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Happy Belated Valentine’s Day with Cats

(yes super late I know, hence only minimal coloring… and no, this isn’t the Vday doujinshi I’m still working on Orz)


A super fast breakdown of how I’ve been painting (with blue haired Teru, bc why not) because I’ve had a lot of people tell me they like how I’ve been coloring (thank you!!!!!) and a bunch mentioned they’d like to be able to color like this too, and honestly it’s not hard nor complicated at all, so here! This is how I’ve been doing it 👍

also while we’re on the topic of how hard exo works lets not forget that they’ve been working NONSTOP since their debut…… they have over MULTIPLE stage layouts/positions for virtually every performance every stage like its such a small detail but one night a member will be on the left and the next day he’ll be on the right and that changes the whole flow of the dance like they have to be on top of that and make it work on top of keeping rhythm and breathing and putting on a good show like ……. they work so fucking hard 😤😤😤 i want them 2 understand that we appreciate them

trucy: what hes doing right now. is that normal.

apollo: hold on

apollo, bending over so he’s at eye level with klavier: (loudly) babe? you alright?

klavier, listening to electric feel at max volume on stereo headphones, staring straight into the distance while squeezing a stress ball: (nods slowly)

apollo: (stands back up) hes fine its just been a long week

Day 4: Stress

Lance stumbled out of the cockpit and threw up on the hangar, right at Blue’s feet. In fact, if it hadn’t been for Blue’s massive paws, Lance wasn’t even sure he would have been able to hold himself up while his stomach painfully and violently evacuated its contents through his mouth.

Once he was finished, he stood doubled over, hands on his knees, and just concentrated on staying conscious. He was dizzy, more so than he had been while flying with the team, the feeling exacerbated by the vomiting.

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The Colossi of Memnon are 2 sandstone statues of the Egyptian Pharoah Amenhotep III which have stood for the past 3,400 years in the Theban Necropolis, just west of the city of Luxor in Egypt. They were built to stand guard at the entrance of Amenhotep’s memorial temple, little of which remains today. Its foundation was too close to the Nile, and slowly eroded away over the centuries.

At 18 meters tall (60 feet) and weigh approximately 720 tons each, the Colossi are all that remain, but both have suffered extensive damage over the years. While the southern statue still remains a single piece of stone, its northern counterpart is decidedly broken, the result of a supposed earthquake around 27 BC. But after splitting in half, the statue was reputed to “sing” on occasion – usually within an hour or two of sunrise, most often right at dawn, and most often in February and March. Local legend had it that hearing the “Vocal Memnon” (as it had been nicknamed) would bring good luck, but also inspire some kind of oracular power or moment of foresight in the listener. In any case, the legend became known outside of Egypt, and the colossi were visited by a steady stream of travellers, not the least of which including various Roman Emperors.

There have been several explanations for the phenomenon ranging from man made to natural. In the case of the latter, it was likely the sound of dew evaporating from inside the inherently porous sandstone. In any case The last recorded instance of anyone hearing the sound was in 196, though it is said that around 199, Roman Emperor Septimius Severus attempted to rebuild the northern statue as a means to gain favour with the oracle.


The Last Unicorn (1982, UK/USA/Japan)
A unicorn learns that she is supposedly the last of her kind and sets out to discover the truth as to why.

Peter S. Beagle’s fantasy novel, “The Last Unicorn”, from 1968 was one of great interest to turn it into a feature. Beagle felt animation would be the most efficient way to produce it, and it turned out to be one of Rankin/Bass’ last well-known productions. While some of the voice performances are over-the-top - typical for a lot of fantasy epics of its time, but also much like a fantasy epic of its time it enchants viewers and draws them into its world and characters successfully. Being an animated film further helps further create an otherworldly, but familiar universe that otherwise would have been unfilmable as live-action then. As Beagle adapts from his own book into the screenplay, there are no ought-right heroes or villains in this story. Beagle’s story also paints how the humans see unicorns as magic but are either in disbelief of what they see or upset at the neglected promise of wish-granting. The unicorn itself, after suddenly being given a human form to prevent her being captured, begins to lose her ambitions and even forgets who she is. While the king is hinted at being a wicked sort, who in the end has a tie to the lost unicorns and the monstrous Red Bull, he is soon seen as somber and sympathetic. The unicorn’s soon-found companions are flawed and had ties to groups who first wanted to take advantage of it. 

Originally approached by many animation producers and artists, including Peanuts animators Lee Mendelson and Bill Melendez, Beagle was upset at first when the film’s associate producer made the deal with Rankin/Bass without him. However upon seeing artwork, footage, and eventually the final film, Beagle was pleased with the results in the end. Almost all of Rankin/Bass’ productions were outsourced to studios in Japan, even their stop-motion specials, and Topcraft was Rankin/Bass’ favorite for traditional animation. The lush quality of Last Unicorn’s animation must have impressed Hayao Miyazaki enough to make Topcraft his animation house to produce his first original film Nausicaa, and subsequently invite much of the studio artists to work at his studio as Topcraft went bankrupt shortly after. The Last Unicorn, both the book and the Rankin/Bass film, has gained a significant following since the film’s release - further elevating its cult status is the soundtrack arranged by the group America and artist Jimmy Webb.

Can I find this? Yeah, sonny. For several years which ultimately popped sometime in 2010, a long contractual dispute happened where original creator Peter S. Beagle was not receiving royalties for video releases and television airings. Eventually an agreement was made with Beagle and the films’ current rights owners where half or more of the payment of future releases will go to Beagle. Shout Factory currently owns video rights to Last Unicorn.

Pro life logic

What pro choicers say; “Pregnant people deserve the right to an abortion if its what they want for themselves. We trust that pregnant people know what’s best for them.”

What pro lifers spin this into; “Pro choicers think women are weak and can’t handle pregnancy! Isn’t that  misogynistic of them??”

Seriously though, I’ve been seeing this bullshit argument more and more often, and while twisting our words and intentions into something malicious is hardly anything new, it’s aggravating as hell for any pro lifer to cry misogyny over pretty much anything ever.

Wanting pregnant people to be informed of all their choices is not misogyny. Trusting that pregnant people know what is best for themselves is not misogyny.

Manipulating pregnant people and lying to them in order to keep them from practicing one of their rights absolutely is misogyny. Being pro life is inherently misogynistic. There’s no way around that.

There’s a lot of anger directed towards Armin now following the outcome of the serum debacle. Not just because he lived, but because he’s a shifter now. Here’s the thing though: it makes much more sense for Armin to become a shifter rather than Erwin. 

Consider the person Armin had to eat to gain that power – was it a nameless, redshirt shifter? 

Not at all. 

It was Bert. It was someone Armin, and the other kids, had a history with. Bert was Armin’s comrade, his friend. There’s an emotional connection there. Despite understanding that Bert was his enemy and had to be killed (as ordered), that doesn’t nullify feelings of guilt and horror over knowing he ate Bert. That’s clear just from Armin’s reaction.

So if it had been Erwin instead, would that really carry the same emotional weight? I don’t think so. Erwin didn’t have that shared history with Bert, so while eating him may have been disturbing in its own right, the impact wouldn’t be nearly the same. 

There’s been grumblings that Armin becoming a shifter and implicitly inheriting Erwin’s legacy is just a shonen cliche. At face value it seems so, but look at the consequences that followed. Is the fact that Armin lived instead of Erwin, and is now a shifter, portrayed as an entirely good thing? 

Most of chapter 85 shows otherwise. There isn’t much celebrating going on in that regard. Of course Eren clearly is grateful that his best friend is alive and well, but that’s a different matter. So this exemplifies a common shonen trope not being played completely straight – there’s a twist to it, which Isayama does frequently throughout the story.

And listen, despite those tropes being played with in some way, Shingeki no Kyojin is still labeled and sold as a shonen above all else. Shonens are directed towards a younger audience, usually teenagers as far as I’ve gathered. The scope of the audience obviously goes beyond that, but teenagers are still the primary target.

So it’s unsurprising that a series directed at teenagers has its main characters as teenagers, the main antagonists are teenagers, and most of the main character’s friends who are also focused on are teenagers. Of course, there’s a gratuitous amount of adults here, acting as either parental, mentor, or authoritative figures for the most part. 

Most of those adults are side-characters. Some are very popular, like Erwin, and have valuable roles to play. They still aren’t main characters. So when the plot has presented itself in a way that either the life of a main (teenage) character or a side (adult) character is on the line, and the result of saving one of them means upgrading their role in the story to a more substantial one, then it’s probably going to be the main character. Better yet if that main character is the best friend of the actual main character, who currently holds the same power and role in the story.

With that in mind, this also means more interactions with Eren since he’s also a shifter. While seeing Eren and Erwin interact more would be nice, making Erwin a shifter instead would still be a clumsy move at this point in the story since the two aren’t particularly close. How the dynamic between Eren and Armin changes with this new role will be interesting. 

Whether you like it or not, Armin is a main character. Naturally, that means there will be a lot of focus on him when the narrative calls for it. Now is one of those times and it’s likely going to be that way for a while. 

coldcoffeeruse  asked:

Just read about Mazel, an amazing story! But I want to thank you for stressing how important it is for people to not just go around buying wolfdogs. You're right, they do need well trained handlers and its unfortunate that so many must be destroyed because of owners who dont know what they're getting into. Anyways, I adored the story of Mazel, she sounded like a wonderful friend

She really was, but DEFINITELY not an animal anyone could have taken on.  

While I was talking with mom over break, She mentioned that she’d apparently been part of a magic show/travelling circus before the guy died and she and her pup were left at the shelter.  So someone with experience training wild animals did her early-life training for us.  

But yeah, if I were to find a hybrid at the shelter today, I’d be calling the local sanctuary to take care of it.

I was fortunate enough to catch part of an RAC DJ set while I was in Austin for SXSW last week, and though I couldn’t stay long due to having to rush off to manage an official showcase myself, it was a real treat to see the Grammy winning producer lay down some seriously exhilarating beats for but a little while. I even had the pleasure of saying hi to André Allen Anjos not long before his set, and at the time, I couldn’t help but wonder… “Where is Liz Anjos, or Pink Feathers?” Turns out, she must have been fast at home preparing for the release of her next enthralling single. Soon after all the festivities ended, Start Over emerged on our radar. Right from the get go, Start Over ensnares us with a sparkly effervescent whimsicality. The candy coated, harmonious lifting electropop song dazzles with its bright luster and a clarion charm. Start Over is a song that reminds me of HOLYCHILD with some of Dragonette’s dance pop playfulness. There’s also a retro 60′s vibe going on, which goes hand in hand with the song’s lyrics regarding turning back time. Start Over is out now on iTunes. It can also be streamed off Soundcloud below.

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Hi! I looked over your masterpost about the drink code in Sherlock. It was extremely helpful, especially for a new fan like myself! I was wondering--what do you think of John and Sherlock drinking coffee at the end of THoB? I could never figure out how that scene fits into the code, and I don't think the masterpost mentioned it. Thanks!

Wow, thanks so much! It’s been a while since I’ve talked about that comp. :)

You’re right, it’s not in the masterpost! But to be fair, we only see their mugs. We’re not told whether it’s coffee or tea, so it’s pretty much up in the air. 

Imagine Your OTP
  • Your OTP has been married for a while now and has had a kid. While in the hospital and holding baby, Person A notices the baby has Person B's hair color.
  • Person A: *silently fangirls/boys over baby's hair color*
  • Person B: What's wrong?
  • Person B: *smirks with pride*
  • Person A: Why are you- *blushes furiously with realization that she/he basically called other person's hair cute*
  • Person B: You know we've been married for *insert amount of time here*, right?

Zach held his hands up as he threw repeated jabs at the bag. Dressed in a zipped up sweaters and sweats. Zach had been going at the for a while shortly after a short cardio workout. His punches came in quicker, harder against the bag causing it to swing a bit more than just a simple push back. Throwing a final right hook at the bag, his power activated sending out an invisible small shockwave like forcefield and causing the bag to swing up over its stand a bit as Zach’s body moved over from the momentum. Realizing what had taken place, Zach waved his gloved hand and let out a half-hearted ‘Ahhhh..’ as if he had hit the bag so hard his actual hand felt the force.