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Prompt 60: ” You’d be a great dad. ”
Brotherly love with Saeran and Saeyoung

“ Im gonna get ‘cha!! ”
Saeyoung couldn’t help but chuckle to himself as he watched his twin chase all around the playground after the two kids, going slow enough to let them think they were winning— Yet still grabbing for them here and there as a tease. The kids enjoyed it, and kept calling Saeran ” old ” and ” Grandpa See-Ran. ” as they ran as fast as their little legs could take them. It made him happy.
MC had to run to the store to grab some things for dinner, so to keep the kids busy him and Saeran decided a trip to the park would keep the mini-twins out of too much trouble for a awhile. Then again his youngest boy, by seven minutes funny enough, was found eating pine chips under the slide; Certainly is his fathers son, Eh? Regardless, Besides that incident– Its been relaxing to lay back and let someone else chase those two till their little heart desired. He never understood how something so small could have so much energy. The sound of his son whining pulled his attention towards where they group was, The boy was rubbing his knees as he cried softly to himself in the sand; He must have fallen. Before Saeyoung had the chance to spring into super hero action, His brother had beaten him to it. He sat back down to watch how this would play out.

“ Hey, You’re okay. Just a scratch, See? ” Saeran slowly crouched down to the boys level and used his hand to sweep off the dirt from the scrape, to which he regretted right away seeing that his nephew instantly whimpered and recoiled away from him. It wasn’t bad nor bleeding, just a little friction burn. Yet the boy was still blubbering as he looked towards his older twin; who was rolling his eyes dramatically in his brothers direction, Most likely upset playtime was halted.

“ Hurts.. ”
He stared down at his knee and nearly started to cry again, but his father’s whistling pulled him out of it. Saeyoung tossed a bag in Saeran’s direction as soon as he looked, which he had caught with ease. Inside he searched for the tiny little med kit MC always carried around in the pack. He found it at the bottom and plucked a tiny red bandaid from it– The boys eyes seemed to light up instantly when he saw the “ healing sticker ” as he called it.

“Nah, This’ll make it feel better in no time bud.”
He stuck the bandaid onto his nephews knee rather sharply, causing the kid to flinch— But he ruffled his hair with a comforting smile right afterwards; the mini-saeyoung looked up with a toothy grin as he giggled softly at the action. Saeyoung told both the boys no more running after that, despite their desperate pleas, telling them to play on the ship-slide combination for now while ’ Unkie Saeran ’ takes a break for a bit. They didn’t want to, But Saeran told the two he’d tell mommy about eating the pine-chips over her dinner if they didn’t listen to their father. To which the tiny twins sprinted off rather quickly to play by themselves, afraid of his small threat. Saeyoung smiled warmly at his brother as Saeran made his way towards the bench, rolling his eyes towards the red head in a similar manner that the kids had done to each other beforehand. Saeran plopped down with a grunt onto the bench, incredibly exhausted from all this running around he’s done today. He truly thinks he’s lost weight with all this exercise recently. But his ankles are killing him..
“ Your kids are a handful; You know that? ”
Saeran hastily rubbed his temple to rid himself from the headache that had found him from over exuberating today.

“ Ha, Trust me— I know. ” Saeyoung laughed heartily at his brothers distress. Children were so difficult, yet rewarding in the same breath. He wouldn’t give up his achy legs and the trouble that follows his kids for the world. Its just what adds to the fun of being a dad.

“ The feeling in my legs reminds me of why I never want to be a dad.. ” Saeran turned to rubbing his legs through his jeans now, they were most likely as incredibly sore as he says they are; since him and the kids have been running all over the place for nearly the past hour or so. Saeyoung knows that feeling all too well. But he didn’t agree with his brothers words.

“ But you’d be a great dad. ” His twin seemed rather surprised at his words, but continued rubbing his legs and ankles without input. Leaving the two in somewhat comfortable silence before Saeran decided to speak up.

“ You think I could do that? Handle kids I mean. You of all people should know i’m not exactly the softest person in the bunch. ” Saeran surprisingly spoke up after a few moments of silence, he’s never really replied to his brothers comments like that before. So this was a first. With the way he replied, Saeyoung couldn’t help but wonder if his brothers thought about this before.

“ I think you could do it. You say you’re not soft, But you make the little ones pretty happy when you’re around. They do love you. ” Saeyoung smiled softly at his brother as he patted him on the shoulder, causing Saeran to groan in annoyance at the touch. He didn’t want his brother getting all sappy on him now.
“ Soft as a marshmallow! ”
His brother turned to ruffling his hair, which still had slight white flares hidden away inside it, in memory of when it really was all marshmallow color. Saeran pushed his hand away with a glare that could kill a man; but he couldn’t hide the tiny twitch that appeared in the corner of his lips.

It was something to think about.

Never before in his life had he thought of having kids. He didn’t even really enjoy them until his brother and MC started to have a couple. He slowly found himself growing attached to the two trouble makers even if he didn’t intend for that to happen. It just did. And he loved his nephews. Even if they tease him, Saeyoung was right. They loved him. Would his own child love him like that? Becoming a father is a big step up from uncle.

Before they got the chance to delve into the idea, One of the kids began screaming at the other forcefully; Causing Saeyoung to groan loudly as he stood from the bench– stretching his hands above his head to get back into the swing of things.
“ Thats my calling card. ”
Saeran couldn’t help but laugh a little at that. To which his brother repaid with a soft smile before sprinting off to where the two boys were, crawling up the child size slide to enter into the tiny space room the two were in. He must have surprised the kids as they both yelped when they saw their father crawling grudge style into their hideout.

Saeran felt warm all of a sudden. But this time he didn’t try to push the feeling away. Seeing his brother with his own kids; Maybe he could have that one day.
He wanted to have that one day.

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It’s been awhile since I’ve drawn Roxas, so here. Take the small bundle of attitude.

Made Me Think of You

A Terrorohm fic

Brian groaned as he double checked the grocery list that his boyfriend sent him. Brian hated shopping alone. He always somehow would forget to buy something, even if it was on the list.

“Okay I think I got everything.” Brian mumbled to himself.

He started to pushed his cart to the front of the store, walking through various isles to get around slow shoppers. But then something caught his eye as he made his way through the children’s department towards the checkout. A light gray zip up sweatshirt that had some long strips of fabric hanging off the hood. Brian had started to just walk past it but his curiosity got the better of him and he had to go back to it.
On closer inspection, Brian realized the pieces dangling off the hood were curved to risible animal ears. The size of the ears made Brian chuckled as it reminded him of the absurd size of Ryan’s gmod character. Brian pulled the sweatshirt off the rack into the lighting. Instantly he noticed how similar in color it was to Ryan’s favorite color, only the clothing was a shade or two darker.
Brian couldn’t help himself and searched for the largest size the store had. After a couple minutes he managed to find a X large. Brian bit his lip as looked at it for a while, debating on whether it would be too small.

Then Brian’s phone broke his thoughts as it started ringing. Brian’s face lit up as he saw the caller ID.

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@therealmontilyet see i headcanon him as being bi/pan because of course he would bang everyone lmao but ahh i need to go through and replay tftbl because its been awhile and i dont remember that but i wouldnt be surprised if he said that even if the lead writer was like “eh he is straight because it wouldnt be in the right direction to make a villian/psychopath/kills for funsies a face for being bi” which i mean makes some sense i guess

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ok first off, i am equally as awkward at compliments, i usually give them and then feel regret and want to die ok the spot. also, the lego batsman movie is pretty humourus i gotta say, i enjoyed more than i though i would when i saw it. how's your day goin friend? hope it's going swell.

Relatable content; also it’s been eh… Just tedious and tiresome and I’ve had a very heavy sense of anxiety all day, so that’s been ‘fun’…

sO I was messing around editing stuff when I made this lil’ thing

It’s not done and who knows if it will ever be done, but I figured I’d upload what I have done so far!

It’s about how Dan is like some creepy internet user who has ulterior motives for getting closer to Phil. They chat on the internet for awhile and when Dan finally gets to meet Phil, he slowly starts to actually care for him and feels incredible guilty any time the two share a genuine moment. And even after he starts caring for Phil, he can’t shake away how badly he still wants to harm him (be it in whatever way you interpret). Yet, he just can’t bring himself to.



APH Finland Pick-Up Lines:

1) I hope you don’t mind getting coal, because if I have my way you’ll soon be acting naughty.
2) I’ve got a present for you and it’s not the package you’re expecting. 
3) You’ve been way too good this year, let me help you earn that coal. 

How Times Changes People || Kid

Morgan trekked up the unbelievably long set of stairs that led to the DWMA, hands in her pockets and hair covering half her face, she thought about why exactly she was here. She knew her father wanted her to continue researching souls while he prepared the next set of jobs for her, but she wasn’t sure why he wanted her HERE. She wasn’t a miester, though she could be, and certainly wasn’t a weapon. So what exactly was she supposed to learn here?
Maybe it was just so her father could say he still interacted with the Grim Reaper, Lord Death. It had been awhile since the teen had seen him, probably a good eight years. She wondered how he was.
Before she knew it, she was at the top, facing the doors of the school. Albiet a few hours late. But whatever, she was new, what was the worst they could do to her?
She could hear yelling from far above her, and looked up.
“The hell is that?” She asked herself, squinting to see the blue and white figure. “Eh, must just be a DWMA wacko.” She shrugged, starting to walk to the door.
Then the figure jumped down from its high perch and landed behind her.
“Pretty easily.” She sighed, turning around to face him. “Can I help you with something?”
The crazy man challenged her to a duel, which she rolled her eyes to and continued to the door. She didn’t want to waste her time with a punk like him.
Then he attacked her, and she was left with no choice.
By the time a teacher arrived, the fight had just ended. Black*Star laid twitching in a crater and Morgan didn’t even look like she’d broken a sweat, her hands still in her pockets.
She looked up at the teacher, who sat backwards in a rolly chair. “Is this a normal thing with him?” She asked in monotone.

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"Hey Bruce! Its been quite a while hasn't it? Merry Christmas BTW and of course the really obvious questions. What happened around here since last time i saw you?"

“Hello, lil’ sheila! Happy Christmas to ye, too! Been awhile since I’ve seen ye, eh? Well, reckon just the norm’s been goin’ on. The reef fish are slowly startin’ to see me as protection and not a threat. ‘ow ‘bout you?”

HEY! Wow, so its been awhile eh?
(eat that canadian shit right there) 

Anyway. Im currently locked in a basement with no windows.. please send help. I can hear people upstairs dancing wildly to the beat of what I can only assume is human sculls clacking together while they attempt to use them as instruments. 

I thought that might be an interesting thing to say other than I just didn’t want to post anything because I didn’t care to.

What have I really been up to?

Well, since I last posted Ive drank maybe a pound and a half of coffee. What more did you think ive been doing? 
I am currently in the middle of a kafluffel I can’t really talk about just YET.. but believe me.. you will be third - forth to know when I can. 

I recently got a haircut and am currently in the “shit what is my hair doing?” phase. You know when you aren’t quite sure if your hair is good to go or not. Its a typical thing for me that lasts a week or so, During that time you can find me wearing a hat and touching my hair to make sure its still there.

Anyway PEACE. 

Chapter 8

Tyler P.O.V

“You ready to see daddy.” I asked as I walked me and he down the hall to the studio he was in.

After we left the meeting we had to attend about me and him creating our own line together I dropped him off her and went to go get my baby girl. I didn’t plan on coming back to the studio but she was putting on a fuss when I got her in the car so I figured she would chill out if she saw him.

The music was seeping through the door. I turned the nob and she went running in making me chuckle.

Once he saw us through the glass of the booth he told them to cut the music. Once he came out Asia went running into his legs. I noticed he changed in to the change of clothes he brought with him.

“Dadaaa.” She babbled.

“Hey baby girl.” He said with as he picked her up. He placed kisses all over her face making her squirm and giggle.

I didn’t see nor feel all the male eyes on me until one of them mumbled ‘damn’ making look in their direction. There had to be atleast 10 niggas or more, not including the hoes. Most of the guys in here were celebrities so I could put a name with a face.

“Why you come here with her.” He said as he walked up to me.

“She wanted to see you so i figured we’d stop buy for a little while.” I said, fixing the back of her dress. By now everyone in the room had went about their bussiness.

He nodded his head then looked me up and down from head to toe. Unfortunately I was still in my clothes from today.

“You haven’t been home yet?” He asked. I shook my head no.

Just when was about to say something some one beat me to it. “Damn Breezy we sittin here wonderin when you gone introduce us to hopefully yo relative.” Omarion said making me raise my eyebrows.

“Shutup nigga. Yall this my girl Tyler. Ty this is Nelly, Omarion, Pharrell, K-Mac, and you know the rest.” He introduced us. I gave them a light and a simple wave.

They all gave me scattered responses. “And this is my baby girl Asia- Marie. Say Hi Asia.” Chris said. She hid her face in his neck making all the girls in the room aw. I chuckled.

“Is it okay if leave her here with you, im kind of tired and jus–”

“Na stay. Pleasseee.” He begged as he grabbed for my hand.

I sighed. “Fine but I need go change my shoes so ill be back.” I said. He nodded his head and gave me a kiss then let me go.

After getting my Jordans from the trunk I was back in the room. I sat next to Red on the couch since he was sitting by himself.

“Waddup Ty baby.” he said as he scrolled through his phone.

I slide of my heels and responded. “Not a damn thing. How bout you?” I asked as I slipped on my 1’s that went perfectly with my outfit.

“Shit just chillin. Watchu doin here with lil bit?”

“She wanted to see her father and I knew he wasn’t gonna be home till late so I figured why not stop by.” I said, pulling my hair out of the bun I had it in.

big curls fell over my head. I shook them out then swooped all my hair to the right, raking my fingers through it alittle.

“Could yall pick up ya fuckin jaws and stop eye rapin my lady. Damn! And Tyler stop all that sexy shit.” Chris yelled into the mic.

Me and Red turned to see all of them looking at me. Iooked at Chris through the glass.

“All I was did was take my hair out of its bun.” I said.

He pointed to his ear letting me know he couldn’t hear me. I sucked my teeth and walked up to the sound bored, where K-Mac was sitting, and pressed the button that turned on the speakers in the booth.

“I said all I did was take my hair out.” I said.

“Yeah but you doin it all sexy and shit. Flippin ya hair and what not.” He said making them laugh.

I chukled. “Chris shutup and wheres my baby?”

He picked her up from his lap and held her up so that I could see her. I nodded my head. He went back to doing his music thing and I just sat at the sound bored with K-mac. We chatted for a little bit till Chris had him do some things to alter the song he was working on.

My phone buzzed signaling I had a text message. I didn’t even have to read it to know who it was.

I stood up and walked inside the booth. Chris slid one side of his head phone off. “Wassup?” He asked.

“Um im gonna get going. Asia can stay here with you if you want her too but im tired and worn out,” I said.

He nodded his head. “Yeah she can stay here wit me. Ill just drop her off at the Ty’s after this. I got shit to take care of. So ill let you have your alone time then just pick her up afterwards.”

“Alright, that’s fine.”

“Gimme kiss.” He said.

I walked up to him and gave him a few pecks which turned into a full out make out session. I had to pull away before things got heated. I cleared my throat trying to regain my composure. 

I heard Chris laugh. “Daddy still got it.” He cooed to Asia.

I sucked my teeth and walked out. After grabbing my things and saying bye to everyone I finally made it downstairs to my car. After going over the plan with her for a final time I got in the car and we both headed to our destination.

External image

Ashley P.O.V

“Shh damn Ashley.” Tyler whispered.

“Im sorry I haven’t eat'n dinner yet.” I said as we walked quietly through the dark warehouse.

I support Tyler in every and anything this girl does but this bitch has completely lost her mind with this one. At the rate she is going she won’t be there to see Asia make it to 2.

“Is anybody even in here?” I asked lowly.

We had already past security. Tyler got us in by saying that she had to drop some coke off. I wasn’t even the one scheming but my heart was still beating like Justin Beiber playing the drums. Im nervous as shit and the closer we got to his office the more I started to regret doing this with her.

“Naa its just us. He gave to rest of his crew the night off. Him and one of his niggas are gonna make this drop tonight though.” She spoke lowly.

We finally arrived at Chris’s office. When Tyler tried to open it, it was liked. I heard her curse lowly.

“Watch out.” I said, moving her out the way. I picked out a bobbie pin from my hair and picked the look. It only took me a minute until we heard the door unlock. I opened it slowly, making sure no one was in here. When the coast was clear we both walked in, making sure to close the door behind us and cutting on the light.

The room was set up like a normal office. Bookshelves covered both walls to the right and left. Behind us was a small love couch that sat two and in font of us was his desk along with two white comfortable looking chairs that sat in front of his mahogany desk.

On his desk sat a big black duffle bag filled with special product. There was probably 50K worth of drugs in that bag.

Tyler looked down at her watch. “Alright we only got 3 minutes to switch out this coke, before the guards start to suspect something." 

I nodded my head and we got to work. Tyler told me before we came that we had to literally switch out the drugs. The reason why we couldn’t just switch the bags is because Chris has special bags made for his product so he would already know off the bat that the drugs had been switched.

Once we finished switching it out we quickly got out of his office but before we got to the front I stopped Tyler. "Um we can’t walk out with that bag. Unless we want a bullet in our heads.”

She smiled devilishly. “Don’t worry, I got this.” She said.

We walked towards the front of the warehouse then soon out the doors. When I looked around at the guard there was a new one. He was big as shit and didn’t look like he belonged in Chris’s crew.

“Thanks Pedro.” She said, throwing a friendly smile his way.

“No problem Tyler.” He said as we walked away.

I turned up my face. “You know him?” I asked as we walked to my car first. I popped my trunk so she could put the back in there.

“Yea. When I found out it was Chris that bombed me and stole my money I sent Pedro to spy and keep me updated. So he got a job as one of his guards. I had to time this perfectly because I knew that the guards switch around a certain time.” She said as she closed the trunk.


Me and Tyler both layed in one of my guest rooms. She figured since he was making the drop tonight it was safer to stay at me and Ty’s crib. We both were on out backs looking up at the ceiling, talking about random shit.

Its been awhile since we’ve actually done this. We haven’t really had time to just sit back and talk about the things that been going on in our lives. And to be honest, I missed my best friend. I don’t think we’re as close as we use to be and im pretty sure she feels that same way.

“So when do you think he’ll notice that the coke is fake?” I asked after a moment of silence.

“Eh probably when those people pull a gun out on them.” She said nonchalant.

I quickly propped myself up on my shoulders and looked at her like she was crazy. “Tyler! What the hell!” I semi yelled.

“Relax Ash. He can handle himself.” She said, sounding like she was trying to reassure herself.

I sighed and layed back down. “I hope your right.” I said.

When Tyler first told me about their situation I thought they were both crazy. Especially Chris. He could have killed her! I understand that he doesn’t want her in this life for the sake of their daughter but he was doing the most and that was only going to make Tyler do worse, take tonight for example.

I get why Tyler doesn’t want to leave this life. Its something that she grew up with and she wants to make her Dad proud but I don’t know. I agree with Chris but then again I completely understand where Tyler is coming from and only because I been in her shoes.

-When i woke up the next morning Tyler wasn’t in the bed next to me so I figured she went home. All I know is that…..

All hell was about to break loose.

External image

Chris P.O.V

Livid, pissed the fuck off, ready to kill this bitch. Nothing could describe what the fuck I was feeling right now. Im trying to keep my anger under control so I don’t get in a car accident but that shit aint workin. I told the nanny to keep Asia for the day so she wouldn’t hear what was about to go down.

My face was all bruised up and shit. I had to get a bullet removed from my fuckin arm and what makes this shit worse is the cause of all this is my fucking girlfriend. What type of shit it this?

I quickly pulled up into the drive way and go out. I closed the door and walked up the path that led to the double doors. Once I got in I slammed the door shut, making my presence known.

I angrily walked into the living room but she wasn’t in there. I just decided to take a seat. Her ass gone come down stairs soon. 

And just like clock work I heard her foot steps come down the spiral stairs. When she came into view she look like she was just lounging around from the looks of her attire. She has a Arizona in one hand and her phone in the other.

Just the sight of her made me want to bash her head in the wall. With every step she was talking the harder I clenched my jaw.

“Hey baby.” She said once she got to the very bottom. She stopped when I didn’t say anything. All I did was stare at her.

“I said-”

“What the fuck is wrong witchu?” I gritted through my teeth.

Her face showed confusion.. or pretend confusion. “I don’t know what your talking about. What happened to your face.” She said then took a sip of her drink.

I chuckled darkly. Soon my chuckled turned into a hardy laugh. Like one of them real good laughs that you have every once in awhile. I’ve never been this pissed the fuck off at this bitch. I’m so tempted to put a bullet through her head. Not only did she fuck with my product but she fucked around with my life.

I could tell my laughter was staring to scare her just by her body language but her face showed know emotion. “You know how fuckin bad I wanna put a bullet through ya head right now?” I asked once my laughter calmed down. 

That made her face turn up. “Kill me?” She asked. “What did I do?”

He playin dumb was only gonna make shit worse for her. “Dont. Fuckin. play. DUMB WITH ME TYLER!” I shouted making her jump a little.

“YOU SET THAT SHIT UP AND FUCKED WITH MY PRODUCT!” My voice boomed through out the house.

She chuckled a little. “You said it was war baby. Im just following your wishes.” She said as she set her drink down on the coffee table in front of me. She stood on the other side.

I looked at her like she was crazy. But before I could say anything she beat me to it. “See you fucked with not only my life but also my car and money so I figured why not return the favor.”



“You know what bruh fuck you. WHERE THE FUCK IS MY SHIT?” I said, now standing up. The only thing between us was the coffee table.

“You not gettin you coke back until i get my money back. And if I don’t get it back soon imma sell that shit.”

“Man Tyler you better stop fuckin around and give me back my product.” I said, clenching my jaw.

“I guess you didn’t hear me very clearly.” She crossed her arms. “Where’s. MY.MONEY?” She said as she stepped on the table with the last two words. She looked at me with hard eyes as I did the same to her.

So she wanna play tough, Aight.


“F-fffucck Chrisssss.” She screamed out as I rammed in and out of her with no remorse.

I had to get my anger out some how and killing her wasn’t gonna help so I had to result to the next best thing.

I grabbed a fist full of her hair and yanked her head back. Looking at her face there was pain and pleasure. She had tears running down her face but I didn’t give a fuck. She asked for this shit, running her mouth. Next time she’ll know when to shut the fuck up.

The sound of our skin clapping together and the sound of her screams and moans filled the air. 

“What. The fuck. I tell you. About that. Mouth?” I gritted out, pounding her poor little pussy with each sentence.

When she didn’t respond I went harder and deeper. I knew she was feeling that shit in her stomach. I could tell she was about to cum because her body was starting to shake. That encouraged me to go faster.

“Oh my GOD CHRISSS.” She tried to slow me down but I just ignored her pleading hands. She tried to crawl away but I just pulled her back.

“Shiiiiiiittt!” She screamed out as she came and squirted at the same time all over my dick but that didn’t stop me. I kept going. She ended cumming again and squirting even more. My goal was for her to cum five times in a row.

Just to make sure the lesson is learned.

I pulled out and flipped her over on her back, replacing my dick with my fingers. By her stomach I could see her taking more deep breaths and trying to hold it in but it wasn’t working for me.

“Uh uh baby you was talkin all that shit downstairs. Lemme hear you.” I said. She came again.

She still wasn’t talkin. “Tyler you better speak the fuck up before I use four.” I said. All she did was moan which wasn’t cuttin it for me.

I shoved four of my fingers in her tiny hole.“ Owwwww!” She screamed out trying to move my hands, which only made it worse.  She started to cry but ended up squirting and cumming.

I figured four was enough and removed my hand. She was breathing hard as fuck as she propped herself up on her elbows, wiping the tears off her face.

“You better give me my fuckin product back.”

After wiping my hand on the already soaked covers I pulled up my pants and buckled up my belt. Making my way towards the door I looked around the room before leaving. As I was about to walk out the destroyed room I stopped and turned around.

“And clean this shit up!” I muttered then walked out the room.