it's been fun darling


together or not all || a rory/amy fanmix

for friends who fell in love, for running through the stars with the doctor and with each other. for living and dying and waiting and loving. for forgetting and remembering, for coming apart and coming together.

for the girl who waited and the last centurion.

(for @stars-inthe-sky. happy birthday!! <333)

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the signs as Beatles' songs

Aries: Happiness is a Warm Gun
Taurus: In My Life
Gemini: With a Little Help From My Friends
Cancer: Oh Darling!
Leo: I Feel Fine
Virgo: Hello, Goodbye
Libra: Let It Be
Scorpio: A Day in the Life
Sagittarius: Because
Capricorn: Can’t Buy Me Love
Aquarius: Come Together
Pisces: I’ve Just Seen a Face