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EXO are overrated

I’ve read this around a lot, and in all honesty, I think that is pure bullshit. So I decided to share my opinions on the matter too. Sure, I’m an EXOtic so you might say I’m biased, but I don’t really believe I am.

Let’s start with everyone’s number one argument:

 EXO aren’t talented and are only famous for their looks.

This argument has been used so many times for so many different groups especially SM ones… and I’m just so damn sick of it. Yes, EXO are all very handsome – actually, make that SM idols are all very handsome, but does that immediately mean they have no talent?

Just because they have a number of fans who appreciate them mostly for their looks doesn’t wipe out the fact that they do have talent. I think it’s just this idea everyone has of SM that they choose their idols solely based on looks.

I’m not saying looks don’t play an important role in the casting of most of SM’s idols, because they do – casting stories like Sehun’s and Seohyun’s and Minho’s are enough to confirm it – but I’m saying that talent is also a standard that’s just as important.

Also, another version/part of this argument is that EXO aren’t appreciated for their music.

Well I’m proud to say that I used to listen to EXO a long time before I actually started liking them, and I enjoyed their songs very much even back then. And really, their songs aren’t half as bad as everyone makes them out to be. I’d also like to point out that they don’t really get to choose their songs, do they? And SM is just trying for the type of songs that catch teens’ attention, since they are much more invested in this whole fandom thing, and they spend much more money on it than say a twenty year old would.

Anyway, moving on.

EXO are much too famous for a group that has only debuted 2 years ago.

Well that’s basically the result of them being an SM group. SM is obviously a very well-known label company thanks to its numerous internationally famous groups, and a lot of people like to keep track of all its new groups, so it’s just that much easier to get famous. Add to that the fact that SM are very smart about promoting their idols and EXO’s fame would make perfect sense to just about anyone.

I mean, people keep on criticizing SM because they always focus on this idol or group and ignore others, but it’s actually only the more mature fans who care. And really, the more mature fans aren’t really SM’s target, since those aren’t crazy enough to spend way too much of their money on some group. They’re just the bonus.

But really, I’d have rathered if EXO wasn’t as famous as this. I mean, just look at all the sasaeng fans they have. It’s crazy! But that’s another point I won’t discuss here.

Frankly, I think this whole “such and such group doesn’t deserve the fame it has” is just so stupid. I never say a group doesn’t deserve the fame it has, because if they’re that famous, then it sure as hell wasn’t easy for them to get where they are, and they must be doing something right, no matter what it is. I’m not just talking about EXO here. I’m talking about every group out there. Especially SM groups since they seem to be the number one victims of claims like this.

And to get this post over and done with, here’s one comment about EXO I’ve found on an allkpop forum that I’d like to take this opportunity to discuss since some of the arguments come up pretty often too; “They never sing live and just want money. They all look the same and can not sing.”

They never sing live.

Sure, EXO don’t sing much live, but they actually have live performances. Like EXO M’s performance at KCON. They actually sang MAMA, Angel, What Is Love, History and some other songs of theirs live. But mostly for live singing, you can find covers much easier than their own songs.

And that’s really not their fault. It’s SM’s, since it’s SM who makes them lipsync. Just like their songs, the members have no control over whether they sing live or lipsync. So really, I don’t understand why they get blamed for it. I’m sure they hate having to lipsync just as much as we all do.

They just want money.

Well I’m sure the money is nice, but I’m also sure they haven’t become idols just for the money. Take Suho for example. Why would he train for almost 7 years if only for the money? He’s already rich anyway. And take Kai and Kris and all of the members who’ve trained for a long time. If they were in it just for the money, I’m sure they’d have given up a long time ago. Also, if you’ve actually took the time to learn a bit more about them, you’d see how hard EXO have worked and still work for this. So really, this one argument is pretty invalid.

They all look the same.

Do I even need to say anything about this?

They can not sing.

I’m sorry? Have you ever heard Chen’s voice? Baekhyun’s? D.O’s? Luhan’s? Lay’s? Suho’s? Xiumin can hit pretty high notes too, even if he’s never given much lines and his talent is mostly just ignored. Sure, some of the other members’ voices are pretty lacking, but they have other talents that make up for it. After all, idols aren’t just singers or dancers, they’re entertainers.

So yeah, I guess that’s it for now.

I’ve vented all of my feelings here, and I’ve presented all of my arguments (most of them, at least), and yeah…

Happy new year to everyone?