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okay so here is a post of all the fics that i’ve posted and don’t hate also the ryden stuff is older so it’s a little rough so be easy on me


the key of victory, e, 64k words

(music game show au) Don’t miss the new season of The Key of Victory, a show that kicks off music careers for the winners. Every season we bring five popular musicians and then mix them with fifteen hopeful teenagers in one house. Every week they will compete in various competitions to see who is most ready to be a professional musician, all with the guidance of our celebrities. It’s fifteen weeks of action that keep the cameras rolling 24/7. Make sure to tune in!

car crash symphony, g, 3k words

(TiMER au) When Ryan was in eighth grade he went to get his own timer, to find out when he would meet his soul mate. He just didn’t know how much would change before it would actually go off.

choking on smoke, e, 13k words

(coming out fic) He tries not to think of that thing that happened a few weeks ago. The thing that made his whole chest fill with something that had never been there before. The thing that had single-handedly set his whole life on fire. To be fair, though, his life had always been engulfed in flames he had just chosen to ignore it.

pride, g, 3k words

Brendon thinks it’s fair that he didn’t want to tell his parents that he was going to a gay-straight alliance meeting after school.


this place is a shelter, g, 4k words

Living with Bucky reminds Steve of the way it feels to jump to action, natural and exhilarating and almost like it was something he was always meant to do.

Aka, the one where there is no one after them so Steve and Bucky live together in the apartment in Bucharest.

they say love is a virtue, m, 22k words

“I have a bet,” Tony announces to the room. He stands up, repeating himself a few times so that everyone is forced to stop the game and look up at him. He looks straight into Bucky’s eyes when he goes, “I bet you fifty dollars that you and Steve can’t spend a whole week pretend married without realizing that you’re both in love with each other.”

the cut of a knife, t, 33k words

The blond-haired man is breathing heavily over him now, hand steady as he presses the blade warningly into his neck.

In Russian, he goes, “Your handler is dead,” and then, “You’re free.”

(AU in which Bucky and Steve both fall off the train and are taken in by HYDRA. It’s not until many years later that they are rescued by SHIELD, and by then it might be too late.)

playing pretend, g, 6k words

“You know, I didn’t even get to go to your funeral,” Steve tells him, his hand now flat against Bucky’s chest. He can feel his heartbeat thumping away.

“I’m dead?” Bucky asks, a calmness to his voice.

Steve feels his pulse under his palm and nods. “You’re dead. I’ve been to your gravestone.”

Steve moves into his new apartment in Brooklyn after coming out of the ice, and keeps having dreams that Bucky is there with him. He thinks maybe it’s a dream or a hallucination, and he doesn’t know that Bucky is really alive.

the curves of your lips rewrite history, e, 17k words

After Steve’s wedding, Bucky kisses Steve and everything changes.

(AU in which Steve and Bucky survive the war. Steve marries Peggy, and Bucky has to deal with his feelings for Steve.)

a soft blur, e, 28k words

After recovering from his time in the army, Bucky is a successful photographer who is trying to forget his past. Two weeks after Steve’s return, he accidentally spills his champagne on Bucky at a charity event. It brings them together at a time when the two of them need each other the most.


ai tombom ste yun, g, 1k words

“Lexa,” Clarke huffs, sitting up in bed. “Come on, what does it mean?”

(AKA Clarke learning Trigedasleng fic)


you’re not alone in this, g, 12k words

Bellamy follows Clarke after she leaves because it’s the only reasonable thing to do.


because you’re the reason, g, 2k

moments between achilles and patroclus.
a morning. a broken arm. a lazy afternoon. happiness in troy.


Unexpected Guests: Begin!


It’s been a while since I’ve drawn any comics, but I dusted off everything I’ve learned to turn a short fic I was working on into this! Expect silliness, shenanigans, and some feels as the story unfolds–hopefully every Thursday, possibly more frequently as my schedule allows. For now, enjoy! And I hope you’ll keep reading ^^

I’m beginning to think only, like, 70% of the reason I love Shidge is because they’re my two favs and they would be so so sweet together it would rot your teeth. The other 30% is just spite. Pure “Fuck you, I do what I want” spite that rose from the ashes of people denouncing Shidge after the age reveal last year. Honestly I think that fits both Shiro and Pidge pretty well and I believe that it’s a beautiful shipper origin story.

chasing clouds

pairing: jimin x jungkook | drabble | words: 1.7 k

The serene waves of the lake rippled under the breeze of the wind. It was enough that the trees remained leafless and bare, but not quite enough to make him shiver. The scent of imminent downpour lingered in the air, as the world seemed draped in a gray filter, the thick clouds casting their shadow over the barren scenery.

It was a landscape that evoked emptiness and loneliness.

However, he was anything but. 

“Jungkook, follow me.” 

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Wake Up Slow

sometimes the hardest thing about the day is waking up to face it

pairing: jay x reader
genre: tooth rotting fluff
word count: 1, 031
read it on: aff

a/n: it’s been a while since i wrote and this came to me the other morning so i gave in and wrote it. hope you like it!

Originally posted by jayfatuasian

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anonymous asked:

Wait if u have a lot of fics you want to read do u think u could rec some? I'm lost for what voltron fics to read and I want to start somewhere (I'm good for every ship but shidge honestly) thanks in advance!

*claps hands together*


A large portion of it is gonna be Klance cause i haven’t really found any other ones that I thought were interesting. Even being a multishipper, you still can’t find good ones of other ships besides the most popular ;w;

I’m also gonna give you the ones I have read cause I don’t wanna give you a fic rec and have you go in blindly not knowing what to expect from one of the fics.

Chances are this is gonna get long so imma cut it right here

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anonymous asked:

I would love a part two for the lance 37 it was really good



original requested by: @decayedrose part 1:


It’s been 5 months. 5 months since you died in your lovers arms. 5 months since. When your body was brought onto the Castle, and shoved into a healing pod. They waited. Lance never left your side throughout that whole time, not once.


When Coran confirmed that you didn’t make it, everyone stopped. They stopped everything they did.


Pidge and Keith stopped their search because it was no use, you were dead. Searching for the one who killed you could get another member of the team slaughtered. What good would that bring?


Hunk stopped cooking only unless asked to. What was the point of cooking for fun when there wasn’t anymore around?


Shiro stopped pushing the Paladins to train as much before, they deserved a break, after what happened to you, everyone deserved a break.


Allura and Coran stopped sending the Paladins on dangerous missions. Though Coran designed new armor, one that covered all parts of the body. Thicker, safer.


Lance kept track of the days. And every year, on the anniversary of your death, he would stare at the stars and planets in the sky and cry. His tears would leave burnt skin behind as they shot down his face.


He dreams of you almost every night. Nightmare or not. He would dream of you smiling and laughing with him. He’d dream of the time you guys first met and what you’d look like at you and his future wedding. What you’d look like with your and his combined flesh and blood by your side.


He had nightmares of that day, the day he lost you. The day he invited you to join him and the others. That was the day he regretted it all.


Keith and Lance didn’t bicker as much anymore. In fact, Keith would check on Lance every night, knocking twice on his door and letting himself in, only to find Lance crying a little more than the night before. He’d sit on the bed. He wouldn’t even say anything, just sit beside him until Lance sat up and hugged him. Lance would sob, tears falling onto Keith’s shoulder, while Keith’s own tears seeped through his lashes and dropped onto Lances hair.


Keith checked on everyone now. As soon as the door to Pidges room opened he’d look at his feet. And listen to her slowly stand and walk to him, only to wrap her arms around his back and try her hardest not to grip too hard onto him.


Keith would check on Shiro and warn him to take it slow, don’t exercise too much, only for an hour or two. Shiro would nod, hug Keith, shut the door, and sign. Only to lay in bed and weep until his body shut off and he would reboot in the morning.


Lance was the one who checked on Hunk more than Keith did, Hunk was across the hall from Lance, so it didn’t require too much energy. But each time Lance opened that door, Hunk would sit up, lift his arm up and beckon Lance over to him. They’d sit beside each other, Hunk rubbing the sides of Lances arms, and listen to his cries and apologies.


Allura and Coran were the only ones who refused to cry in front of the Paladins. Staying strong was needed. Who else would stay strong if every paladin lost a part of themselves? They could barely stand without you. Luckily, they battled as though you were there, that’s only because they’ve started battling for you.


“Paladins!” Alluras voice rang through the comms. Beckoning them to see her. And when they did, they sat at the long table and ate what Hunk had cooked for them.


“You’ve been having a tough time with each other when it comes to forming Voltron. It reminds me of when you first came.” Her voice echoed through their ears. Keith was the first to speak.


“We’re sorry princess…” He mumbled, staring at his empty plate with his head down.


“Would you like to do a training exercise? Only one of course, I can’t push you too much and it’s very late.” She forced a smile, folding her hands together.


Allura got a few “Yes”’s and “Sure”’s from them. Yet she didn’t stand, that confused them of course because they thought they’d be fighting gladiators or going through mazes as they did the first.


“What’s it like?” She murmured, playing with a utensil nearby and looking solemnly at it.


“What do you mean, princess?” Shiro asked, eyebrows drawing close together as he frowned.


“What was it like when you lost her? I didn’t really know her all to well. So I genuinely wasn’t affected as much as you all were. I’m simply curious.”


“It was horrible, Allura, absolutely terrifying. I don’t ever want to go through that again. I wasn’t there when it really happened, but just that fear of seeing her….I- It was so, so scary.” Pidge spoke, her voice low and wavering.


Keith agreed, rubbing her back from beside her as he described the dread he felt. Almost everyone did.


“Lance?” Shiro tilted his head, leaning a bit toward him. His head was down.


When Lance looked up, his face showed exactly how he felt, his cheeks were clearly red as well as the areas around his eyes. A storm of tears came from them as they flickered toward Allura.


“Can you tell me more about her? I- I really didn’t know her at all. I’d like to know, very much.” She made contact with Lance once, only to look down right away as his gaze bore into her.


The others refused to answer for Allura, perhaps another time. But this was something Lance should do.


“I met her in, uhm, 3rd grade. I moved there when I was really little and I remember becoming really good friends with her.” He paused, breathing in deeply.


“Her mom, wanted her to be a doctor. She wanted to be a biologist. She studied in the medical and biology field, that’s why I brought her.” He laughed a bit, wiping away his tears as he leaned sideways in his seat.


“She left once, I remember, in 6th grade I think. She came back in 9th at the Garrison and oh my gosh she was so gorgeous. She grew, obviously, got a bit taller but she was still shorter than me, told her so too. Ugh she hated me for that.” He smiled a bit, his eyes drifting off.


“Her favorite color was Purple, then Pink. But when she came back it was (F/c). I remember getting her a bunch of balloons on her birthday in Pink only for her to tell me she didn’t like that color anymore. My mom adored her, same with everyone in my family. They thought she was the cutest most sweetest thing and I couldn’t agree because I would get a lifetime of teasing but now I regret it.” He choked out the beginning of a sob, his breathing becoming deep.


“I regret it because I should have loved her sooner, y'know? She deserved absolutely everything, everything in the whole entire universe. And the one thing I couldn’t give her was me because I was so scared and set on the fact she only liked me as a friend. And now, I regret it even more because if I hadn’t been so in love with her she wouldn’t have come with us, I was absolutely selfish. She could be safe right now! It’s all my fault!” He stood, slamming his hands onto the table. No one said anything, they only flinched.


“She could be alive, safe and sound in her home, maybe with my family probably comforting them because she was so good and nice. I have to be the one to go home and tell her mother and father that’s she dead! She’s dead and it’s all my fault because I was stupid and selfish and in love with her! I think about her…every. Single. Night. If she had lived we would be so fine, we would be absolutely happy and fine and great and I would’ve been going back to Earth with her. I could’ve married her and had kids with her and now I can’t.” His voice has risen in the beginning but dropped as quick as his heart had, he collapsed to his knees and lay his head on the table and wept.


By the end of his long rant, the room was silent. Lances cries were the loudest. He sobbed loudly like a child who didn’t get what they wanted.


The others wept as well. Coran stood behind Alluras chair, standing tall and holding it in so much but they still slipped out, he stared ahead and didn’t move a muscle.


Pidge had her face in her hands, tears peeking through the cracks of her fingers and soaking her hands. She shook with sadness.


Keith bawled, mumbles and sobs would occasionally come from him as he let all of his emotions out, letting them land in his lap, for all to see.


Shiro and Hunk cried silently, staring as their tears fell as well, Hunk wiped his away. Shiro did not, what was the point of getting rid of them if they weren’t going to stop coming?


Allura stood, going toward Lance and kneeling beside him, wrapping her arms around him and burying her face into the side of his neck. The others joined. In a large, large group bonding exercise.


“She sounds wonderful. She is wonderful.“ Allura murmured, her and all of their tears mending together, stitching and sewing their hearts back together. Mending the broken hearts you left behind in an attempt to save them all.


jihope  asked:

whats your top jihope fics? its for science

I’m sending you to this post, but since it’s been so long, I’m also posting the latest one as well:

1. Today on “What Not To Do In A Cupboard”… - Of course by the great syubology 

2. walk the walkbazooka (ah smut)

3. still waiting on your sunshine -  airplanewishes (it’s not finished but I’ve been enjoying this so far)

4. Life With a Poltergeist (He’s Pretty Fucking Annoying) -  SilverAndGreen (this one doesn’t end with Jihope but I like it so much and got emotional in the end :( )

5. Only One Thing at a Time -  freelancejouster (this is is goddamn mysterious and I just wanna know more)

6. I honestly recommend every xmyp’s story!

7. Terminal Tattoos Series -  wingedseok (T_T)

8. You’re Right. -  joonphases

9. Acquainted -  jonghyunslisterine

10. Boy Meets River In Egypt -  nivo (so cute)

11. Heaven -  TheHalesNyx

12. Like Fire and Powder -  miskeen

13.  keep the streets empty for me series -  Lunarieen (still waiting for more)

14. Baby, The Stars Burn Bright -  suga_peaches (this story isn’t entirely about Jihope but it’s amazing so I highly recommend)

I’m sure there’s more and I can’t even express how happy I am that the Jihope tag is getting bigger and bigger. Authors please keep loving my precious boys and keep spoiling me with wonderful stories ♥

Mystic Messenger Fic writers





@promiscuous-jalapeno MAFIA AU? YESSSSS!!!


@thehoneybuddhadefender ……..*dead silence*

(That’s all I could think of……) Have a nice day!

No hate towards Chip I love her writing but its been so long since she’s posted anyone know why?????

siriusly-random  asked:

do you have any favourite graylu fics? I have a need.

Is it sad that this one ask makes me feel like I’m important to the fandom again?

Okay, so on the top of my list right now is:

My Rude, Cocky, Handsome Boss by akari-chan

Summary:  This is the journey of a girl named Lucy Heartfilia as she becomes the personal assistant of the famous actor, Gray Fullbuster. Gray x Lucy. AU.

Status: In-Progress

Last Updated: March 15, 2017

Another good one that has been recently updated is…

The Simple Life by Weirdo.Blabber (Generally, most stories they write are good reads.)

Summary:  Running away from an arranged marriage with someone she doesn’t know, Lucy travels to another country for some peace and quiet alone. But ‘alone’ is not what she gets when she is greeted by a mysterious beauty who claims to be her guardian. Soon, she discovers her Sadist guardian is running away from things, himself. Will they find comfort or conflict with each other?

Status: In-Progress

Lats Updated: March 10, 2017

I also strongly suggest:

Going, Going, Gone by Weirdo.Blabber

Summary:  A woman with a dying heart. A man with a dead life. One hundred items on a list. Will they be able to do it all before though she’s going… going… gone?

Status: In-Progress

Last Updated: January 17, 2016

Starstruck by Weirdo.Blabber

Summary:  AU: (Multiple pairings, mainly GraLu) The newest band, Fairy Tail, was flying low. Gray was unmotivated. Natsu was a troublemaker and Gajeel was just rude. Thus, the management sends them to high school to learn a few things. A futile attempt? Or… ‘The start of something new?

Status: Complete

Remedy by Lady SVI

Summary:  /GraLu/ Every time she gazed into those hypnotizing dark blue pools of his, she felt like she had a chance of escaping her fate.

Status: In-Progress

Last Updated: January 11, 2017

Just Your Best Friend by love-always-has-a-price

Note: The main airing in this story is Lyvia and does contain one-sided Gruvia but has equal amounts of Graylu.

Summary:  Lyon has always loved Juvia, but never said a word. Reasons being, she is head over heels for his brother and they are best friends. So when he has to go to his brother’s school, it isn’t a joy. Then he meets his brother’s best friend, Lucy. Their meeting slowly turns into a promising friendship, which causes both their best friends’ to get a bit jealous. LyLu. Gruvia. Lyvia. GraLu

Status: In-Progress

Last Updated: April 4, 2016

And That’s How I Kissed Your Mother by FriendsForevaa

Summary:  “And that’s how I kissed your mother for the first time,” I grin proudly, and close the diary; watch my kids clap as they awe at me. “How… how cool…” They retort, hands up in air.“ A GrayLu fic. High school AU

Status: Complete

Caught by karie2055

Summary:  AU. 3 months. She had been working here for 3 months and there hadn’t been a single problem. So why was it that of all people to catch her at her part-time job, it had to be him…Gray Fullbuster. Two-shot. Written for GrayLu Fluff Fest.

Status: One-Shot

Freezing Cold by grayluki

Summary:  A mission to the mountains proves to be more difficult than they thought, but at least something good came out of it. Graylu oneshot.

Status: One-Shot

Cool Enough by Kleia

Summary:  “She does screw up and suck sometimes, but I’d do anything for her.” —AU Drabble, for GraLu Week 2015. Rated T for safety.

Status: One-Shot

Stealing Love by Lillyviolet

Summary:  Gray is a famous soccer player of Magnolia West High School. Lucy is a new transfer student and is branded as a loner. What happens when Gray is dared to date her, only to break her heart. My first fanfiction. Rated T for Language.

Status: In-Progress

Updated: July 16, 2016

Last day of Dorianmance week, my last excuse to draw Garret and Dorian’s wedding. I actually painted this one first but wanted to save it for last, these fools deserve all the happiness life can bring. Accompanying fic in the works on AO3

1 2 3 4 and 5

Fic - Big Hero 6 - “let it rain (let it pour)”

well it’s been months and months since i posted any new fic so why not break the ice with a dose of good old-fashioned rarepair angst

for my dearest @wuffen – sorry i’ve kept you waiting for so long

Title: let it rain (let it pour)
Characters/Pairings: Robert Callaghan/Tadashi Hamada
Tags:  Established Relationship, Pre-Canon, Rain, Angst and Feels
Summary:  They’ve turned the couch to face the window so they can sit together and watch the rain.

Read it on AO3.

Ugh, Christmas parties.

Dean had seven to go to, including this company one. Working at Sandover for so many years, Dean knew everyone. This meant he also knew how everyone acted at company parties. Alcohol always seemed to give everyone an excuse to complain …a lot. Dean can’t count on both his hands and feet how many variations of “Man, this company really busts our balls, am I right?” he has heard over the years.

Hoping to avoid a repeat of every other year, Dean took it upon himself to sit in a corner by himself. Well, and his whiskey of course. As he was about to get up for his fourth refill, one appeared in front of him. He followed the glass to the fingers surrounding it, to the arm holding it out to him, to the new face offering a shy smile.

“You looked due for another,” the man smiled and cleared his throat. “I’m Castiel Novak. I’m new here and, therefore, not very fun at holiday parties yet.”

Dean chuckled as he grabbed the shot. “Dean Smith. I’m not new here at all and, therefore, also not very fun at holiday parties.”

Thus began a night of whiskey-induced giggling. Dean and Castiel spent the night discussing favorite movies, what it’s like to have pain-in-the-ass younger siblings, and what they would rather be doing every day they’re at Sandover.

Dean may have woke up the next morning with a killer headache, but it quickly subsided when he rolled over to find blue eyes staring back at him.


Making a long post because Killer and Penguin deserve so much love.

Credit to EC for correcting grammar <3
(now go read her fic because she’s faboulous)

anonymous asked:

hi there! i'm new to tg and i just caught up with the manga about last week or something. do you know any good fic writers i can read from? preferable some touken shuuneki and ayahina writers? i love your blog! thank you so much ^^

Oh hi!! Welcome to Ishida’s torture dungeon the fandom!! What a week to catch up to the series with…. 

Ok ok I can mostly help with Touken and Ayahina

I wrote a post not long ago recommending some Touken writers so sorry for tagging you again so soon but its easier to just copy paste the whole list :’D

A few reference blogs:

  • @toukenfanficappreciation- title is self explanatory
  • @ayahina-week- ran about a month or 2 ago so if you go through their #fics tag you can find some active ayahina writers
  • @tsukikaneweek- this week was 2 years ago and I’m not sure if there’s been one since but you might find some shuuneki writers in there too!

Quite a few of the following blogs write for both Touken and Ayahina, mostly Touken

Some Ayahina writers:

I actually can’t think of any Shuuneki fanfic writers off the top of my head so if anyone has any recs please add on! And that goes for other writers too- I always worry writing lists like these in case I miss anyone! :’)

I just wrote an almost 1500 word fic for Kanera2k17!! Like I am actually so happy, I’ve been so depressed recently, I haven’t posted anything on AO3 since November last year, so I’m actually really grateful to @kanera-ficathon for inspiring me to write again!