it's been ruined by footballers

I'm sick of all you robot bangers

There not even like able to turn into humans I could understand it then but they can’t they don’t have human forms they don’t even have faces how do you find that hot they are literally man made satelites and theirs porn. There’s legit serious porn. Of banging statilitess how messed up do you have to be like. Geez man I thought transformer fappers were weird but at least transformers look a little human but nah let little johhy put his entire dick in a machine mighty smart amazing what we have achieved
What’s next huh theirs gonna be a comic about sentient toasters and vacuum cleaners and one of them is gonna say one single meme just one fucking meme and people are gonna want him in their vaginas I don’t get it the human race is??? It’s absurd now let me tell my parent I want to bang a satellite they’d send me 2 the looney bin but if I said that in a Fandom group chat everyone would be clapping and agreeing fuck? FUCK
I just can’t believe it I can’t believe it say I did want to bang a satellite which I would never say I did how would we even do it. How. hOw. Yeah in just gonna lay my satellite boyfriend down and take off his clothes and then what do I do he doesn’t have a butt hole he doesn’t have any holes he has circuits and plexiglass if I put my bare dick on that I’d literally die that’s pain and agony and he wouldnt even enjoy it I wouldn’t enjoy it would be a bad experience for everyone and NO ONE would come to my funeral because there gonna think of me as a weirdo who bangs machines and then my boyfriend???? He’s gonna live forever without me and be stuck with the memory of accidentally killing his lover
I don’t get it I just don’t understand how you could look at a dusty heap of what? What human?? History?? and shit and be like “woah…she’s totally my type….aged and dented….made of wires….g-god” you fucking animal I’ll punch you in the tit who do you think you are sexualising a fucking satellite without its consent what?? THE FUCK??