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When the sorcerer found the dragon, it was attacking a grape.

This was only possible because the dragon was not much larger than a grape itself, but she still had to do a double take to be sure the object it was fighting with such animosity was in fact inanimate.

She crouched so that her eyes were level with the top of the table and squinted at it. The dragon sank its tiny fangs into the grape’s skin and gave a great tug, succeeding only in throwing it and the grape into a backwards tumble. The tiny green reptile rolled to a stop with its whole body wrapped around the grape and shook its head ferociously, managing to pull its teeth out but also launching the grape across the table. It gave a mighty roar of anger (about as loud as a human clearing their throat) and stalked after it, tail swishing dangerously.

“Do you need help?” she offered.

The dragon froze mid-prowl and whipped its head around to look at her, looking so offended she almost apologized for asking.

“I mean, I could peel it for you, if that’s the problem.” She wasn’t sure it was getting the message. One could never tell how much human language these little creatures picked up by hanging around the magic labs. Some understood only such essentials as “scat!” or “oh fuck, that sure did just explode”, while others could hold entire conversations — if they deigned to interact.

This one looked like it was deciding whether she was worthy. Finally, it sniffed daintily and flicked its tail, scales clacking together. “Little monster is my prey, and you can’t have it. Found it first. Will devour it!”

“Oh, sure,” she agreed. “But you know it’s a grape, right?”

This was the wrong thing to say. It glared at her and then bounded away to the other end of the table, where it slithered up to the grape and pounced on it.

Grape and dragon promptly rolled off the edge of the table.

The sorcerer quickly went around to that side, alarmed that it would be stepped on. The labs were bustling with shoppers stopping by to watch demonstrations this time of day, and a small dragon wouldn’t be easily visible on the blue and green tiled floor.

“Horrible! Dirty!” The tiny dragon was screeching at the top of its lungs, holding onto its prey for dear life. It would have been hard to hear anyway, with all the noise of the labs, but with the sorcerer’s diminished hearing it took several seconds to locate the screaming creature.

She scanned the pattern of the tiles for it and sighed. “Oh, hold on, we mopped this morning.” She cupped her hands around it and deposited it into her skirt pocket, an indignity the dragon endured only with more screaming.

“An outrage! Put me down!”

“Shh,” she advised. Lab workers were strongly discouraged from bringing creatures into the back rooms, which was where she was heading, picking her way through the crowded front lab.

“Fuck pockets!” her pocket responded.

“Oh, you can curse. Wonderful.”

The dragon seemed to take this as an actual compliment. “Am multitalented. Can also compose poetry.”

“Really? Can I hear some?”

“No. For dragon ears only.” It sounded viciously pleased to hold this over her head. The bulge in her pocket rearranged itself, and she thought it might be trying to gnaw on the grape.

She felt herself smiling even as she tried to squash her mouth into a straight line. She liked this little bad-tempered thing, even though its spiky feet were digging into her thigh.

In the much quieter kitchen of the back rooms behind the lab, she transferred the wriggling, scaly handful from her pocket to the table. The dragon hissed out a few more insults as it got up and straightened itself out, but its jaw fell open when it finally took in its surroundings. She’d set it down next to the fruit bowl.

“There you go. Food mountain.”

The dragon’s shock didn’t last long. Abandoning the grape, it scraped and scrabbled its way up the side of the bowl and from there onto an apple, its claws leaving tiny puncture marks as it hiked to the top of the arrangement. “Food mountain!” It repeated, its gleeful crowing much clearer and almost sing-song without having to compete with the noise of the crowd.

She watched it turn in a circle, surveying the feast. “But… cannot eat it all,” it observed after a while, crestfallen. “Human-sized. Big shame.”

“Don’t you have nest-mates who can help you with it?” she asked. She had assumed not, from the way it had apparently been foraging for food on its own, but she needed to be sure she’d found a loner.

“No nest. No mates. No nest-mates. You’re rude.” It flopped down ungracefully, wings spread out flat on the apple like it was trying to hug the entire much-larger fruit.

She gave it a moment to be dramatic, and then offered it the grape, minus the peel. “You seem to have a good grasp on human-speak.”

It grabbed the grape without so much as a thank you. “Yes. Have composed poetry in both Dragonese and Humanese. Not for humans to hear, though.” Bragging cheered it up a little.

“You mentioned. I can’t hear very well, anyway.” She pulled up a stool and sat down. “Actually, I’ve been looking for a helper.”

“An assistant,” it said, apparently showing off its Humanese. “An attendant. An aid.”

She watched it bury its snout in the grape, juice dribbling down onto the apple it sat on. “Yes. A hearing aid. How would you feel about having a job?”

It smiled craftily. “Would feel positively, if job comes with chocolate chips.”

“It could,” she said, grinning. She had some friends who employed bird-sized dragons as messengers, but this was the first time she’d heard of one negotiating its salary for itself. “It certainly could. What’s your name?”

“Peep,” said Peep. “It is self-explanatory.”

“Don’t worry, I got it.”

Peep expressed its doubt that humans ever got anything, but she thought the tiny, prickly creature might be warming up to her.

Pi Guides the Way

It may be irrational but pi plays an important role in the everyday work of scientists at NASA. 

What Is Pi ?

Pi is the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter. It is also an irrational number, meaning its decimal representation never ends and it never repeats. Pi has been calculated to more than one trillion digits, 

Why March 14?

March 14 marks the yearly celebration of the mathematical constant pi. More than just a number for mathematicians, pi has all sorts of applications in the real world, including on our missions. And as a holiday that encourages more than a little creativity – whether it’s making pi-themed pies or reciting from memory as many of the never-ending decimals of pi as possible (the record is 70,030 digits).

While 3.14 is often a precise enough approximation, hence the celebration occurring on March 14, or 3/14 (when written in standard U.S.  month/day format), the first known celebration occurred in 1988, and in 2009, the U.S. House of Representatives passed a resolution designating March 14 as Pi Day and encouraging teachers and students to celebrate the day with activities that teach students about pi.

5 Ways We Use Pi at NASA

Below are some ways scientists and engineers used pi.

Keeping Spacecraft Chugging Along

Propulsion engineers use pi to determine the volume and surface area of propellant tanks. It’s how they size tanks and determine liquid propellant volume to keep spacecraft going and making new discoveries. 

Getting New Perspectives on Saturn

A technique called pi transfer uses the gravity of Titan’s moon, Titan, to alter the orbit of the Cassini spacecraft so it can obtain different perspectives of the ringed planet.

Learning the Composition of Asteroids

Using pi and the asteroid’s mass, scientists can calculate the density of an asteroid and learn what it’s made of–ice, iron, rock, etc.

Measuring Craters

knowing the circumference, diameter and surface area of a crater can tell scientists a lot about the asteroid or meteor that may have carved it out.

Determining the Size of Exoplanets

Exoplanets are planets that orbit suns other than our own and scientists use pi to search for them. The first step is determining how much the light curve of a planet’s sun dims when a suspected planets passes in front of it.

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Altverse - A New World

Playlist for the @ask-spiderpool AU where Wade gets stuck in the timeline he screwed up. Read the fic here. (Explicit, incomplete)

@sciderman and I have been working on this for ages, it’s finally ready to be shared. Though it’s still in progress. :)


Look, folks.  I do my absolute best to be friendly to people online, especially those who are friendly to me.  But I would like to make something clear.

Please do not mistake friendliness and openness for generosity.  I am a professional artist and quite frankly cannot afford to be generous with my art.  It is, after all, my trade.

The fact of the matter is that I cannot and will not take requests.  I have said so countless times.  I know some of you ask very nicely, but while I do appreciate the politeness, the answer is unfortunately still “no.”  Repeated requests will only have the effect of making me more staunch (and probably annoyed) in that response.

I sincerely, sincerely appreciate that folks enjoy my art.  Nothing brings me more happiness than that.  But I ask that you please respect my boundaries here.  “No” means “no.”

Just Gonna leave this here:

Drops the song Evermore from the Beauty and the Beast Soundtrack with Dan Stevens singing in the middle of the red queen fandom with a nice little note attached saying:  

Listen if you want Cal singing in RQ4 Feels. (: 

Enjoy, and happy crying, 

Lily (aka the sadistic person you love) 

A Stupid Chipmunk; 990 words
Isak has his wisdom teeth removed

The first time Even notices that something isn’t right they’re having dinner and Isak is gingerly chewing his food, like every bite is painful.  When he asks Isak shakes his head and says he’s sure it’ll pass in a few days.

He’s probably just been grinding his teeth too much while he studied.

The second sign that something isn’t right comes a week later when they’re settled in their bed and ready for sleep.  Isak’s head is tucked safe and sound under Even’s chin, the same position they always start in, but he seems reluctant to put his weight on Even’s chest.

So Even rubs Isak’s back slowly to help him relax, like the good boyfriend he is.  He falls asleep before Isak, but even in his sleep he’s aware of Isak turning this way and that way every few seconds.  When he asks Isak in the morning his sleepy boyfriend admits that it hurt to put any pressure on his face.

Even gives him some painkillers and kisses his forehead and tells him to look after himself before going to work.

Breaking point comes a few days after that, when Isak refuses to lower his hand from his jaw because his teeth hurt so much.  Even had never had any trouble with his wisdom teeth but he knew enough to make an educated guess that Isak’s were coming through.

They manage to get Isak an emergency dentist appointment.  The dentist prods around Isak’s tender mouth for all of a minute before saying that it most likely is his wisdom teeth.  He sends Isak off with a referral for an x-ray and a prescription to help with the pain.

It’s almost two months after the x-ray confirmed his wisdom teeth were struggling their way out that Isak got an appointment to have them removed.  The nurse emphasises how important it that someone needs to take Isak home afterwards and Even assures them that he’ll get Isak home safe.

He kisses Isak’s forehead and promises that everything will be fine.  He goes to work and spends his whole shift thinking about Isak.

When he finally gets to collect his boyfriend he has a taxi ready to take them home.  Isak seems in a daze from the drugs.  His mouth is all stuffed and it looks like it’s already starting to swell.  He spends the whole taxi ride practically on Even’s lap, fascinated by stroking Even’s face and hair and hoodie and then his face again.

Isak doesn’t talk until Even is helping him up the stairs to their flat.  He stops dead in the middle of the landing and looks at Even with wide eyes.

“They took my teeth, Evy.” He sounds so serious and shocked that Even doesn’t dare laugh.

“I know, babe, they were hurting you remember?” Even guides Isak into the flat, not wanting their neighbours to hear Isak’s drug induced rambling.

“My wisdom teeth!” Isak exclaims, clearly trying to emphasise something to Even.

Even has no idea what though.

“Yeah, just your wisdom teeth.” He agrees, but Isak shakes his head in frustration and then winces as the movement hurts his tender jaw.

“Even,” Isak looks at his with wide eyes.  “What if all my wisdom was in them!  What if I’m stupid now!  I haven’t finished school yet!”

And, oh, Even is never going to forget this.

“I’m almost 100% sure that’s not how it works, Isak, it’s okay.” Even helps Isak out of his coat, trying so fucking hard not to laugh.

“They must be called wisdom teeth for a reason!” Isak looks distraught. “I’ll never get another 6 again! I’ll be stuck on 3’s forever!” He wails as Even tries to shepherd him into bed.

“You’ll be the same amazing student you’ve always been.  Your lack of wisdom teeth won’t change that.” Even promises as he gently pushes Isak onto the bed.

“You sound so smart.” Isak sniffles a little, letting Even put the duvet over him.  “You obviously still have all your teeth.”

“I do, but I also have a really big brain.” Even winks.  Isak doesn’t laugh, though, too drugged up to recognise the joke as what it was.

“Don’t go.” Isak whines, making grabby hands at Even as he turns to go to the kitchen.

“I’ll be right back.” Even kisses over Isak’s hands before going into the kitchen.  He grabs the carton out of the freezer and two spoons and crawls into bed with Isak.

“Doctor’s orders.  Nice soothing ice cream.” Even grins, slinging an arm around Isak’s shoulders.  He passes Isak his spoon and opens up the carton, letting Isak take the first spoonful. They eat in silence for a while, Even nosing at Isak’s curls every so often and planting a kiss among them, until Isak breaks the silence.

“I look like a chipmunk.” He mumbles, staring at his reflection in the spoon.  Even doesn’t really know what to say to that, because the swelling isn’t exactly Isak’s most flattering look but somehow Even still finds it endearing.

“Evy, will you still love me even though I’m an idiot now and I look like one of those stupid chipmunks?” Isak looks up at him with sad eyes and Even can’t even bring himself to make a joke about only if you don’t start singing like one because Isak looks so upset about his fate.

“I fell in love with you for your big heart, Issy.  Not your big brain, or your looks.  I’ll love you no matter what.” Even promises.  Isak sniffles a little and Even’s heart hurts at the sound.

“I love you, Evy.” Isak mumbles, spooning himself a mountain of ice cream.  “Even if I am a stupid chipmunk now.”

Even sets the carton down between them and peppers the lightest of kisses all over Isak’s face while Isak sucks on his spoon miserably.

“I’ll always love you, baby.” Even repeats.  “Besides, you’re an adorable little chipmunk.”


Digital collages by slimesunday

Slimesunday is a moniker that is not supposed to make any sense or have some profound hidden meaning behind it. Its a random incidental title I gave myself in late 2014 while watching an old Eminem interview.

The goal from day one has always been to create something; To occupy a blank page with some idea before I fall asleep. If that day I’ve created nothing, then I won’t fall asleep because there is this overwhelming feeling of dissatisfaction. If there is something there, I wake up the next day ready to repeat the cycle. I have created a situation for myself in which the only way to sleep is to create something before the day ends. It doesn’t make sense but it’s how I’ve come to operate on a daily basis. It’s more or less an obsession that has taken over my life but in many ways this obsession does not deserve any negative connotation.

anonymous asked:

hi! you know a lot about sex, and also writing. there's a fanfic trope that i have questions about two men realize their love, make out, want sex. but alas--no lube. never fear, one character grabs whatever is nearby for lube. i've seen lotion (as a person w/ a vagina this makes me terrified of irritation, but okay), vaseline, cooking oil? toothpaste?? whipped cream??? is it safe to put such things in one's butt? would that even be effective as lube? thank you.

Good question! There are many lubricating agents that reduce friction. MOST OF THESE AGENTS DO NOT BELONG IN THE BODY.

Fanfiction requires the reader to suspend disbelief, but there are moments when you simply can’t. Lube, like love confessions and mindblowingly good sex every single time it’s had, is the sort of thing that writers tend to hand wave, although some of the stuff used in fiction as lubricant boggles my fucking mind. Here is a list of acceptable and non-acceptable lubricants for fictional and RL sexy times.

Types of Personal Lubricant:

- Water-based: This is the best overall lubricant to use, as it does not interfere with latex condoms or silicone toys, is absorbed into the body without any issue, and doesn’t irritate the skin. The only drawbacks are that it can be absorbed by the body too quickly, being water-based and all, and it isn’t the best when it comes to anal sex (more on that in a moment). When using water-based lube, one may need to reapply a few times and steer clear of having sex in pools or the bath (as water-based lube will dissolve in water). 

- Silicone: Slipperier, thicker, and longer lasting than water-based lubricant, which makes it a favorite when it comes to anal sex. The thickness of silicone helps cut way down on friction (as the anal cavity does not provide its own lubricant the way the vagina does). However, silicone lube has its drawbacks as well. It’s been reported that some people’s skin reacts to using it. Also, it shouldn’t be used with silicone or jelly-based toys, as silicone molecules don’t react well with other silicone products, and this reaction can lead to the breakdown of the toy. Silicone lube is okay for harder materials, like glass, metal, and hard plastic. 

- Oil-based: While it has the benefit of lacking chemical additives, oil-based lube has a nasty tendency to break down latex condoms. I repeat: do not use oil-based lube with latex. 

Acceptable Lube found in fiction:

- The types of lube listed above (Astroglide, KY, etc.)
- Olive oil: Fine if condoms aren’t being used. 
- Saliva: Wouldn’t recommend using this for penetration; saliva dries quickly and is not enough to cut down on the friction of vaginal or anal sex. Hand jobs are fine, but characters will have to keep licking their hand to maintain optimal wetness.
- Vaseline: Fine if condoms aren’t being used (and if you don’t mind it sticking around for a while. Vaseline is notoriously hard to wash away.). 

Unacceptable Lube found in fiction:

- Butter: If the threat of bacterial infection isn’t enough to put you off, remember that butter is a milk-based product and will spoil. I’ve seen this used in fiction before and I always make the same, horrified face. If your characters are getting it on in the kitchen, have one of them reach for the olive oil instead.
- Hand lotion: Lotion is not for internal use, particularly not for vulvas, vaginas, or anal cavities. If your character is using this to jerk themselves or another penis-owner off, fine. But that’s it.
- Toothpaste: What? Is this a thing? Oh my god, DO NOT USE THIS AS LUBRICANT FULL-STOP JFC
- Whipped cream: See: butter. Also, gross?
- Blood: If you use this as lubricant, I will crawl out of your screen like the girl from The Ring and throttle you.

Sorry but this song has been on repeat in my head for a while and this is the only way to get it out 

The whole idea behind this is that its been a while since Shiro… left Keith in charge and ever since then everyone’s been just horrible but Keith has been especially distant and will just keep himself cooped up in the computer room searching and scanning for answers as to where Shiro may be.

Obviously no one blames him and helps him. Time passes and although everyone’s getting back into the groove of things Keith is just lagging behind. But they finally get a lead to something and everyone’s ecstatic. They very well may have found Shiro but also Lance hopes that Keith can just finally be himself again.

But where is he instead? Cooped up with the computers. Lance tries to get him out but just gets brushed off. And he’s just fed up with getting treated like… i wanna say “trash”? But just kinda given the cold shoulder. And hell yeah he knows he’s being kinda selfish in this but hes just tired of keeping everything pent up behind a smile.

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I don't want to bother you or stress you out if you're super busy, but can I request a Soulmate AU fic with Reader and Loki? I don't really have any specific plot ideas sorry but maybe some angst that ends fluffy? Hope that's ok for you 😊 Ps. You're an incredible writer x

Pairing: Loki x Reader
Fandom: MCU
Warnings: Soulmate!AU in which you get the same injuries as your soulmate does.

A/N: thank you so much for that compliment, my love! I have to be honest, I was a little worried about this prompt, because I’m pretty much a grandma when it comes to soulmate AU’s. I literally just know a single one and I didn’t like that with loki and reader, but then I stumbled across this one and I just fell in love with it and yes, I’ll stop talking now lol. hope you like it bb <333


You made your rounds through the compound right now, wishing everyone well in the fight against Thanos.

You were a scientist, not a soldier, so you had to stay put in the compound while some of your best friends might give their life today.

It was tearing you apart that you couldn’t do much more than wish them luck.

The last person on your list to make your farewells to was Loki.

He was standing in front of a giant window, distracted by the outside world.

You slowly approached him and gently placed a hand on his arm, trying not to startle him. If it was even possible to startle an Asgardian god.


He continued to look out of the window.

“It’s about to start.”

“Yeah. I know,” you lowered your hand and looked outside as well. After a moment of silence you looked at him again. “Promise me to be careful?”

The Asgardian only smiled a little. But it wasn’t a sincere one. You could tell right away.

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The Junker

This was originally a headcanon request from @caldeara​, but the concept was just too good for me to pass up! I may have strayed a bit from your original prompt, but I hope you enjoy it!

“Okay, here goes…” you mutter to yourself as you carefully step out of the airlock. You tweak your trajectory slightly with the thrusters on your oxygen pack and sail gently into the side of the derelict spacecraft.

The holes in the hull looked like a combination of meteor hits and fire damage; you guessed that one probably caused the other. Plasma fires typically burned super hot, and you knew of at least a few ships that had seen their end due to them. You sighed. Hopefully nobody had been harmed. Not the least because these old wrecks were spooky enough as it was without ghosts.

You check to make sure your electromagnetic boots were on, and begin the arduous task of trying to find and retrieve the ship’s black box.

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Among My Stillness

Fandom: Star Trek (AOS/TOS)
Prompt: Soulmate AU – you can hear your soulmate’s heartbeat.
Word Count: 
Small, slightly graphic description of a minor injury.
Rating: All ages.
Author’s Note: this idea came to me when I was in the shower tonight.  I tried to get out so quickly to write it down before I forgot it that I almost killed myself by accident.  All in the name of fanfic.  Special shout out to @yourtropegirl – I know you didn’t request it, but I’m hoping you’ll enjoy this soulmate AU anyway!  Beta’d by @starshiphufflebadger

Among My Stillness was a Pounding Heart

It had all started when you’d first set foot on the USS Enterprise.  At some point on your first day, you had become aware of a soft, distant pulsing in your head.  At first you’d thought it was the beginnings of a headache, your own heartbeat pounding in your ears, but you had soon realized that the rate and rhythm of the beat were different from your own.

You had been startled.  You had always heard talk of people finding their soulmates, but you had gone for so many years without any inkling as to who yours might be that you had almost entirely given up searching until you’d begun hearing the rhythmic thumping here and there.

It was an almost-constant presence. Sometimes you lost the sound when you were on away missions, or when you were sealed off in the physics lab in the belly of the ship, working on gravity stabilization experiments or cold fusion dynamics.  Other times, it was like there was a drum set right inside your skull, going off like your brain was throwing its own, personal classical rock concert.

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Absolution is the washing away of sin. The promise of rebirth. And the chance to escape the transgressions of those who came before us. The best among us will learn from the mistakes of the past, while the rest seem doomed to repeat them. And then there are those who operate on the fringes of society, unburdened by the confines of morality and conscience. A ruthless breed of monsters whose deadliest weapon is their ability to hide in plain sight. If the people I’ve come to bring justice to cannot be bound by the quest for absolution, then neither will I.


June’s Featured Game: Living Playground: The Witch’s Puppets

GENRE: Supernatural, Puzzle
WARNINGS:   Both implied and shown violence to the children, Emotional abuse, Blood
SUMMARY: With what starts as a simple day at the park, siblings Tony, Pablo, and Octavio are once again caught up in a series of strange circumstances such as strange pocket dimensions, coordinated monsters, and more geese than anyone could ever want to see in their lives. Stranded with them are Haze and Seal, two witches who seem to be connected with whatever nonsense is going down. As witches tend to be.In the simplest of terms, this game is about friendship and relating to others, both the good and the bad. With an unfortunate focus on the bad. It will be mostly straightforward with only one ending. 

Download the demo here!

Our Interview With The Dev Team Below The Cut!

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I’ll Never Forget You

(requested by anon)

Kai Parker x Reader
word count  : 4 985
summary : Reader gets sent to 1994 PW with Kai. [fluff + angst]
note : the story continues in part II
 gif by lightwoodxalec

    “Wakey wakey.” said an unfamiliar male voice. “About time you woke up. Watching you drool on my favourite pillow – not a good way to start our friendship.”
Y/N shot up straight, looking around confused and instantly pulled away from the stranger. “Who are you ? Wh-where am I ?”
    “You are in my bed. Oh don’t give me that shocked look. Nothing happened – yet.” he smirked devilishly. “I brought you home after I found you laying on the ground not too far from here on my way from my shopping trip. I am still not sure you are real. Being all alone for such a long time can mess with your head –”
Y/N stared at him. Her new ‘friend’ had blue/gray eyes, brown hair, perfectly chiseled jaw and – was literally the hottest guy she had seen in her life. He was sitting half a metre away from her on the bed and was currently grinning which in a way was starting to creep her out, but on the other hand – his smile was like literal sunshine and she couldn’t help but smile for a moment too.
    “Hey, what year is in the real world ?” he asked. “I have been here all by myself for quite a while. Time started blurring into one endless sea of misery.”
    “What? What do you mean the ‘real world’?” she asked confused. “I am dreaming. I hit my head and I am probably in a coma somewhere because what you just said makes no sense.” 
Kai took the food tray from the nightstand and put it on her lap without taking his eyes off her. If he had counted correctly, he had been all by himself for about eleven or twelve years now. Finding her a few hours ago still felt completely surreal to him. His father would’ve never send anyone there to keep him company. Being trapped in a Prison World all alone for all eternity, unable to die no matter what he tried, had been his punishment for what he did on May 9th 1994. 
    “Yeah, a lot of things don’t make sense.” he trailed off. “You still haven’t told me your name, sweet cheeks.”
    “Y/N … and you are ??”
    “Right, sorry. Where are my manners?! I am Kai… Parker.” he smirked. “By your shocked expression I gather you have heard of me. How ?”
Y/N started to get up but he gripped her wrist and almost instantly she flinched in pain. Her eyes drifted to the place where he was holding her seeing a reddish glow coming from under his arm, then she glanced at him. The look on his face was a mix of shock, surprise and curiosity. She gripped his wrist, yanked herself free and ran outside in the hall locking the door with magic to buy herself some time. 
    “Stairs.” she muttered to herself, glancing in both ways. “Where are the stairs?!”
A few seconds later she was already running towards the door, almost jumping the stairs two at a time, and opened the door. ‘Voudoux.’ she heard him mutter behind her and a moment later she got pulled back. 
    “What the hell ?!” she groaned, grabbing the stair railing. 
    “Ahhh life is so much easier with magic, isn’t it Y/N.” said Kai tucking up his sleeve as he walked down the stairs with a grin on his face as he waved his hand, slamming the door shit. Instantly Y/N ran towards it, trying to open it again. "I juice boxed your magic earlier and let me tell you something, it feels amazing to be able to do spells again.”
    “D-don’t hurt me.“
    “I am not going to hurt you. Why would I hurt the other half of the population on this empty planet ?” he thought out loud. “Doesn’t really make sense.”
    “Please let me go, Malachai.” she put her hands on the door still trying to open it. A moment later he was right behind her, bracing his hands on either side of her body caging her in. His breath tickled her neck and her heart thumped like crazy, and the moment he touched her, she started to tremble. Not so much from fear as much from how gentle his touch was. A part of her had expected him to yank her back or something.
    “Hmmm… ” he stroked her hair. “Don’t ever call me by my full name unless you want to get hurt.” Kai snaked his hands around her waist and she turned around coming face to face with him. He looked at her all serious for a moment and cupped her face, smiling at her. “Don’t look so scared.” he said amused. “As long as you don’t run, call me by my full name or get me upset in any way – you are perfectly safe.”
    “Am I ?”
Kai hummed, took her hand and pulled her towards the couch in the living room. He was dying to find out who his new friend was. How she had gotten there and maybe, just maybe become friends with her because being all alone was turning into a burden now and he could barely stand it anymore.
    “You are a witch. Now I know for sure my father didn’t send you here.” he pushed her down on the couch. “Who are you and what did you do to get yourself sent to a magical Prison with a murderous sociopath ? Must’ve been pretty awful.”
    “None of your business.” she snapped, rubbing her wrist. Damn, he had a tight grip.  “Why don’t you tell me where we are since you were here first ?”
Kai studied her face for a long moment trying to make a decision and sat next to her. “Alright. Since you are the girl , I’ll bite.” he smiled at her. ”This is my childhood home. You are in Portland , Oregon. Stomping grounds of Courtney love, Tonya Harding and tons of other awesome people and its May 10th 1994. It has been May 10th 1994 on a repeating loop for about ten? Twelve years ? Like I said before, after a while time blurs together.”
A few minutes passed in complete silence as she processed what he had just said. Growing up she had heard the story or more heard of it. Her parents were also coven leaders in Oregon, same as his, but she had been too young at the time and all they had told her and her brothers was that some boy from the Gemini had done something awful and they had sent him away where he could never hurt anyone.
    “It’s 2007. In the real world.” she said quietly.
    “Ahhh she speaks. Finally.” he grinned. “It’s just you and me by the way. We are literally the only two people in the whole planet. You know, it is so exciting to finally be able to show this place to someone. Usually my family keeps to itself and not many people outside the Gemini come to –”
    “Do you have anything to eat?” she asked suddenly. “Something sugary ? I am feeling kind of – lightheaded. Don’t suppose you have chocolate around here or I don’t know cupcakes or something ?”
    “You like cupcakes too ? Awesome !” he put his hand on her hip and grinned at her. “You stay here. I’ll go grab you something sweet from the kitchen and maybe later we can make some cupcakes.”
Y/N watched him walk out of the living room and into the hallway towards kitchen, listening to to his footsteps. As soon as they stopped she got up as quickly and quietly as she could and ran towards the window, hoping it might be a way out.
    “You are so predictable.” said Kai, leaning against the door frame with a can coca-cola in one hand and a chocolate bar in the other. “Did you really think I didn’t think of putting a boundary spell ? Seems excessive, I know but I just want to talk to someone, you know. I’ve been in complete isolation for over a decade. And you don’t want to be all by yourself, trust me. It might sound fun but it is not, specially when there is no way to change it. And trust me, I’ve tried.”
Y/N ran her fingers through her hair, took a step towards him and stumbled over for a second, feeling dizzy. Kai was quick enough to catch her and help her to the couch before handing her the chocolate bar and the cola.
    “Thanks.” she smiled for a second, taking a sip. 
    “Now aren’t you happy I put a boundary on the house and you didn’t fall through the window ?”
    “Shut up.” she rolled her eyes, taking a bite from the chocolate. Kai laughed under his breath and sat on the opposite end of the couch. “Why are you being so nice ? Like – you could’ve let me fall back there but you didn’t.”
    “Eat your chocolate.” he said, closing his eyes for a moment. “You know, when the day is over I do hope you chose to stay here. It would be nice not to be alone. I might be rusty on face to face interactions but you seem fun. Or annoying. I can’t make up my mind yet.”
    “You are giving me a choice ?”
    “Yeah.” he gave her a small smile. “Anyways, don’t you want to hear my story now that you are not all lightheaded, low blood sugary and all?”
Y/N studied his face. Was he really giving her a choice or was that a trick ? There was a large part of her that believed him when he said he wouldn’t hurt her. He had sounded so honest, but the other half was worried he had been lying. Not that it mattered. Her family had sent her away. There was no one coming to get her and spending eternity alone did sound awful.
    “I know the story. You killed your siblings and then they sent you here as a punishment.” 
    “Technically, yes. That is true but it’s not the full story.”
    “Enlighten me then.”
Kai grinned. “Someone’s curiosity won over huh. Awesome! Where should I start ? I guess you know I am a Gemini, obviously. Anyways, in my coven’s tradition after the 22nd birthday of the twins there is this merge ceremony where the twins merge their strength and the stronger one wins, the weaker one dies. I was supposed to merge with my twin sister, but my father had other ideas. See, I was born without my own magic which when my parents found out made me the defective twin in their eyes, the abomination. No one in my family understood what it was like, being a siphoner, so… they isolated me. I couldn’t even touch anyone. Everyone would always flinch or run away. That screwed me up big time.” he swallowed hard. “Not too long after my 22nd birthday I figured out my father’s plan and needless to say I didn’t handle by anger the best way.”
Y/N couldn’t help but notice how his voice nearly broke while he told her his story and unless she was imagining it, his eyes were a little more watery than they should’ve been. Clearly his parents’ attitude towards him had hurt him. Who wouldn’t that hurt, right ? When the people who are supposed to love you no matter what decide you are not worth it because you are born different, it hurts. 
    “And your family sent you here –?”
    “My father – my father sent me here.” he swallowed hard. “He treated me like trash for 22 years and then sent me away. The coven always came first no matter what, as if his children didn’t even matter.” he trailed off.
    “You know, I understand it, I think. I mean obviously they shouldn’t have treated you differently. Being born without your own magic doesn’t mean you are less than everyone else and not being able to touch anyone – ”
    “You really think so or are you lying to get me to trust you.” he wondered, studying her face carefully. 
    “Paranoid much ?” she teased, running her fingers through her hair. “I’m not lying. I know what it is, sort of. After this car accident when my older brother, who was supposed to be the next coven leader, got killed because of me, my parents practically locked me in my room for a whole year before they sent me here after I tried to bring him back from the Other Side. Which resulted in my father almost dying, you know nature demanding balance and all.”
    “That’s how you got yourself sent here?” he asked a little surprised. “You tried fixing something and got punished for it ?”
Y/N swallowed hard and nodded. There was more to it, but now wasn’t the time to tell. “I guess I deserved it. I mean – I did get myself in quite the mess for someone my age. Expression is pure darkness and –” she sighed. “Could’ve been a lot worse I guess. I could’ve been trapped here all by myself.”
    “Are they coming to get you any time soon or ?”
    “Who knows.” she shrugged her shoulders. “They didn’t even tell me I was being sent away. Last thing I remember before waking up in your bed is going to sleep in mine. I guess they drugged me or wiped my memory or something. There are all those white spots in it – ”
    “You can stay. If you want.” he said hopefully. “I mean, I know I trapped you here and probably scared the living daylights out of you but –”
    “For now.” she smiled. Kai smiled nervously at her. “But we are sleeping in separate rooms.”
    “Jeez, suck the fun right out of it won’t ya.” he laughed. “Fine. Pick your room, little witch.”


Living all alone with Kai in the Prison World was both exciting and a little scary sometimes… though not in the traditional sense of the world. They had their bad days where he’d wake up in a mood and nothing she did or said could fix it but only escalate things and sometimes in his anger, he ended up siphoning her without her consent. After that happened a couple of times, Y/N decided to steer clear from him whenever he was in a mood and as the months passed, those moods rarely happened. However there were days when they still fought… until a few months ago when they found a new outlet for their frustration. Contrary to what both of them had agreed on their first day together, Kai slept wherever she did and at first he had scared her out of her mind sneaking into her bed in the middle of the night, wondering why she always sleeps with the lamp on. Then later on he had told her how after all this time spend all by himself, he didn’t like sleeping alone. A part of her wondered if maybe he was scared she’d leave and not tell him, but after a few weeks together it became clear to both of them that’s not going to happen,ever. 
Turned out they had a lot of things in common (similar music/book/movie taste) and enjoyed a lot of the same activities like cooking and karaoke, but also when it came to their families. To both their parents the coven’s future always came first, over their own children, and every time Kai got a little extra curious about it, Y/N would just change the subject, which made him wonder what she wasn’t telling him.
Kai liked having her around, listening to her laugh and talk and after eleven months spent together he couldn’t imagine his life without her. There had never had someone like her in his life. Someone who doesn’t treat him differently for what he is and wasn’t judging him what he had done even though the aftermath was right before her eyes every time she walked downstairs. Somehow Y/N had become the most important person in his life and even though he didn’t understand what all those emotions he felt towards her meant, he knew it to be true and often wondered if he was just as important to her. He also knew that if he ever got the chance to get out there was no way he’d leave her behind. 

*                    *                    *

    “Y/N ? Come on, you’ll miss the sunset.” called out Kai, walking into her room. He could hear the shower running and by the looks of it, she hadn’t heard him calling for her. A sigh left his lips and he tossed himself on her bed, feeling something hidden under the covers. “What the ..?”
Kai reached under the blanket and pulled out a small notebook with hardcovers – her diary. He had seen her multiple times writing and had always wondered what she was writing about and now had the chance to find out, though for a moment he hesitated. Y/N was barely a few metres away in the shower, she could walk in on him at any moment and for sure she’d get upset with him, but the temptation was too big for him to resist. Kai scooted up on the bed, resting his back against the headboard and opened the cover, trailing his fingertips on the first page. There it was – her beautiful handwriting, but it wasn’t just that. 
    “Wow…“ he smiled to himself and flipped to the next page. Her diary was mostly sketches and scribbles with small text bubbles here and there, mostly random thoughts or song quotes. A lot of the sketches were sceneries – his house from the front yard or that small fountain a few houses down the street where they had spent a couple of hours a few weeks ago (because it had a pool). But mostly it was sketches of him – his face when he smiles or laughs, smirks or … as he realised, when he was looking at her. Kai trailed the image with his fingertips, his smile getting a little wider. Damn. he mouthed, flipping page after page until he stumbled upon a couple of pages of full writing. His eyes scanned the text and a couple sentences caught his attention.
Y/N had spared him some of the details from her childhood, which in a way resembled his except there had been at least one person who cared about her enough to protect her – her older brother. He wondered why she wouldn’t trust him enough to share her full story with him, seeing how they had gotten really close during the past few months and flipped another page, instantly sitting up, holding her diary in his hands with a smile on his face.

“Dear Diary,

I have to say – my parents’ idea of punishment clearly differs from mine. How can they think sending me here is a punishment ?! I mean, yeah, if I was all by myself, it probably would have been, but I have Kai… and even though some days he is annoying as hell, gets on my nerves and pushes every single button there is, I love having him around and having him in my life. He might not understand it yet, emotions and all, but I think he cares about me as much as I care about him. Every day with him is an adventure and I am happy I chose to stay that first day. I am happy I get to spend every day with him, even the days when we fight because it means this is all real. Life is not all unicorns and rainbows (not that there are any unicorns or rainbows anywhere around here, seeing how we are stuck on a repeating loop of an annoyingly sunny May 10th 1994)…  
I don’t think I would’ve liked being here if it wasn’t for him and if one day someone comes to get me, they’d be dragging me away kicking and screaming because there is no way I’d leave him behind. How can I ? Kai became my best friend (well, a little more than a friend in the past few months), the most important person in my life and I think I may be fa–”

    “What are you doing ?!“  she exclaimed, holding her towel with one hand, reaching for her diary with the other.
    “I can explain.“ he gulped, glancing between the diary in his hands and Y/N. Her hair was dripping down her towel and onto the floor, but he didn’t mind mas he usually would. "And why not ?” he asked, putting his feet on the ground. “You are a great artist by the way. Why do you keep drawing me so often ?”
Y/N clenched her jaw, put her diary under the pillow and grabbed his hand starting to pull him up. Instead he pulled her onto the bed and rolled on top of her, wondering how the sentence he had started to read ended. His friend tried to push him off but he gripped her wrists, pinning them on either side of her head.
    “None of your business. How did you even find it and why did you decide that you have the right to read it ? It’s private –“
    “I didn’t look for it. It found me.” he smiled at her. “You are really bad at hiding things. Same as with running and playing hide and seek. I find you in a couple of minutes. It’s like you don’t even try.”
    “Malach–“ she said through gritted teeth and instantly his eyes lit up in flames. His lips crashed against hers, just like every time she called him that the past few weeks, and his grip on her tightened, not realising jow in his anger he had siphoned her for a few moments. "Stop kissing me when I am upset with you!”
    “Hey, not my fault you used my full name –“
    “You can’t invade my privacy like that !”
    “I think we are past the ‘privacy’ invasion, sweet cheeks.” he smirked at her, gazing into her eyes. “Why didn’t you tell me about your parents?“ Was he imaging it or her eyes had started to water the moment he had mentioned her parents ? "You said you had gotten a ‘taste’ of what it’s like being isolated, but it didn’t seem like it judging by what you had written. Did they really lock you away in the basement or the attic whenever you messed up? That must’ve been hard. Being all alone in the dark…” he thought out loud. “Explains why you can’t sleep with the lamp turned off, or without that stuffed toy you had in your backpack when I found you. Well, slept. Now you have me to cuddle.”
Y/N pressed her lips together, trying hard not to start crying in that exact second. A large part of her childhood memories had been painful, yes … and even thinking about them made her feel like she was back there … all alone, cuddled up in the corner of the basement or the attic. Her parents had always put her older brother first, seeing how he was supposed to be the leader of the coven, and had been strict as Hell with her and her younger brother. After the accident things had gotten out of control and her parents had blamed it all on her, as if she had been driving the car that hit theirs, completely ignoring the fact she had almost died too. And in the end they had decided to get rid of her for good, by banishing her in the Prison World.
    “Get out. Now.“ she said through tears. ”Leave or I will make you leave.”
Kai pulled away, realising his mistake too late. Y/N hadn’t been as upset about him reading her diary, checking out her sketches –
    “Y/N, I –“ he started.
    “Motus.” she muttered, pushing him out of the room until his back hit the wall on the other end of the hallway and he slipped down to the ground. Last thing Kai saw before she flicked her wrist and slammed the door shut with magic was his only friend starring at him with pain in her eyes.
For a few minutes after the door slammed shut, Y/N just sat there starring at the door remembering the look on Kai’s face. He had looked so broken and obviously he hadn’t expected her to get upset about it. A part of her knew he hadn’t meant to hurt her that he had just be curious about it, the other felt more broken than angry. Her eyes closed and she felt tears streaming down her cheeks while her mind took her back to the time she had been 7 years old and her father had yanked her away from the front yard. She and her older brother had been chasing each other around that and she had accidentally tackled him on the ground. He had hit his head, hard, and later on turned out he had a concussion. Even though it had been an accident and her brother had protested they don’t touch her or punish her in any way, Y/N had spent most of the day and nearly the entire night locked away until her older brother had sneaked out of his room to come get her.
* * *

Kai sat on the floor by her door, listening to her crying while trying to figure out how he had managed to mess things up so badly this time. No one had ever said he is the most important person to them and now … he was terrified things between them had been broken beyond repair. He wanted to make things right, to apologise but every time he knocked on the door and called out for her, there was no answer. Yet he didn’t give up and kept trying.
    “Y/N ?“ he knocked on the door again about 40 minutes after she had kicked him out. “Please, open the door.”
    “Go away.“ she shouted. A sight left his lips and his lips curled into a small smile. That was progress, at least she was speaking to him. Even if those were the only two words she had said to him in the past hour. "Please, let me in. I can’t stand listening to you cry –”
    “Then you shouldn’t have done what you did.“
    “I know. I am sorry. It’s never going to happen again, I promise.” he pleaded with her. “I will never touch your diary again, I will never say a word about –”
    “You think that’s what I am upset about ?“ she put her hands on the door loudly, almost sounding as a bang. "You reading my diary ? No. I am upset about what you said –”
    “You know I say things without thinking. I didn’t mean to hurt you. I never meant to hurt you.“ he placed his hand on the door, unknowingly placing it at the same spot her hand was on the other side. "I am sorry. I shouldn’t have said anything. I just … Please, open the door. We can go for ice cream or make cupcakes. Whatever you decide. Let me make it right.”
A few long moments passed and he heard her start to unlock the door, instantly he got up. Then the weirdest thing happened and he heard her scream.
    “N-no! No, let me go !“ she shouted, her feet kicking at the door. ”Let go off me ! Kai ! I have to say –”
    “Y/N ? Let you go ? W-what are you talking about ?“ asked Kai confused, putting his hand on the doorknob, which was still locked. For a few moments it sounded as if things were being broken in the room, her voice muffled by something and then – nothing. He called out for her a few times and when he couldn’t hear any sounds coming from the inside anymore, he flicked his wrist unlocking the door with magic and stepped inside. His eyes widened at the sight before him – her nightstand lamp had been knocked on the floor, glass shattered everywhere and the window was open. Had the window been open before ? He couldn’t remember or think in that moment.
    “Y/N ?” he called out for her, running into the bathroom looking for her. He looked everywhere but there was no trace of her. Or the backpack she had had when she had first arrived. However when he reached under the pillow – there it was, her diary. Kai tried a locator spell, hoping that maybe she was somewhere outside and he’d find her, because he knew she wouldn’t leave. Not without him. There was a flicker for a moment and then – nothing. As if she had just blinked out of existence… and then it hit him. Someone had come to get her. His jaw clenched and in the next few moments the wall got redecorated where he punched it with his fist, his screams filling in the empty house. He was all alone again and –
    “I didn’t get to say goodbye.“ he whispered, sitting on the ground next to her bed holding onto her diary as if his life depended on it. “I didn’t get to say goodbye.”




J2 Gold Panel at HousCon17

Now that the panel videos are out (thank you, Crowleys Hellhound @ YouTube!), it’s time to take a look at what happened at the morning panel in Houston.

The general atmosphere of the panel was extremely playful and very relaxed. The J’s were quite openly affectionate - the heart eyes were strong at this convention.

Jensen and Jared show up on stage - but wait, isn’t that some hotter version of Cas? Jensen certainly looks appreciative of the package. (0:57)

Jared feels uncomfortable wearing such small clothes and a fan suggests he’d take them off, so off they go - with style, of course! Jensen provides the stripper music by banging a drum with child-like enthusiasm. (2:43)

Unfortunately the shirt is too small as well…


Here comes the mandatory naughty joke! The J’s are talking about the prison garbs they wore for the episode First Blood. Jared insists on calling them onesies while Jensen calls them coveralls. Jensen thinks babies wear onesies and a baby joke starts. Jared loved the comfy “onesies” and thought he could sleep in them and then Jensen says “It’s two o’clock, time for bottle feeding!” (5:30)

Now, let me explain this a bit. Here’s what Urban Dictionary has as the most popular explanation for the term “milk bottle.”

So, uhh, is Jensen talking about feeding Jared with actual milk, or is there something else behind the joke? Seeing how the J’s seem familiar with every dirty word in the English language and Jared’s reaction to this joke, I’m fairly confident that this was a naughty joke indeed.

This makes me think of all sorts of things and I can tell you that none of them are G-rated.

A fan says she’s gotten her 72-year-old grandmother into Supernatural (and continues with something I can’t distinguish) Jensen asks her “Has she seen this?” (10:30) and continues straight into heart-eyes mode, shaking his head fondly. Pay attention to Jared’s face on the screen behind them! They look at each other with such love.

Jensen is asked about the difference between filming Smallville and Supernatural. Jensen says “The lead (Tom Welling) was bigger and way better looking” to which Jared responds “Don’t be so mean to yourself.. you’re big!” (13:11)

They both seem a little embarrassed by the joke and I might never forget this moment.

I thought this moment deserved its own video clip. Jensen is still talking about Smallville here and says that he (his character) had a really hot girlfriend on that show while in Supernatural he’s stuck with “this hot chick.” (15:19) Notice how he repeats it for what I can only assume is for added effect. Jared doesn’t seem to mind it at all, but waves happily at the audience.

I can only say that the reaction of the audience is disappointing. Had I been there, this would have been the moment where I’d have let out an inhuman screech. The audience squals a little at first and laughs at the repeat. Fandom, I am disappointed in you.

Other great moments from the panel:

  • A fan asks if they get overhelmed at times at 15:34 marker and both of the men give heartfelt responses (gifs)
  • A fan asks if Dean would take advantage of a drunk Sam and… cut his hair. 21:57 (gifs)
  • Jared calls Jensen “Jen” at 30:05 marker (gif)
  • Jared declaring he isn’t wearing any underwear at the very end of the video before quickly making this exit (pic)

I sensed a very clear theme in this panel and that was mutual appreciation. We got to witness an insane amount of heart-eyes moments here - even to the extent where I stopped writing down the markers for those. They were so abundant. Jensen called Jared hot twice, Jared showed appreciation of Jensen’s size… There was a possible blowjob joke? This loveydovey panel came out of nowhere - I had expected to see G in Houston along with some on-stage bearding, but I was surprised in a very nice way.

This panel is definitely be one of my favourite ones in the history of SPN conventions, if not the absolute number one.

PS: Main panel post here.

Here’s 11 of the Killers’ biggest bangers that aren’t ‘Mr Brightside’

An absolute goldmine of tunes.

Bring out the polished sceptre and the golden, bejewelled headwear. ‘Mr Brightside’ has officially been crowned the king of all bangers. The head honcho.

If we weren’t all convinced of that already, then The Killers’ secret set at Glastonbury this year confirmed it when the crowd almost drowned out the band.

But here’s the thing. The Killers are a veritable banger factory. A goldmine of tunes. A treasure trove. They’re great, okay? We all know this. So what we’ve done for you, Dear Reader, is we’ve had a big ol’ debate and put together a list of some of their other greatest tracks in no particular order. We’re good like that.

Somebody Told Me

According to Brandon Flowers ‘Somebody Told Me’ is about trying to meet someone in a club, and yeah, those spaceship-style synths definitely bring to mind mid-2000s parties and all the neon blue alcopops that came with them. That said, it is absolutely still as danceable as it was the first time around. There’s just no arguing with that intro.


‘Are we human, or are we dancer?’ The eternal question springs up again. Technically ‘Human’ is examining our vices and virtues as people, which sounds like it could be dull in other hands. But let’s not forget we’re talking about the Killers here – those lads know how to craft a pop song. Moral crises have never been so catchy.

All These Things That I’ve Done

Let’s face it, ‘Hot Fuss’ is wall-to-wall bangers. Still, ‘All These Things That I’ve Done’ is a standout. It teeters between stiff-upper-lip and cry-for-help, and that bridge can swerve between vulnerable and defiant on any given day. We defy anyone to resist the urge to sing along.

When You Were Young

The Killers’ obviously faced a lot of pressure to perform after ‘Hot Fuss’. S’all right though, because they immediately blew any second album doubts out of the water with ‘When You Were Young’. Right from the opening riff this is Flowers & co. at their best, and the joyfully nostalgic chorus just cements the fact.

Smile Like You Mean It

Another absolute classic off the lads’ debut, with a belter of a guitar part and all. Knew what they were doing early, didn’t they? Are we allowed to sing along to guitar solos now? We might do it anyway.

Change Your Mind

Brandon Flowers has made no secret of his bands’ anglophile influences, and this one’s a pretty clear case. ‘Change Your Mind’ is more New Romantics than New Wave, though, and we kind of want those synths to soundtrack all our tentative flirtations for the rest of time.


If ‘Change You Mind’ is one of the Killers’ more British-inspired songs, then ‘Runaways’ is the other end of the scale. Despite the title ‘Runaways’ is more about sticking around than making a break for it – just imagine Brandon has grabbed you by the collar and is yelling at you to recognise a good thing when you have it (like when you hear an absolute banger, for example).

Read My Mind

Solidarity, dear reader. The Killers’ are big on it. ‘I don’t mind if you don’t mind, ‘cause I don’t shine if you don’t shine’ is a lovely lyric, isn’t it? We’re all in this together and that. Don’t mind us, we’ve just got something in our eye…

The World We Live In

All of the neon lights in Las Vegas have been condensed into this song. It makes us want to go and find a light-up dancefloor and a white rhinestone-studded suit, if we’re perfectly honest with you. We’d also have to have a serious think about the state of the world thanks to the lyrics here, but we’re sure we can multi-task.

Under the Gun

While it’s one of the band’s darker tracks, at its heart ‘Under the Gun’ still keeps the faith with the insistence that ‘heaven sends and heaven takes’. That said, the repeated ‘kill me now’ chorus is just the thing when you’ve said something stupid and kind of wish a cartoon anvil would fall on your head. We’ve all been there.

The Man

The Killer’s latest single is slick and shimmering, a musical disco ball throwing light all over the place. Oh, and a swaggering Brandon Flowers really wants you to know he’s ‘the man’. We’re inclined to agree. This is an officially certified banger.

Playlist || By Liam Konemann || Dork
📷Erik Weiss