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Prompt 60: ” You’d be a great dad. ”
Brotherly love with Saeran and Saeyoung

“ Im gonna get ‘cha!! ”
Saeyoung couldn’t help but chuckle to himself as he watched his twin chase all around the playground after the two kids, going slow enough to let them think they were winning— Yet still grabbing for them here and there as a tease. The kids enjoyed it, and kept calling Saeran ” old ” and ” Grandpa See-Ran. ” as they ran as fast as their little legs could take them. It made him happy.
MC had to run to the store to grab some things for dinner, so to keep the kids busy him and Saeran decided a trip to the park would keep the mini-twins out of too much trouble for a awhile. Then again his youngest boy, by seven minutes funny enough, was found eating pine chips under the slide; Certainly is his fathers son, Eh? Regardless, Besides that incident– Its been relaxing to lay back and let someone else chase those two till their little heart desired. He never understood how something so small could have so much energy. The sound of his son whining pulled his attention towards where they group was, The boy was rubbing his knees as he cried softly to himself in the sand; He must have fallen. Before Saeyoung had the chance to spring into super hero action, His brother had beaten him to it. He sat back down to watch how this would play out.

“ Hey, You’re okay. Just a scratch, See? ” Saeran slowly crouched down to the boys level and used his hand to sweep off the dirt from the scrape, to which he regretted right away seeing that his nephew instantly whimpered and recoiled away from him. It wasn’t bad nor bleeding, just a little friction burn. Yet the boy was still blubbering as he looked towards his older twin; who was rolling his eyes dramatically in his brothers direction, Most likely upset playtime was halted.

“ Hurts.. ”
He stared down at his knee and nearly started to cry again, but his father’s whistling pulled him out of it. Saeyoung tossed a bag in Saeran’s direction as soon as he looked, which he had caught with ease. Inside he searched for the tiny little med kit MC always carried around in the pack. He found it at the bottom and plucked a tiny red bandaid from it– The boys eyes seemed to light up instantly when he saw the “ healing sticker ” as he called it.

“Nah, This’ll make it feel better in no time bud.”
He stuck the bandaid onto his nephews knee rather sharply, causing the kid to flinch— But he ruffled his hair with a comforting smile right afterwards; the mini-saeyoung looked up with a toothy grin as he giggled softly at the action. Saeyoung told both the boys no more running after that, despite their desperate pleas, telling them to play on the ship-slide combination for now while ’ Unkie Saeran ’ takes a break for a bit. They didn’t want to, But Saeran told the two he’d tell mommy about eating the pine-chips over her dinner if they didn’t listen to their father. To which the tiny twins sprinted off rather quickly to play by themselves, afraid of his small threat. Saeyoung smiled warmly at his brother as Saeran made his way towards the bench, rolling his eyes towards the red head in a similar manner that the kids had done to each other beforehand. Saeran plopped down with a grunt onto the bench, incredibly exhausted from all this running around he’s done today. He truly thinks he’s lost weight with all this exercise recently. But his ankles are killing him..
“ Your kids are a handful; You know that? ”
Saeran hastily rubbed his temple to rid himself from the headache that had found him from over exuberating today.

“ Ha, Trust me— I know. ” Saeyoung laughed heartily at his brothers distress. Children were so difficult, yet rewarding in the same breath. He wouldn’t give up his achy legs and the trouble that follows his kids for the world. Its just what adds to the fun of being a dad.

“ The feeling in my legs reminds me of why I never want to be a dad.. ” Saeran turned to rubbing his legs through his jeans now, they were most likely as incredibly sore as he says they are; since him and the kids have been running all over the place for nearly the past hour or so. Saeyoung knows that feeling all too well. But he didn’t agree with his brothers words.

“ But you’d be a great dad. ” His twin seemed rather surprised at his words, but continued rubbing his legs and ankles without input. Leaving the two in somewhat comfortable silence before Saeran decided to speak up.

“ You think I could do that? Handle kids I mean. You of all people should know i’m not exactly the softest person in the bunch. ” Saeran surprisingly spoke up after a few moments of silence, he’s never really replied to his brothers comments like that before. So this was a first. With the way he replied, Saeyoung couldn’t help but wonder if his brothers thought about this before.

“ I think you could do it. You say you’re not soft, But you make the little ones pretty happy when you’re around. They do love you. ” Saeyoung smiled softly at his brother as he patted him on the shoulder, causing Saeran to groan in annoyance at the touch. He didn’t want his brother getting all sappy on him now.
“ Soft as a marshmallow! ”
His brother turned to ruffling his hair, which still had slight white flares hidden away inside it, in memory of when it really was all marshmallow color. Saeran pushed his hand away with a glare that could kill a man; but he couldn’t hide the tiny twitch that appeared in the corner of his lips.

It was something to think about.

Never before in his life had he thought of having kids. He didn’t even really enjoy them until his brother and MC started to have a couple. He slowly found himself growing attached to the two trouble makers even if he didn’t intend for that to happen. It just did. And he loved his nephews. Even if they tease him, Saeyoung was right. They loved him. Would his own child love him like that? Becoming a father is a big step up from uncle.

Before they got the chance to delve into the idea, One of the kids began screaming at the other forcefully; Causing Saeyoung to groan loudly as he stood from the bench– stretching his hands above his head to get back into the swing of things.
“ Thats my calling card. ”
Saeran couldn’t help but laugh a little at that. To which his brother repaid with a soft smile before sprinting off to where the two boys were, crawling up the child size slide to enter into the tiny space room the two were in. He must have surprised the kids as they both yelped when they saw their father crawling grudge style into their hideout.

Saeran felt warm all of a sudden. But this time he didn’t try to push the feeling away. Seeing his brother with his own kids; Maybe he could have that one day.
He wanted to have that one day.

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It’s been awhile since I’ve drawn Roxas, so here. Take the small bundle of attitude.

Made Me Think of You

A Terrorohm fic

Brian groaned as he double checked the grocery list that his boyfriend sent him. Brian hated shopping alone. He always somehow would forget to buy something, even if it was on the list.

“Okay I think I got everything.” Brian mumbled to himself.

He started to pushed his cart to the front of the store, walking through various isles to get around slow shoppers. But then something caught his eye as he made his way through the children’s department towards the checkout. A light gray zip up sweatshirt that had some long strips of fabric hanging off the hood. Brian had started to just walk past it but his curiosity got the better of him and he had to go back to it.
On closer inspection, Brian realized the pieces dangling off the hood were curved to risible animal ears. The size of the ears made Brian chuckled as it reminded him of the absurd size of Ryan’s gmod character. Brian pulled the sweatshirt off the rack into the lighting. Instantly he noticed how similar in color it was to Ryan’s favorite color, only the clothing was a shade or two darker.
Brian couldn’t help himself and searched for the largest size the store had. After a couple minutes he managed to find a X large. Brian bit his lip as looked at it for a while, debating on whether it would be too small.

Then Brian’s phone broke his thoughts as it started ringing. Brian’s face lit up as he saw the caller ID.

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inkavixentheinkdemon  asked:

Hey, Bendy, you know... Well... *play with her fidget spinner* *sighs, and immediately changes to a dreary, insane mood.* Heh... You know, your not the only one who could get seriously hurt from crosses and that. We can, too. And I would like, as they're leader, to welcome you to the dark side of the universe. It's where my demons hide. This place, called wasteland, is where demons live and prosper without those angels. You can visit anytime.*walks into an abandoned room and locks the door*

Letter to random Demon Queen Lady -

Bendy: I appreciate the offer Toots but I’m quite happy where I am now. I’m sure your Wasteland is a delightful hellhole but I don’t run with that crowd anymore. For personal reaso-

*thinks for a minute, then erases*

Bendy: Eh why the hell not. Sounds like my kind of place. Been awhile since I’ve let loose with my own kind. I’ll see if I can works things around in my schedule.
We’ll keep in touch.

- Bendy the Dancing Demon


Being around Alice and Boris has made him a more forgiving Toon. Enough to want to meet with other Demons. After all, not all Demons are the same.

sO I was messing around editing stuff when I made this lil’ thing

It’s not done and who knows if it will ever be done, but I figured I’d upload what I have done so far!

It’s about how Dan is like some creepy internet user who has ulterior motives for getting closer to Phil. They chat on the internet for awhile and when Dan finally gets to meet Phil, he slowly starts to actually care for him and feels incredible guilty any time the two share a genuine moment. And even after he starts caring for Phil, he can’t shake away how badly he still wants to harm him (be it in whatever way you interpret). Yet, he just can’t bring himself to.



It’s been awhile my friend…

Yeah it’s probably been over a year since I’ve drawn Mark, but I’ve been marathoning a lot of his older videos tonight and I felt like it was high time I drew him again for old time’s sake, to show how much my art style has improved (not so much my coloring skills)

It looks so much better in person, trust me

APH Finland Pick-Up Lines:

1) I hope you don’t mind getting coal, because if I have my way you’ll soon be acting naughty.
2) I’ve got a present for you and it’s not the package you’re expecting. 
3) You’ve been way too good this year, let me help you earn that coal. 

How Times Changes People || Kid

Morgan trekked up the unbelievably long set of stairs that led to the DWMA, hands in her pockets and hair covering half her face, she thought about why exactly she was here. She knew her father wanted her to continue researching souls while he prepared the next set of jobs for her, but she wasn’t sure why he wanted her HERE. She wasn’t a miester, though she could be, and certainly wasn’t a weapon. So what exactly was she supposed to learn here?
Maybe it was just so her father could say he still interacted with the Grim Reaper, Lord Death. It had been awhile since the teen had seen him, probably a good eight years. She wondered how he was.
Before she knew it, she was at the top, facing the doors of the school. Albiet a few hours late. But whatever, she was new, what was the worst they could do to her?
She could hear yelling from far above her, and looked up.
“The hell is that?” She asked herself, squinting to see the blue and white figure. “Eh, must just be a DWMA wacko.” She shrugged, starting to walk to the door.
Then the figure jumped down from its high perch and landed behind her.
“Pretty easily.” She sighed, turning around to face him. “Can I help you with something?”
The crazy man challenged her to a duel, which she rolled her eyes to and continued to the door. She didn’t want to waste her time with a punk like him.
Then he attacked her, and she was left with no choice.
By the time a teacher arrived, the fight had just ended. Black*Star laid twitching in a crater and Morgan didn’t even look like she’d broken a sweat, her hands still in her pockets.
She looked up at the teacher, who sat backwards in a rolly chair. “Is this a normal thing with him?” She asked in monotone.

creepie-treattricker  asked:

"Hey Bruce! Its been quite a while hasn't it? Merry Christmas BTW and of course the really obvious questions. What happened around here since last time i saw you?"

“Hello, lil’ sheila! Happy Christmas to ye, too! Been awhile since I’ve seen ye, eh? Well, reckon just the norm’s been goin’ on. The reef fish are slowly startin’ to see me as protection and not a threat. ‘ow ‘bout you?”

HEY! Wow, so its been awhile eh?
(eat that canadian shit right there) 

Anyway. Im currently locked in a basement with no windows.. please send help. I can hear people upstairs dancing wildly to the beat of what I can only assume is human sculls clacking together while they attempt to use them as instruments. 

I thought that might be an interesting thing to say other than I just didn’t want to post anything because I didn’t care to.

What have I really been up to?

Well, since I last posted Ive drank maybe a pound and a half of coffee. What more did you think ive been doing? 
I am currently in the middle of a kafluffel I can’t really talk about just YET.. but believe me.. you will be third - forth to know when I can. 

I recently got a haircut and am currently in the “shit what is my hair doing?” phase. You know when you aren’t quite sure if your hair is good to go or not. Its a typical thing for me that lasts a week or so, During that time you can find me wearing a hat and touching my hair to make sure its still there.

Anyway PEACE.