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Just a reminder...

Today is the last day of SNS Summer Week. If you are interested in participating, it’s not too late! This is supposed to be about fun and doing something we like for the boys we love. So take your time and submit something how you want and when you want.

If you see a prompt you like and would like to do something based off it after SNS week is through, DO ITTT. There will never be enough SNS content if you ask me. 😂😂😂

Movistar asked some riders about their favorite songs…

(Dani said he listened to this a lot the year he broke both his ankles, when recovering from injuries and OMG DANIEL YOU TINY CHEESY MAN I’M CRYING)

Would anyone be interested in doing something like an “artist hour” once a week? Where I would reblog lgbt related art you guys make? 

All you would have to do is tag me in the work and I’ll reblog/queue it for the day we decide. 

If you’re interested, leave a reply or something and maybe leave a day/time that you would like for it to happen!

This week’s episode in a nutshell 


Naruto Week 2017 // Day Seven
             Free Day // “No matter how far away you are, we will always be under the same sun, moon, and stars.”


If Carmilla “re-vamps” in the movie, I hope that means she randomly turns into a cat at some point without realizing it 

(And yes, Catmilla can talk because why not) 

Colors?  Backgrounds?  The Spirit World is worth it.  Used this here thing as reference (a.k.a., this is what I thought of when I saw that).

theyre on a date!!