it's been no bed of roses

  • rose late at night thinking to herself: what if kanaya stops being in love with me? If we are gonna stay here forever I don't know how someone could tolerate me for this long, let along for eternity. What if I stop feeling the same for her? What if i go back to how I was b-
  • kanaya: *snores and flips over in bed to hug rose and hold her close*
  • rose: oh nvm

His father tossed the antler to the side and cleansed his hand in the snow.  “I’m surprised she lived long enough to whelp,” he said.  His voice broke the spell.

“Maybe she didn’t,” Jory said.  “I’ve heard tales…maybe the bitch was already dead when the pups came.”

“Born with the dead,” another man put in.  “Worse luck.”

“No matter,” said Hullen. “They be dead soon enough too.”

Bran gave a wordless cry of dismay. (Bran I, AGOT)

I think I’ve been so consistently “oooh Stark-Baratheon symbolism!!” about direwolf mama’s death that I never really read this scene bearing in mind R+L=J, especially when you have Jon later finding his “runt” of the litter, and Bran noting of baby Ghost that “it [was] curious that this pup alone would have opened his eyes while the others were still blind.”  

The baby wolves having to fight/chew their way out of their dead mother’s corpse to live is something that’s so in line with what their respective plotlines are just generally, whether you see that wolf mother symbolized as Ned (definitely) or Catelyn (also possible).  But when you factor Lyanna’s bed of blood and roses into the picture, and the fact that Ghost’s eyes were open when the other pups were shut… it struck me as very eerie and sad–far more than that the pup crawled away on its own (I don’t think that Ned’s right about him having been driven away by his siblings, largely because I don’t really see how the puplets could have done that but then again I don’t know jack shit about puppies much less wolf pups so).  You have this silent wolf who sees where the others don’t, and I think there are strong connections there to what Bran has mentioned earlier in the chapter (that “Jon’s eyes were a grey so dark they seemed almost black, but there was little they did not see”) and what Jon’s bastardy has forced him to be aware of from a younger age than the rest of his siblings.

I’m also sitting here wondering when Ghost’s eyes opened, and if he was aware of his mother dying and having to potentially eat his way out of her in a way his siblings weren’t and that fucks me up a lot.


Hey so I know it’s a bit late to still be posting V’ day stuffs but I actually started this a while ago and thought, “Eh I could finish this to make amends for not posting any of the promised fanfictions today.” So there you have it.

Oh and the last pic was just so I could torture you all lol. It’s not even a direct part of the poem I edited, just to slowly kill me inside as the arc flashbacks flood in, disheveling my thoughts on a daily basis.

thank you so much for 200+1 followers! It makes me so happy to see people enjoying my art and at least feeling something from it.


asher mir | [ghost fragment: eris morn]

The Tower’s med bay was still. Guardians might operate across the system at all hours but even in the heart of the Last City, there is sometimes… quiet.

The Awoken man lay upon the bed like a broken thing. Machines monitored his every twitch, every aspect of his physical status. The steady, quiet blip of his heartbeat was the dominant sound in the room. 

A small transplex window sat in one wall of the room. Hovering there, eerily still, was a Ghost. Its single eye reflected against the inside of the window, a steady red glow.

In the corner of the room sat a chair. Cheap, vinyl-covered, this chair could have been a relic from the Golden Age itself. And, suddenly, it creaked.

Because, in the stillness, there was another measured source of breathing in the room.

Eris Morn settled back into the chair, allowing the dark wisps of power she’d summoned to effortlessly flow from her back into the night. The green emanations from her shroud were stark against the dimness.

Almost as an afterthought, the Ghost turned from regarding the window. For a moment, three eyes stared at one, before it turned back to its watch.

Her face implacable, Eris regarded the Awoken in the bed. 

His name was Asher Mir.

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Bruce & J Valentines Headcanons

how do you guys think Batsy and J would celebrate Valentines Day because I think it’d go down kinda like this:

- Bruce hasn’t seen J in like a month because the clown has been in Arkham again, but two days before Valentines Joker, Ivy, and Harley escaped from the asylum

- Joker hasn’t been sighted or heard from but Harley’s been seen raiding anywhere that sells fireworks

- Bruce has been super Stressed trying to find out what his clown bf is up to but whenever he’s close there’s always a bunch of thugs there to distract him, so Bruce assumes J is pissed at him for something

- He’s pretty down too because he secretly had a fancy dinner planned but he doesn’t know if thats possible now that J is pissed/missing

- Bruce wakes up on Valentines day to find his dumb clown boyfriend sat on his lap grinning like an idiot

- did I mention the dumb clown is wearing nothing but one of Brucies giant sweaters and heart-covered boxers because thats a thing

- Anyway Bruce is naturally like “how the Fuck did you get in here?” and joker’s just like “Alfie let me in!!!!!” and Bruce feels like he should be pissed at Alfred but dammit his boyfriend’s cute when he’s excited

- Alfred brings up a breakfast of heart shaped pancakes like an hour later and Bruce has his suspicions that the butler has been helping to plan this for a while

- they spend the morning watching cheesy movies and fucking or whatever before its time to go to the restaurant (with J in some fancy ass purple suit that Bruce bought him but unfortunately a lot of makeup as he’s, y’know, a wanted murderer)

- the press are like “Mr Wayne who is that mysterious man you are with are you discussing business plans? haha there’s no way Bruce Wayne is anything but straight :)”

- to which Bruce becomes a blushing mess and J starts screaming about “I’M HIS BOYFRIEND YOU DUMB FUCKS!” and “SHOVE YOUR HETERONORMATIVITY UP YOUR ASSES”

- The two are left alone after that and the date is v cute. J bought - actually bought, not stole (Bruce is proud) - his bf some snazzy cuff-links and bat patterned socks, Bruce got J the previously mentioned suit and a sparkly green wristwatch

- Yea its going great until joker gets a phone call, excuses himself, and then a MASSIVE FUCKING CRASH IS HEARD FROM OUTSIDE

- so it turns out Joker had Harley and Ivy steal a load of fireworks and different colours roses to make what is basically a parade exclaiming his love for Batsy

- Bruce kinda stands there dumbstruck as his smug-ass boyfriend (now in his normal green hair and less fancy suit) is carried along on a bed of roses, waving and blowing kisses

- The bat-signal goes up, only for the commissioner to find its been vandalised to spell out “JOKER <3 BATSY 4EVER”

- Bruce would be impresses and touched by the effort if it didn’t mean cutting the date short to get into the bat-suit and put his dumb clown in handcuffs (it wasn’t hard though, at this point the joker is more than a little tipsy and giggling at his boyfriends exasperated expression)

- Bruce isn’t so pissed off that he would send J back to Arkham though, so after driving for about five minuted he stops the car and tells the clown to go back to the manor whilst Batman tells Gordon that “the joker stole the batmobile and escaped, and is likely half way to freedom by now”

- Bruce gets back to the manor to give J a Stern Talking To which is definitely not what happens when he find his bf sat on his bed, half asleep and watching another dumb rom-com


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Tell me a fairy tale?

(As is only befitting my last response for this meme, this got wildly out of hand. Blame @samyazaz, who recommended I do something with Beauty and the Beast.)

Belle is the first one to speak into the horrified silence, twirling the rose in her hand and giving little care for the way it scratches her palm. “We’ll all go, then.”

Her father stares at her. “He’s a monster, my darling, he won't—”

“He’s a monster with a castle and rose bushes that bloom even in the winter.” She sets her chin, and her sisters and brothers all still look terrified, and she is too, but more than that, she’s angry. If he’s going to overset the life they’re just starting to build for themselves, she’s happy to overset his as well. “He’ll take all of us in, or he won’t take any of us at all.”

“You don’t know what he’s capable of.”

“He wouldn’t have let you go in the first place if he was just going to kill you. If he wants company, he’s going to get it.”

The whole family erupts into an argument, but Belle ignores it and gets up to put the rose in water and give herself a chance to breathe. She’s the only one who doesn’t really mind this quiet house in the country, where she can garden and read her books, but she’ll give it up if it means a chance for her family to be happy and protected and well cared for.

“I don’t think he’ll kill us for impudence,” she interrupts after a while. “The worst he can do is send us home. Shouldn’t we try?”


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Looks like Tyler found out what is going to happen once the legacy comes back from hiatus…

Candles and Stars - Sirius Black x Reader

Request: Okay so I came up with the idea of Sirius x reader where she’s been very busy w school and they argue cuz they are not spending time together and so it’s her birthday and no one knows except Lily and he feels like super bad and miserable bc all he did was make her cry and I’m sorry I just love sad sirius
Warnings: Idk, not that great? My English?
Gif isn’t mine/ Credits to its original owner.

  It had been a hectic month. You didn’t know how you had managed to survive through that hell of a month. You loved Hogwarts but you hated the amount of homework you had lately. Did they want to kill you? Because if they did, it was working.You missed your boyfriend- you missed his hugs and kisses, you missed your late-night conversations by the fireplace but you didn’t have time and you knew it was driving Sirius mad, no matter how many times you had explained to him how important it was for you. Right now, it was one of those times. Again.
“But baby, you’re always studying” he pouted at you. He was adorable when he gave you the face.
“I know, Siri, I know.Just a bit more” you reasoned. After all, Christmas was less than a month away. You will make it up to him.
“Come on, I haven’t seen you in days” he continued a bit more annoyed. But you are growing tired of this tactic.
“It’s not my fault” you try to remind him. He’s snorted.
“I don’t even know anymore. It feels you’d prefer to date that bloody book over me” he said and stood up from the couch, causing a scene. You were in the common room after all.
“Sirius, what are you talking about?” you asked bewildered. How could he ever think something like that? You valued him and loved him and respected his wishes. Why couldn’t he do the same for you?
“Oh, I don’t know. Maybe, since you don’t mind not being with each other, we should just end it” he said coldly. You just stood there, gaping. 
“Siri-” you tried to talk to him, to reason him, standing up as well.
“Save it” he cut you off and took a step back. 
You heard your heart breaking into pieces. You blinked a few times, but the tears kept coming, so you left. ‘Happy Birthday to me’ you thought the moment you entered your dorm and fell onto your bed, crying. Great.
“Sweetie, you know he didn’t mean that” Alice said after a while. She had followed you, to make sure you were alright. That was Alice; Kind, caring and too sweet for her own good.
You shook your head. He meant it. He had never been more serious in his life.
“But Alice, he did” you whispered in between your sobs. Alice was about to say something when Lily marched in, fuming.
“That arrogant, insolent, poor excuse of a boyfriend” she cussed out, furious. She was the only person who knew that today was your birthday… You almost smiled when you saw that her face was as red as her hair.
She looked at you, softened her expression and enveloped to you in a bone-crushing hug.
“I’m so sorry, honey. I’m so sorry” she mumbled. You just noticed. You didn’t know this but she may or may not had informed someone else about your birthday.
After a while, the girls had finally convinced you to celebrate your birthday and chill a bit. You had grabbed a bath and changed into a beautiful outfit -it was your day after all and you are about to meet your friends and sneak out to Hogsmeade for a couple of butterbeers. You had to keep your eyes dry since you had done your makeup and you didn’t want to waste your mascara on him.
You walked down the stairs to the common room, ready to find your friends and forget about him, but instead, you found a note, hovering mid-air, in front of your eyes.
“RoR”. It was the only thing written. It was clearly meant for you to find since no one else was there and it was past curfew. You didn’t recognize the handwriting as Lily’s but you shrugged it off and left through the portrait hole. If you had paid attention, you would have been able to hear something-or rather, someone-moving under an invisibility cloak. 

When you reached the seventh floor and turned left, you found the entranced. You knocked but the door opened itself, revealing a sight that left you doubtful.
The room was big and dark but you could make out the blurred outlines of the things inside it. There were floating candles and when you looked up, you saw the night sky in all of its glory. You stepped inside and heard the delicate sound of a flower been crushed underneath you. You quickly glanced down and saw a couple of hundred rose petals lying there on the floor, creating a path to a… bed? 
‘What the heck?’ you thought. What was the meaning of this? Suddenly, the door closed behind you and everything went even darker.
“I’m so sorry, love”. You froze and you felt your eyes widen. You swallowed hard, trying to regain composure. Sirius had done this? You didn’t dare to move but you felt him getting closer, until you actually saw his gray eyes, shining brightly like the star he was named after. You lowered your eyes, not being able to handle it-you didn’t even know what ‘it’ was.
He stood so close to you, his body radiating heat, making you… hot and unable to verbalize your thoughts. He cupped your face with his slender fingers, softly caressing your cheek, while you stood there like a statue.
“I know I hurt you and I will never be able to forgive myself for that. It’s your birthday and all I ever did was make you sad and cause you pain. I should have respected your wishes and the fact that you care about classes, even if I don’t. I am so sorry. So, so sorry” he whispered tenderly. When you finally decided to look into his eyes, you found remorse, pain and love. He may hurt you but you saw he had beaten himself up more than he deserved to. You cracked a small smile towards him, but it didn’t last and he saw it.
“I understand if you want to-to.. you know, end it” he breathed out softly but you heard the silent screams that were pleading you not to give up on him. He had a bad temper and you knew it, but he never truly meant the things he said when he was angry. That, however, didn’t mean that those words didn’t hurt. You took a breath as you slowly placed your hands behind his neck and stepped closer, pecking his lips. Oh, how you missed this. Those plump and wonderful lips that tasted like smoke and sin, ecstasy and sugar. 
“I’ve missed you” you whispered, placing your head in the crook of his neck. He instantly wrapped his arms around your waist, pulled you suffocatingly close to him and placed a tender kiss on the crown of your head. Out of the blue, soft music started playing and he took the initiative. He slowly danced you to the end of your worries and problems and being the gentleman he was, his hands stayed on your waist. You found yourself falling for him all over again. He kept mumbling how sorry he was until you kindly, but firmly, asked him to shut up and kiss you. And in that moment, his smile spoke louder than any word could. That genuine smile, the one that only gave to you, swept you off your feet. 
He kissed you lovingly and tenderly and-oh, Merlin, you melted into his touch.
He picked up, one hand on your back, one hand under your legs and carried you to the bed, laying you down as your eyes searched the night sky for the Canis Major Constellation. 
“Happy Birthday, my little star” he whispered, his breath falling hot onto your lips. 

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Seven years old and Effie is preparing for a tea party with her best friends. She’s been given a strawberry cake from the kitchen and sets it on a platter, then pours tea into tiny gilt-edged cups. She sets out places around her little table, carefully folding napkins into triangles for each of the friends she is inviting.

“One, two, three, four, five,” she sings to herself. “And one for me.”

There is something still missing. She gets to her feet, skirts rustling around her as she slips down the staircase, brown leather shoes clacking on the stone. Out the atrium through the open French doors and into the courtyard, heady scents of wisteria and jasmine filling her head. There are fat, fuzzy bumblebees humming around the lavender that edges the gardens; she chirps hello to them as she flits past.

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For the rare pair prompt thingy: could you do some Starkquill??? Smthing like... idk just pure fluff would be good, maybe some hurt/comfort? That's up to you tho; thanks.

A/N: Well, you asked for fluff, so I’m taking advantage of this and writing more shifter AU. 

This fic was beta read by the wonderful @summerpipedream.

StarkQuill Shifter AU

Peter Quill had woken up next to many different species in the past,but nothing could have prepared him to waking up in a plush cat bed with a sleeping bombay tucked under his chin. Luckily, he was still in his feline form, or else he’d have crushed the cat bed (a bed that very obviously was not made with a maine coon in mind). Also, he wasn’t sure if it would’ve been better or worse to wake up as a human in a cat’s bed.

Peter took a whiff of the air and freaked. The bombay he was currently smushing was either Tony Stark’s cat or Tony Stark. Either way, Iron Man was going to kill him, if Peter and the bombay had become more than friends.

The bombay whacked Peter on the nose with its tail.

Peter startled and yanked his head back.

Oh, sorry. Did I wake you?” The bombay purred as he rose to his paws. He closed his eyes and flicked his ears back as he yawned. “Complete accident. Definitely didn’t mean it,” the bombay said smugly. He peered over his shoulder. He was quite pleased with himself.

There was no question about it. The bombay was Tony.

Ah shit. What happened? Were we drugged?

Tony cocked his head. “Sort of. I’m guessing there’s not a lot of catnip in space. You lost it yesterday when I stepped out of the armor covered in traces of it.

The image of Peter licking Tony’s cheek entered Peter’s mind. Peter flopped onto his side and used his hind paws to kick himself in the face as his front paws covered his eyes. “I licked you.

If it makes you feel better, you’re not first. It’s just usually not my face that people lick.

Peter lifted his head. “Do you mean shoes or dick, because if it’s your dick they lick, I’m so sorry. They really should be sucking. Although, there are a few techniques that could be considered-

“How about you ask me out to dinner first before you delve into my sexual history?” Tony had transformed back into a human. He sat on the floor as rolled his shoulders and neck. He pushed himself off the floor and stumbled for a moment. Peter knew from personal experience that transforming from cat to human really threw off one’s balance.

“FRIDAY, did anyone bring up Peter’s clothes?” Tony asked.

“I believe the Guardians have them. The Guardians have chosen to remain on their ship while on Earth. According to Rocket, SHIELD cannot be trusted ‘to keep their mitts off the Milano’.”

“Fair enough.” Tony glanced down at Peter.

Peter realized he was staring at Tony. He swiftly looked out a window.

He had not been checking out Tony’s abs or arms. Sure, they were surprisingly well-muscled, but Peter had muscles too. He was a fit guy. Also, he definitely was not checking out Tony Stark’s junk. Admittedly, he was a little curious what Tony’s dick looked like. Peter was used to the only human cock he saw being his own, so a part him wanted to know what another one looked like.

And, okay, maybe Tony Stark was attractive, and maybe Peter wouldn’t mind taking Tony up on that dinner suggestion, but he was still trying to wrap his head around the fact that he’d just slept with Tony. Not in a sexual manner it would appear. Tony hadn’t said anything about them hooking up as cats, and now that Peter wasn’t panicking he was aware that there were no pheromones in the air that indicated sex had occurred.

Something heavy and soft landed on Peter’s head. Peter jumped. He tried to back out of whatever had landed on top of him and ended up hitting what felt like a human knee.

Tony snickered. “It’s so mean, but after having it happen to me so many times, I’m just so happy to see another cat shifter suffer.” Suddenly, the thing on Peter’s head was lifted.

Peter whirled around to see what had landed on him. Tony—fully dressed—was holding a T-shirt up. Peter connected the clues and swiftly felt betrayed. Apparently, while he’d been freaking out, Tony had left the room, gotten dressed, and then decided to drop a shirt on Peter’s head while Peter was occupied with his thoughts.

“Oh, don’t give me the big, sad eyes treatment. You were just sitting there, and I wanted to give you a shirt to wear.” Tony held up a folded pair of sweats. “There’s pants too. We can put you in jeans once I know your size.”

Peter shifted into his human form and scowled. “That was so not cool.”

Tony scoffed and dropped the shirt on Peter’s head again. “Shows what you know about being cool.”

“Lame.” Peter yanked the shirt on then reached out for the sweats.

Tony tossed the sweats on Peter’s head too.

Peter huffed. “You are such a bombay!”

Tony smirked and headed towards the kitchen. “Attention-grabbing?”

“More like a little asshole.”

Tony paused then looked over his shoulder with a grin. “I’ve gotten no complaints about it so far.” Tony shook his hips.

Peter cursed and quickly threw on the sweatpants. He didn’t need Tony seeing how interested he was in Tony’s ass.

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I realized neither of my submissions were particularly fluffy, and that is is Not What I'm About so here's another. Kanaya returns to her old pastime of landscaping when she can find the time, and Rose starts helping her with the topiary so she can shape them into silly things like Bubbles von Salamancer or ponies. She gets pretty good at it, and at one point just COVERS the property in shitty hedge wizards. Roxy is out of her mind with delight when she visits to see them all.

Kanaya: Rose Please Come To Bed Its 3 am

Rose after making a third hedge into a wizard: I’ll be right there dear I, uh, am just admiring all your beautiful plants, you’ve been doing a lovely job.


Kanaya: Rose If I See One Wizard Down There You Are Sleeping On The Couch

Memories (Harrison Osterfield)

Requested by anon 💕

a/n : hello! this is my first real requested fic! Keep those requests coming! I love to hear what you guys have to inspire my writing. This is a Harrison Osterfield x reader imagine.

The italics means its a memory.

word count : 1221


You groaned as you threw your phone behind you onto your bed, annoyed with the fact that Harrison still wasn’t answering your calls. Before he left on the Spider-man press tour again he promised you that you guys would talk everyday, yet you were going on day 3 of no word. You were a worrier, the worst thing was always on your mind. He had found some one better, moved on to some exotic girl on the other side of the globe, someone who you could never compete with. Great. Since he was in Japan and there was a 9 hour time difference from London, you assumed he was most likely eating some kind of dinner now.
“Waffles are ready,” your mum called from the kitchen.
“Coming,” you replied.
“Any word from Haz,” your mum asked you once you entered the kitchen. She was always curious about how your relationship was going. Your grunt as a response quieted her questioning tone arousing another stern one.
“You know y/n, I don’t think this relationship is a healthy one, you’re such a beautiful, smart and intelligent young woman, you deserve the best.”
“Thanks mum, I know it’s going to be a hard relationship, I knew that from the beginning and especially when he signed as Tom’s assistant, but it think its worth it in the long run. He’s an amazing guy.”
With a nod of your mum’s head she stood and started clearing the dishes. She knew better then to argue with you on this topic. You felt your phone vibrate in your pocket and your hand immediately jumped to your hip. Your mum glanced in your direction, a warning look in her eyes.
“No phones at the table honey, you know that.”
With waffle still on your plate, you silently pulled your phone out. It could be Harrison and you had to find out. You peered at your phone under the table and at a message from your best friend that read “look at what Haz just posted.” Your blood ran cold. So he could post pictures on Instagram but he couldn’t give you a text back, letting you know where he is? Or how he’s doing? With anger and disappointment you clicked on the app and at the top of your feed was his most recent post. It was him posing with two Japanese girls, clearly fans of his, based off the fact that they were standing so close to him. The caption read, “Gotta love Japan.” Maybe your mum was right.

Once you were in your room after breakfast your bed seemed to be the only think calling out to you. Because Haz sure wasn’t. The familiar give of the springs under your thinning frame gave you a sense of welcome. The weight you had been losing recently came with the urge to sleep more and shut out the unfriendly world. You tossed and turned to face the right wall of your room where your mirror was hung on the wall. it was plastered with wide smiles and shining eyes. There were so many pictures of you and Harrison on the mirror that you could hardly use it for its original purpose anymore. As you rose from your bed, your eyes caught a particular memory that was your favourite. It was you and Harrison’s first ‘real’ date per say. It was the oldest picture in your memoire, so you had to move other pictures out of the way to get to the one you had your eyes on. With the photo in your grasp your weight shifted to your heels and you started falling backwards. Never to stop.

“Harrison,” a smile grew on your face as you opened the door to a bright smile and piercing blue eyes.
“Hi y/n.” A warm voice greeted you in return. As he guided you out the door with his hand on your lower back you turned and let your mum know that you were leaving; you shut the door behind you.
Once you were settled in his car, he got in and started the engine.
“Where do you want to go?” he questioned. Anywhere with you, you thought silently.
“Where ever,” you said trying to sound nonchalant, “whatever is easiest for you.” The familiar vibration of movement on tarmac could be felt through the seats and you relaxed. Your arm fell over the console in-between you two, the only thing separating you. You could have sworn that you felt the shock between your fingers and his forearm as yours fell. You turned your head towards the passenger window and watched the landscape rush by, unaware of how Harrison was gazing at you, the way your hands moved, and how in certain lights he was sure there was an angel in his car next to him. As you rolled the passenger window down, just enough to get your hair moving around, you heard a giggle behind you. You turned to find a smitten Harrison covering his mouth with his hand as he laughed to himself.
“What are you laughing at?” You giggled along with him.

“Oh nothing, its just that you’re so adorable.” A rose blush came to your cheeks, it was the same colour as the clouds in the setting sun. You shamelessly grabbed his hand away from his mouth and you held it in yours. As innocent as ever. The unfamiliar feel was soon to become familiar. You watched him as he drove to an unknown destination wind in both your hair and his, and you smiled. You had found something really worth hanging on to.

Your thin hips came in contact with edge of your mattress and you buckled. The picture with the torn and yellowed edges was pressed against your heart, it was trying to get back in, to reclaim old feelings. You longed to feel like that again. The stress of the day pressed on your lungs and it hung on your eyelids as your arm and the picture fell over the edge of your bed, just like it had fallen over the edge of his console that July evening. Except at the tips of your fingers there was no electricity. Only empty space.

The dreamless sleep that you had fallen into was torn by the notification buzzing on your phone.
“Harrison,” you grumbled, half asleep. It was an Instagram notification, Harrison had posted. Wow. It was a picture of his legs on a plane. The caption read “Where to next? it’s a surprise.” Frankly you didn’t have time or the energy for games. Your head fell to your pillow and you realized it was 6:30 pm. You had slept through the whole day. Sleep continued to call and you answered just and you realized how damp the pillowcase on either side of your head was. You continued to cry as you fell asleep.

The familiar stroke of a thumb on your cheek brought you out of your state of unconsciousness. The music of a soft voice dripped into your ears, worth more then gold. You grabbed his wrist and leaned into his palm as he said “Good morning love.” You knew where you belonged and the feelings of wind in your hair and sea blue eyes against a pale blush sky filled your heart once more.

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I need some help. I've been looking for inspiration and I like white rooms, white aesthetic, and minimalist rooms, I've been thinking about rose gold and grey bedding, but idk. I've been going to YouTube, here, Instagram and all that trying to find inspiration but it's not really working. It'd be great if you could help me out☺️

Hi! Rose gold and sliver? Yasss

Rose gold bedding:

Here are my ideas for room layouts and décor…

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Can I request a flower shop au? (I know it's been done but please I need more lol) Anything goes but consider this: Victor having fantasies about Yuuri on a bed covered with rose petails~

Yayyy of course!! (that mental image tho…save me from my vivid imagination)

Viktor had a plague. 

No, not the termites, he had got rid of those the previous week (even though his wooden furniture still wasn’t over it).

No, they weren’t cockroaches. Thanks god, those were disgusting. 

And he swore that if a rat ever stood on his apartment he would burn the edifice down.

No, Viktor’ plague wasn’t that kind of plague…

Viktor had a flower plague.

Now, he had done his best to stop it, he swore. He had taken all the serious precautions. But nothing seemed to be able to stop the spreading of that maddening weed that was, apparently, just emotional.

It was inevitable…how was he supposed to ignore his compulsion? Yurio had helped him write a list of warnings he needed to have in mind each afternoon when he walked back from work, but Viktor was a weak man, and he hadn’t been able to get done any of the points satisfactorily.

1) Don’t walk through THAT street.

There, just around the corner, there was certain special shop. Which he needed to avoid at all costs, unless he wanted his apartment to keep collecting green while his wallet ran out of it.

2) Hold your breath.

If he was pathetic enough to choose the long way home (like he always did) and found himself in front of the shop as if it were an accident, then he should avoid the sweet scent of jasmines that always drove him towards his doom. It was a trap, Yurio said. A macabre trap Viktor was willingly falling into.

3) Don’t get inside

Once he grabbed the handle, once he was welcomed to hell by the lovely jingle of the door’s bell, once he walked to the counter, once he saw HIM…there was no turn back.

4) Don’t think about him

Don’t think about his smile, don’t think about the thousand colors of the endless flowers reflecting on his glasses, don’t think about that adorable way in which he furrows his nose when he laughs. And, for the love of all that’s holy, DON’T think about that fantasy of yours in which he’s surrounded by a thousand rose petals, naked, tangled in your bedsheets. No, Viktor, don’t do it. That way, if you keep thinking about him, tempting yourself with no-happenings, you’ll end up walking into the Katsuki Flower Shop once again. 

And that’s exactly what he did right then.

Yes, Viktor had a plague. But it wasn’t only the flowers in his apartment. It wasn’t only the daisies on top of his dining table, nor the three bouquets of tulips in the kitchen, not even the orchids peeking from the front pocket of his every suitcoat. No, it wasn’t the lavender perfuming his clothes inside his closet, and it had nothing to do with the azaleas that matched with his bathroom’s curtains. His plague was so much deeper than that. It had deep-rooted inside of him, it had spread to every corner of his body and bloomed in beautiful colors, sprouts of sensations he had never felt before. Viktor had a plague, and Viktor was in love.

So he really had no other choice, he couldn’t help himself as he made his way to the flower shop every single day, just to talk to the florist. And he never left empty-handed, no way. He couldn’t let the other know he was the sole purpose of the visit…that would have been terribly embarrassing! He ended up making the stupidest of excuses, ranting about relative’s birthdays and empty tables at his office that just NEEDED some petunias when in reality he kept all of them, since he couldn’t even allow himself to throw them away before they withered because they reminded Viktor of HIM. Yes, he was an idiot. And totally aware of it. But he was willing to continue being an idiot if that meant he could see Yuuri Katsuki every day.

He turned round the corner, already failing the first step, and didn’t even bother to hold his breath as he let the engulfing scent of lilies take over his senses. He opened the door, way too submerged into his own fantasies, his eagerness, and the overstimulation of his nostrils; and it was only when he heard the jingling of the little bell at the entrance that he realized that he had done it again. He was visiting Yuuri.

“Oh, Viktor, you are early today!” There he was, fixing a gorgeous bouquet of fuchsia flowers Viktor didn’t even know what they were, his eyes fixed on the ribbon he was carefully tying around the stems.

“Uhm, yeah. I finished with work quite fast” He said, clearing his throat, trying to sound as casual as possible.

“What would you like today?”

It took him five solid seconds to realize he was talking about flowers. The flowers he usually bought because he was a love-struck fool. The flowers he was supposed to be ordering right then.

But he had forgotten to make up his excuse, he hadn’t thought of what fake kid at hospital or false empty tombstone may need flowers that day. So he didn’t really know what to ask for…and the answer was certainly not on the seller’s pretty face, which he kept stating at as if it was the whole universe.

“Oh, uhm, I really like those you are working with right now” He pointed at the counter, where some few falling petals were beginning to betray Yuuri’s dedication “They’re lovely”

“These?” He picked them up, fixing them delicately “This are carnations, they came in today…aren’t they beautiful?”

“Indeed” Viktor almost choked on the word. 

“I was just making this bouquet to pass the time, you can take it if you want! Just let me prepare it a bit…” He took one of those transparent papers he always put around the bouquets, and carefully began to wrap it around the flowers “Who are the flowers for, this time?”


Damn, he had run out of lies.

“Who are you going to gift them too?” Yuuri repeated the question, smiling kindly as he handed him the bouquet, and Viktor was so in trance he didn’t even reach for his wallet. He just kept staring like an idiot, thinking of how his house was about to turn into a botanical garden, on how Yurio had promised to kick his ass if he kept talking plants to the office, and how there was just one single part of his life that was missing some flowers. And he was going to deliver them right away.

“You” He blurted out, before he could even reason his intentions.

The florists face turned the same shade as the carnations. He stared back at Viktor, eyes wide and mouth agape, lips bouncing in babbles he felt unable to turn into proper words, as he was handed the bouquet back.

“W-what?” He stuttered, accepting it either way, yet still not fully comprehending “Why??”

“Those are for you” Viktor said, looking away for a second, but not really lasting much staring somewhere else. His adoration was stronger than bashfulness “Because…maybe… I want to ask you for dinner tonight?”

Yuuri tried to speak again, but before his lack of words, he was forced to nod eagerly instead, almost completely undressing the whole bouquet. Viktor smiled as he saw him hide behind the flowers coyly, almost camouflaging within them, and looking painfully adorable.

“Good” He said, biting a grin “There’s a nice Italian restaurant two blocks away, would you like to…”

“Yes, I’d love to” Yuuri peeked his face from behind the carnations, and leaned forwards to plant a blooming kiss on Viktor’s cheek from across the counter. Then, when he saw he had left the man in a thunderstruck state, he giggled to himself and took a flower out from the bunch to place it inside his date’s front pocket, before he turned to the back of the store to keep on working “See you there at eight”

Viktor nodded, gulping loudly, and paying for the flowers before he forgot.

Once he left the shop, he took the carnation from inside his pocket and began to pluck out the petals, one by one, humming happily as he reached his flowery apartment.

“He loves me, he loves me not, he loves me…”

AMD #24 - Rose Quartz

I was so tired when I started this that I fell asleep half way through, I am.. going to bed goodnight XD

1. Alexandrite 2. Bismuth 3. Smoky Quartz  4. Jasper 5. Blue Pearl

6. Y. Pearl  7. Y. Diamond  8. Stevonnie 9. Ruby  10. Garnet

11. Peridot  12. Lapis Lazuli 13. Sardonyx 14. Navy 15. Doc  

16. Pearl 17. Rainbow Quartz 18. Steven 19. Sugilite 20. Skinny

21. Carnelian 22. Holly Blue 23. C. Jasper F. 24. Rose Quartz -> Up next: Malachite

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10 with Young!Sirius Black

Additional Notes: Heya! I quite hope that this imagine is alright with you, as I’ve been busy lately. But seriously! I hope you enjoy! Have a great day, anon!
Warnings: Swearing, Sexual Innuendos
Word Count: 514

10. “Me, you, a cupboard. Now.”


If there was one thing you could not possibly stand, it was Sirius Black and his blatant lack of subtlety.

“So, Y/N,” the bloke had said, swaggering on over like he owned the bloody place. “I have a mighty fine proposition to make.”

You merely glowered at him, wishing there was a way to rid the world of someone else’s existence. Well, a way that didn’t involve first-degree murder or lawsuits. You still needed to play along with his games, though, or else he’d just follow you around all day like a lost dog. Go figure. “Yes, Sirius?”

Sirius was all smiles—no, smirks—as he finished making his to you. “How’s this: me, you, a cupboard. Now.” He looked so self-assured that you couldn’t help the burst of laughter that escaped you. The damn bloke couldn’t even imagine a scenario in which he was rejected.

You smiled brightly at him. “Well, Sirius, I have a proposition for you, too,” you said.

“What’s that, sweetheart?” He was still smirking, as though he didn’t quite get the implication that came with your words. “Does it involve a cupboard?”

You snorted. “Hell no,” you said, rather bluntly. “Now, how’s this: your arse, a stick. My hands.” You didn’t miss how he instinctively took a step back, almost as though he were imagining the sheer force you’d use if desperate measures called for it.

Sirius looked affronted and almost terrified at the mere thought. “Y/N,” he whined after a beat, his eyes like that of a beaten-down puppy dog from a news ad. “That’s just rude.”

“You’ll have to try harder than that, then,” you snapped. Then you promptly turned, sashaying away before another word could leave the bloke’s mouth.

For the rest of the day, Sirius would attempt to use cheesy pick-up lines, some raunchy and some just-plain cheddar, just because he couldn’t stand the thought of rejection.

“So, Y/N,” he said at one point, smiling at you like he’d come up with the cure for cancer. “If I flip a coin, what do you reckon my chances are of getting head?”

You just glared at him. “I’d say zero since you don’t have a damn coin.” You were growing tired of his idiocy. You’d rather have been asked to bed by Peter Pettigrew than deal with Sirius’s insolence, and that was a downgrade all in its own. “Now, please, Sirius—leave me the hell alone!”

“Fine, fine,” Sirius said, raising his hands up in surrender. “I just have to say… Roses are red, my face is too—that only happens when I’m around you!”

You drew a blank, unable to believe that the arsehole thought that was actually good. “’You, me, a cupboard’ was better, in my humble opinion,” you said calmly, not wanting to admit to him or yourself that you thought Sirius was funny.

Sirius’s face grew cheeky, and you instantly went on alert. “All you had to do was ask,” he said, and you knew just what he was referencing.

“Oh, go use those lines on your boyfriend Potter, you blithering buffoon!”

“i love summer”

“we havent even met summer”

“u kno what watch me love summer harder now”

Burning Up Steve Rogers x Reader NSFW

Warnings: NSFW, sex, oral (female receiving)
My first imagine on here, so sorrynotsorry

Summary: Steve is sleeping, but that ache between your thighs won’t go away. To wake him up or not is the question.

Steve’s breathing was slow and steady in the bed next to you, the rise and fall of his naked chest was almost hypnotic. Your fingers danced along the edge of your shared blanket, tugging it off your partially clad form. The room felt hot to you, maybe it was the alcohol still coursing through your veins, which wouldn’t make sense as it had been hours ago or it could have been the desire that rose from the pits of your stomach. You tugged your boyfriend’s pajama shirt further down your legs as you climbed out of the bed and scurried onto the balcony; enjoying the chilly night air as it wrapped its frigid finger around you. You closed your eyes for a moment, believing that the chill would send the alcohol from your body and exhaustion to your head. A pair of familiar arms wrapped around your torso and a soft kiss, lingered on your neck.
“You left the bed,” Steve mumbled against your ear.
“Couldn’t sleep and it’s too hot in there.”
He chuckled softly. “Too hot? Babe, the air conditioner is on full blast. You sure it’s not just the alcohol?”
You shook your head in response, tilting your head further to the side, a gesture for him to proceed with the kissing he’d paused momentarily.
“Maybe you’re coming down with something, babe, although for me it would be up,” he suggested with a smirk. He turned you around so your chest was flushed against his. Finger slowly unbuttoning the shirt that separated your skin from his. His lips followed behind his hands, pressing a soft kiss to every newly uncovered piece of skin.
“I mean you are burning up, my love,” he whispered against your stomach, nipping lightly at the top of your panties. He moved further down, placing tender kisses along the inside of your thighs. Enjoying the look on your face, the way your eyelashes fluttered closed and the way your lip slid between your teeth as you struggled to hold in any sound that would let him know just how much you needed him. He carefully placed kisses along the lace border of your underwear, allowing his nose to gently rub against the area that craved him the most. A dazed moan slid from between your heavy lips and a smile of satisfaction crossed his own. His fingers hooked onto the front of your panties, sliding them down your legs; but first allowing his fingers to graze your heat. He tugged them off, flinging them into the room and attacking the now revealed skin with kisses. His tongue slipped between your folds, his hands moving underneath your shirt to grab your ass; pulling you closer towards him while he let his tongue do all the work. Your fingers ran shakily through his blond hair, grabbing hold and tugging his face closer, but that merely made him stop.
“Ah ah, doll. You’ve got to let me take care of you and trust that I know how.”
He stood up, pressing a kiss to your lips and squeezing your ass as an invitation for you to jump. Happily you complied, wrapping your legs around his torso as he carried you inside and placed you on the bed.
“No teasing tonight,” you whined at him, keeping your legs wrapped around his waist and hungrily reaching for his dick. You ran your hand along his shaft a few times, before attempting to line it up at your entrance. He pushed in slowly, just the tip so he could watch the way your body would tense, preparing for the stretch and then relax when it didn’t happen. That was when he’d start, sliding in all the way; quickly so he could hear the gasp that never failed to claw its way out of your mouth. His pace was fast enough to get you right up to the edge, but not enough to push you over. That’s where his mouth came in, wrapping around one of your nipples at a time, twirling the sensitive bud between his lips with his tongue and adding the last little push you needed to fly.
“Fuck,” you muttered, too focused on the feeling of his body pounding into you and his lips kissing along your breasts; to actually say anything more. Your walls tightened around him, sending him over the last ledge as well. He rode out his own orgasm, with sloppy thrusts and well placed kisses; too busy enjoying your moans to think about slowing down. He slowed down once you’d both finished and pulled out. Walking to the bathroom, leaving you panting on the bed while he dealt with the condom. He returned with a warm wash cloth, sliding it between you legs to clean away what was left. He placed soft kisses on your thighs, before returning to your lips.
“Sleep well, princess,” he murmured, finding himself now wide awake in the room with his sleeping girlfriend.