it's been in my folder for such a long time


Hey dudes! Here’s my second attempt at using GTA V for my animations, with its process along the way :)
It took me a little longer than I expected, but whatever, it was a lot of fun to do and i learned tons of things (mostly the hard way).
I’ve been picturing images for this song since the first time I’ve heard it, years ago. Didn’t really end up the way I envisionned in my head for so long, but I feel a bit lighter now.
I want to do others, there’s a ton more where that came from, don’t know when I’ll find the time though!
EDIT : Here’s the folder for this animation :… , you’ll be able to get your hands on the files, if you’re curious (it’s heavy, almost 4 gig, 6 when unzipped) ;)

A letter to Terry Pratchett

alright, how to do this. Since i was 12 my favorite author has always been Terry Pratchett. His Tiffany Aching series shaped who i am today, and i hold his writing above all other writing. i always fantasized about meeting him and telling him how much his writing meant to me and how grateful i was. And then he died the day before my 17th birthday. and god, i wept. i completely broke down. it took me a while to recover, and even longer to find the words, but i wrote him this letter, and i thought i’d put it by the terry pratchett memorial next time i came to london (i live in denmark), but by the time i came the memorial had been painted over. and so this letter has been sitting in my documents folder for a long time, and i feel like that iis wrong. i need to put it out there somewhere in the world - even if its just for closure. i watched the BBC documentary ‘back in black’ recently and i got the idea to publish the letter here, so i may live to regret this but here it comes; my badly written, far too long letter to a man who will never read it:

Dear Sir Terry Pratchett,

I don’t really know why I’m writing this letter. As things are, you’ll never read it, and even if you could, I don’t know if I’d dare give it to you. Or if I’d even dare approach you. You see (and you’ll probably disagree/dislike me for this/get miffed about this), you rank frighteningly high on my list of natural forces, my hierarchy of deities. You probably wouldn’t like that, rather a rising ape than a fallen angel, but that is how it is. I believe in a god, but you are closer to him in my accounts than you will ever be to me. Maybe that’s wrong, don’t put your heroes on pedestals and whatnot, but I don’t think I can stop it now. It’s just how it is. So I don’t really know why I’m writing this letter, or if anyone will ever read it, but I think I needed to do it. Get out all the things I will never get a chance to tell you. Very human, isn’t it?

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Hey! It's been a long while since I used to make edits for this site and I know nothing about it anymore. Do you know a good place/posts I can use to learn again? The new sizes, how to make nice gifs/edits and stuff...

  • here are the sizes i follow 
  • here and here have good tutorials 
  • here’s a study as to when is a good time to post

i literally have a folder of resources so here’s that 

  • brushes x x
  • textures and patterns x x x
  • color palettes x x
  • overlays x
  • layouts x x
  • typography x

you can find more resources on my resource blog @versenvers​. i hope this was helpful, good luck with photoshop ♥

Hey guys, I hope you’re all doing well! Breaking my radio silence to post up some old (I’m talking months old) klaine art I never got to finishing.

Kurt’s a prince of some sort and Blaine’s a prince of..birds. This incites some sort of hectic adventure, they each have their own personal epiphanies, etc etc and they ride into the sunset as the screen fades out.

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Can I request something with Oikawa where his girlfriend usually wears contacts and one day when she comes over to hang out with him she's wearing her glasses around him for the first time and he just has to twin with her and it's just really fluffy please. Thanks you so much!! I adore your blog!

(Hii! Admin Raine here, sorry I’ve been MIA for so long ;; HSC is killing me and I swear my wrist is gonna break by the end of the year… MY FOLDER IS SO HEAVY)

“Yah-ho~ _______-chan!”

Oikawa’s smile was as bright as the sun, greeting you as he opened the door. He was dressed simply for your in-home ‘date’ (which more often than not was just lounging around, eating junk food, watching movies with a little making out), wearing his Seijou tracksuit pants, a plain black top and the fluffy light blue bunny slippers that you’d gotten him for his last birthday.

You could see he was distracted, staring at your face as if something confused him.

“Uh, you ok?”

“_____-chan… Since when do you wear glasses?”

Instantly your hands come up to fiddle with the frames sitting on the bridge of your nose.

“I-I mean, you look really cute wearing them, it just surprised me!”

Oikawa was fumbling to get the words out as quickly as he could, taking your silence as a sign you were uncomfortable. He kept stammering and blurting random things, trying to correct himself and you let him suffer in silence for a few seconds.

Tooru, it’s fine!” Laughing, you shoved him back inside gently. “I just didn’t want to bother fiddling with contacts today.”

Your boyfriend pouted, obviously put out that you’d let him make a fool of himself in front of you.

You followed him into the living room, (his parents were out, which meant you had the house to yourselves. And having the house to yourselves meant you didn’t have to hide in Oikawa’s room) and dumped your backpack on the floor unceremoniously.

Oikawa was still looking at you, dark eyes trained on your glasses, as if he didn’t believe they were really there.

“Stop staring,” you whined, shifting your weight to your other foot, “It’s starting to get creepy.”

He blinked twice, then once more as he rubbed the back of his neck sheepishly.

“I’m sorry, ____-chan, but you’re so cute in glasses and I can’t help myself.”

Shaking your head in mock exasperation, you can’t help but give him an affectionate smile. Passing him on your way through to the kitchen, you give Oikawa a light flick.

“Mean, ____-chan! You’ve spent too much time with Iwa-chan.”

You shrugged, moving around Oikawa’s kitchen and grabbing a large glass bowl from the cupboard next to the fridge. The large bag of microwave popcorn sat on the kitchen island, practically waiting for you. Grabbing the bag and reading through the instructions, you heard Oikawa gasp, before hurtling out of the kitchen and up the stairs, footsteps thundering on the way to his room.

You rolled your eyes, already used to your boyfriend’s strange antics.

It wasn’t until the microwave gave a ding! that Oikawa appeared behind you.


Turning to look at him over your shoulder, you almost dropped the bowl of popcorn you had just poured.

Oikawa stood in the doorway, arms spread wide and a huge grin on his damn perfect face. Perched on the bridge of his nose, was a pair of partially framed glasses.


“See? Now we match, babe!”

You couldn’t stop the laughter that bubbled its way out of your chest and you put down the popcorn bowl so as to avoid any accidents. Oikawa pouted as you laughed, crossing his arms and huffing as you made your way towards him. There were tears in your eyes and you were out of breath from laughing, but it didn’t stop you from wiggling your way under his arms.

“Damn it, Tooru. Why do you have to be so cute?”

He jolted slightly, wrapping you up in his arms tightly as a small flush came over his face and the tips of his ears reddened.

“W-Well one of us has to be.”


“Ow! Mean, ____-chan!” Oikawa rubbed his side where you’d pinched him.

“Way to ruin the moment, Tooru.”

He couldn’t see your face, but you were smiling.

Speaking Moffat: The Book-Tree Theme

Let’s talk about the beautiful, beautiful Book-Tree theme under Moffat. Have you ever noticed? Books and trees come in pairs:

My personal favourite, because it is so subtle, is the crash of the Byzantium, which - among other things - must have been a reference to the home of the great Imperial Library of Constantinople, and which of course has a forest inside it:

And even the events in The Name Of The Doctor somewhat mirror this theme: River is the book on a shelf, while the Doctor’s life is almost plant like (God, I love this so much).

As much as I love this theme and as much as I think it represents everything I love about Moffat’s writing, I had not been able to interpret it properly until now. This post has been in my drafts folder almost as long as the blog exists.

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A while ago, when I was in highschool (2007) I spent the night at my best friend’s place because we had to finish an important project for one of our classes, it was a long tiring day but we managed to get most of it done before 9pm… after that we decided to watch some TV until it was bed time, Back to the Future II was on and it happened to be one of her favorite movies of all time, a few minutes passed and she stood up with her phone in order to get a short clip of her favorite scene (I know this sounds weird but it was a different time, our phones were crappy and we didn’t really have access to youtube), once she did, we both enjoyed the rest of the film and went to bed around midnight.

Fast forward to the next morning, she asked me to take a look at the clip on her phone, apparently there was something we didn’t notice before and to be frank, it really freaked me out. The first frame of the recording showed a grinning face of a man we’ve never seen before, I’m positive that couldn’t have been me since I was sitting back in the couch and that’s definitely not her getting in front of the frame, we both were home alone when this happened and didn’t notice anything out of place.

Needless to say, we were speechless and couldn’t find an explanation for it… I asked for the video and kept it with me, I didn’t think about it for several years until I recently checked my old computer backup files and found it within my folders. Whatever that thing was, the smirk on its face always gave me the chills… 

The gif and picture above were captured from the original 28 seconds video. Something I wanted to share with sixpenceee

____________________________ Edit- According to some of you guys the figure in the frame is part of the scene itself, I don’t quite recall that part of the movie so I can’t confirm this…but you might be right, it’s been a long time since I watched this old video and to this day it still creeps me out. But It was probably the bad lighting and quality that made it look so creepy back then… the gif looks kinda spooky tho so that’s something :) thanks for clearing things up fellas, I’ll definitely check it out. Peace~
Perfectly Out of Key

Summary: In which Dan is shitty with words but good with music and Phil is the blue eyed employee at the local piano store.

A/N: I’ve had this sitting in my drafts folder for an unbelievably long time, and in early celebration of Dan’s birthday I thought I’d finish it. Because this is exactly the kind of cheery fic you want on your birthday. I’m actually somewhat proud of this tbh 

tw; depression, self harm, suicidal thoughts/actions

Word Count: 5884

     The piano sat on a raised dais, gleaming as the light reflected off of its glossy finish. The keys were perfectly white, all eighty-eight keys sparkling and untainted. The pedals were of a rich brass color and looked as though they had never been used, while the bench was a shade of dark ebony.

     A good instrument was a promise to a musician of past music already played and that of music still in the future, but this piano was something else entirely. There were few things Dan Howell understood more than the piano, and as he listened he thought he could hear a whisper coming from the piano of undiscovered melodies and harmonies and an escape from the rest of the world into that of music.

      The piano in question was far too much money for Dan to ever save up, but there was no harm in looking and sometimes he needed reassurance that there was still beauty left in the world.

      “It’s beautiful, isn’t it?” The interruption came from the employee somewhere behind him. Dan gave an irritable jerk of his shoulders. Apparently taking no notice of Dan’s attitude, the employee stepped forwards until he was standing next to the piano.

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It’s been a long time since iv’e posted here *-* So WHY NOT POST AGAIN?!?!? and oh boy….The last time i posted here was only 3 months ago AGH THE DRAWINGS LOOK SO DIFFERENTT HOW DID I CHANGE MY STYLE SO QUICKLY!?!? Anyway here are some Jacksepticeye doodles. I’m too lazy to correct the mistakes because it’s night time here. I might make more of these… *cough* i have a markiplier one hidden in one of the millions of folders i have on my desktop :’D *cough* I MEAN- PFFT HAVE THIS.