it's been so surreal


2013 : The year that saw FC Bayern München conquer it all and beyond.

okay that last post i made wasn’t fair, there’ at least 4 nice things about florida

1) the theme parks

(its a picture of tomorrowland bc its the best part of magic kingdom. ill fucking fight you on this one)

2) the natural springs

(rock springs, it’s gorgeous, a+ springs 10/10 would recommend swimming in)

3) the beaches

(fort desoto park. v nice tbh)

and finally, last but certainly not least,

4) the airport so you can fucking escape


I remember when this was pretty much the only shirt I had that fit me properly, without being too tight… Now I can almost fit two of me in it, and its honestly so surreal. Even though my weight has been the same for the last few years (in pounds, anyway) it’s getting more and more obvious that I’ve been shedding fat and gaining muscle left and right.

I would have never believed five years ago that I would feel so confident and attractive in my own skin. -Jonah


i couldnt art all day today sigh. first one is the only decent thing i did today /sobs i stilldontlikeit and the other two were from a few weeks ago? sob who kno w s


a kid in my year group has been interviewed on bbc in our region because he made a display about how his medical condition woudlve been treated over time and its so surreal because this is the kid ive had banter with in drama on occasion and hes in the fuckign news and bbc 

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I've had my heart set on the 3rd too but you never know anymore

ik i feel like i’ve guessed so many times when it will end and its been going on for so long that it will feel like…surreal when it ends

♡ sugar pie

My daughter turned exactly one month yesterday and it still feels like I just had her. I still can’t believe I was actually pregnant and gave birth to a tiny human lol. I’m blessed and ecstatic to have the opportunity its surreal. So far mommyhood has been wonderful even the pain of getting up every 2hours to breastfeed I still love it. Never thought I’d be changing shitty diapers of my own lol. Shes already spoiled I basically hold her everyday all day she loves staring at me its so cute