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I can feel it.” She said, her lips and teeth grazing across the slope of his jaw, “I can taste it. The monster sitting in the back of your throat.” she pressed her head to his chest, “I can hear it fluttering.
—  Love Potions Gone Wrong, or Short Stories Yet to be Written pt. 6 [a.m.b.]

concept: taako and kravitz have been dating for awhile and decide that its time to have dinner with Both of their Families. taakos fucking lich twin sister chapula is awkwardly sitting next to kravitzs mom the Raven Queen who is notorious for hunting down liches. ren was invited to defuse the awkwardness. it almost works but chapula brought barry bluejeans so it just makes things worse 

Of course after they have been a couple for awhile, Amy gets one of “Sonic’s Special Dangerously Delicious Quill Massages” (and yes, he would totally call it that) for her birthday ♡(⁎˃̶᷇﹃˂̶᷆⁎ԅ( ˘͈‧̫ ˘͈ ƪ)♡

Bday Drawing 3 of 3

And I wrote a little mini story about it. It gets a little steamy but it’s not too bad. If you are easily made uncomfortable then just skip it!

“Make way for the birthday girl!” the blue hedgehog shouted to an empty room before easing himself and the pink companion held in his arms through the doorway. Amy Rose laughed, playfully nudging his shoulder and kicking her feet while he held her bridal style.

“Was it really necessary to carry me through my own house?” she asked. The cocky male winked at her before carefully setting her down on the vanity stool in front of the bed.

“Sonic the Hedgehog does not make his gal WALK on her own birthday!” he teased, kneeling in front of her so they were at eye level once again. Amy sighed and stroked his muzzle happily, before a quizzical look appeared on her face. “Wait a sec, how long have we been dating and you’re just now initiating the no-walking-birthday-rule?” Sonic blinked as he tried to formulate a witty response, but to no avail. He glared as the girl teased him before pressing a firm but quick kiss to her lips.

“If you’re gonna sass me, you won’t get your birthday present,” he threatened with a smirk. She pouted and wrapped her arms around his neck, “Okay okay, I’ll hush! So what is it? What is it?” Amy couldn’t stop her feet from bouncing and just her sheer excitement alone made Sonic extra proud of his brilliant idea.

“You, my dear,” he started, kissing her button nose, “get the gift of a ‘Sonic’s Special Dangerously Delicious Quill Massage.’” Amy’s eyes lit up and she covered her mouth in surprise. She and Sonic had officially been a couple for what seemed like ages already, but his quill massages were rare to come by. The hedgehogs were very passionate for one another, but displays of affection were something Sonic still struggled to be completely comfortable with. In his defense, he was definitely getting better about it as time passed.

“Really?” she finally asked, too thrilled by the offer to even tease him about the silly nickname he gave this particular gift. He grinned, already loving the sight of the blush beginning to paint her cheeks.

“Yeah, really.” He kissed her again before leaning up and making his way around her, peppering her jaw, neck and shoulder with kisses along the way. He nuzzled his nose under her locks of pink quills, brushing up against the grain of her fur as he took in the sweet scent of her shampoo. At last he was standing behind her and he noticed her shoulders were already tense from the little preview he had just given her. Sonic removed her headband in one swift movement and passed it to her. “Mind taking this for me?”

Amy raised a trembling hand, taking the red headband from him before clutching it with both hands. She exhaled and closed her eyes to calm herself and still the fluttering heart in her chest. However her composure instantly melted away as soon as she felt Sonic’s fingers press to the base of her neck.

Sonic kneaded at her scalp first, firmly rubbing his fingertips into the subtle grooves of the back of her head and soliciting a purr from his girlfriend. He smiled and dragged his fingers up slowly, rustling up her quills and making them splay out in every direction. Amy inhaled sharply, gripping onto her headband tightly as she tried to fight the giggles that were trying to burst from her lips. Instead she began bouncing her foot again, trying to keep her energy centered in her leg so she wouldn’t distract Sonic from his work. Once his hands made their way halfway up her scalp, he rotated them so his palms pressed to her head and he threaded his fingers through her fur and quills, scratching and massaging her at the same time. He leaned forward and kissed her ear and she jolted at the touch.

“S-sorry,” she stuttered. He tutted at her apology and kissed her ear again to let her know it was okay. Her ear was already burning against his lips so he growled before biting and tugging on it lovingly. Amy broke into a fit of giggles and pants, shivering from the overwhelming sensations. Despite this, Sonic didn’t release her ear from his teeth as he continued to massage deep into her quills, making sure every last fur and fiber was bristled and stood on end. He kept the pace of his hands slow and firm but mixed up the routine every so often, sometimes taking a lock or two in his hands to just stroke through her fur and make her scalp tingle. Eyes closed, he sighed as he began to get carried away, squeezing at the nape of her neck which made her quiver uncontrollably underneath him. At the same time he shifted his hand to firmly grind his knuckles against her scalp he started to dip his tongue in to her ear before a loud SNAP brought him back to his senses.

“W-whoa!” Amy gasped, gulping hard and swaying a bit. Sonic knelt down, quickly scanning her. “Ames are you okay? Are you hurt?”

She shook her head and he finally noticed her face beet red. “No, I’m not hurt, j-just a little lightheaded,” she laughed nervously, leaning back against him as he caught her.

“What was that snap I heard?”

Amy’s eyes fluttered open, blinking several times to get rid of the stars she was still seeing. At last she looked down at her hands and chuckled nervously. She turned to face Sonic, holding up the two broken pieces of headband that remained in her hands. “Your massages really do live up to the ‘dangerous’ part of the name I guess.”

Sonic laughed incredulously, actually managing to impress himself with the number he had apparently done on her. “…Whoops?” She raised her arm up behind her, pulling her to him so she could press her cheek to his.

“Thank you,” she purred happily. “I love you.”

“Love you too,” he replied, wrapping his arms around her waist in a gentle embrace. “Happy birthday, Ames.”

Everyone’s freaking out about how this week will be the last episode of Naruto, and here I am sitting here not giving a care. I read the manga, Naruto has been over for awhile now lol. Everything has been a filler and it’s sad that its ending on that. Just filler. Smh. I’m still and always will be salty about this ending. I’m sure my 12 yr old self would agree.

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I have a boyfriend that I've been dating for awhile now, and Im recently discovering that I might want to transition to a boy.. He's talked to about possibly being bi before but Idk how to tell him 😩

Your happiness is very essential in your relationship working out, not telling your significant other something that important is going to take its toll on you and inevitably your relationship. I suggest sitting him down and calmly bring the topic up.

So I’ve been noticing something. This infamous picture appeared awhile back.

It stayed intact for quite a bit, quietly sitting in the background. Not much attention was paid to it.

Now once the portal began to function, the attention seemed to shift. (”Nothing’s gonna get in my way.”)

When the portal is reactivated completely, we see the picture shatter. 

In Dungeons, Dungeons, and More Dungeons, we can see the picture again in the background, with only one twin in view. 

While this may seem irrelevant, things start adding up when you read this: 


I painted a raccoon today. 

Ok so this has a story behind it aside from just me painting a statue.

this little raccoon has been sitting out in my yard for years. I dont know where it came from exactly, but its since lost all its little babies to the weather. they were just like these cute little raccoon heads poking out of old drift wood. Mom used to move them around every once in awhile and I used to like hunting them down. Basically they are just strong memories of mine. 

This one had holes and had lost a foot after all these years as well. i fixed the foot with a rock and filled in the holes with cement. I am happy she looks better now, she had barely any paint left on her before. 

Welcome Home- Bucky Barnes (Smut)


May I request Reader x Bucky fluff and smut, He and the reader could have been dating for awhile and Bucky had gone for a couple months on a mission, I’m thinking like a cliché reunion where they both feel whole again once they are in each others arms after the love making.

Tagging: @its-shygirl @vengeful-alpha

Warnings: Smut, slight dom bucky, first time?

It’s been a couple months since Bucky had gone away on a mission. You were sitting in your apartment getting ready to go on a jog. It’s been a while since you had time to yourself.

Just as you finished getting ready, your doorbell rang.

Ding dong!

You raised an eyebrow and walked down the hall to the door. You opened it, not even bothering to check who it was.

You looked at the man in front of you. Your face was filled with surprise.


“Hey, Y/n…” Bucky stood in front stood there awkwardly with a large smile. His right arm holding his metal arm

You didn’t know what to do beside squee and hug him tightly, making a small chuckle come from him as you dragged him inside.

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Theres an aesthetic request sitting in the inbox that ive been meaning to do ive just been too busy and then not emotionally stable enough to do. I dont know the character well so i have to research more whcih takes time and energy. My spring break is next week so if i get time then i will do it (i wouldnt be opposed to another mod taking it though its been in there awhile) i apologize though. I want to get that out asap but life isnt good for me rn. ~Mod Chaton

  • Ruby: Weiss when have I ever been wrong?
  • Weiss: *pulls out paper and begins reading* on the 6th of September...
  • Ruby: Wait what are you doing Weiss?
  • Weiss: *looks at Ruby* You asked me when have you ever been wrong and I'm telling you. I've kept a list its dated.
  • Ruby: Really?
  • Weiss: Yes. Now sit down Ruby we're going to be here awhile.

Hello! So I actually had brought this outfit awhile ago but its just been sitting in my Dressing Room because of all the new stuff coming out. I finally pulled it out because this wig looked super cute with it. You buy the outfit from the Commerce Imp for 2500 Ducats. So its not too bad. I wasn’t sure what else to pair it up with but decided on Dotted Stitch Boots and Adonis Bracelet (F). Also these are the Pink Topaz Twinkling Butterfly Wings from the new gach. I saw them in the stream and knew immediately I wanted them haha. I love the twinkling wings (and they’re probably the only ones besides the Pink Diamonds that match my colors RIP). Only downside is that hair can cover them haha since they’re kind of on the small side but still love them, especially when its night time and they glow. The wig is the new Patisserie Wig (F) from the Winter Attendance event. Love that its not too long and at same time kind of wavy and adorable.

Outfit: Traveler Outfit (F)
Headpiece: Patisserie Wig (F)
Shoes: Dotted Stitch Boots
Gloves: Adonis Bracelet (F)
Accessories: Pink Topaz Twinkling Butterfly Wings

I got a headcanon that throughout achilles and patroclus life together, achilles would sit behind patroclus and patroclus would rest on him and achilles would lay his face in pat’s hair and mumble “patroclus” repeatedly and breathe in his philtatos’ scent

gross kagehinas everywhere, it’s a mess, i have to get a new rug, /lies on floor and cries/

ahhhh its been awhile since ive done anything digital ;w; this was so much funnn<333

Just Breathe, Chapter 15

Title: Just Breathe
Author: MoustachioPenguin
Rating: T+
Summary: The hardest part of falling down is standing back up. For Kise, standing is the easy part. It’s moving forward that’s a struggle.

Accompanying Art by @murruemioria

It’s been less than twelve months, yet Aomine finds himself waiting in the hospital again.  He sits in a too-cold hallway in a too-small chair just outside of Kise’s room, listens to the shuffling of nurses and tries to ignore the chill that settles deep into his bones.  With his head in his hands, he waits for the door to open.  His foot taps agitatedly against the linoleum flooring; his back aches from staying broken over himself for so long.  Anxiously, he shifts to lower his hands away from his eyes.  His thumb taps restlessly against his clasped hands.  When he sighs, Aomine looks up at a closed door before letting his head fall again.

Nurses pass him by with looks of sympathy as he fidgets and looks distractedly at nothing with furrowed brows.  He doesn’t notice them.  All that’s on Aomine’s mind is, ‘What’s going on?’ and ‘Is Kise okay?’  All that he can think about is Kise shaking in his arms and the break in Kise’s voice and how Kise had struggled so desperately to find his hand to hold.

Aomine lifts his clasped hands to rest them against his forehead, but drops them soon after so that he can look to the door again.  It stays closed; Aomine feels ready to beat it down.  His patience is tried second by second; he crumbles over himself and holds his own hand tight to try and calm himself down.

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