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Hmmm...So it's been a while, Obi Wan is fully on board the senatorial aide wagon, keeping Anakin organized, helping to a huge extent with difficult people because he really IS THAT CHARMING... would Palpatine maybe like to poach some staff, this very cute, very well trained (ack) young man... and Obi Wan gets the creep feeling from Palps, mentions it during Qui Gon kata class and.... Help? SenatorSkywalker needs some love! <3

‘Its the Supreme Chancellor, its the supreme chancellor. Smile, nod and be pretty Obi-Wan. Drink your tea and agree with what he says…’ Obi-Wan kept his mask up, the same one he used to when dealing with his Master’s of the past on Tatooine.

Scars that had been healed so they weren’t visible on his fair skin itched.

He had been created to be pretty.

Be obedient.

Well trained.

And utterly content in his position as an aide to Anakin he assured the Chancellor in a meek voice, trying not to tense up.

He was almost shaking by the time he left the Chancellor’s office, feeling the eyes in his back and discomfort growing in his belly. Obi-Wan wouldn’t say he ran from the Senate that day but he did walk a bit faster then he normally did, taking the speeder Anakin had reserved for him back home while resisting the urge to press into the Jedi at his side.

He didn’t know the knight.

Had it been Bant or Qui-Gon he would have been against their side.

But this was a young knight with snow white hair who looked at him like he was a particular interesting insect he’d like to learn about.

By the time he’s home his shoulders are tense and he almost runs into Qui-Gon, the older mans arms wrapping around him in surprise to keep them from falling over. “Obi-Wan?” Qui-Gon questioned, eyebrows pulled in a frown.

Unable to resist, Obi-Wan fists his hands into the others tunic and hides in him, finding safety.

And to his eternal relief, Qui-Gon doesn’t question it as he wraps his arms around him in return, one hand cupping the back of his head while the other rubs his back steadily. “Its alright. Its alright.” The other murmured, oozing comfort into the Force, protection and safety.

Finally settling, Obi-Wan took a deep breath and pulled from the comfort of the older man who smelled of herbs and tea, the other looking at him curiously and a bit worried as he let go of the other. “What happened Obi-Wan? I thought you were just going to the Senate Dome?” He questioned softly.

A part of Obi-Wan told him not to tell, that the Supreme Chancellor was powerful and that technically speaking he had done nothing wrong.

But another part of him was yelling that Obi-Wan was free and he had the right to voice what made him upset. Anakin sure as Force wanted him to voice it when he was scared and upset. “…I…I ended up having a meeting with the Supreme Chancellor.” He whispered out, surprised to hear himself sound so small.

Qui-Gon too looked surprised before carefully guiding Obi-Wan to the couch and making him sit down. “Did he hurt you Obi-Wan?”

“No. I…I don’t know. He made my skin crawl…” The former slave focused on his knees, biting at his lips. “He was just talking about how much of an aide I’ve been to Anakin and if I would consider working for him. I just…” He ran his hand through his hair.

“Hmm…Obi-Wan, may I?” Qui-Gon rested two fingers on his temple and Obi-Wan blinked, not catching the meaning to begin with before making a low noise as he caught on.

“I haven’t practiced shielding that well, my shields won’t be as good as a Jedi but go ahead.”

“That’s what I’m afraid of.” Qui-Gon murmured without elaborating before Obi-Wan felt soothing brushes inside his own mind against spots he hadn’t felt burning until cold attention had been brought to it.

He gave a low noise and latched onto the others robe, pushing his head into the others hand.

“Shh, shhh, easy, easy, I’ll help, its alright.” Qui-Gon murmured, trying not to frown as he patched up the areas of Obi-Wan’s mind that was tainted dark.

He ignored it as the door opened and continued working.

“Qui-Gon? Obi-Wan?”

Obi-Wan made a low noise and loosened one hand from the tunics he had been gripping, reaching towards the blond and making another one of the low noises when Anakin instantly took it.

Anakin focused on Qui-Gon while holding the redhead’s hand tightly, frowning a bit. “What happened?” His intial reaction had been jealousy at Obi-Wan so close to the other but looking closer at the scene had lead him to some kind of Jedi mumbo. He knew that Qui-Gon was already teaching Obi-Wan though he had no desire himself to learn.

“He had a visitation with the Chancellor, I’ll let him tell you about it. As for this…well his shields needs some work.” Qui-Gon assured Anakin, giving him a small smile. “He and I shall work on that along with the katas we’ve been doing.” The Jedi pulled back slowly and let Anakin take his spot on the couch, the blond wrapping Obi-Wan in his arms. “And since you’re here, I’ll leave you two alone.” He bowed lightly.

Just before he slipped out the door, Anakin called after him and Qui-Gon turned, raising his brows curiously. “Thank you.” The blond said seriously as he carefully pulled Obi-Wan into his lap.

Qui-Gon nodded again with a smile and slipped out to leave the two alone, his smile instantly fading as he put on speed.

He had information for the Council.

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So um.. is collage au still open for headcanons? Sorry love this au so much and miss as well. Anyways I just have to ask this, I know christmas is only 29 days from now so any headcanon of them celebrating or what they love to do in this festive occassion?

Oh yes of course! Christmas is definitely a crazy time for the collage kids, but its one of the most fun too!

  • It gets cold and bitter outside with all the snow, definitely a call for all the coats and mittens and hats. Fareeha is the one with most layers simply because she can’t stand the cold, Lena wears the most adorable hats and Angela is always stealing whatever scarf Genji has on.
  • All the students flock to Angela’s and Fareeha’s dorm room simply because the Swiss woman makes the most heavenly hot chocolate. Genji is addicted to this delicious treat and is often begging her to make some more. 
  • Jesse and Genji are notorious for hanging up mistletoe whenever possible. Fareeh and Angela certainly don’t mind it though they can’t help but laugh at their mock innocent expressions when their boyfriends guide them to a doorway with the plant overhanging it. 
  • Hanzo loves the snow, but only from a distance. This however doesn’t stop Lena from dragging him out into it just to make a snowman. They do boost of they’re amazing snowman making skils however. Plus, Hanzo loves seeing Lena with a red cheeks. Lena on the other hand, is crazy with nose kisses as his nose gets red in the cold. 
  • Most of the kids head home for Christmas break, so before everyone leaves the Shimada’s host a little party at their frat house, and everyone comes with gifts and eggnog. 
  • The brothers give their gifts in private, Hanzo and Genji wanting the moment to be special when their respected girlfriends see their presents. Jesse and Fareeha are easy to kiss and trade presents out in the open, while Lena proudly parades around the beautiful necklace Hanzo gave her. 
  • Once its time to leave for home, Fareeha takes Jesse with her home. Lena manages to convince Hanzo to meet her family, and he takes off with her. 
  • Angela, however, insists that Genji goes home to his father, but he refuses to leave her all alone on the nearly deserted campus. This brings tears to her eyes, and they spend Christmas Eve on her couch sipping hot chocolate from warm hugs and recounting Christmas memories from when they were children. 
  • For Pro. Reyes and Miss. Lacroix, its a time to finally stop hiding and actually spend quality time with one another. They spend the nights at Gabriel’s house, and together they decorate it and flirt and shoot insults that aren’t really insulting back and forth. Waking up together on Christmas morning and surprising each other with small but important gifts. 

        – SHORP. boops back in here into forever & more, gosh i need to give m’multi some more love

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00:00:00 {Whichever Muse you'd like <3 It's been a while since I last sent something to you D:}

((Hmmm I think I’dlike for Mei to meet my OC Ryat. He’s a demon XD ))

The raven haired demon sat in the middle of the bar, his dark eyes grazing over its patrons as he scoped out his next meal. He had just polished off his first whiskey and was about to order another, but the bartenders were in the middle of their shift change, so he waited, albiet impatiently. Absent mindedly he lifted a cigarette to his lips and as he lit it, he happened to glance down at the cracked, scuffed up counter on his wrist and his eyes went wide. It was down to ten seconds. When he was a human, he had always watched it count down the years and he wondered what the person he was meant to love was like, but the numbers flicking downward had all but been forgotten in this dreary afterlife that he had found. It would have been so much easier to just stare down forever alone. Nine… Eight…seven… His eyes flicked around the bar, wondering who it would be, until he noticed the evening shift barmaid walking toward him. As she neared him, his numbers crept down. Six…five….four…   Fear filled him for once, the only time since he had become a demon. Could he really ever find it in himself to love someone? Three… two… one…  A breath escaped him and he offered her a lopsided smile as smoke rolled from his lips. As long as he could remember he had always thought that this counter was never meant to reach zero. But as it did, his pulse raced. “Name’s Ryat,” he stated, looking at the barmaid. “Nice to meet you. Can I get another Whiskey? I think I’m about to need it…”