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[Somebody Else] - Chpt. 2

Jason x Sofia 

[Summary: Jason considers whether or not to continue with the investigation after seeing Sofia]

A/N: Thank you so much for all your comments & feedback! I really really appreciate it xx here’s more Jason for you guys :) ** also Tumblr is kind of stupid, I did tag those who asked but if you didn’t get tagged I’m so sorry :( 

Chapter 1 || Masterlist 

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May 7, 2009

At 3:34 A.M., Grant Godard passed away due to complications of a heart attack. While there have been speculations about his health, the announcement still came as a shock. For everyone whose been wondering about the distribution of the company’s assets, it seems that twenty-seven year old Alexander Godard will be taking over his father’s company. 

Grant’s eldest son and only daughter have both stepped away from the family business.

Alexander has released the following statement: “My father has been grooming all his children for this job, but wanted to give us a choice. My brother and sister have chosen to follow their path in life, but I’ve always known that mine was right here with this company…

“What the hell do you mean you won’t do this investigation?” Eli slammed his fist down on Alicia’s desk.

“It means, I won’t do the investigation” Jason repeated quite matter of factly.

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psa: super heckin long

I saw some other simblrs do this, and thought it is a great way to ‘celebrate’ mental health awareness week/month/whatever it is. 

So, here! Have a little bit of my journey (so far). I still have a long way to go, but maybe it’ll help other people.

edit: a little bit in my terms means a lotta bit, apparently

also uh TW for abuse and w/e its not good lmao

also its a jumble be prepared

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Hey! I’m uploading another request! Sorry I’m so slow with them right now, my life is always crazy but I try for you guys! I hope you like it <3 <3

Request - Brendon liking the reader so offering to help her with some school work by tutoring her at home so he has the opportunity to tell her how he feels.

Anything for You

 *Reader’s POV*

 I grumbled as I stormed out of my musical theory class, my bag thrown lazily over my shoulder, I loved music and worked so hard at perfecting my own music and songs, but for some reason I could never nail theory, the notes on paper confused me so much, practical was fine, theory, not fine. I stormed through the halls at school, taking myself to my usual lunch spot with my friends, it always cheered me up to see them. Throwing myself down on the bench I kicked my legs up, laying back and covering my face with my arms, I was the first to our corner near the school’s running track, I heard footsteps after a little while, noticing a figure standing near me before chuckling in a familiar smooth tone.

“Everything ok there?” Brendon’s voice broke through my thoughts causing me to uncover my face to meet his eyes, he had a sweet smile on his face, warm brown eyes locked onto me. He looked so cute, wearing his nerdy glasses and light purple hoodie, black skinny jeans and sneakers on his feet, I hated being attracted to my best friend, it made me feel awkward sometimes, especially when he popped into my head at very inappropriate times. Sometimes I got so worked up and always seemed to find him coming into my head, I knew he didn’t like me back, or thought I was one of those girls that would cheat on him due to having had a lot of boyfriends, even though I’d only actually had sex once. Plus, he was so totally out of my league, he was cute, friendly, funny and talented, oh so talented. He didn’t exactly attract the popular girls but all the creative types were way into him.

“No. I’m totally bombing music theory, I just can’t get it, I have no fucking clue. I got a D- on my last assessment, it’s gonna drag down my whole GPA.” I sat up, pulling my knees to my chest, I was doing so well at school but this was going to destroy my chances of getting into a good music college.
“But you’re great at music, I love the pieces you compose.” He sat down opposite me, dumping his bag on the ground.

“Yeah I’m great at playing, but when I compose I don’t write the music properly, I just make it up and remember it. I can’t get the paper shit right.” I was so put out by all this but his sweet face in front of me made me feel a little better.

“Well, you know, I could help you with your music theory. Maybe give you some tutoring for a few weeks, I’m sure the extra time on it will help you get the hang of it all.” He smiled sweetly, hand resting gently on my arm, head cocked to the side in an adorable little gaze.

“Oh my god, Brendon that would be so amazing of you!” I hugged him, wrapping my arms around his shoulders and pressing my face into the crook of his neck, he seemed to freeze for a second before hugging back.

“I’ll be at yours for 3 on Saturday ok?” I nodded eagerly, we fell into our usual conversations as the rest of our little group appeared gradually, all of us chatting leisurely. Little did Brendon know my parents weren’t in on Saturdays so we would be completely alone in my house on Saturday, that would be interested, maybe I could finally get the chance to test how he felt about me, see if he felt the same as me. This would be interesting.

 *Brendon’s POV*

 It was Saturday, 2:45, I had to leave to drive over to Y/N’s in 5 minutes, I checked myself in the mirror, my hair was neater than usual, a nice shirt on under my hoodie, my nice jeans and sneakers on, I wanted to look good. Whatever attempts I looked like a nerd as soon as my glasses were on. I thought she was so cute, and sweet, and fun, ok I liked her, a lot, she was so perfect and we had this crazy connection, when she was talking I felt like she was the only person in the world, I could literally lose myself in her for hours and not even notice. I was so crazy attracted to her, I was desperately trying to work out how to tell her, I hated to admit that part of this whole tutoring thing was to try and finally tell her how I felt. I made sure I had all my theory books and notes and hopped into my car, driving myself to her place, once I got there I grabbed my bags from the trunk, heading to her front door, running my free hand through my hair after knocking. I waited for a moment before she answered, I instantly lost my breath, she was wearing a pair of short denim shorts and a cropped, low cut and pretty tight tank top, her body looked incredible to me, I tried to compose myself before opening my mouth at the risk of sounding like an idiot.

“Um… H-Hey Y/N, I know I’m a little early, but, um, ready to work on your theory stuff?” I asked trying my absolute hardest to not sound like a stuttering fool, her warm smile encouraged me slightly.

“You’re like 5 minutes early it’s fine, come in!” She said, her voice sounding surprisingly chipper considering I was here to do school work with her, she stepped inside, I’d been here a million times before so I knew to follow in, take of my shoes and close the door behind me. As I walked behind her, following her to the kitchen, I couldn’t help my eyes from trailing down her back, following the trail of long Y/H/C hair winding down her back, as I followed it my mind drifted to what it would feel like between my fingers, winding around them, I bet her hair was so soft. My eyes continued down her back, stopped at her shorts, they really were very short, her behind looked so damn good in them, I tore my focus from her body to focus myself again, I wasn’t here to get laid dammit, I was here to tell her how I felt, and that was certainly more than just sexual. She started shifting through her cupboards, grabbing two glasses and smiling broadly at me.
“Want a drink?” She asked, cocking her head to one side, her house seemed to quiet, I was used to her parents nattering on about stuff in the kitchen but today there was nothing.

“Yeah sure, what’dya have? It’s quiet here today.” I remarked as she got herself a coke out of the refrigerator.

“Yeah I know, my folks aren’t home until tomorrow, some business dinner thing. And we’ve got coke, lemonade, or you can have one of my dads beers.” She giggled slightly, my breath caught, I had never been completely alone with her before, her parents, or at least one of them, was always in the house when we were, this would be perfect, no distractions, no reason not to open up.

“It’s ok, I’ll just have a coke too.” She nodded, grabbing me a can too, handing me the glass and can as she took a sip of her own drink, once I poured it she lead me to her room to begin working. Ok Brendon, focus.

 *Reader’s POV*

 We sat at the small desk in my room, leaning over my folder of work, Brendon had been slowly but surely getting things into my head, I was beginning to get the hang of it now, at least I hoped I was.

“So this piece is in minor… right?” I pointed to the sheet music in front of me, cocking my head to the side hoping to god I was right this time, he chuckled a little, shaking his head slowly.

“No… sorry, its in major.” I huffed, slumping back slightly, it was driving me crazy not being able to get it right. He touched my arm gently. “Relax, just remember, minor usually has flats in the key signature, major has sharps ok?” His hand lingered on my arm as I looked up at him slightly. “You’re really not as bad as you think you know, you get things a little muddled is all.” I stood, pacing my room a little, I couldn’t help but notice his eyes moving over me as I paced, he was trying to be polite but I had seen his eyes wandering several times today, he blushed when our eyes met.

“Thank you, for all your help, it’s really helped me understand things a little better, you’ve been so kind, even when I’ve totally sucked, even though you could have been a total jerk about it.” I smiled sincerely, I did mean it, he had been so kind and sweet to me, it meant I could learn better, he put me under less pressure to get it right. “We should take a break, maybe play about on the piano for a little.” I gestured to him, wanting him to follow me to the music room in my house, it was only a dingy little room with a piano, drums and guitars all crammed in but I loved it all the same. He followed me, sitting down next to me on the stool.

“You don’t have to thank me for helping you, I’m your friend, it’s what I’m here for.” He said smiling as he began to casually play a tune on the piano, hands gliding effortlessly over the keys, I was so mesmerised by his playing, it seemed so easy for him. I shuffled a little closer to him on the stool, pressing my leg against his, stroking the keys, intentionally moving my hands close to his, I knew the tune he was playing, trying to make sure my hands were where his were whenever they came up to my end of the piano. His breath seemed to catch slightly, his nose wrinkling, causing his glasses to rise and fall, I allowed my hand to brush against his again, this time he stumbled on the keys, hitting a bum not and stopping in his tracks, he moved his hand up to push his glasses back into place, neatening his hair with his hands. I was so desperate to know what was going on in his head, he baffled me so much, what would he do if I kissed him? I really wasn’t sure whether to find out.

*Brendon’s POV*

I sat slightly awkwardly next to Y/N, she was pressed right against me and I was pretty sure she was intentionally catching my hands on the piano keys, I was using every ounce of control to stop myself from panting like a damn dog next to her, all day I had been struggling to keep my eyes off of her. I knew she had spotted me looking a few times, but why hadn’t she said anything, why didn’t she point it out, she wasn’t usually one for keeping quiet when a guy was ogling her so why was she now? We sat in this kind of awkward silence, her eyes on me but unspeaking. Every signal she was giving me right now was that she liked me, happily having me over when she’s alone, wearing clothes like that, touching my hands on the keys, leaning in so close. Was I just imagining this, was I being too wishful? God if I didn’t try to find out now, I’m pretty sure I never would. I gulped down hard, forcing the lump in my throat down so I could speak, tell her, right now Brendon, tell her! I was practically screaming in my own head by the time my mouth opened.

“Uhh, Y/N?” I asked timidly, she responded with a small “mmhhmm”, her head turning towards me. “Can I, ummm, I want to, fuck, I want to tell you something.” I finally got the words out, taking a deep breath, she nodded to indicate she was listening, her eyes looking up at my own. “Look, I’ve been meaning to tell you this a long time, but, well, I thought you wouldn’t care, that it would annoy you or push you away so I’ve kept quiet about it, I guess I just cant anymore. I…” I trailed off, losing that surge of confidence.

“Just spit it out!” She joked, giggling playfully as she met my eyes, that smile, everything about her, I had to do this now.

“I like you!” I blurted, gasping at my own bluntness, I quickly started babbling again to try and rescue the situation, god that was awkward of me. “I have done since we met, just, everything about you makes me so happy, but I’ve been so afraid you’d hate me for it, or you wouldn’t like me back, I mean I know I’m not as tall or built up as your ex’s and probably not as handsome but…” I was cut off by the feeling of her warm lips pressed against my own, it startled me, I definitely wasn’t expecting this reaction. I was frozen for a second but she soon got me kissing back, her hands resting behind my neck, gently touching my hair, twiddling it between her fingers, I moved my lips slowly against hers, letting her set the pace, I hadn’t done this nearly as much as she had, it made me nervous about being crap at it, what if she hated kissing me? “So you like me back?” I asked shyly, answered with another slow kiss.
“You talk too much.” She teased, pressing her lips firmly back against mine, I gained a small amount of confidence, enough to hold her waist at least, she lead the kiss, I wanted to try and lead a little so I flicked my tongue gently against her lip, she seemed to very eagerly allow me entry, touching her tongue against my own, letting me set the pace. She pulled herself closer to me, pulling our bodies together, I held her waist in my hands, a small moan escaped her lips, head leaning back as she broke the kiss, I sat for a moment before deciding to carry this on. I pressed a small kiss to the base of her throat, earning yet another moan from her, encouraged by this I started pressing kisses all over her neck, progressing to open mouthed kisses, flicking my tongue against her warm, soft skin.

“Brendon…” She whimpered softly, fingers gripping in my hair ever so slightly, wriggling in her spot. “Come on… let’s go back to my bedroom.” She stood, gripping my hands and  pulling me up, she eagerly pulled me into her bedroom, kissing me hard on the lips as she pulled me towards her bed. My head finally caught up to what was happening, she liked me back she was kissing me, we were in her bedroom. My heart pounded in my chest as she held me close, holding my shoulders in her slim fingers, biting her lips at me between kisses. I was so nervous, should I tell her I hadn’t done this before? Or should I try and play it off. God I was scared.

*Reader’s POV*

I pulled Brendon towards my bed, I wasn’t expecting this today, but the way he kissed my neck like that, no way was he getting out of that, I moved my hands to the front of his hoodie, gripping the collar and pushing it off of his shoulders and down his arms. My hands continued on to his shirt, fumbling with each of the buttons as our lips crashed against each other, I noticed his hands weren’t doing much apart from holding my waist, I did wonder why but my mind was racing and I didn’t pay attention, I managed to unbutton his shirt, pushing it down his shoulders and onto the floor. My hands moved to his belt buckle, fumbling with it in between my fingers, our lips still crashing messily against each other, as I began to unbuckle his belt I felt hands on my own, holding me still. Our eyes met as I pulled away, looking up at him, confused as to why he was stopping me.

“What is it?” I whispered breathlessly, staring up at Brendon intently, he was blushing slightly, eyes awkwardly staring down into my own.

“I… um…. I gotta tell you something.” He trailed off, looking at his feet, hands still holding my own still, I felt a little put down that he seemed so hesitant, maybe there was another reason.

“You can tell me anything, you know that right?” I slipped my hand out from under his, cupping his warm, flushed cheek in my hand, pulling his face up gently to meet his eyes.

“I haven’t done this before.” He whispered, his voice cracking slightly, our faces so close, a feeling of intimacy I’d never felt before. “I know you’ve done this before and I don’t want to suck.”

“Done it before? Yeah like once… my first time was so awful I wouldn’t really count it, sure I know what to do but…” I pressed one small kiss to his lips between the words, “This means a lot more to me. We don’t have to.” I was trying to comfort him, stroking his cheek between kisses, I didn’t want him to be uncomfortable.

“No!” He jumped quickly at my words, blushing again as he stumbled on his own tongue, desperately trying to claw together a literate response. “I… um… I do want to… of course I want to, I like you so much, and, well I’ve always wanted this, I just, um, I, fuck.”

“Shhhh, you panic far too much B, let’s just take things slow, ok?” I cooed softly, guiding him down to the bed as he nodded gingerly at me, I straddled his hips as he sat on my bed, kissing him slowly, his hands found my waist again, fiddling with the hem of my shirt as our lips met, giggling slightly against his lips, I slowly pulled my shirt over my head, leaving me in my bra and shorts on his lap.

“Fuck…” He breathed out, biting his lip subconsciously, I slid my hands behind my back, slowly unhooking my bra and sliding it down my arms, his breath caught in his throat as he watched, I climbed off of his lap to take off the rest, I had to admit his response was doing a lot for my ego.

*Brendon’s POV*

I sat on her bed watching in bewilderment as she stripped out of her shorts, completely exposed in front of me, she was everything I imagined, her body was so smooth and sexy, every curve of her form drove me crazy, I could feel myself straining in my jeans.

“Why are you still dressed?” She teased, biting her lip at me, unable to form any type of intelligent response I simply pulled my jeans down my legs, throwing them on the floor next to her bed, leaving me in just my boxers on the bed, she sauntered over to me again, straddling my hips.

“You’ve really only done it once?” I finally croaked out, running my hand through my hair, she nodded as she took my glasses off, kissing me softly again.

“Yeah… and it wasn’t great.” She giggled slightly, wrapping her arms around my shoulders as we kissed, tongue fighting for dominance, I seemed to have won control of the kiss but I was certain it was only because she let me. I tried to be more confident, moving my hands over her skin, touching the skin of her back and waist with my fingertips, she moaned into the kiss, hands playing with my hair. I repeated my earlier actions, pulling out of the kiss and kissing her neck, moving from her lips to her jawline and down to her shoulders, she whimpered and moaned, wriggling on my lap as I did, the pressure made me groan against her skin, I was so turned on I could barely contain myself.

“I want you so bad.” I groaned, surprising myself with how low and husky my voice seemed to be, a confidence kick seemed to rush over me, causing me to bite the skin of her neck a little, she jumped and whined again, wriggling on top of me.

“Brendon…” She gasped breathlessly, wriggling on my lap, we both wordless wriggled on her bed to wrestle my boxers down my legs, I kicked them off, both of us panting, I was still so nervous, despite trying to act confident. She reached over to her nightstand, fumbling around in the draw, she pulled out a condom, passing it to me, I hated to look like an idiot, but I’d never put one on before. “Want me to do it?” She asked sweetly, I nodded, blushing again, I felt her warm hand pump up and down my length a little, I groaned out, already hard, she didn’t need to do this but she did it anyway.

“Fuck Y/N…” I gasped out, my head lulling back a little, she rolled it on effortlessly, straddling my hips again, our lips met as she lined me up with her heat, hips sinking down slowly, it felt so good, warm and tight around me, my eyes rolling back in my head, a loud groan escaping me. “Fuuuuck.” I gasped, she began to move slowly, up and down, the feeling was so intense, she huddled her body close to mine as I held her hips in my hands, our chests pressed tight together.

“Brendon.” She whimpered in pleasure, beginning to build up a little more speed, rocking her hips back and forth on me, biting her lips at me with a broad grin, I smiled back, both of us giggling breathlessly at each other. I slowly followed her movements with my hands, guiding her hips, she rocked a little faster, throwing her head back in pleasure, she moved up, her body upright now as her hips rocked back and forth, my hands following her movements, I felt my fingers grip onto her hips slightly, squeezing gently, guiding her a little faster, it felt so good I couldn’t help but want her to go a little faster, hearing her say my name like that gave me more confidence to take a little more control.

“Y/N… this feels so good.” I groaned out, she bit her lip at me again, throwing her head back, I watched as her long hair flowed down her back, smooth arch of her back looking so sexy as her head lulled back, body tense above me. This was so out of this world to me, all I could do was moan and writhe under her, desperately trying to gain the confidence to make her feel good too.

*Reader’s POV*

I felt Brendon’s hands gripping my hips, pulling me faster over him, my body rocking back and forth on him, he was moaning and writing under me, occasionally moving his hand up to his mouth and biting down, seemingly to keep himself calm. It made me feel good to know I was making his first time good for him, he groaned out as I moved, feeling myself tightening up around him, that familiar knot forming in my stomach, focusing on the same spot.

“Brendon… I’m close.” I whimpered, shifting my hips in a way I knew would hit the right spot to push me over the edge, he merely groaned under me, biting into his hand again, one hand still gripping my hip, eyes closed in pleasure. I kept moving, feeling it tighten right up, my body tense above him, my muscles contracting, he bucked his hips up as he groaned, pushing me over the edge, I whimpered his name repeatedly as I came. My body tense up as I began to weaken, writhing above him.

“My turn.” He growled slightly, gripping my body and flipping me under him, he started moving, trying to get a fast pace going, his hips rocking back and forward in a slightly awkward motion, he looked as if he was focusing so hard on what he was doing, so tense and worried. I moved a hand to his cheek in an attempt to calm him.

“Relax baby… start slow.” I cooed softly, he nodded, moving his hips in a slow motion, more fluid this time, losing that awkward streak to it, he very quickly got the hang of how to move, shifting faster against me as he got used to how he should be moving, his hands resting either side of me to hold his weight off. Before long he was moving so fast, hitting all the right spots, both of us moaning and whimpering on my bed, I gripped onto his shoulder blades, my nails digging in ever so slightly, it felt so good, I was beginning to wonder if this really was his first time.

“Fuck Y/N… I can’t hold out much longer.” He moaned above me, biting his lip, I gripped tighter to his back, his head nuzzled into my neck, placing small kisses and bites all over it, he growled slightly, biting down a little harder, the pain sent a small shudder through me, my body tensing up again, I felt myself tightening around him again, he placed more, slightly harder bites along my neck, driving me crazy, I was getting so close I could hardly stand it.

“Me either Brendon… fuck!” I yelped out, his hands suddenly gripped my wrists, pinning them above my head, I gasped and whimpered in pleasure as his hips slammed against me, both of us moaning as our bodies pressed together.

“Shit I’m gonna cum… fuck Y/N!” He groaned out as I felt him throb inside me, the throbbing sent me spiralling over the edge, my mind crashing down as I tightened around him, gasping for breath as I whimpered in pleasure.

“Brendon!” I yelled out, he thrusted for a while longer, releasing my wrists as he collapsed on top of me, panting softly in my ear.

*Brendon’s POV*

She was panting under me, her hands clinging to my back, I don’t know what came over me but she seemed to like it, I never expected myself to be the biting, pinning down type but if she liked it I’d be whatever she wanted. I leaned up slightly, both of us smiling and giggling breathlessly, she gave me a sweet smile, followed by one, long drawn out kiss, her hands fiddling with my hair. Neither of us said much after that, just cuddling on her bed, only saying sweet compliments of “I’m so glad this happened” or “I can’t believe you like me back”. I really couldn’t believe I had just lost my virginity to the girl I’d been pining over for years, it didn’t feel real, but I was sure glad it was.

*The following Monday*

Y/N came into class, plopping herself down next me on the seat, producing her new music notes that I had helped her with. I smiled as soon as I saw her, wrapping an arm leisurely around her shoulders before our teacher came in, she smiled back, looking up and pressing a small kiss against my lips.

“Thanks for all your help with this, I can’t wait for you to tutor me again.” She said winking playfully at me.

“Me either, but I think there are some things you can help me learn too.” I teased her, she giggled playfully leaning into me, I was right, I really couldn’t wait for our next tutoring session.

I really hope you liked it guys! Much Love <3 <3 <3

Pictures Of Me

I have always tried to be very careful online. I didn’t give out my real name, never got more specific than my country when saying where I lived, and I certainly didn’t post any pictures of myself publicly. The only social media I had was a Facebook account and, even then, I kept the personal details vague and had the privacy settings maxed out. I thought I was being as careful as humanly possible.

It wasn’t that I was paranoid, just private. I was only a casual computer user anyway, so it wasn’t like I spent a whole lot of time online in the first place. Mostly I just used it to look at funny pictures and talk to friends.

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Insanity - Nathan Prescott x Reader (3/?)

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{Credit to gif creator} 

Fandom- Life is Strange

Characters- Nathan Prescott, Warren Graham, Kate Marsh, Max Caulfield, Chloe Price, Mark Jefferson, Victoria Chase, Taylor Christensen, Courtney Wagner, Hayden Jones, Daniel DaCosta, Brooke Scott, David Madsen (And probably more later on)


InSaNiTy is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results” - Albert Einstein.

You are Warren’s twin sister and are also a student at Blackwell Academy. You’re caught between two sides- family or love.

Words- 1078 Words 

Warnings- Drugs. Alcohol. Abuse. Sexual themes. This is a Life is Strange oneshot and we all know how messed up that game is so.


Read Part one here! 

Read Part two here! 

Sorry it’s taken so long to write, but I’ve been really busy with Wattpad and school, so please don’t hate me! 

Set in Episode 1 - Chrysalis. 

You looked at Nathan Prescott as he sat down on his bed. 

“Wanna blaze?” He asks and you shake your head. 

“I’m good…But you…You go on ahead,” You mutter, sitting down on Nathan’s sofa. 

“(Y/N), you sure?” He asks and you nod. 

“I’m pretty sure,” You say as he takes his joint and lights it, lying back on his bed and staring up at his white ceiling. 

You watch him as he blazes up, breathing out smoke in shapes to make you smile. 

“Nate…I think I should go, I think you want to be alone,” You say, getting up and he sits up. 

“No, don’t go…Or I’ll probably get too high or drink too much,” He says and you just sigh.

“Alright, but…I need to do some homework?” You ask and he nods, pointing to his computer. 

“Go ahead, use my computer,” He says and you smile in thanks. 

You sit down at his computer and open up a Word document. You begin your biology homework you were supposed to be doing with Warren right now. 

“You okay?” You ask Nathan and he just nods, eyes still glued to the ceiling. 

You took this time to take in his extremely dark room. 

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Destructive Lies - Bucky Barnes x Reader

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A/N: I completely threw off my sleeping schedule to get this out for you guys. It’s 12:17 AM where I am. You’re welcome. a/n: part 2 - it is currently 12:36 and i want to cry. good night.

Prompts (1 , 2 pls specify which list): “Tell me to go and I will, but if you ask me to stay I’ll never leave you again.” “I wish you could see yourself the way I see you.” and “There was never a choice.”

Warnings: Angst, takeout Chinese food, Christmas, Poptarts, and words, a lot of words (not any language tho)

Words: 2365

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The Asset (3/?)

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Summary: The past two years have been the best years of Y/N’s life, but when her boyfriend’s, Bucky, past comes after her nothing will ever be the same.

A/N: Today’s post is brought to you by Procrastination. Procrastination the reason I will be turning in my Art assignment at the last minute. 

Part 1

Part 2

Time did not exist. I no longer knew when it was night or when the sun was out.

I was a prisoner, and there was not one moment I was not reminded of it. The small four concrete walls surrounding me had become my cage.

Had it been days? Weeks? I wouldn’t know.

I sat on the lumpy mattress facing the door in front of me, the only exit to this miserable room. It would open twice a day by a guard dressed in all black. She would walk over to me and handcuff my hands in front of me before escorting me to a small restroom, by the time I was brought back into my prison there was a tray of food by the door and I wouldn’t see anyone again until my next meal.

Nobody ever spoke with me. No matter how many times I begged for some one to tell me was going on, and what they wanted from me, I never got so much as a side look before being completely ignored.

As I sat on the mattress the door handle began to turn before it was pushed open.

A man walked in. A man I had never seen before.

He was tall with short-cropped hair.

I waited for him to walk over to restrain me like they always had, but he didn’t.

He stood by the open door and watched me with malevolent eyes. When he took a step forward I wrapped my arms tightly to my chest and bit the inside on my cheek to keep from screaming. I knew nothing good would come out if I did.

He stopped walking a few feet away from me before he spoke. “I am sorry this introduction was pushed back so long,” he said slow and low. “I had matters needing my attention, but I am here now.”

I watched him closely, but stayed frozen to my spot.

“You may have heard of me,” he said with a wicked smile. “Grant Ward, head of Hydra.”

I remembered the name from the day I was taken. The man on the phone with Bucky had said that a man named Ward was sorry he couldn’t have been there himself.

The man in front of me was the person behind my kidnapping.

“Do you know why you are here (Y/N),” he asked.

He waited for my answer, and when I gave no response he continued talking.

“You are here to help me,” he smiled.

“I would never help you,” I spit anger finally overshadowing my fear.

“Oh but you already are,” he tells me. “By just being here you have sent the Avengers out on a wild never ending goose chase.”

They were looking for me. My friends were looking for me, and I had no doubt in my mind that they would find me soon.

“You see not only have we managed to directly hit Mr. Barnes by taking you, but now the entire team is distracted searching for you. Now your help doesn’t end there,” he says snapping his fingers.

Two large men in black entered the room followed by a smaller woman in a lab coat.

“Strucker, before he was killed, had a vision. To create ‘miracles’, like your Sokovian friends. The problem with his technique was that the process took to long. Our friends at SHIELD have made the process simpler for us,” he placed his hand out and one of the men in black handed him a jar of fish vitamins. “The only problem with this new technique is its high mortality rate. If you don’t have the gene the Terrigen will kill you, and if you live you will become what they call Inhuman. Fortunately I am willing to sacrifice you to find out.”

The two men walked forward and reached for me.

I tried to fight them, but no only was I not strong enough but I was never trained to fight.

Bucky and Nat had offered several times to teach me basic self defense, but I never had the chance to train with them.

Each man grabbed one of my arms and held me in place as the woman walked toward me with a syringe.

“For your sake you better hope you have some alien in you,” Ward smirked as the needle was plunged into my neck releasing its contents into my blood stream.

I didn’t have time to scream as I felt my body become heavy. The room was quickly cleared leaving me alone as dark black rock formed around my body creating a cocoon.

I watched in horror as my entire body was engulfed in darkness before the world was lost to me.

He couldn’t remember the last time he had a full nights sleep. Days blurred into weeks as he searched for (Y/N) day and night.

He would not give up looking for her, no matter how long it took, he was determined too find her.

“Buck, get some rest,” Steve told his friend who was huddled over a pile of folders.

“I can’t,” Bucky murmured.

“This isn’t healthy,” Steve sighed. “You can’t go on the rest of your life closed off from the world.”

“(Y/N) was my world,” Bucky said finally looking up from the papers in his hand.

He was a mess. His hair was sticking out at every angel, there were very prominent dark circles under his eyes from the extreme lack of sleep, he hadn’t shaved and the stubble on his face was slowly becoming a beard.

If his appearance didn’t give away what he was feeling, his eyes did.

Not only were they tied but also they had no life in them, no hope. He blamed himself for what happened to (Y/N), and without her he saw nothing worth living for. She was his everything.

Steve had never seen his friend so completely destroyed. He hadn’t told anyone, but the day Bucky had come to the tower frantic and panicking trying to tell everyone what had happened Steve later heard Bucky crying in his old room at the tower.

Everyone was helping in any why they could. Nat was pulling in favors from all of her old contacts. Tony and Bruce were creating different algorithms to narrow down where (Y/N) could have been taken. Steve was out on the field with the rest of the team chasing leads.

(Y/N) might have not been an Avenger, but she was part of the team in her own way.

“We’ll find her,” Steve said placing an assuring hand on Bucky’s slumped shoulder. “But you won’t be much help if you pass out from exhaustion, the serum can only do so much.”

Bucky didn’t say anything as he ran his hand through his hair and let out a long breath before standing up and walking to his room.

Part 4

The Project - Sam Wilkinson Love Story Part 7

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Y/N p.o.v

“Y/N!” someone shouted at you as you stood at your locker pulling out your maths folder along with you history one. Turning your head to the left you saw Sam as he said a quick goodbye to his friend before running over to you.

“Hey, what’s up?” you asked giving him a small smile as he ran his hand through his hair ruffling it up making it stick up in all different directions. 

“I can’t make it tonight. I forgot to mention that we have a big home game tonight and I can’t miss it” he said leaning against the locker beside yours.

“Oh” you said looking down.

“I’m sorry but I’ll make it up to you. I’ll see you around” he said as the bell ran before he ran towards the gym jumping in between people as they shouted at him or cheered him on for tonight.

With a sigh you turned closing your locker door as your best friend Tiffany walked towards you. 

“What did Sam Wilkinson want. Did he say something to you?” she asked looking down the hallway where he ran down. 

“No, its nothing to worry about. Lets get to class” you said giving her a small smile before walking towards maths with her by your side. 


“Hey sis” your sister said as she walked up to your table taking a seat next you you. You gave her a small smile as you sipped your Arizona writing down some notes from your English book into your poetry book for the big exam coming up.

 "So I have a question?“ she said as you placed your pencil down before picking up your apple and taking a bite of it.

"Okay,shoot” you said while your friends sat at the table opposite you. She turned to you seeing she had your full attention.

“So as you know there is a basketball game tonight and I was wondering if maybe you could-”

“If I could drive you?” you said finishing her sentence making her give you a big smile bring her hands together and placing them under her chin. 

“Please all you have to do is drop me off. You can also stay if you want" 

"Yeah cause I really want to watch a bunch of guys run around all sweaty after a ball. Every girls dream come true” you said rolling your eyes getting a giggle from your friends Tiffany and Delia.

“Come on you will get to see the Jack’s, Sam and Nate in action” she said making your friends laugh.

“I don’t see what all the girls see in them. They aint even that attractive” Delia said sipping her apple juice.

“sup Delia” Jack J said walking past our table giving her a nod before he walked towards their table where Sam, jack G and Nate sat waiting for him. 

Quickly you looked over towards Delia as she played with her hair as her cheeks started to turn red. “Oh my god Delia” Tiffany said with a laugh.

Turning in your seat you looked over at the guys as the girls teased Delia. You watched as the boys all talked together together laughing at little jokes. Sensing someone watching Sam looked over to you as you quickly looked down placing with your pencil before looking back over to him to see him smirking. With a smile you looked down biting your lip tapping your pencil on the book. Looking to the right you looked at the clock on the wall that sat above the boys only to see Jack G watching you before looking at Sam. 

“- So will you please drive me” you heard you sister say as you looked away from the boys table. 

“Uh?” you asked as she groaned.

“Is there something going on with you and them?” Tiffany asked making everyone turn to you before looking over at the guys table. “Or should I say is there something going on with you and Sam?” she asked.

“Wait, you haven’t told them?” your sister asked you making Tiffany and Delia turn back to you with a confused expression. 

“Haven’t told us what?” they asked together 

“That she has been working with Sam for drama. He is the main male lead and she is the main female lead” she said as they turned to you. “She’s been going to his and his been coming to ours for the last 2 weeks”

“So that’s why you keep on cancelling your sleepovers” Delia said shocked as Tiffany smirked at you shaking her head with her arm crossed over her chest. 

“Y/n and Sam Wilkinson. Who would have thought” Tiffany said as you looked up at her.

“Nothing is happening. We just go through our lines” you explained.

“Yeah for now” she said making you glare at her. “Oh come on its Sam Wilkinson” she said with a laugh making you look away. 

“So will you please drive me” your sister asked again making you sigh.

“She won’t go. she don’t want Sam to see her. she will be up in her room bored because he had to cancel” Tiffany said making you roll your eyes.

“I know what you doing and it aint working” you said packing your stuff from the table and placing them in your bag.

“She never denied it” Tiffany said making you shaked your head. “I bet she will be sitting in her room watching the notebook and eating cookies and cream ice cream” she said making your snap.

“Fine I’ll show you , I’ll drive you to the game, and I will stay and watch” you said turning to Tiffany before walking out the hall.

With a sigh you opened the hall doors going to walk outside but you stopped as you swung the door open to fast and hard making it hit someone behind it.

“Ow, fuck” the said making you step out to see a guy with his back to you with his hands up against his face.

“I’m so sorry. are you okay?” you asked gently placing your hand on his shoulder slowly turning him around to come face to face with Jack G holding his bloody nose. “Oh wow. Did I cause that?” you asked making him chuckle before wincing.

“I think so yeah” he said making you bit your lip before taking hold of his wrist taking him to the girls bathroom to clean him up. 

“Just sit there” you pointed to the sinks. Turning you picked up some tissues damping them with the sink next to him slowly moving his hands from his nose. “I hope it aint broken” you said dabbing the damp tissue against his nose. 

“Aint the first time. But strangle enough I have never got it broken by a girl” he said laughing at his self before cursing because of his nose.

“Don’t laugh” you said with a giggle stepping closer to him to clean it better.You jumped when he placed his hands in your hips bring you in between his legs.

“Better?” he asked looking at your lips before quickly looking into your eyes.

“Yeah” you said in a whisper before getting a clean tissue that was next to him and damping it and bring it back up to his nose. “I don’t think its broken. Just try not to get a ball in your face tonight. Then it will be a different story” you said with a small laugh as he smirked. You finished off ripping of the rest of the dried blood before looking back at him. 

Lifting his hand he tucked your fringe that had came out of from the grip holding it up. He gently tucked it behind your ear before he followed your hair down as it ended at your rib cage. “I like your hair like this” he said grabbing your fishtail braid. 

“Okay” you said walking backwards grabbing your bag from the floor and placing it on your shoulder. “Well um good luck tonight” you said “and um i hope your nose gets better” you said before pulling a confused face as he frowned at you. “Bye” you said quickly walking out the bathroom. 

“Y/N” he called walked out after you but you only ran to class as he sighed leaning against the door watching you.

fic: why did i go before you?

stucky for falconbigbutt inspired by (X)
2,243 words
trigger warnings for blood, death, suicide

It’s 4 in the morning and Steve Rogers is kneeling on the floor of a motel room in the outskirts of Las Vegas. There’s a piercing sound in his ears and his hands are shaking. Someone is speaking to him but he can’t hear the words, and his vision is blurring the outline of his hands. The police lights from the parking lot flash around him and he feels his mind start to slip away.

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