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d8 mairon?

it’s like 'i wanna touch it. he’ll probably slaughter me but i wanna touch it’

bigger version is still p small, no reason to make it any bigger ahaha… except maybe to use as my phone background…

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‘You’re really short and cute and you buy a cup of black coffee every morning but you make weird faces as you sip it and you never finish your drink are you trying to look mature or something’ AU IS THIS NOT NICOMAKI??? THIS IS 100% NICOMAKI

Ding. You heard the bell ringing, indicates there’s customer entering the coffee shop you are currently working as part timer. And you saw that same small (and cute) person. She’s regular customer (or so you thought) since you always see her whenever you are working. Even when you have different shift she would still come when you are around. And that person would always order the same thing: black coffee. Despite her small stature and childish look, she always end up ordering that absolutely bitter drink. Every. Single. Day. You try not to think too hard into it. None of your business anyway.

“Hi Maki.”

That petite girl come to know your name already. You give a smile to her, “Hi Nico. Is it the same again today?”

“Yeah.” Said Nico while pulling out her purse from her handbag. “I’m glad you remember my order.”

“Of course I would. You have been coming here for like everyday.” As you type in her order into the cash register. you notice her attire for the day. Cute. You silently praise her in your mind. “That would be 400yen.”

“Here you go.” Nico hand over the money.

“Thank you. I will bring your order to your table once it’s done.”


Once you done brewing the coffee, you brought it to her and return back to behind the counter. Since there’s no other customer for you to attend, you watch her sipping on the coffee. As she sip on it she make this very weird face, like the drink is not to her liking. You always saw that expression whenever she drink that black coffee. And everytime you pickup the cup you notice how she always not finishing her drink. You wonder does this girl really love black coffee or not. As a coffee lover yourself, (yeah you work in coffee shop because you yourself love coffee) Nico’s act kind tick you off. It’s like if you don’t like it why bother order that bitter stuff. She could just order some caramel macchiato or matcha or anything that’s less bitter.

Without thinking you walk out from the counter and sit in front of her. Nico who’s currently playing with her phone is kinda shock to see you sitting in front of her.

“What are you doing here?”

“I’m just wondering, why would you always end up ordering the black coffee if it’s not to your liking? Are you trying to act mature or something?” You just blurt out the statement without thinking.

“W-What. I do love black coffee! It’s not like I try to act mature in front of you!”

You eyebrow furrow, “Why would you want to act mature in front of me?”

“B-Because..” You saw her averting her gaze from you. “I-It’s nothing! I have my right as customer for whatever I want to order anyway! It’s my money!”

“Yeah I know that but as a coffee lover myself your act kinda tick me off.” You look at the cup of coffee in front of her with a sad look, “And I’m the one who brew this coffee. Everytime you leave it unfinish it breaks my heart.”

You can see her guilty look as you said that.

“I…didn’t mean it like that.. Okay okay. I will be honest. I do hate bitter stuff. It’s just…like you say. I want to act mature in front of you.” You can see her fidgeting at her seat.

“Why would you want to act mature in front of me?”

“I-It’s because…uh why are you so dense..”

I stare at her directly into her eyes, wondering what this is all about. As she saw how clueless I am she end up saying it.

“It’s because I like you, you idiot. Why won’t you realize that. I have been coming here everyday just so I could see you.”

Your jaw drop as you heard her confession.

Ignoring your dropping jaw she continue talking, “And from your looks I can guess you are a really mature person. Since you work in coffee shop and all. So I come here everyday, to drink the coffee, the thing that I hate the most, just so I could see and talk to you.”

As you comeback to your sense, you smile and laugh a little. She look at you, “What? Is it funny. Yeah I know I’m dumb for doing that but I really want to talk to you.”

You can see how sincere her word is. You took her hand and grab them. “Yeah you are so dumb. You could just ask me directly, and you know what, black coffee is not the only option here you know.”


You smirk at her. “We do have variety choice of coffee, and I could suggest you some which I’m sure will suit your taste. So,” You pull her hand and place the back of her hand to your lips, “Do come again, next time will be my treat okay, Nico-chan.” You wink at her and stood up. “I gotta get back to work or else I’m going to get into trouble.” You pull out your pen and wrote something at the tissue and hand it over to her. “That’s my number, do contact me.”

You leave the table and you heard Nico’s chair screeches against the floor and you heard her shouting. “Does that mean yes?”

You turn around and mouthing the word yes. That alone is enough as the answer.

A/N: Hello, yes, I’d like a dose of Dark Swan manipulating love to her advantage, thanks.


Touch me, baby, tainted love.


It’s wrong.

Everything is wrong.

The sparkle in her eye, the leather about her shoulders, the still air around them. He wants there to be chaos (he wants it to be like it was, really) her eyes should be as dark as her title, the wind dishevelling her hair, whipping the golden locks like the whipping of his heart. Killian’s heart beats with whip-cracks, each snap one snap too many. The slow, winding lashes of his pulse until the final crack and pound against its cage had once been a sign of hope – and of her – all wrapped up in gentle touches.

But now?

She somehow looks free, and light and that in itself adds a gravity to her presence, as contradictory and strange as it may sound. The harsh lines of her jaw and her cheeks once were soft beneath his worn hand, and now they shine in the dim, dim night stillness making her seem cold and cruel. They are harder than they should be, golden shade and rigid skin around the round of her eyes and their brows.

The curse has been cruel with her, so she is being cruel with it.

Cruel isn’t quite the right word, she looks like Emma – is Emma – and that in itself refutes the word, but – it’s wrong and the problem all at once. She only half looks callous, still looks - and is - far too much like Emma.

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How about Matt/Courtney (RSE version) in a Little Mermaid AU? Bonus points if you include May as Melody ^_^!

So I hope you’ll forgive me, but I went with a “Maxie manages to blow up the sub on a mine AU” and poor Matt has to rescue Courtney! (Yes she’s in her PJ’s)
Once upon a time I was gonna write a fanafic with this sorta thing going on but school got in the way.


If you loved The Little Mermaid 2, you’ll remember that one musical number with melody getting all cutsey with the seal pups!~ uwu
AND ANON THANK YOU SO SO MUCH FOR THE REQUEST! These types of things are awesome to draw!