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Welp. We went to see Wonder Woman. I cried during the sad parts and some of the other parts. They were the same kind of tears I had on and off through Ghostbusters. Movies with strong women who are fully realized people who are allowed to be sexual but are not sexualized and can also kick ass just make me cry randomly. Though TBH I also cry in LotR when anyone picks up their sword and runs into battle screaming the name of their home. I didn’t even realize how ravenous I was for a female version of that.

The View From Here - Ch 14

Ok! So a good amount of stuff has happened since chapter 13! Here is a rundown in case you missed it!

This story now has an ask blog! Feel free to come have some fun over there, it has quickly become a sort of Reggie Show over there.. But it is a lot of fun and a fun way to learn more about the characters. You can ask questions of any charaters mentioned so far. @tvfh-asks

Also! I have some moderately angsty backstory stuff I wanted to mention and I will posting those chapters next. They will be called The Lost Chapters and there will be at least 2, but possibly more. You do not have to read them if you don’t’ want to, and they don’t fit into the story line in a specific place. They will be optional side chapters just to delve into some stuff I wanted to put out there for backstory reasons. They will also open up the ask blog for some serious “tragic backstory unlocked” type stuff and introduce at least one more character that can be talked to. 

But anyway.. That’s it I think. I hope you enjoy everything I have in store for you guys! - <3

First Chapter - Prologue

Most Recent- Chapter 13

Virgil found himself waking up, a hot mug in his hands and a taste of delicious coffee in his mouth. This had been how he had been waking up a lot more often lately and it was definitely better than anything else that had ever woken him.

“Hmm?” He spoke, his mind becoming less cloudy as the caffeine made its way into his system.

“Oh, that’s one for two thus far.” Roman laughed, plopping down next to him. Roman was in his pajamas, but Virgil realized they were on the couch, did they sleep down here last night? What.. What happened last night?

“Oh wait, I think we might be two for two.” Patton added. Virgil turned and saw Logan was sitting next to him and Patton was just past Logan. Logan was also groggily sitting there, slowly drinking coffee.

“So… How was your day yesterday, you two?” Roman chuckled.

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falloutevelyn  asked:

A bit of background info-I'm a 26y.o. Psych major, and I was diagnosed with ADHD at age 6 Lately I've been finding it more and more difficult to find the correct words (if any) when forming sentences. I haven't done any research on it yet, but I've been theorizing that it's got something to do with how quickly the ADHD brain works, and word retrieval/sentence planning. I was hoping you might be able to answer if this is a common problem with ADHD, and if so, what is the current suspected cause?

From December 19 2017

Word finding difficulties are definitely something that happens with ADHD. I often end up talking around a word until I find it or someone else figures it out for me.

To my knowledge, it’s due to working memory and retrieval problems.


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Hi darisu-chan, if you still are taking requests can I ask for a Touken Fic that shows kaneki's reaction at finding out touka´s pregnancy, and off course a little smut will be very much welcome tehee. Thank you so much in advance :)

Sorry for the delay! Here’s the fanfiction. It isn’t smutty, but next time I’ll publish smut. hehe. I also based this one-shot on this post. I figured that after today’s chapter we needed something light-hearted and fluffy. I hope you enjoy it!

Mysterious Illness

Summary: When Kaneki starts feeling weird, he sets up to find the cause of his mysterious illness, which might be contagious, for Touka is feeling bad too.

You can also read it here.

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traditionalnerdyhousewife  asked:

Is there anything you do to deal with not being in the mood? It's been happening a lot lately (which is weird for me) and wondering what you do to deal with it so he's at least having his fun.

Aw, I’m sorry to hear that; I’m sure it will pass in no time 😊.

I actually may not be the best person to answer this because I never really understood the concept of “not being in the mood.” I get asked this question more often than one may think.

I am a very, very big believer in deriving my pleasure from my husbands pleasure. I literally cannot stress this enough. Knowing that he desires me and gets turned on by looking at me is more than enough for me to “be up to it” whenever he wants. Not to sound harsh in any way, shape or form…but a vagina works whether you are aroused or not….so I wouldn’t focus so much on why you aren’t in the mood, but possibly try to get your head in the mental space that you are the only one who can satiate his sexual needs and that makes your role as a wife is extremely important. That thought may help you quickly re-prioritize when he “springs it on you” and you aren’t exactly ready.

Additionally, some couples even have a certain time or schedule they abide by so if that is the case, try to get yourself in the mood before hand if you can anticipate his needs.

I hope some of this helps! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Sparks - Kaitlyn x MC Fanfic

Sparks - (The Freshman)

Summary: [What started off as a harmless kiss in a game of truth or dare reveals that MC might care about Kaitlyn as more than a friend] 

[Twas playing on my third MC’s file in the Freshman Book 1 (again) and came across the sorority truth or dare scene and wanted to write how she probably felt. I’ve been writing a lot more I’m so sorry. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧  It’s short but I hope it’s an enjoyable read]

When we kissed I felt my world change.

I felt it. Quiver before it twisted, trying to fit the mold you’ve created. Trying to soak itself in the warm, fuzzing feeling you’ve left behind. It fizzled in and out until all I could focus on was you and your breathtaking smile.

Those were the words she wanted to tell her – to practically sing to her before she could lose all confidence in herself. But as quickly as it began – it ended and their somewhat awkward dare had bloomed into something wonderful inside her chest. 

Before she could return the kiss, Kaitlyn had stepped away and the warmth had disappeared almost entirely.

Disappointment flooded her instantaneously; she hadn’t been able to hold onto it.

Kaitlyn had moved away quickly and retreated to the other side of the room, while she was still reeling from her kiss.

Almost instinctively, she brought her fingers to touch her own lips. The heat that had radiated there lingered, and remnants of how warm it had been made her stare at the floor. It was like tasting sunshine and left her missing its scorching heat, the way she often felt the absence of summer during late nights in winter. 

She was surprised by the sound of her own erratic heart beating wildly inside her chest. She was even more surprised that her reaction had been so vivid, so strong; to the point where it almost felt like a physical ache. As if her soul had found something irreplaceable and wept at the loss.

What was happening to her?

What was this strange feeling bubbling inside her chest?

She had never been interested in anyone before.

Most people she decided; weren’t worth the trouble nor the time anyway. All throughout her teen years, she kept an unusually safe distance from most and convinced herself that she wouldn’t find anyone here worth remembering after graduation. 

And yet here she was; feeling doubt claw itself at the back of her mind everytime she peeked over at Kaitlyn. It didn’t help that the rest of her was still lightheaded by that kiss.

Falling for someone wasn’t supposed to be possible - not for her. She could make friends – inevitable because they all lived together, but she couldn’t comprehend developing feelings for someone that went beyond friendship. It was simple really; she hadn’t been looking for anything. She hadn’t been looking for anyone. 

Except, she was certainly looking now. 

She was beginning to look at Kaitlyn the way she never looked at anyone.

Wide-eyed and in bewilderment; as if seeing her for the first time.

Suddenly, Kaitlyn was the only thing she was aware of. She appraised her enigmatic eyes, how appealing the tiny curve of her lips– almost as if beckoning for a taste and how strikingly beautiful her complexion was in comparison to the rest of her untamed dark hair. 

The smile that she had always considered one of her best features was suddenly the only thing she wanted to keep looking at.

Kaitlyn hadn’t seen it, she seemed to have missed her stare and all of its intensity. She was too busy fixing her gaze at another part of the room. Her cheeks were slightly flushed and she kept twirling a lock of her own hair, as if nervous by something.

The rest of them had moved on chatting superfluously before declaring another dare. 

But she was far too aware of her heart’s crazy pattern to hear the next one, let alone the rest of their conversation.

It had struck her out of nowhere. 

It made her hesitate when they left later that evening. It made her avoid her usual sweet smile and carefree charm the next morning, because of her own fear that she’d be able to see it.

Sparks had ignited something in her veins.

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Angsty fic? Jack and Rhys get into a car accident and rhys throws himself over Jack to save him and end up losing his arm and eye. Jacks company makes new ones for him and Jack helps him through physio and stuff? Sorry that might be too hard or long

I cannot apologise enough for making you wait for, like, a year for this. I really, really am sorry. And its only 876 words I’m so sorry I’m a horrible person.

Anyway, here it finally is! Sorry it ends before Rhys gets his new arm, but that may happen in a part 2 at sometime in the future.

It felt like it had taken months, but Rhys had somehow managed to convince his workaholic boyfriend to leave the office to go on a weekend trip to the countryside. The couple hadn’t been spending nearly as much time together as they used to, and when Jack came home from work late, he’d be grumpy and tired. This meant they tended to argue over silly little things more often than not lately, like what to have for dinner or whose turn it was to take the bins out. So a break together was going to be a refreshing change of pace.

The drive was only supposed to take a few hours. Rhys was prepared though, with a thoughtfully made playlist and more than enough snacks for the road. He knew that Jack would get grouchy before they were even halfway there unless he ate some pretzels.

It all went wrong in a matter of seconds.

There was screeching tires as brakes were slammed before pain, screaming and finally darkness.

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Afire Love

Summery: Katara imparts words of wisdom to Asami, who takes them to heart.

Rating: K

Pairing: Korrasami, mentions of Kaatang link

AO3 link

“It takes a tremendous amount of bravery you know, not to pat myself on the back of course,” Katara said.

The entire crew had transplanted, once again to the Southern Water Tribe. Bolin joked that Korra had to have had enough of the snowy icecap at the bottom of the world after three years down there. Mako was just happy to be invited, Opal was ecstatic to meet Katara. And Asami was nervous at the prospect of facing Tonraq in a much less friendly way. Though Korra insisted he would not be nearly as harsh on her as he had been on Mako because he actually liked Asami. But still…

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I'm going to say it: Most people are upset about the set list because No Control isn't on there. There I said it. It's a great song but people feel like they are owed that song because of the fan project, which they never asked you to do. I thought it was supposed to be because you loved it not because you expected anything out of it. Yes I would like to see some songs go but the backpedaling needs to stop and it seems like it is happening more often than not lately.

I agree. Not only has the absence of No Control brought that “we are so powerful #ProjectNoControl” thing right back down to earth, but it’s also making people who’ve been screaming it’s not a stunt a little uncomfortable too. Because many of them were sure the reason the setlist didn’t change before was because of big bad Zayn the quitter. Welp, now what? 

I feel comfortable saying Project No Control blew up the way it did because of a big management assist. And now they’re done with that. That’s not to say it won’t show up on the setlist later. I hope it does. But this was a quasi grassroots campaign. Grassroots support didn’t make it what it became. Powerful people behind the scenes did. I’m not mad. It was very smart and I’m proud of 1D’s incoming team/new advisors/whatever for engaging the fandom instead of beating us down. I’ve said before, this fandom has finally met its match and it’s fascinating to watch.