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 Woah I think I definitely missed something in Anders dialogue bc I don’t remember him saying anything racist, sexist and abusive o.O could you elaborate? I’m sure once the dialogue is pointed out to me I’ll be 100% aware of it but its been a while since I played DA2 and can’t think of anything bad off the top of my head

Where to begin? Please note that this is only a tiny fraction, not a complete list.

Examples of racism:
- telling an elven Warden Commander that elves, with their history of being treated as second class citizens and facing huge discrimination throughout Thedas including literal slavery, don’t have it as bad as he (Anders) does
- telling Merrill that her culture and religious beliefs are incorrect and mansplaining magic and spirits to her

Examples of misogyny:
- sexually harassing Aveline
- calling Isabela a side-dish
- saying that Isabela is only good for sex
- telling Merrill that betrayal is all “your kind,” meaning women, can do
- talking about the “demon behind her virginal smile” in reference to Merrill, saying that Merrill is using her sexuality to manipulate Hawke
- saying outright that the only reason to help Velanna is because she’s sexy and her missing sister might also be sexy

Examples of abuse:
- calling Fenris a wild dog and an out of control beast
- trying to gaslight Fenris over multiple banters about how slavery couldn’t have possibly been all that bad
- telling Fenris that he should kill himself
- telling Fenris that he deserved to have been killed by Danarius
- telling Hawke that they’re in the wrong and actively hurting him for turning down his advances
- telling a rivalmanced Hawke that he could kill them
-  manipulating Hawke into helping him with the bomb by threatening to end a romance and by using the textbook abuse technique “if you really care about me you’ll do what I tell you to”
- lying to Aveline about her husband and trying to guilt her into joining his cause
- pretty much every line of his romance is textbook abuse, and it’s triggering for me, so I’ll ask you to look that up yourself

Here’s a video (not mine) with some specific examples, and I’ll list some banters under a cut.

Anders: So you married a templar, huh?
   Aveline: What of it?
   Anders: Are they all as dirty as they seem?
   Aveline: What?
   Anders: Did he ever ask you to play “the naughty mage and the helpless recruit?” Maybe the “secret desire demon and the upstanding knight?”
   Aveline: That’s disgusting!
   Anders: I hear it’s quite popular. 

    Anders: Your husband agrees with me.
   Aveline: About what?
   Anders: He thinks the knight-commander’s mad. He told me she’s gone behind your back to investigate guardsmen she suspects as secret mages.
   Aveline: Even if that were true, he wouldn’t tell you.
   Anders: He won’t fight for her when the time comes. Would you turn against your own husband?
   Aveline: I don’t know if you’re lying or crazy.
    Fenris: Is there something you want, Anders?
   Anders: You really don’t have the temperament for a slave.
   Fenris: Is that a compliment or an insult?
   Anders: I’m just wondering how your master didn’t kill you.
   Fenris: How have the templars not killed you?
   Anders: I’m charming.
    Anders: Did you ever think about killing yourself?
   Fenris: I could ask you the same thing.
   Anders: I’m serious. To get out of slavery, to escape Danarius… don’t tell me you never thought about it.
   Fenris: I did not. To kill oneself is a sin in the eyes of the Maker.
   Anders: You… believe that?
   Fenris: I try to. Some things must be worse than slavery.
   Anders: Some things are worse than death.
    Anders: I can’t imagine what Hawke sees in you.
   Fenris: It is done. Leave it be.
   Anders: Well, good. I always knew she/he had some sense.
   Fenris: Do not make light of this. Leaving was the hardest thing I’ve ever done.
    Anders: I know it isn’t my place to criticize, but…
   Anders: Are you sure about Fenris?
   Anders: He seems less a man to me than a wild dog.
   Hawke: You just don’t know him.
   Anders: I know as much as I’m ever likely to.
   Fenris: That’s right, mage.
   Anders: He has let one bad experience color his whole world. Surely you want someone more openminded?
   Fenris: A mage and a hypocrite. What company you keep.
    Merrill: Are you all right?
   Anders: I nearly killed an innocent girl. How could I be all right?
   Merrill: I’m sorry.
   Anders: You’re sorry? For me? This could be you! You could be the next monster threatening helpless girls!
   Merrill: Anders… There’s no such thing as a good spirit. There never was.
   Merrill: All spirits are dangerous. I understood that. I’m sorry that you didn’t.
    Anders: Hawke was a fool to let you move in. You’ll only betray him/her. That’s all your kind can do.
   Merrill: Why do you only do this to me? Are you jealous? You don’t get upset about Hawke and Isabela.
   Anders: You can’t really get jealous of someone for sleeping with Isabela. It’s just…understood.
   Anders: She’s like a side dish. She comes with the meal.
    Anders: I know it isn’t my place to criticize, but… are you sure about Merrill? She acts sweet, but she’ll never choose you over her demon.
   Hawke: Merrill loves me.

   Merrill: What right to you have to question us? Is your Justice any different?
   Anders: Yes. Keep your illusions then. Maker knows I won’t be the one to change them.
    Anders: Is that supposed to be Andraste’s face on your crotch?
   Sebastian: What?
   Anders: That… belt buckle thing. Is that Andraste?
   Sebastian: My father had this armor commissioned when I took my vows as a brother.
   Anders: I’m just not sure I’d want the Maker seeing me shove His bride’s head between my legs every morning.

There’s so much more both in Awakening and DA2, but I shouldn’t have to list everything because even just a small part of it is terrible.

Fact: I have drawn a small Fact Core chibi. It’s actually something for another project of mine but I thought this lil doodle came out well enough to post here. 

He is a smol grumpy lil dude and I love him,,, 

((i resized it so it wasn’t so big and i probably murdered the quality in the process aaaaa))

Wing Headcanons - Free!

Haruka has a Japanese cormorant’s wings. He is grateful they are fine in the water, and he spends hours skimming the surface of the ocean, feeling the spray on his face. The exhilaration of soaring high, then diving deep into the water like an arrow is what he thrives on. His wings are always smooth and dark, usually taken care of by Makoto.

Makoto’s wings are those of a wandering albatross, powerful and capable of hours of flight. With them he could go wherever he wishes, but his fear of the ocean keeps him close to home. Instead, he uses them to embrace Haru, as large as they are and they are the place where Haru finds most comfort, more than even the water.

Rin’s wings are a pomarine skua’s. He is agile and quick, and prone to being competitive in flight. His wings have the stigma all skua wings come with, and he seeks to prove to everyone that he is not merely some opportunist. He keeps them in the best form, wearing them proudly almost like a rebellion.

Nagisa has a common guillemot’s wings. He isn’t that good at flying, but he is hardy and determined, and can dive deeper than any of his friends. His favourite pastime is leaping from cliffs to the ocean below, much to Rei’s horror. He never preens as well as he should, leaving them scruffy and almost useless, but Rei has become meticulous in his upkeep of them, and Nagisa is more than happy to let him.

Rei owns the wings of a trumpet manucode. He takes great care of them, proud of their beauty, but they are not built for the water at all. Sometimes he is jealous of his friends, and how they bond over the sea, and wishes he could touch the water even once. Nagisa doesn’t seem to care whether he can dive or not: he is content to run his fingers along the iridescence of Rei’s feathers.

Sousuke’s wings are a Steller’s sea eagle’s. They are mighty and large, but he pushed them too far, and now what use are they? He is torn between envy and admiration of Rin’s agility and talent, hating his limitations. But when Rin’s fingers gently preen him, easing the ache away, then he is content, and it is enough.

Gou was lucky with her wings, as they are nothing like her brother’s. Her wings are a Hawaiian petrel’s, but they are still nothing like those of the rest of the girls she knows: they all have songbird wings, thrush wings, finch wings, the cute and delicate wings. Hers are a seabird’s, and grey and bland at that. When she reached high school she tried to hide them, ashamed, but all it took was one touch from Seijuuro and suddenly she doesn’t feel so ashamed of them anymore.

Aiichiro has a long-tailed duck’s wings, and they make him nervous. They lack the size and precision of Rin’s, and all he wants is to be like Rin. He forgets that he can dive deep and travel far, even as Rin and Sousuke try to make him see his own worth.

Momotarou’s wings are a little gull’s, feisty and quick. He sometimes gets too boastful with them, and consequently slips up, though as long as they beat, he is happy. Aiichiro has to constantly remind him to preen them, otherwise they would be an awful mess.

Seijuuro’s wings are those of a Pacific gull, and he rivals Sousuke in power and Rin in agility. He is fond of races, but can most often be seen lounging on the shoreline, keeping an eye out for Gou. As annoying as Rin sometimes finds him, he will also concede that without Seijuuro, he would never have seen the worth of his own wings.

Cas finds Dean in the kitchen. Sitting on floor, looking at old pictures, drinking beer. 

Without thinking it much he walks toward him. He sits on floor next to him and hesitantly puts an arm around his back.

Dean leans in closer. He rests his head on Cas’ shoulder. 

Cas kisses his head softly.

“I love you, Dean”.

Dean sighs and lets his beer aside. 

“I love you, Cas.”

Operation Doughnut

Henry lives and breathes Operation Mongoose.

Flipping pages has long turned into poring over every single stroke of the illustrations, into straining to read between the lines and find new meanings in words he’s read over and over. He spends his waking moments bent over the book, pages floating and letters swirling around him in his sleep.

The storybook, once a bone of contention between them, now binds mother and son ever closer together. Once it showed him how an Evil Queen had striven to rob everyone of their happy endings; now he searches its pages for a way for his Mom to get hers and keep it. Partners in crime, really. It’s better than ever, the two of them together, honest and real and yes, painful, because she’s hurting again (has done for so long, how can he not have seen it when it’s all in the book black on white, has always been there–or has it?). But his Mom is tough, has the most resilient heart, never stays down for long, and Henry for one has no thought of their mission being anything but a success. Who else but him, the Truest Believer, the owner of the book and its most avid reader, to crack this conundrum?

He lives and breathes for this but even so, Mom reminds gently but firmly, he needs to eat. She’s the one to suggest doughnuts, and he grins and calls bribery but jumps to the offer anyway as she must have known he would, and off to Granny’s they are.

Perhaps the sight of two of his childhood’s most notorious cartoon villains in flesh ought to have more of a shock value, but such things have become all too common in Storybrooke, so he’s largely unimpressed. Until Ursula and Cruella (never a favourite of his–oh how he used to cower in Mom’s arms whenever the heinous woman with the crazy eyes threatened onscreen to skin innocent little puppies for a stupid fur coat) immediately launch a verbal attack against Mom, not-so-subtle digs regarding the past she’s been working so hard to make up for.

She reaches for his hand and he clasps hers without hesitation, braves Cruella’s eerie gaze without a flinch—no way she can hurt him, not with Mom there. Mom, whom he used to ground with his presence when dark impulses would still threaten to win over her better self, but this gesture isn’t about that, he knows she’s strong enough now, has come far enough to make the right choices without him, or anyone, interfering. This is about her being protective. And perhaps, he thinks when her hand tenses in his for the tiniest moment, just a tad apprehensive of what this reminder of who she used to be would do to Henry—what it would do to the two of them.

And Henry realises that once again, he’s the weapon of choice for Mom’s adversaries to use, and he’s sick and tired if people playing him against her, and he won’t, will not, listen to a word this terrible woman has to say about his Mom’s evil past because Cruella knows nothing, doesn’t know the first thing about the Mom Henry knows.

He hopes she understands this, looks up at her with a pang of remorse because he lost sight of that for a while and needs to make sure she knows there’s no cause to worry.

Her voice is soft and there’s no trace of the scary face when she asks him to go on ahead to her office.

She’s come so far.

He grins when the door closes behind him, a lovely warmth spreading in his chest at the realisation that there’s this bond of trust between them now, that he’s not worried in the slightest that she might retaliate, that things might spin out of control in the diner.

His only worry right now is for her to get the right kind of doughnuts.

That’s how far they’ve come.