it's been one of those nights man

anonymous asked:

What are some of your favorite tickling fantasies?

It depends on the mood, ya know? I’m always a sucker for those mornings in bed together and the ler is holding you and tells you it’s time to get up and when you don’t they tickle you and its v cute and v sappy.

Being tied up/ pinned is always the dream.

Kinda wanna get chased by the tickle monster/ play hide and go tickle.

LOL someone gave me the idea of having Spider Man tie me up in his web and tickle me and lowkey I’m so fucking down.

And recently I’ve been having one where I’m out with someone all night at a bar or a club, looking bomb af, and being a little teasy shit. And the second we get back to the hotel or house or whatever, they basically pin me against the wall and wreck me.