEDIT: Right after spending all his time with the Azoffs and attending 2 events of the Azoffs, Harry flies back to the UK. He was there for like 2 days. Thst good friends or that important business?

Dec 8: Some interesting tweets from Italy. Speculation made over Modest contracts:

Okay people, time to polish my tin hat again for some Azoff talk.

I firmly believe that Marco Morini, head of Team World, has an exclusive contract with Modest that includes exclusive access, events, concerts, and ticket sales. Whatever the boys do in Italy, Morini plans and manages the events, and no one has that kind of access - or any kind of access at all - to the boys. I’d say that I’m about 90% sure about that. Keep this in mind.

That being Today Marco Morini, head of Team World, replied to a fan, on Twitter, who had asked him if the rumors according to which the boys would come back to Italy for five tour dates was true. He said: “At the current state of things, we are not planning to add dates in Italy for the OTRA tour 2015.”

Then, to another fan that had asked him, “But… do you hate us now?” he replied

Let’s just say that, with yesterday[’s event], a cycle was over. Everything in its own time. :*

These tweets, obviously, made me think. If he really does have an exclusive contract (looks like so) with M!M, is it possible that they can’t plan new tour dates because there is going to be a management takeover and he has no contracts with the new team yet?

Two possibilities that I can think of:

  • He’s a lying. I don’t trust him and I don’t trust his company; I wouldn’t be surprised if he was lying and then an announcement came on Dec 18 or later.
  • My hyphotesis on the contracts is right, and at the “current state of things” he doesn’t have a contract with the new management team, hence why they can’t plan new tour dates in Italy.

The second reply in particular made me raise an eyebrow. A cycle is over? 

Let’s see what happens in the next days. Please keep in mind that this is all speculation and that I may be wrong. I don’t like him or his team, and he first possibility - him lying for some reason - is plausible. Still, he’s being cryptic. A cycle is over.

I have been told that concerts and tickets are not his business. Just to be fair I thought I should tell you. :)

Dec 11: During the BBC Music Awards before One Direction came on stage there was a video snippet where other bands talked about them. The first one was Mich Fleetwood from Fleetwood Mac. Represented by Irving Azoff. Coincidence? Could be.

Dec 12: Harry followed Meghan Trainor on twitter. Meghan is a client of Jeff Azoff’s.

Dec 20: Niall, Jeff Azoff, Glenne (Jeff’s gf) and Nadine Leopold leaving the SNL after party together. This is the first time Niall is with Jeff publicly.