it's been a year and i still cannot believe them

I literally cannot believe that in the year of our Lord 2017, I’m still seeing Amy and Clara being referred to as “manic pixie dream girls.” And worse, “wet dreams.” 

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Hello:) I'm new to the Larries due to babygate. I don't think it's real anymore, but also have some questions! For instance, you just wrote "why would louis ever agree to being known as a fake father" (for the rest of his life) but why would Louis be known as a fake father at all to begin with? it's not meant in a negative way - I just wonder what the intention behind it might have been? Why a baby and not just a fake relationship?

first of all, welcome to hell (i’m only sort of kidding). at least you’re here when things finally seem to be ending.

we’ve talked about this extensively over the past year or so (IT’S BEEN A YEAR I CANNOT BELIEVE IT) so i’m just going to link you to a whole bunch of posts to read (as well as link you to this page on my blog full of masterposts and links). if you still have questions after you’ve read them feel free to come back.

why is babygate happening in the first place?

the purpose of babygate has evolved over time

debunking the ‘it was a drunken one night stand’ theory (this post is from april and there still has not been a paternity test btw they’re clearly saving that for later)

on contracts, simon cowell’s contracts in particular, and why louis has been forced to go along with this for so long

simon cowell faked his own baby scandal just fyi (if you’re wondering where his inspiration for louis came from)

there has to be a denial (again, this is from march but if anything tmz’s involvement has only become more relevant)

this is not how someone who wants to be in the closet acts ( you don’t draw as much attention as possible to your situation)

louis doesn’t want to be in the closet

the smear campaign simon’s been running against the band with help from the sun and simon jones/dan wootton’s friendship 

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that greedy bitch is your gf?? unfollowed. u should find someone who doesn't try to rip people off and endanger her followers

Well as a matter of fact she is my girlfriend,we have been best friends for the past 5 years and just recently she has become my girlfriend, but you don’t care about that. (Its 4 months today btw) But i still cannot believe that you guys are still giving her shit about those racist posts and her ads. First of all, she posted those racist posts when she was 12, I mean everyone has done something stupid when they were 12. But some fuckhead decided to find them and post them. You so called ‘followers’ then started fucking abusing her on the internet some of the messages you guys sent her, made me sick. She then apologised for what she did when she was 12, but you guys still couldn’t move the fuck on. Second of all, she is not the only person who posted those ads about 100k also did as well and when you have that many followers (over 1mil) of course your'e going to think about ads.So then she got her blog deleted and was gone but you still kept posting shit. They say people on tumblr are very accepting of everyone, that is bullshit you guys a just some greedy spoilt bitches who have nothing better to do with their day but to abuse young girls.

This message is not meant for everyone just the fucks who gave jess shit. 

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So I looked more into the Anne Rice thing and she's trashier than I originally thought. Apparently her employees took to harassing and cyber stalking fanfiction writers which is ironic considering her whole 'stop harassing authors' campaign.

Girl you have no idea! I was deep in the fanfic community when that was going on! I used to love her books until maybe 10 years ago. I knew one of the ladies who wrote a beautiful fanfiction based on Rice’s vampire chronicles, now Anne Rice HATES fanfiction of her works and used to hunt people down who did them and harass them or send a stern letter from her legal representation to scare them, but instead of kindly asking this girl or anyone else not to write fics of her works Rice not only stalked her online, learned her hangouts, a lot of her personal info, Anne got some of her “fans” to cyber attack this girl! This fanfic writer disappeared from the fanfiction community after it persisted for nearly a year. I cannot believe Anne had the GALL to form a group supposedly dedicated to stopping author harassment when its a well known fact in many a fanfiction circles and reading circles Anne is terrible at accepting criticism and that’s her real problem, when someone gives an honest critique of her work, she used to reply to reviews on her books with anger, hostility and just plain rudeness over fair reviews and call them ”harassment”. Like I said doesn’t surprise me she’s a racist she’s been trash for years, she’s white and from the south soooo water is still wet.