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riverdale + instagrams
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a short guide to Justin Oluransi

Bitty | JackLardo | Shitty

The webcomic Check, Please! and all its art was created by Ngozi Ukazu.

part of me hopes adult harry james potter is knowingly currently apparating here and there and everywhere without a proper apparition license because he never actually got one and no one at the ministry wants to be That Asshole™ that brings it to his attention


favourite ability: no longer human (人間失格)

“Death at the claws of a mad predator does possess a certain appeal… but sadly you cannot kill me. My power allows me to nullify the gifts wielded by others merely by touching them.”


seokmin + MVs

↳ 1997.02.18 | happy birthday to the love & light of my life ☀️

Eurovision 2017: Celebrate Diversity

Most European Countries: Let’s sing in English

Comments I should see on Ray’s YT channel: dumb meme related jokes

Comments I shouldn’t see on Ray’s YT channel: When are you going back to AH?

Comments I shouldn’t see on AH videos:  When is Ray coming back? I miss Ray. etc.

Comments I should see on AH videos: Matt Bragg is pretty funny. Trevor needs more love. This video was pretty good.etc. 

It’s been two years. literally. If you miss Ray go to or his YT channel. HE’S NOT REALLY DEAD