it's been a while since i've made something

Harry: I’ll only let you talk about my album if you work in something about baking.

Doug Morris: what? No.

Harry: something about a cake maybe…

Doug: the fuck?

Harry: reference baking or I walk.

Doug: *through gritted teeth* this cake is baked…

Harry: now add something about how it just needing some icing.

Doug: no. Absolutely not.



Harry: I used to be a baker.

Not wallpapers, but I made a small felt Ruby to cheer myself up today!
Her arms are a bit wonky, but I think she’s really cute and I’m super proud of her!
She’s about the size of my hand and it took me all day to make her!

looking for otome blogs to follow

hello! so it’s been a year since i’ve actively posted otome stuff since the whole blog deleting incident, and now that i’m trying to get myself back into otome stuff i’m gonna try to follow more otome blogs again. please like or reblog if you post any of the following, and i’ll try to check out your blog! also, since this is a sideblog likes and follows will come from my main, jinoshin.

  • serendipity next door
  • star crossed myth
  • irresistible mistakes
  • dangerous seduction
  • really any voltage inc stuff there are just way too many things to list
  • code realize
  • kenka banchou
  • period cube
  • mystic messenger
  • uta no prince sama
  • amnesia memories
  • ozmafia
  • hakuoki
  • nightshade
  • collar x malice
  • probably other games that i’ve forgotten about

i also lost a lot of mutuals so if we were mutuals before and we aren’t now and i don’t follow you could you please tell me or something


get to know me meme — [1 / 5] favourite male characters →  Gilbert Blythe

‘I have a dream. I persist in dreaming it, although it has often seemed to me that it could never come true. I dream of a home with a hearth-fire in it, a cat and dog, the footsteps of friends – and you!’

the anatomy’s awkward but do i care??

quite a bit actually;;

anonymous asked:

No nasty Maiko shipper can't explain her treatment of her brother. Just keep pretending it never happened. Or invent some baseless theory Mai was "scared" of Azula and not a henchman. Yeah.. big surprise you can't bother denying a FACT. Mai isn't that great or respectable.

Like Azula, you mistake Mai’s intrigue for indifference. While it’s true that she suppressed her emotions to the point of perpetual apathy, Mai was never able to completely destroy them. They were simply buried in a deep, dark hole. Slowly but surely, she climbed back out of that hole, fueled by the excitement of adventure and the lure of romance. Eventually, when life gave her a second chance to decide whether she wanted to follow the path of the hero or the henchman, Mai chose to become a hero.

Then life asked her again, and once again, she chose the path of the hero–this time rescuing the same boy she had failed in her first test.

Mai’s made mistakes, but like Zuko, she knows that a mistake is simply something you learn from and work to mend. That’s really the moral of the entire series, and it’s a powerful one. 

good morning guys! good night! 

something i scribbled quickly.. it’s shoddy.. sorry

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